Almost There Already

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“Stacy Adams please come to the office. Stacy Adams please come to the office.”

A cold chill ran down the pretty senior’s spin when she heard her name on the intercom. She gathered her books with trembling fingers and put them in her book bag. It felt like every eye was watching her. She expected to hear them call her boyfriend Mitch’s name too. Perhaps…perhaps they hadn’t found out. She was head cheerleader -she could be getting called to the office for anything…anything at all. It didn’t necessarily mean they had found out. Found out that she and her boyfriend had broken into the school building the night before.

Stupid. So fucking stupid, she mentally cursed. It was Mitch’s fault. She didn’t need the exam questions. He did. But she had the key. Borrowed off the gym ring after practice last week. There were spares…no one would ever know.

She was sure she’d gotten away with it. It was a good plan. But this morning day, as she drove up to school and there were a team of police cars gathered at the front of the building. There were even reporters. At first she thought it was because of the exam. Then she saw the horrible things that were written on the front of the building. Nappa High is full of fags. Die queers die. principle summers is a dyke bitch.

What were the chances? Why did it have to happen the day after her small little crime. Not even a crime really. It was like stealing music on the internet. No one was hurt. Besides Mitch needed those questions, otherwise he could kiss his college hopes goodbye.

But once she entered the office, any hope she had was soon dashed.

“Miss Adams,” principle Summers had a grim expression and a can of spray-paint in a zip lock bag. “Do you care to explain this?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Stacy replied. She had been worried about the exam, but this was much worse. Something like this could even effect her father’s campaign. No way they could pin this on her!

“It was found in your locker,” principle Summers said. “The police are going to have it dusted for fingerprints, so you might as well tell the truth.”

The truth? That she had broken in last night to steal an exam for her boyfriend. It wasn’t even breaking in really…she had a key. But the key had been borrowed. She was at the scene, but she didn’t spray-paint the building.

She had no alibi. She was screwed. She had no choice. She was going to have to implicate Mitch and hope he could back her up. It was her only option.

“Oh cool principle Summers,” a tall lanky girl said. “I’ve been looking for that! I’ve been looking all over for you Stacy.”

It was Gwen, the basketball team captain. Stacy couldn’t believe her luck. The girl – the dark haired giant of a girl had as much as confessed. Stacy felt the tight knot in her stomach begin to relax. She was off the hook.

“This belongs to you?” principle Summers asked incredulously as she held the evidence up to Gwen.

“Not to me,” Gwen said. “The school. I’m on the homecoming committee and Stacy was helping me out. We were painting some metal music note things to hang from the ceiling. First paint – then glitter. I can get them and show them to you if you want. Anyway, it was getting late, so I gave the spray paint to Stacy to hold on to.”

“But…” principle Summers stammered. “We had an anonymous tip this morning. It said that Stacy had vandalized the building.”

“Stacy? Stacy Adams?” Gwen asked, and by the tone of her voice, it was obvious how ridiculous she assumed the allegation to be. “And you think that she came back to school this morning and hid the cans of spray paint in her locker right where you could find them? Principle Summers, just where did this tip come from?”

Yes! Yes! Exactly that! IT was just as Gwen had said. She had been set up. And thankfully this tall lanky senior knew it even before the school principal did.

“Well, when you put it like that…” Principal Summers said. “But still. From my experience, the simplest answer is usually the best.”

“Principal…there’s something else…” Gwen continued. “I need to confess something to you. There are certain individuals at this school who are very closed minded. Some could even go so far as to say homophobic. You know I have had problems in the past. There have been rumors. At first it was because – well I’m bigger than other girls.

But lately something has changed. No one knows, but Stacy and I have been … well – we’ve been seeing each other. No one knew, but I think they do now …and someone has done this to try…. to try to expose us I guess…and it is – it is very upsetting.”

“You mean…” principle Summers glanced from one girl to the other.

Stacy was to shocked to speak. The woman couldn’t possible believe that she and Gwen…that…they were… but it was clear the woman did. What’s more, it was a likely enough story if she wanted to get out from under these horrible accusations. How could she paint those horrible things on the building if she and Gwen were actually… güvenilir bahis gay?

It was an ingenious lie. She was off the hook. There would be no dusting for fingerprints. No involving Mitch.

All she had to do was go along with this farce. Just for awhile.

And then Gwen was next to her. Her long fingers clasping Stacy’s. A hand took hold of her chin, turned her to face the towering girl….then she was kissed. On the mouth.

“We are in love.” Gwen said.”We’ve been keeping it secret…but obviously someone has found out.”

Stacy blushed at the assertion and then meekly nodded her head. What could she say? No, no most certainly we are not. I’m dating Mitch Campell, the star quarterback. The boy I was with stealing an exam with last night.

No. No. She couldn’t do that. Moreover, this was easy, so very easy and convenient. It was like that movie where the a guy was pestering a girl at a bar and the girl’s friend came up and kissed her and said, “She’s with me.”

It was weird and icky, but it did the job.

“Well, you girls leave it to me,” Principal Summers said. “I’ll be certain that no one.. I mean absolutely no one makes this school a bad environment for you two.”

In truth, Principle Summers had secretly wanted it to have been true. Nothing against Stacy of course, but her father was running for senate. A Republican. The kind of guy that cuts teacher’s salaries. The kind of guy that made things more difficult for people like her…like Gwen and even his own daughter too.

Gwen. Gwen Gwen. She had often wondered about the girl. Suspected. The girl gave off that vibe that those who could sense such things knew if she wasn’t she probably would be. The girl reminded her of herself back when she was young. Well, except she never had a girl that was a pretty as Stacy. She was a bit jealous. The girl was a peach that was juicy enough to eat.

Stacy. She never suspected Stacy to be the sort of girl. And no, she wouldn’t bother Stacy again. The girl had enough problems. She wondered if her father knew. She wished she could protect the girl, but there was little she could do to slow the storm that would soon be brewing.

With that the principal ushered the two girls from the office, then explained to the police that there must be some mistake, it couldn’t have been Stacy Adams.

Stacy couldn’t hear the exchange, but she caught the look in the police officers’s eyes. That sly look. A bit lecherous. A bit condescending. It was a look that brought a blush to her cheeks.

Once outside the office, Stacy gave Gwen a final hug. “Thanks Gwen,” she said. “You are a real life saver. I mean it. I owe you a big one. If there’s anything I can ever do. Just let me know.”

“Well, it looked like you were in trouble,” Gwen said. “And you’ve never been out of your way to be mean to me…not like some of the girls you hang out with.”

It was a cruel reminder. Stacy thought back and realized that will she hadn’t been directly mean, she’d never been nice to this girl either.

Gwen wasn’t well off. Her clothes weren’t stylish. She more often than not wore sweats of some sort or other. She wasn’t what one would call pretty. She was awkward and somewhat of a loner. And while she’d never called her names, she had smirked and giggled as her friends had been rude to the girl.

“You don’t have to worry about them anymore,” Stacy promised and she meant it too. She wasn’t without means of her own. As head cheerleader and the most popular girl in school, she could make things very difficult for anyone who crossed her or make things very pleasant for those who were her friends.

“Thanks,” Gwen said. “And Stacy….uh…when you blushed in there. You know…when I said it was because we were …girlfriends….was it because you were ashamed to be girlfriends with anyone…or from being girlfriends with me.”

Stacy knew that she was treading on very fragile ground. And her answer came haltingly as she did her best to keep this awkward but kind girl’s feelings intact.

“It was the part about girls. If I ….you know…I liked girls, I’d surely be proud to have you for my girlfriend.”

No that there was any danger in that happening. She had a boyfriend. A hunk. A quarterback. A boy that made the other girls so jealous they couldn’t stand it.

“Really,” Gwen said, her eyes brimming with hope.

“Yes,” Stacy said. “But you do know that I have a boyfriend right now. But perhaps…we can be friends.” Or at least Stacy could be more pleasant to this girl. Sort of a charity case. Make sure she wasn’t picked on.

“That would be nice,” Gwen said. “Before I go, tell me something Stacy…maybe it’s nothing…but maybe it’s something. Does your boyfriend have the combination to your locker?”

Mitch did. But he wouldn’t. Not after what she had done for him. No, it couldn’t be him. There had to be some other explanation. But Gwen was right….someone had set her up. And she had to be careful from here on in. This wasn’t just about her. türkçe bahis She wasn’t a normal girl. She had a father that was in politics. Like everyone else in her family. She had to be…


And they would be. She’d make sure of it.


They say a butterfly flapping its wings can start chain reaction that result in a hurricane on the other side of the world. Stacy didn’t know it, but a hurricane was brewing. It wasn’t until after cheerleading practice that she got a call from her dad’s aid.

“Stacy, we need you to come straight home and do not stop. And most importantly, do not talk to anyone.”

Damn! She had hoped to see Mitch before going home. However for Jacklyn to call, it must be important.

She packed her bag, and drove straight home. Straight into the storm.

The vans were camped outside on the street when she drove home.

E! Inside Edition. ABC. CNN.

Jesus, what was going on? Was her dad okay? Had something happened?

She turned in the drive and they descended on her like flies. With their lights, their cameras, and mikes. Shoving them in her face. Blinding her with the bright lights.

“Stacy, how does your family feel about your relationship? Are you getting married? How does it feel when your father says that gay people are immoral and perverts? When his own comments have stoked homophobic passions to such a high level your school was vandalized.”

Oh Jesus! Oh no-no – no…. Stacy kept her head down and struggled to the door. Thankfully, Jacklyn was there, huddling the young senior inside the door, and locking it quickly behind them.

Stacy’s mother rushed to hug her daughter. “Oh Stacy why? If only you could have waited till after the campaign.”

While her father nervously paced, an empty glass of scotch clasped tightly in his hand.

“Stacy, how could you?” John Adams asked dejectedly, his political dreams ruined. “You know that this is the primaries. I won’t get this chance for another six years. Now…now it’s all ruined.”

“Actually John,” Jacklyn said. “I just received a call before Stacy came home. I had the staff do some quick polling. It’s early yet, but I think this has given you a six percent bump.”

“What?” John Adams said in disbelief. “But…but…you said earlier that I was polling 10 points down.”

“That was running on your same platform.” Jacklyn said. “There are obviously going to have to be some changes.”

“Like what?” John was busy pouring himself another drink.

“You are going to have to come out in support of your daughter,” Jacklyn said. “And reverse your stance on gay marriage.”

“But my…donations…my supporters…”

“Mr. Adams, you may find this hard to believe…but there are republicans that have a different stance on gay marriage. They have daughters and sons too. Some of them are gay. There are also Independents. Corporations with CEOs that are out of the closet.”


“You now have a 4 point lead on Lane.”

“I do? How?” John swallowed the bitter drink. A 4 point lead. He could win this. “Okay…how do we play this?”

“We start with Stacy,” Jacklyn said. “Stacy, tell us more about your new girlfriend. Who are her parents? How did you meet? How long have you been seeing each other?”

“We…aren’t seeing each other…” Stacy stammered. How could she explain this? “Her parents didn’t even know about Mitch and she hoped to keep It that way. We were..but then…today…”

“You broke up?” Jaclyn asked. “Fuck me… You can’t break up. Not now! You know what it’s going to look like? Like your father forbade you to see this girl.”

“But I do forbid,” Senator Adams interjected, before looking over at Jacklyn who shook her head slightly. “No – no. I don’t forbid. I’m encouraging” Jaclyn was nodding. Yes, that was the right answer. “Yes, I’m encouraging you to- ah – you to patch it up with this girl you are – ah …dating.”

“But we… I don’t think she…” What they asked wasn’t possible. Gwen had only helped her temporarily. They weren’t real girl friends. Besides, Stacy was seeing Mitch.

Stacy’s cell began to ring and she was glad for the interruption. But not so glad when she answered it.

The voice was the same fast talking one from this morning. It was Gwen.

“Stacy, I got your phone number from Liz. I hope you don’t mind. But this is an emergency. I’ve got a news crew in front of my house. A news crew Stacy! They are asking these questions and I don’t know what to do.” Gwen said without pausing once for breath.

“Hold on…” Stacy put her hand over the receiver. “It’s her. Gwen I mean. There’s a news crew in front of her house. They are asking questions.”

“Tell her not to say anything. Absolutely nothing.” Jacklyn said. “Tell her to tell them your father will have a press conference tomorrow afternoon.”

Then Jacklyn scribbled a quick note and held it up for Stacy to read.

Patch it up with her. Now.

Stacy repeated Jacklyn’s instructions easily güvenilir bahis siteleri enough. But now came the hard part.

“Gwen I was wondering something….do you think that maybe you and me could…you know…be like we were this morning.” Stacy said. “But maybe longer term.”

Hopefully the girl would understand. And please…oh please let her be willing to pretend with her. To carry on this farce for a bit longer.

“But you said you weren’t interested,” Gwen said. “You said you had a boyfriend.”

Gwen didn’t get it. It wasn’t a real relationship. It was just pretend. But still Stacy had to proceed on. She’d straighten it out with her later.

“Not anymore.”

“You dumped him?” Gwen asked. “For me?”

There was a long pause before Stacy replied. “Yes.”

“Wow. I don’t know Stacy. This is going to be really complicated. I mean with us being girls and all.” Gwen said. “Besides…there’s reporters Stacy. Reporters!”

“I know but…” Stacy was all out of idea. Until Jacklyn held up another note. Feeling like a ship being tossed about in stormy waters, like her dad, the way he was always looking to Jacklyn to make sure he was saying the right thing. Stacy read the note out loud.

“I – ah – I bought you something pretty.”

“Really?” Gwen said. “What is it?”

Stacy kept reading as Jacklyn kept writing. “I’ll give it to you later. But we are still together aren’t we?”

“Yes..” Gwen said, her voice growing husky. “We are still together.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Okay.” Gwen said, then added. “You aren’t going to be sorry about this Stacy. I’ll make sure of it.”

Stacy looked at Jacklyn’s new note with disbelief. Shit! The woman had no idea the grief she was causing.

“I ah- I … love you.” The words didn’t even sound right and Stacy regretted them the moment they left her mouth.

There was a long pause on the line, then Gwen said “Ahh..Stacy – this is a all a little sudden…”

Stacy breathed a sigh of relief. Jacklyn had pushed to far and scared the girl off. It was enough to make her blush, being turned down by this tall freak girl. But better than the alternative.

But her hopes were soon dashed.

“…but I think I could love you.” Gwen said. “Once we know each other better.”

Stacy didn’t get much sleep that night. Her routine and perfect life was rapidly going out of control. But she was determined to set things right. It was going to be difficult, but if anyone could do it. She could.

She imagined scenarios. Ways to get everything back to normal. Getting Gwen to go along with her plan. It helped that she was rich. She had a pretty necklace in her pocket. It was probably worth several thousand dollars. It was a gift her dad had given her mom and it was still in the case. It was all they could get on such short notice. Gwen could hock it and get good money for it if she liked.

That afternoon, before cheer leading practice, Stacy pulled Gwen aside near the edge of the bleachers.

“I got this for you.” Stacy said.

Gwen eyes shown as she eyed large blue sapphire. “Wow!” she said as she moved the stone to catch the light. “It looks really pretty. But it’s…so expensive. Here, you should…you should have it back – I don’t think I can take it.”

This was working better than Stacy expected. Now to get what she wanted. To put this girl back in her place. The girl was poor, ill-dressed, and not well liked. She wasn’t meant to be hanging out with the likes of Stacy.

“No-no. I insist. You deserve it,” Stacy said, pushing the velvet box back to her new friend. “For all your help and for everything you’ve done for me. And because I have no right to ask you to do this, but…”

I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend for awhile longer. But that’s all it is. It’s just pretend. Just like yesterday in the office.

But Stacy didn’t get a chance to say that. Because there was a hungry mouth pressed up tightly against hers before the words could escape her lips.

“I wasn’t sure about this. I mean with us being girls and all,” Gwen said, and kissed her again and again. “But okay Stacy, maybe..maybe we can be girlfriends.”

And that hungry mouth was pressed up against her lips once again, even as Stacy kept her lips pressed tightly together, while her small slim body was enveloped by this tall awkward loner’s embrace. Stacy endured it, hoping the tall amazon would soon grow satisfied.

She didn’t.

“Yuck.” Gwen said. “What was that?”

And Stacy thought, yes, finally – finally she understands. We aren’t real girlfriends, it’s only pretend.

“You call that a kiss? You are like a wet fish. No wonder that ugly boy broke up with you,” Gwen said. “I can see I have my work cut out for me.”

“He didn’t – he isn’t…” Stacy stammered. Mitch wasn’t ugly. He was a hunk. Besides he didn’t break up with her. As far as he knew, they were still dating.

Dear God, this pushy ginormous girl, she wanted…not just a peck. But a kiss. And she had already moved in for another. Lips pressed against Stacy’s.

Tongue probing. Yuck!

But poor Stacy couldn’t see a way out. She had to. But it needn’t be sexual. It could be like kissing a robot. A very tall robot. Nothing more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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