Anal Adventures of Alex Ch. 01

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Alex was obsessed with anything anal.

It wasn’t just that he loved asses – although he did, he thought the best possible physical attribute a girl could posses was a firm, round, shapely ass – but he was both curious and aroused by anal sex. He even would watch gay porn or trannie porn as intently and with as much arousal as male on female… and all of his favorite porn to watch spent quite a bit of time on someone’s ass.

However, even in this enlightened time period, it wasn’t always easy to find a girl who was willing to experiment anally… in fact, he hadn’t come across a single one. Still, his curiosity was there, and as day after day went by and he jerked off to more porn featuring anal – whether it was a male, female or both taking it up the ass – his desires just grew.

One day, it occurred to him that the men who took it up the ass seemed to enjoy it every bit as much as the men giving it to someone in the ass. And for the first time, it occurred to him to be curious about what his own reaction to anal sex would be if he were to be on the receiving end as opposed to the giving end where he always imagined himself. Without taking his eyes from his computer screen – where a very attractive brunette was just spreading her tight cheeks with her hands – his own güvenilir bahis hand slowed the stroking of his dick as he scooted forward in the seat a bit, leaning back and spreading his legs.

Moving his hand up and down his throbbing erection, Alex felt his excitement curdling as he slid his other hand down under his balls, teasing the spot beneath for a second with his fingertips… and then moving lower. Shuddering slightly with anticipatory pleasure, his finger tickled the outside of his asshole and he groaned a little, watching as on the computer screen the buxom brunette began sliding her own finger in and out of her accommodating back door. Wanting to mimic her obvious pleasure in the act, he pressed his fingertip against his own crinkled tight hole… and scrunched up his face as it dryly pressed in…

That didn’t feel so great… but the hot brunette on his computer screen was still moaning happily as she added a second finger to her slick hole…

Slick hole.

Duh. He was an idiot.

Swiftly Alex stuck his finger into his mouth, covering it with his saliva and then reaching down to push against his resisting hole. The very tip of his finger slid in… it felt painfully good. There was something very strange about the sensation… he wanted more of it. türkçe bahis However, trying to push more of his finger into his ass just made it feel dry and tight again, and it was getting a little more difficult to maintain his erection.

Lube… he needed lube. Returning his eyes to the screen as the brunette looked over her shoulder, removing her fingers from her ass as a man entered the scenario from the side, hard cock ready to plunder her darkest hole, Alex squeezed his cock as his other hand opened the drawer to his right and felt around for the little bottle of lube that he kept in there. Not that it had been used in months – and never for the purpose of anal plundering – but he was very glad now that he’d kept it around. Finally his fingers came into contact with the plastic and he pulled it out…

The girl on the screen was moaning as the thick cock pressed into her tight hole, gasping about how good it felt while the guy started slapping her ass as he thrust hard into her backside. Alex coated two of his fingers in slickness and then set the lube on his desk as he resumed position to finger his ass.

Rubbing his cock, Alex pressed his index finger against his asshole again… this time it slid right in. Gasping at the invasion, because it still hurt a little although güvenilir bahis siteleri in a completely different way, he gripped his pulsing cock. It felt strangely good, full, like stretching a new muscle, and he pushed a little deeper… then dragged his finger out again… and then back in.


He began following the rhythm onscreen with his finger, pushing up into his asshole as his hand came down on his cock, trapping his body between the two pleasurable assaults. Although his ass burned a little, it was in an erotic, exciting way, and he was more turned on then ever.

As the girl in the porn started begging the guy to fuck her ass harder, Alex closed his eyes and leaned back, shoving his finger all the way into his virgin ass as he rubbed his dick harder and faster. And then he felt it, the tight grip of his ass closing down around his finger as his balls tightened and he began to cum, groaning loudly as his hand moved up and down, milking his dick while stroking his insides simultaneously.

“Oh…. Oh God….” He groaned, shuddering with the last spasms of orgasm. Alex’s entire body seemed to collapse inward, and he winced a little as he pulled his finger from his ass… that had felt entirely too good, but as his euphoria faded it was starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

Still… he rubbed his finger across the slick outside of his hole, twitching a little at the rush of anti-climatic pleasure and knew that this was just the start of his experimentation with anal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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