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When Richard pulled into Misty’s drive-way, he noticed an unfamiliar car ahead of him. He had called Misty before hand, and she had said nothing of another guest. He only hoped he would still be welcome. Richard knocked on the door, and after a few moments, Misy answered.

“Hey,” she said cheerily.

“Am I interrupting something?” Richard asked.

“No, its just Nicky,” she replied. Richard stepped through the door, closing it behind him, and saw Nicky Hamilton sitting on the couch. Well, at least the company looks good. He thought. Nicky wasn’t exactly the most beautiful girl Rick had ever seen, but she had a body that could stop traffic. Rick was particularly fond of her ass.

“Hello, Rick,” she said, smiling.

“Oh, Lord, not you!” Rick said, trying hard to suppress the smile that bubbled to his lips. This was an old game to him. He enjoyed giving Nicky a hard time. Whether she took him seriously or not, he wasn’t always sure. It was all in fun.

“Nicky’s having guy trouble,” Misty said as she and Rick sat down with Nicky.

“Nicky’s always having guy trouble,” Rick said sarcastically. “Let me guess: Or-ida? Okra?”

“Ora,” Nicky said. “His name is Ora.” Rick, of course, already knew this. Nicky then went on to finish her story of the problems she and Ora had. To Rick, it seemed to be the standard argument: doesn’t respect me, treats me like dirt, went out on me, gets mad when I go out on him, etc., etc. Rick used to feel sorry for girls who were in bad relationships, but when they were stupid enough to keep going back to those relationships again and again, it was hard to have any sympathy. Give it up, for Christ’s sake! he felt like saying. However, he had learned that sensible suggestions had little effect in these situations. So, he opted for a joke to lighten the mood.

“Well, would you like to hear my opinion?” asked Rick.

“What?” said Nicky.

“Maybe he just gets sick of hearing you whine all the time.” He was unable to suppress the smile that formed when Nicky’s mouth dropped open.

“Kiss my ass, Rick,” she said, smiling herself.

“Bend over, sweet thing, and I will,” he said.

Nicky looked at him a few seconds, then said, “You wouldn’t.”

“Bring that pretty butt of yours over here and I’ll show you,” came his reply

“You don’t have the guts to really do it,” she said, her smile broadening.

“Uh, Nicky,” Misty began. “You evidently don’t know Rick as well as I do.” It was true: no one knew Rick as well as Misty, and she knew that this was the type of dare that went right up Richard’s alley.

“He’s all talk, Misty. Just like all these other guys…”

“Oh, you’re insulting me now?” said Rick.

“He talks big, but he can’t back it up,” said Nicky.

“I tell ya, Nick, come over here and I’ll be more than güvenilir bahis happy to back up my words.”

With that, Nicky rose and walked to Richard’s end of the couch she stood in front of him, turned so her ass was level with his face.

“Okay, then,” she said. She stood for a few moments, then said. “What’s the matter, Richard. Go ahead; kiss my ass.”

“Oh, you mean like this?” Rick said. “I thought you wanted me to kiss your ass, not the back of your pants.”

“What do you mean?” Nicky asked, turning her head toward him.

“Well, if I kiss what’s in front of me, I’d be kissing the back of your pants. I said I’d kiss your butt. Whatever you want, though.”

Realizing what Rick meant, and thinking he was looking for a way out, Nicky decided to surprise him. She unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, slid them down to her ankles, then did the same with her panties. When she finished, Rick found himself staring at Nicky smooth, pale curves. Beside him on the couch, Misty covered her mouth to stifle some laughter. Rick looked over at her and smiled mischievously.

“Well, there you go,” Nicky said. “Kiss it.”

“Bend over,” Rick said. Unbelievably, Nicky complied, placing her hands on the floor in front of her. Nicky’s cheeks spread slightly, and Rick could see a little of the dark bush and slit all men spent their life trying to claim. His already erect penis seemed to solidify even more.

“Just remember that you asked for this, Nicky,” Rick said as he leaned forward. Nicky jumped a little as his lips first touched her flesh. He kissed lightly at first, and Nicky thought it was over, but she then felt his tongue on her ass. She shivered as his lips came together again and sucked the rounded flesh as best they could. She closed her eyes and found her hand wanting to go to her secret place. She would have given in had the action not promised to dump her on the floor. She gasped when she felt Richard’s tongue once again and realized it was sliding up and down her crack. She was becoming incredibly aroused, something she hadn’t expected. Of course, she hadn’t expected him to do this in the first place.

Rick stood behind her, and Nicky found herself disappointed that it was over. Then she felt Richard’s breath as he brought his lips to her ear.

“Seeing as how I already have you in this position, is there anything else you would like me to do?” he said quietly, but loud enough for Misty to here as well, for she cackled laughter.

Nicky, who’s heart rate had increased considerably, said, “Anything you want to.” She hoped very much he wanted to do something.

“Oh, my God,” Misty said, continuing to laugh as Richard began taking off his pants. “Would you like for me to leave, kids?”

“Unless you want to watch,” Rick said, lowering his zipper.

“That’s okay,” türkçe bahis Misty said. “I think I’ll go in here and turn the radio up. Really loud.” Misty retreated to her room.

Nicky, still with her hands on the floor, felt something long and hard rubbing against her ass. It then slid into her crack and moved up and down. She felt she’d explode if he took any longer to get started. Having expected him to slide his cock down her crack and enter her pussy from behind, her eyes snapped open in surprise as it instead moved up to her anus.

She turned her head to look up at Rick. “I’ve never done it that way, Richard.” she said somewhat frantically.

“Neither have I,” he said. “It’ll be like losing our virginity to each other.”

“Will it hurt?” she asked timidly.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “Probably a little, at least. I’ll stop if you want.”

Nicky pondered this and realized that she couldn’t bare for him to stop. Not now. “No,” she said simply.

With that, she turned back to her view of the floor and felt his rod press against her backdoor. At first there was indeed some pain. Nicky gasped and cried out softly as he pressed farther into her tight hole. Each time she made a sound, he would stop, then continue on slowly. It seemed as though the fit might be a bit too tight, as he had to push harder and harder. The pain increased, but Nicky found herself aroused by this more so than anything else she had ever done. Finally, with on final gasp and a louder cry of pain/pleasure, her ass-hole opened to accept him fully.

As Richard began slowly pumping, Nicky’s arms began to quiver, partly from the strain of having held her for several minutes and partly from the jolts of pleasure shooting through her. Seeming to sense this, she felt Richard’s hand on her breast as he leaned forward and brought her up.

“Come over here,” he said. “It’ll be easier.” Never breaking their connection, Rick and Nicky shuffled over to the arm of the couch. Rick laid Nicky over it and she spread her arms before her, laid her head on its side. She then widened her stance, with Rick doing the same. Once they were in a more comfortable position, he began his rhythm again.

Nicky had never felt anything like this in her life. As she loosened and he began to go faster, she pulled herself up on her elbows, threw her head back and moaned. She then lowered her head and began to grunt loudly. From time to time, an articulate word would slip out: Baby, Oh yeah, God, and ( at one point) Yeah, fuck my ass.

Richard came first, unloading his cum into her. Nicky was close, but it took one (somewhat disgusting) thought flashing through her head to push her over the edge.

I’ve never felt anything go in that hole before. Nicky found she liked the sensation, and liked it so much that her body shivered with güvenilir bahis siteleri an intense orgasm. Rick pulled out, and both participants found that, while it was physically easier to get out that it was to get in, a part of them didn’t want to break their connection. Rick sat beside Nicky, who squirmed up into his arms.

“Toldja I’d do it,” he said.

“Yeah, yeah. So I was wrong,” she panted. After they had recovered a few moments, she squirmed to a sitting position and winced. “I think I’m going to have a little trouble walking for a while,” she said, but did so smiling. “Come here,” she said, getting up off the couch and limping across the room.

“What?,” Richard said, “Where’re you going.”

“To get you cleaned up. Follow me.” Rick did, and they walked down a short hallway leading to Misty’s bathroom. They stepped inside and closed the door. Nicky turned on the water in the sink, adjusted it so that it would be warm but not hot. She curled her finger at Rick, beckoning him closer. She cupped her hands, filled them with water, and poured it over Richard’s deflating penis. He shivered slightly, for the nerves there were still very sensitive. Nicky then pumped some soap out of a dispenser, stuck her hands under the still running water and worked up a lather. Then, she began rubbing his cock in her soapy hands. After a few moments of this, the lost erection was back and in full force. Nicky then rinsed her hands, gathered some more water and rinsed his penis thoroughly. Water and soap splashed on the floor of the bathroom, and Nicky made a mental note to clean it up for Misty. Once she had it satisfactorily clean, Nicky held the steel rod in her hands. She looked up at Rick, who returned her gaze.

“Have to dry it off, now,” she said. With that, she opened her mouth and slid his organ deep inside. He moaned as she went to work, her tongue swirling around inside as she sucked him. Still stimulated from the last go ’round, it didn’t take long for Richard to empty his load into her gullet. To his surprise, he still had quite a bit of spunk left. He pulled out before he finished and shot the last bit of cum into her face. Some ran down the bridge of her nose, another wad landed above her upper lip. Nicky stuck out her tongue and licked this off. The rest she washed off in the sink.

“Are you kids all right,” Misty’s voice on the other side of the door. She still seemed to be laughing.

“Yeah, we’re fine,” Rick said. “We made a little mess, though. We’re cleaning it up.”

“I don’t even want to know!” Misty said, though she expected that Richard would tell her all about it later.

Nicky left, and Richard planned to follow her example shortly. He and Misty stood and the door and hugged before he stepped out.

“I came over to talk about something,” he said, “but it can wait. I have to get home. Maybe I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Misty said. “I think Sherridan is going to come over, though.”

Richard thought for a while, then said, “Well then, I will DEFINITELY come back tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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