Anal Stories: Michael

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** The ad was on the fourth page of the newspaper’s classified section. Small print, no header. Dr. Ana Von Gaarten, Ph.D. is seeking stories of anal sex for a sex study. Must be personal and must be well-detailed. If the story is accepted for inclusion into the study, the writer will receive $1,000 dollars and will be required to sign a waiver for publication purposes. Send replies to P.O. Box 745, New York, New York … **

Hey, Doc,

Just saw your ad in the paper and thought I’d send my story along to you. Hope you enjoy it.

David Burns

I was so nervous. This would be the first time that I would be seeing Michael in almost three years. After graduation, we’d gone our separate ways, I to the Peace Corps and Michael to Princeton. Since we’d grown up together, his parents, especially his mom, Robbin, sent me letters and newspaper clippings about Michael’s progress. He was a member of the rowing team and did well enough to be invited to the Olympics. He would leave in six weeks and was coming home to visit before heading to Greece.

And he had specifically asked about me.

Michael had always been the man of my dreams. We’d first met in elementary school and we were two gangly towheaded boys, intent on causing as many mischievous problems as we could. Frogs in desks, peanut butter in hair, nothing was too horrible for us. As we grew older, we grew even closer, playing basketball for endless hours and I think it was between eighth and ninth grades that I started falling in love with him.

While my looks had darkened following the Sicilian side of our family, Michael remained golden and green-eyed and his scrawny body filled out marvelously. He wasn’t hugely muscular but his chest had delicious grooves that delineated the flat planes of his chest and abs. His thighs thickened from rowing on the weekend with his father and he let his glorious hair grow down to his shoulders and kept it tied with a leather string.

Of course, the girls were after us in droves. My dark hair and blue eyes and Michael’s golden looks insured that we weren’t dateless most weekend nights but neither of us seemed inclined to have a steady girlfriend. I knew why I hadn’t found one. I was gay and had known it for a long time. But I hadn’t known about Michael. Until graduation night.

Two drunken eighteen-year olds discovered the joy of blow jobs and the salty-sweet taste of semen that night. I was in inebriated heaven. The image of Michael’s firelight-bronzed body bent over my body with his hard cock in my mouth was the centerpiece of my masturbatory fantasies. The next morning, however, was very awkward. Michael didn’t speak very much and I caught him giving me some curious looks that I couldn’t read. His send-off to college was silent and his hug was stiff. Everyone laughed when I cried. Just two good boyhood friends.

But now, he was returning and he had specifically told his mother that he wanted güvenilir bahis to see me. Part of me was delirious with the thought of seeing him again, of smelling his particular mix of musk and patchouli, of seeing his smile light up his eyes. But the other part of me remembered our last meeting, the aloofness and the distance that had come between us. My heart ached recalling the uncertainty in his eyes where there once was none.

The doorbell rang and I checked my hair for the umpteenth time, then went to answer it. I didn’t recognize the man who was standing on my doorstep. Michael’s long waves had been shortened to a cap of curls, sides shaven and he’d gained about forty pounds of muscle. I’d grown as well, but I was more on the rangy side and still two inches shorter than him at 5’11”. I stood there, not knowing what to do until he moved forward and gathered me in his arms.

“Hi, Davy.”

I swallowed past the lump in my throat and closed my eyes, taking in his scent. “Hey, stud.”

Michael laughed. I’d always called him Stud because of his sports prowess. We pulled back and just stared at each other for a few seconds. He pushed a stray strand of hair out of my eyes and I felt the blood rush to my face at the touch of his fingertips. “How have you been?”

“Great.” I lied. I told him about my Peace Corps stint in Sierra Leone and he filled me in about college. I was going to college also and two more years compared to his one year but we were both moving ahead with our lives.

“You know, I came here to talk to you.” My heart stopped. Here it was. The thing I feared the most. The talk. My eyes stung with tears and I turned away but he grabbed my arm, yanking me back to him and our eyes met. When his mouth touched mine, I thought I was going to faint. He hugged my trembling body to his, his hands rubbing my back. We remained that way for long silent moments and when he spoke, I heard the huskiness in his voice and realized that he was just as emotional as I was. “I hoped … I hoped you still felt the same way.”

I cried. I bawled for what seemed like an hour but it was only five minutes. His soft lips kissed them away, connecting with my mouth again and curling his tongue inside my warmth. I trembled and cupped his chin, tracing the muscles of his jaw line and the soft curves of his ears, the prickly sides of his hair and the softness of the longer curls. My world was perfect now but I sort of felt like Cinderella, wondering if this was just a fairy tale.

“You never said anything.” I ventured, playing with the flaps of his button-down. His emerald eyes held mine, expressing what had always been between us, a world of deep trust and unspoken love. “When you left … “

“When I left, I was confused, Dave. The way I left wasn’t fair to you but I just didn’t know what else to do.” His fingers moved across my chin, then my lips, then my hair. His touch felt so good, so right. “It took me awhile türkçe bahis to figure out what I wanted.” He lifted my face, searching my eyes. “And everything led back to you. To that night we spent together. To the way you made me feel.”

“God, Michael.” I took a deep breath, trying to slow my heart and gave up when he kissed me again. His hands tugged my shirt out of my pants and wandered across my chest. I shivered under his touch. I couldn’t seem to get enough of him. I knew what I wanted, even if the fairy tale melted into reality at the touch of sunrise.

I pulled him back into the living room, in front of the fireplace and started to unbutton his shirt. His eyes flashed a question, then filled with heat when I circled his nipples. He kissed me again but I broke away, licking down the side of his neck and kissing my way over to his right nipple. He shouted when my teeth teased it, my tongue flicking over them, then giving way to a little suction from my mouth.

“Jesus! Dave!”

I smoothly moved over to the other one, sucking and caressing while he called my name again, his body tense with pleasure. The shirt hit the floor, followed by mine and I grinned at the look of astonishment on his face when he saw that I had my nipples pierced. He reached out and gave one a gentle tug and was pleased by my hiss of pleasure. I pulled his mouth down and nearly came in my pants when he sucked and tugged at the same time. He spent a good amount of time acquainting himself with my hardware but I was more interested in his software.

I pushed him back and dropped to my knees, undoing his belt buckle and quickly tugging his jeans down. A huge circle of pre-cum had stained the front of his Joe Boxers and I licked it greedily. Michael growled, his prick flexing under the thin cotton. I yanked them down and gazed at a thick cock that had grown with the man that Michael had become. My tongue moved before I did, snaking out to capture the crystal of liquid that graced the purple-red head. He made a low sound deep in his chest as I repeated the action then groaned as I tried to deep throat his prick.

I couldn’t but I came damn close. His cock was like silk-encased steel against my lips, radiating heat that warmed me from within. I let my lips map the outlines of his meat, pausing to pay homage to his heavy balls and nearly swooned at his masculine scent. I licked the satiny skin over and over, taking his hips and face-fucking until I heard him say that he was close. I released him so fast he nearly fell back but I caught his hips, standing up to kiss him again.

“Why’d you stop?”

“Because I want something else.” I turned my back to him and dropped my pants, using the mantle to hold my weight. When I turned to look at him, he was still standing there, his mouth wide open. “Waiting for an engraved invitation?”

“Hell, no.” His growl made my cock jump and the feel of his naked body against mine made me start güvenilir bahis siteleri trembling again. He pressed his cock into my asscrack and pulled me back upright, one hand traveling over my chest and stomach while the other dove into my forest and stroked my hard root. I felt like a whore being ravished and I loved every bit of it. His tongue licked my ear and his teeth nibbled my neck, making me groan. I couldn’t help it.

Michael reached forward and grabbed the lube from where I’d strategically placed it on the mantel and used two fingers to search out and lube my hole. Just when I thought he was ready, he pushed those fingers into me and the breath caught in my lungs, followed by a shaky release. “Michael.” I laid my head back on his shoulder and succumb to his kiss, our tongues fighting passionately as he thrust his fingers in and out of me. He added another finger, stretching me more and gave my cock a couple of strokes to ease the pain. “Please. I’m ready.”

He gave me one last kiss, then pushed me forward, his hands on mine as they held us up on the mantel. The head of his cock rubbed tantalizingly across my slick asshole and I tried to press back, wanting him inside me. “Davy.” His breath was hot against my neck. “Put me where you want me.”

Shaking with anticipation, I reached down and lined him up, then in concert, we moved together. A fleeting sharp pain sliced through me but was quickly replaced by exquisite, tooth-jarring, heart-stopping pleasure. He pressed all the way in and gave me a moment to catch my breath. Our fingers intertwined as he started to stroke my hole, slowly and with the greatest intimacy two childhood friends could share. At that moment, who we were was stripped away and there was nothing left except two men giving their bodies to lust and their hearts to each other. I wanted him like no other and I hoped he was feeling the same.

“Davy.” My name was a song on his lips, its tune matching the rhythm of our bodies rising and falling together. He released my hands, sliding down my body and pausing to give my rods a pull. When I reared back, he caught my mouth again, sucking my tongue into his. I couldn’t do anything except lean back and whimper happily. His hands continued downward, finding my prick while the other arm encircled my waist, bringing me tightly against him.

His thrusts quickened and deepened and I found myself whimpering with each one, my mouth locked to his. I put my hand over his and our fingers intertwined again, this time stroking my aching flesh. I was so close to exploding but I didn’t want to go too soon. It was almost as if he’d read my mind. His deep voice resonated in my mouth, “Cum with me, Davy.”

Stars burst in the firelight as I exploded, casting creamy strings of cum onto the screen. Michael called my name again in a sexy growl and I felt him cock swell and buck inside me, spilling the contents of his nuts deep inside me. Once, twice, three times and finally one last spurt and he was spent. Gasping, he took us to the floor, cuddling me as we relaxed.



“Will you come to Greece with me?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

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