Allison’s Rabbit

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It was very good to see her after such a long time. It had to be at least six months since I had been out with Allison. She was living and working in St. Louis now, far from Florida where I now lived. Allison was even more beautiful than I had remembered. Her long blonde hair was tucked up in a messy bun; her jeans were low on her hips with just a hint of tan skin peering through the gap between her pants and the tight t-shirt that showed off her ample breasts. She took off her sun glasses and smiled at me. I hugged her tight, “I have missed you!” “Hop in.” she ordered. Her little white VW Cabrio had the top down and was running. We had talked earlier and decided that she and I would have dinner and spend the night, just like old times. I jumped in, I couldn’t wait until dinner. Allison and I dined while casually reminiscing about old times. We met the first day of high school. She and I lived a block apart and rode the same bus. We were inseparable for our freshman year.

We laughed at old jokes and talked about our futures. I had been married for about three years, and she was about to be married. Yes, it was her upcoming wedding that prompted our date. I needed to have my fitting to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. We finished eating and went to have the fitting. I tried on a tacky coral colored dress, and then lied and told her it was lovely. She had tried her wedding gown on again and while she was working her way out of it, I couldn’t help but notice how smooth her skin looked. I smiled at her while my eyes trailed down to her lacy pink panties. She turned and her eyes met mine. She smiled a knowing smile. “So, how are things going with you and Ethan?” She asked.

“Oh, you know,” I said trying to put on my best wise woman voice, “Things change after you get married.”

“You seem to keep things interesting.” perabet She smiled a wicked smile. I knew that we were both thinking the same thing. The night that we spent wrapped in each other’s flesh still stirred both of us. Admittedly the first time was awkward and clumsy; it was still arousing to think about.

We finished up there and went back to her little apartment attached to her in laws house. We played with her puppy and talked a bit more. “How is Mark?” I inquired. “Things are good. He always asks about you.” She answered.

“Oh really, well if you wouldn’t have told him about us then he wouldn’t.” She giggled and flipped her hair.

“I didn’t realize he could hear us while we were talking.” She was so amused that he knew. I knew it was intentional on her part

“He’s just jealous I had you first!” I snapped. Her reaction startled me. She moved closer with a look in her eye I hadn’t seen before. I jumped up. “The dog wants in!” I said desperate to get away.

“Oh.” She was visibly disappointed. I got up and let her puppy back in. We petted the dog for a while as the conversation turned light once more. She looked at me and asked “Would you like to see my new toy?”

“Hell yeah!” I exclaimed. I was always a sucker for naughty little treats. What she showed me made me wet just at first glance. It was long and pink, with rotating pearls and a rabbit on the top of the shaft that vibrated on the clit. “Oooo, look at that!” Allison grinned as she saw the expression on my face.

“Yeah, it is the greatest. It does everything but get up and make breakfast in the morning.” I laughed as I took it from her. I examined the speeds and rotation settings. “It’s called The Rabbit, I just got it.” She explained. “Do you want to try it out?”

“I don’t know…it’s kinda perabet giriş like using someone else’s toothbrush.” I really wanted to but I was very unsure of the whole thing. She was getting married, I was married, this just couldn’t be right.

“No it’s fine.” she said, and I couldn’t wait. “Well, you go ahead.” She instructed and I did not hesitate.

I unbuttoned my jeans and smiled as I pushed them down. My cotton panties were already damp with my own juices. I sat on her bed and began to rub myself with the impressive rod she had given me. I took off blue cotton panties and pressed the vibrating wand into me. The pink ears of the rabbit fluttered across my clit causing me to shutter with delight.

I hadn’t noticed that Allison had sat down on the bed and had shed her low riding jeans and was down to her lacy pink panties again. While I pleasured myself with her new toy she was busy at work. I could see her fingers sliding in and out underneath the silk that covered her. Her moans were soft and quiet. I worked my self and came very quickly.

She didn’t look up as I reached for her. My hand moved quickly over her and found her mouth. I slowly stroked her cherry colored lips and she hungrily began to suck my fingers. Her mouth was warm and wet. Her tongue curled around my index finger. She massaged it as she would have a cock, “Mmmm” I whispered. She released my finger and rose to my mouth.

She licked my lips and parted them with her tongue. I opened and met her with my own soft response. She pushed hard into me and we kissed passionately. I moved down her body tasting the sweet skin on her neck. She smelled liked vanilla and the scent danced in my nose as I inhaled deeply.

I lifted the shirt over her head and she unsnapped her bra setting her beautiful breasts free. perabet güvenilir mi I caressed them with both hands. I gently pulled her nipples watching her as she let out a little squeal. She shed her panties that were soaked through from her fingering. I pushed her down to the bed and covered her with my body. She grinded her hips into my leg and instantly I felt a river between my thighs. “Oooh,” I moaned.

She rode my thigh while I reached for the forgotten toy. It was still on. I pulled away from her and gently flicked her clit with the pulsing toy. She inhaled sharply. I began to rub her pinkness with it, watching her chest rise and fall. At first it was steady and controlled, then quicker as she began to pant with ecstasy. She cried out as she came hard. Her whole body shuttered.

I kissed her again and she pushed me over playfully. Allison pushed my thighs apart and I yearned for her to touch me. “How long has it been since you have had this?” she asked seductively.

“Too long, since before I was married.” I replied. She stopped and looked up at me.

“Really?” she smiled, “How much do you want me?”

“Oh please!” I begged. She licked my thigh. “mmmm, don’t stop.” I moaned. She thrust her fingers into me. It felt good as she gently parted the sweet layers within me. She bent down and began to explore my heat and wetness with her tongue. She looked up at and watched me grab my breasts with both hands. She stroked my clit rhythmically as only a woman knew how. She brought me close to climax, and then backed off. She enjoyed toying with me. I pushed myself closer to her, and she buried her face between my legs. As she plunged her tongue in and out of she coaxed me to come. I whimpered softly as I let myself overflow. She lapped it up then kissed me. I could taste myself on her sweet lips.

Our bodies had moved in perfect harmony almost as it had been rehearsed a thousand times, for it had in my fantasies. We were entangled in each other for hours. I played with her hair as she lay with her head on my chest. Then we drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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