Ana vs. Joy the First Meeting

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Joel and I had been friends for years on the various catfight sites, chatting about what would happen if our wives ever had the chance to meet up in person, and about their various matches they have had in the past. It was by a twist of fate that Joy and I were moving to Atlanta, for my job. We had all chatted in the past, but had lost a bit of contact as of late. The wives were aware of each other, chatting once or twice. While there was no immediate animosity between them, they were certainly not friendly. Once we got settled into our new home, I could swear I thought I saw Ana out running an errand, so I decided to connect back with Joel and see what, if anything, might happen. It turns out we lived less than a mile away from them in the same community. It was like fate was bringing us all together.

That evening I spoke with Joy about Joel and Ana and the past times we had spoken about them fighting.

Joy did remember, and said “Yes I do remember her, I think it might be fun to reconnect with them and see where things go. I would love to fight her in front of you and Joel. If I remember correctly, she thought she would beat me rather easily, so I will love to make her eat her words!”

She could see the excitement on my face, and a quick reach also revealed the excitement in my cock! Joy groaned a bit before pulling me into the bedroom for some fun. I was so excited that later that evening I got on-line and connected with Joel, he and Ana had a similar experience that night, so we were close to making this all happen.

The next day Joel and I spoke on the phone, and I came home to tell Joy that Joel and Ana actually lived in our same housing complex and we would be going over there for dinner Saturday night. No intention of wrestling or competing unless they both wanted to that evening.

Joy looked surprised, but said “Oh I have a feeling we will be competing for sure! I am going to teach that woman a lesson!”

I could hardly wait for Saturday evening to get here. I spoke with Joel the next day, and he was super excited as well.

“Ana is ready for her,” he said, “She is getting our fight room prepared just in case, and has already picked out a sexy bikini to wear, just in case. She said she is ready to put your wife in her place and make her submit, saying she is the better woman.”

Saturday evening arrived, Joy and I arrived at Joel and Ana’s home. We all had a nice lite dinner, and some wine. The ladies were watching each other closely, neither drinking too much.

“So would you like to see our Fight Room?” Ana asked looking directly at Joy.

“That would be great. As that is why we are here right?” Joy said glaring back at Ana.

We all got up and started toward the basement, Ana leading the way, with Joy and I behind her, Joel gathering the wine to bring downstairs. I suppose I should describe the ladies, Joy is 5’4″ tall, 47 years old, about 155lbs, with big 38DD tits, she is a redhead with blonde streaks, has a bit of a tummy and nice full backside. Ana is almost a copy of Joy, but she is a brunette, 5’5″ tall, weighed 150lbs, smaller chest I believe 36C/D, a little tummy and nice rump as well. As we entered the room, the mats were on the floor, and some couches around the outside, a bar at the far side of the room and various other furniture items around the room. The mat was against a wall on one side, and the couches on opposite sides of the mat with the Bar on the other side, but a good bit away from the fighting action.

“Damn, this is perfect.” I whispered to Joel.

“Yeah it is great!” he whispered back.

“So this is it. Hmmm, very nice Ana, you have created quite a good fighting spot for me to beat you in!” Joy chuckled.

“You maybe eating those words soon Joy! I don’t lose often, especially here at our home.” Ana retorted.

The ladies were primed and they went to change into their fighting outfits. Joy came out first and walked around the mat, she was in a very sexy green bikini, it barely covered canlı bahis şirketleri her tits just little triangles, and the bottoms were not much more, just a tiny front patch and string in the back. We could see the wisps of her pussy hair peeking out the top of the bottoms.

“Well guys, what do you think?” She said spinning around.

“Well it looks like you are entering a slut bikini contest not a catfight honey.” Ana said curtly as she walked into the fighting area.

Ana was wearing a conservative bottom boy shorts and a sports bra top providing her good coverage and support.

Ana spoke up as she walked onto the mat. “Well let’s chat about some rules and hopefully this will be the first match of many for all of us. First no punching or scratching to the face. Second no eye raking or poking. Slapping to the face is ok. Stripping is allowed and encouraged. Lastly and you won’t like this Joy, only exposed skin can be struck with strikes, punches, kicks etc. The men will enforce the rules, any broken rule is a free shot for your opponent. You must pin your opponent for a 5 count to win.”

“Whatever Ana, let’s just get started!” Joy hissed.

Joy and Ana came out to the mats, circling each other. Joy was the first to strike, taking a swing at Ana’s head. She swung quickly and caught Ana right on the cheek, turning her head and a resounding crack, as she quickly retreated after that first strike.

“Come on Ana, let’s see what you got Bitch.” Joy sneered.

Ana rubbed away the sting on her cheek and came forward to strike Joy, looking to repay her for the slap Ana telegraphed a left handed slap, but as Joy turned away from the slap, Ana changed tactics and sunk a deep hard fist into Joy tummy just over the tiny bottoms…

“OOOffff” Joy moaned as the air rushed from her stomach.

Joy was doubled over, when Ana grabbed her hair pulling her up and running her back into the wall at the edge of the mat. Still with her hands in Joy’s hair, Ana banged her head against the wall several times, dazing Joy. Next she used her knee to hammer, one, two then three knees deep into Joy’s gut, before releasing her, letting her drop to her knees.

“I thought you were going to kick my ass you little cunt!” Ana hissed at Joy.

I looked over at Joel on the couch and he had his cock out stroking it!

“Yeah baby, strip her and make her pay! Attack those big tits!” Joel encouraged.

I found myself getting hard as well, and mirrored Joel, stripping off my pants and stroking as I watched the fight in front of me.

“Relax Honey, remember all your training, protect yourself and get back in the match” I said encouraging to my wife.

But Wow had Ana started off with a flurry of punishment. Ana walked over to Joel, and reached down to stroke his cock and give him a quick kiss.

“Anything for you baby!” she cooed.

As she came back over to Joy, she reached down gripping her hair to pick her up, as she did Joy punched her hard in her exposed tummy, there wasn’t much space there, but she found some skin.

“Oooffff” escaped the lips of Ana, and Joy hit her again in the same spot.

Ana still had one hair in Joy hair and the other went to her tummy as she backed up quickly from the hits. I looked at my warrior and saw that her tiny top had moved just a little. Ana must have seen this as well as after she backup up a bit, she yanked up with her one hand and shot her knee out into Joy’s tit crushing it against her chest.

“Foul” I said.

Ana looked at me and back at Joy’s tit.

Joel said “Nope look Michael, you slut wife’s tit is exposed now, so Ana is allowed to attack it.”

Joy moaned at this new attack, and Ana took full advantage. My wife was still on her knees, her back against the wall, and Ana reached down and moved her bikini top off the other tit, and rammed her knee into her other tit as well, crushing it to her chest. Ana in a show of strength, grabbed both of Joy arms and put canlı kaçak iddaa them over her head and kneed her tits hard. At least three good powerful knees to each tit. I watched as they were flatten by the vicious knees of Ana. Suddenly if only by reflex, Joy’s head came forward and brushed against Ana’s boy shorts. Ana jumped back, and held her shorts with a smile.

“Foul” she said with a grin.

Not knowing what was next, I looked around.

Joel said, “So for a foul against Ana I get to restrain Joy while Ana takes her free shot at her.”

Ana asked Joel to put Joy on her back and hold her hands out over her head. As he did this Ana, came up and booty dropped her ass right onto Joy’s stomach knocking all the wind out of her. Joel quickly got up and back to his couch, as Ana bounced up and down on Joy stomach some more. Joy was moaning and gasping for air.

“Let’s get you all stripped off so I can do whatever I want” Ana chuckled.

Ana ripped off Joy’s top and reaching behind her she yanked up hard Joy bottoms, trying to get them to rip off. However the material was strong and it yanked up hard between her pussy lips, and cut deep into her pussy. She started to yell out, but Ana used her hand to cover her mouth, while continuing to yank her bottoms cruelly into her pussy, ripping it back and forth across her pussy lips. Joy’s hands frantically trying to get Ana off her, she sunk her hands into Ana’s tits and starting slapping at them back and forth!

“Foul again you dumb Bitch” Ana announced.

Joel got up and held Joy hands, and as Ana got up to ponder what to do, she never released Joy bottoms and got up with them still in her hands pulling them off her legs as she walked around the room fixing her top.

“She can put them back on during the fight if she gets them” She said to me smiling.

She walked over to Joy with Joel holding her, she lifted up my wife’s legs, spread them wide.

“This is going to hurt a bit honey!” Ana said as she lifted up her foot and stomped it right into Joy’s pussy.

“OOOOWWW” Joy screamed out.

Ana quickly stomped once more before Joy was able to pull her legs away from her, and curl up into a ball. Ana walked behind Joy and kicked her in her back, and as Joy arched her back, Ana knelt down and with both hands sledgehammered Joy in her stomach. My word I thought, Ana is absolutely dominate. Ana got up and went over to collect Joy’s bikini top, and then she sat down behind Joy, she picked her up by her hair moving her between her legs facing Joel on the couch. Ana snapped her legs around Joy’s waist squeezing it hard, and next she took the top and wrapped it around my wife’s neck and started to tighten it choking the air out of Joy. The way Ana had her positioned and when she slid to the side a bit, I know Joel was getting a view of Joy’s pussy, as I watched Ana switch from the bikini top choke to using her hand to choke Joy while squeezing her air out of her. I could see Joy’s eyes fluttering and knew she was just about out.

“Fight it honey, Fight it!” I said trying to encourage her.

That might have been a mistake in hindsight, as when I said that Ana, stopped choking Joy.

“Not so quick you little slut, getting knocked out is too easy for you!” Ana growled into Joy ear.

Next thing I know is I see Joy’s eyes go wide and her moaning. I look down to see what I suppose is Ana pulling and slapping Joy between her legs, and the way Joel’s eyes are glued to the action, Ana must have been working her good. (Later Joy told me, that if felt like Ana was spreading her lips open and slapping her cunt hard, sometimes punching her as well, and then she felt like Ana must have grabbed her lips and pulled hard).

Ana was just toying with Joy now as she released her hold and got up. I suppose pondering what she wanted to do next and how to punish my wife for challenging her. I watched as Ana went over to Joel and stripped out of her top and bottoms, leaving her in a tiny thong. canlı kaçak bahis

“Ok Joy I have evened up our bodies a bit, see?” she mocked her as she spun around showing off her almost nude body.

She looked stunning like a goddess, as her fingernails and toenails, were perfectly done in blood red. She used her foot to push Joy over onto her stomach. I didn’t have to wait long to see the next torture she had in store for Joy. Ana took Joy’s top and wrapped it loosely around her neck, then she grabbed both of Joy’s legs and hooked her into a Boston crab, before really sinking it in, she grabbed both ends of the bikini top and then both sunk in the crab and yanked back on the bikini. Joy was yelling out her submission.

“Bitch, submissions don’t count” Ana chuckled before pulling tighter on the top choking Joy more.

Joy’s back was bent cruelly from the Boston crab, and the top was choking her, making her loose what little air she was trying to get into her lungs.

“You know my hubby loves this hold right Michael? I mean he email is xxxxx! How do you like the twist with the choke?” she snickered to me.

I looked over and realized that Ana had positioned Joy right in front of Joel, so that he was looking right up into Joy’s pussy, as I watched her eyes look on with despair. I got off the couch and down next to her.

“Honey just fight it, I know it hurts but you are strong” I encouraged.

“My pussy, my pussy” she choked out.

I looked over, and saw Joel, was also on the ground, finger fucking Joy, as she endured this torture.

“Damn, Michael she is wet!” he announced, before jumping back up to the couch, as I had gotten up and started over to him.

“Easy, Michael, I didn’t hurt her, just seeing and wanting to taste her pussy!” he said.

I sat down on the other couch, plotting how we might get even at some point.

Ana tried of the Boston Crab, and released the hold. This was just a squash match from the start. I think Joy under estimated the tough Ana. Ana walked around the mat looking for something,

“Ah, there it is” she said picking up a lipstick case.

She walked back to Joy kicked her over on her back, and reverse face sat her, trapping Joy’s arms her head. Ana actually moved her thong to the side before getting ready to sit down on Joy’s face. Ana used the lipstick to draw targets on Joy’s tits with a big X over her nipples, and more targets over her ovaries, and a final targets on her mound and clit.

“So here is the deal Joy. You are going to eat me until I cum, and if you aren’t doing a good job I am going to pound these targets I just drew on you. If you make me cum we are done, if you don’t make me cum in 5 minutes I will get up and brutally stomp all of them until I decide to pin you! Your time starts now.” Ana said.

Before Joy could even get her tongue out, Ana laid in 2 punches, one to each nipple. Straight down were each blow, crushing my wife’s tits to her body. Joel and I had spoken frequently and I knew that Ana loved to punish and maul tits, and got off on it. So it was no surprise to see her start to punch and slap and maul Joy tits, as Joy tried with all her might to lick her pussy. Ana must have been close as she lifted her pussy from Joy head to lean over for a few punches to Joy ovaries and mound. Joy body was jumping off the floor. Ana ground back into Joy and grabbed each nipple and pulled with all her might. It was like she was using her nipples to pull her pussy tighter to Joy’s face. I could see her rocking back and forth on Joy, getting closer and closer to cumming. I saw her nod to Joel, who came close and knocked Joy’s legs apart as Ana started to moan loudly, just as she came, she brought both hands in an ax handle blow right to Joy’s pussy and clit. Ana grabbed Joy’s knees pulling her into a matchbook pin, spreading her legs wide, counted to 5 pinning my wife, as Joel stroked himself cumming just as Ana reached 5, covering Joy’s spread open pussy and tits with rope after rope of his cum.

“You all can stay for as long as you want. You know the way out, and if you want a rematch just let us know when! We would love to up the stakes and use you both for our pleasure!” Ana laughed as she and Joel walked up the stairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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