Are You Game? Ch. 03

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Conference Championships


That morning, Ben texted first thing in the morning and urged me to come over early. When I arrived, he led me to the kitchen and pulled out a few spray cans of whipped cream from the fridge. “For the games this afternoon,” he said with a sly smile.

“We’re having sundaes?” I asked.

“No,” he said, shaking his head and laughing. “Body shots. You have heard of whipped cream body shots before, right?” I shrugged and shook my head. “You know, it’s a real good thing you met me,” he said as he put his arm around my shoulder. “You’ve been living such a painfully dull life.”

When Erik and Joe arrived, Ben presented the activities for the afternoon’s games. “You guys ever hear of a drinking game called ‘Cocksucker’?” he asked as he handed us each a beer.

Joe hesitated. “No, but I’m sure we’re about to find out.”

“Well, I’ve never played it before, but, apparently, the person who loses the bet is designated the ‘cocksucker’. Whenever your team scores, you get to pick someone to be your ‘cocksucker’. You hold your bottle between your legs and the person you pick, without using their hands, has to take a drink.”

“Sounds good,” Erik said amiably.

Joe smiled and reclined back into his seat. “Well, if it’s only bottles of beer we’re using,” he declared, “then I’m gonna be the biggest cocksucker out of all of you!” He then closed his eyes and bowed his head, instantly regretting his words as we all laughed and harassed him briefly.

As each team scored during the first game between the Broncos and Patriots, we appointed our ‘cocksuckers’ and quickly discovered the difficulty of tipping the bottle with our mouths and not our hands. As Ben was drinking from Joe’s bottle, it began to slip, so he tried to steady it with his mouth and ended up jamming the bottle into Joe’s nuts. Joe doubled over for a couple of seconds, both from discomfort and laughter.

During the second half of the game, Ben designated himself as his own cocksucker and tried to drink from the bottle between his legs, spilling the beer all over his face and shirt. “That’s how that guy must’ve looked after he blew you in the bathroom,” I joked as he removed his shirt and used it to wipe his face. Later, Erik and Ben tried to ’69’ each other’s bottles, which caused them both to spill their beers all over themselves and the floor. Erik helped Ben clean up the mess as the game ended with a final score of 21 — 18, Broncos.

“So, what do you have in store for the next round?” Erik prompted.

Ben stood up and rubbed his hands together. “Body shots with whipped cream,” he announced.

Joe and Erik exchanged a look. “Alright,” Joe agreed after a sigh. “Let’s do it.”

“Hey, Todd, will you grab the cans? I’m gonna hit the shower and freshen up.” Ben sauntered off to the bathroom and then peered at us from around the corner. “Anyone care to wash my backside?”

Shortly before the second game between the Packers and the Buccaneers got underway, Ben claimed his seat next to me on the couch, clad only in shorts and hair still damp from the shower, to explain the rules. “When your team scores, you pick someone to lick whipped cream from the body part of your choice.”

Ben was adamantly sticking by his Buccaneers, which made him the odd man out of the group. The Packers scored the first touchdown of the game, so Joe, Erik and I each had to take a turn.

Joe went first and appointed Ben to eat cream from his hand. Ben did, licking Joe’s palm in the process, which elicited a visible shiver from Joe. “Wow, that tickles. Never knew the palm of my hand was so sensitive,” Joe observed.

“Then you’ve been beating off wrong,” Ben replied, wiping his mouth.

I chose Erik to lick from my thumb, who then chose Joe to lick from his elbow.

In the second quarter, the Buccaneers scored a 3-point field goal, affording Ben the opportunity to make his first selection. He coated his large nipples with whipped cream and then gestured to me. I leaned over and quickly sucked up each dollop of cream, trying not to laugh.

“You didn’t get all of it,” Ben said, pointing to one of his nipples. I leaned in again, licking around his areola and flicking his nipple with my tongue for extra measure. Ben folded his arms across his chest, covering his nipples with his hands. “Whoa, I’m getting a boner!” he chuckled as Erik and Joe laughed and applauded. “There’s a direct connection between my nips and my dick.”

“Obviously,” Joe taunted. “Because there sure isn’t any connection between your dick and your brain.”

Before halftime, the Packers made a touchdown, so I picked Erik and made a dot on my cheek. He came over to me, took my face in his hands and enclosed his mouth over the cream, then started lapping at my face like a dog. We all laughed.

He grabbed the can from me and said, “Alright, it’s your turn.” He sprayed the cream along güvenilir bahis this inside of his forearm. I held his wrist and made my way up his arm, getting more cream on my face than in my mouth.

“Erik,” Joe said after I sat back into the couch. “You can suck the cream from my big toe.”

“Oh, great,” Erik replied flatly.

Joe took off his shoe and sock and sprayed the whipped cream on his toe. He lifted it as Erik approached and waved it in his face. “Smelling it isn’t part of the agreement,” Erik asserted as Joe continued to wave his foot, which caused the cream to fall off his toe and onto the floor. “Well, that’s better than his toe,” Erik said as he got on all fours and sucked at the dollop of cream. He then stood up and pointed to the floor. “At least that had been cleaned recently,” he said, referring to the fact that Ben and he had cleaned the spilt beer from that same spot. “Who knows when those things last saw soap and water.”

“Yeah, Joe,” Ben said, fanning the air in front of his nose. “Put your shoes and socks back on.”

When the Buccaneers scored another field goal, Ben appointed me to lick the cream from his armpits.

“Why do you keep picking me to do this stuff?” I said as I stood up, not as a complaint but as a curiosity.

Ben only smiled and shrugged in reply. He passed the can to me and leaned back, placing his hands behind his head. I shook the can, held it up to his armpit and pressed the nozzle, shooting a stream of cream into the hair-covered crevice. His entire body jerked slightly as the moment of contact. “Damn, that’s cold!” he exclaimed. I sprayed cream in his other armpit and then set the can aside. I rested my hands on the seat cushion on either side of him and took as much cream as I could into my mouth, swallowed, then dutifully licked off the rest before repeating on the other side. Joe and Erik chanted until I finished. By the end, I was sporting a fully engorged erection that I tried to hide by quickly resuming my seat. There was something undeniably and understandably sensual about touching his soft skin with my lips and tongue.

When the Packers scored, Joe picked Erik to lick whipped cream from his chin. Erik crossed over to him, put his knees on either side of Joe’s waist and suggestively sat on his lap, eliciting whoops and hollers from Ben and me. Joe leaned his head back and Erik squirted a dollop of cream on Joe’s chin and sucked it off. “Open your mouth, Joe,” Erik instructed and sprayed the cream into his own mouth then took Joe by the jaw and held his mouth open. Erik leaned over and spat the cream into Joe’s mouth.

Ben fell back into the couch, laughing and clapping. “Nice! I wish I had thought of that! Now you, Todd.”

“Alright. Well, since you’re always picking me, I’ll return the favor,” I said.

He sat up. “Where do you want it?” he asked, shaking the can.

“Uh … here, I guess,” I said, lifting my shirt and indicating my stomach.

Ben got on his knees in front of me, pushed my shirt up a bit more and then slipped his fingers into the front of my pants and pulled them down until his fingertips were resting in the ridge between my groin and the base of my shaft. As he held my pants in place, he drew a line from the middle of my chest down into my pubic hair. Starting from the top, he began thoroughly lapping it up, tickling me with his tongue as he carefully made his way down my stomach. He pulled the waistband of my pants out further and stuck his face inside, his tongue brushing through my pubic hair until he lightly brushed the base of my shaft. After he was done, he sat back on his heels, smiled, and then grabbed the obvious bulge in my pants and gave it a playful shake.

The Packers scored again and we all glanced at each other, waiting for the first volunteer.

“I’ll go,” Joe said, looking straight at me. He stood up and, after a calculated pause, began unbuttoning his pants.

“And we’re off!” Ben shouted.

Joe pushed his pants to his knees. “Here, hand me a can.” He took it from Ben and sprayed a small amount on his leg near his knee since most of his thigh was covered with his loose-fitting boxers. I crossed over to him, knelt and scooped the cream up quickly.

“Nice job, buddy,” Ben said, patting my ass as I passed by. “I thought we might be heading somewhere interesting there, Joe, but you disappointed me.”

Joe pulled up his pants with a grin. “Hey, if you want to go any further than that, be my guest.”

“What do you say, Todd?” Ben gestured to me with the can. “It’s your turn.”

“Okay,” I said as I stood and took the can from him. I sprayed a large amount of cream into my hand and held it out to him. As Ben opened his mouth, I quickly smeared the cream all over his face. Erik and Joe laughed as Ben stood frozen with cream dripping from his face. He then jumped up and grabbed me by the back of the head, rubbing his face against mine until I was covered in cream as well.

Erik stood up, walked over türkçe bahis to us, and took the can from my hand. “My turn now,” he said and then pointed to my crotch. “Pull your dick out.”

“What?” I stammered. “Why?”

“It’s my turn. Now, pull your dick out,” he instructed.

“Wait a minute. Aren’t you supposed to select a part of your own body?” I asked.

“You said the body part of our choice, right?” Erik prompted Ben, who responded with a nod of his head. “You never delineated whose body, though. It doesn’t have to be our own, it could be anyone’s.”

Ben raised his eyebrows and shrugged. “I guess you’re right.”

“And since I also get to pick the person,” Erik said, pointing at Ben. “I pick you.”

I glanced over at Ben. In one split second, I realized how much I desperately wanted it; it was like a shot that ripped through my gut and up into my chest. I had been haunted by the fact that he had licked my dick on a dare two weeks ago and the prospect of it happening again was momentarily overwhelming.

Ben rose slowly from the couch and grabbed the can from Erik. He swaggered over to me and then smiled. “Don’t look so scared, buddy,” he reassured me. “Nothing I haven’t done before.”

I glanced at Erik who simply smiled at me. I laughed nervously, feeling a lump rise in my throat.

“Yeah,” Joe contributed from his seat. “I’m sure he’s been dying to lick your dick again this whole time.”

Ben turned around, held the can straight out toward Joe, and blasted a shot of cream in his direction. He then turned back to me, fixed me with a purposeful stare and began shaking the can vigorously.

“Okay, fine,” I said hoarsely and then began undoing my pants, feeling my dick stiffen within. I opened the fly and slid my hands inside my undershorts, protectively covering my dick as it continued to grow.

I sucked in a deep breath as Ben knelt in front of me and took the waistband of my underwear between his thumb and forefingers. He forcibly peeled my underwear down over my hands and held it securely between my thighs. I cautiously opened my hands to reveal my firm dick, noticing that my hands were trembling slightly. He coated the frenulum and corona of my dick with a generous portion of the cool cream, which sent a lingering tingle deep inside my groin and into my balls. He set the can aside, took hold of my shaft by the base and pulled it straight upward. He regarded it for a moment and then looked right at me as he opened his mouth, rose up and slowly descended onto my dick. I watched breathlessly as the entirety of my shaft disappeared into his mouth and felt the glans of my cockhead brush lightly against his soft palette. My hands clenched into fists as Ben closed his lips around the lower part of my shaft and pressed the length of his tongue softly against the base. My dick expanded and swelled as he slowly dragged his lips up along the length of my shaft and over the head, gathering the cream inside his mouth as he went. He pulled off, sat back on his haunches and swallowed. “There might’ve been a little pre-cum mixed in with that,” he joked as I quickly pulled my underwear and pants back up.

Joe was sitting contorted in his chair as if he were in a car that was about to crash. Once Erik began applauding, he exhaled and relaxed. “How was that, Ben?” Joe prompted. “Was it all you ever dreamed it would be?”

Ben turned to him and began shaking the can. “You want to see for yourself?”

We all laughed and returned to the game.

In the fourth, the Buccaneers managed another field goal.

“Too little, too late, guys,” Ben said frowning at the TV, but then brightened up. “Although that gives me one more selection.” He turned to me with a wide grin.

“Oh, no,” I said, noticing the glint in his eye. “What do I have to do now?”

“I’m not asking you to go anywhere you haven’t before,” he said simply. We all waited in anticipation as he stood up from the couch and handed me the can. He turned around and pushed the back of his shorts down, exposing his smooth, round ass to me.

Erik threw his head back and started laughing, while Joe covered his face with his hands. “Oh, god, I can’t watch this.”

“Hey, I was very thorough in the shower,” Ben informed us. “You could actually eat a five-course dinner off of this.” He emphasized his point with a loud smack of his hand on his cheek.

I dutifully stood up and took position behind him. I stared at his bare ass for a moment, admitting to myself that it was probably the most amazing ass I think I have ever seen — smooth, round, unblemished and perfectly toned.

“Draw a line right down his crack!” Erik encouraged through cupped hands.

Ben laughed and then looked to me for approval. I shrugged nonchalantly although my heart started racing. Ben climbed onto the couch and bent forward, resting his chest and elbows on the back of the couch and pushing his shorts down to his knees. He arched his back and spread his legs, rotating güvenilir bahis siteleri his smooth, round ass upward in order to expose the puckered hole between his cheeks.

Joe slid out of his seat and scurried down the hallway. “I can’t watch this,” he creaked as he turned the corner. The bathroom door closed shortly afterward.

I laughed nervously, realizing that this was literally the first asshole I had ever seen in my life. Yet there was something almost intimate about seeing ‘this side’ of him. “I swear to God, if you fart or anything, I will punch you right in the nose,” I told him before making a move.

He raised himself up and glanced back at me over his shoulder. “I would never do that to you, bud,” he replied sincerely and extended his hand to me. I took it and we shook on it.

I stepped up behind him, aimed the can and drew a line of cream from the bump of his tailbone down to his perineum. Ben shivered during the entire process and blew out a couple of full, deep breaths. I set the can aside, placed my hands on his cheeks and then started at the top and worked my way down, sucking and licking the cream as I went. I tried not to be conscious of what I was doing otherwise I might not have been able to go through with it. Some of the cream liquefied and sank further into the crack of his ass, so I had to spread his cheeks a bit to get to it. It seemed that this was no different from licking the cream from his nipples or armpits — the smooth skin felt and tasted just the same. I felt his anus contract as my tongue passed over its ring, eliciting a palpable shudder from him. “Oh, fuck!” he whimpered audibly as I briefly explored the ridge of his puckered hole before going down further to lick the cream from his perineum and balls. I pulled back to see if I had gotten all the cream before enthusiastically diving back in. Ben began to squirm as I made my way back up the entire length of his crack.

Once I finished, I sat back and viewed my work. Ben remained in position for a moment, panting visibly. He eventually pushed himself up, pulled up his shorts and stepped off the couch. He turned to me and took my face in his hands, staring into my eyes before swiftly kissing me on the lips. He released me, grabbed his beer and took an extended swallow as he slowly wobbled to the opposite side of the living room.

Erik applauded loudly, enjoying Ben’s reaction to the experience. “Look at that!” Erik said, pointing to the visible tent in Ben’s shorts. “That got him going!” Ben laughed and ran his fingers through his hair, pacing the floor for a moment in order to regain his composure.

Joe opened the door from the bathroom and cautiously peeked out. “Is it all over?”

Ben sat quickly on the couch, leaning his elbows on his knees in an effort conceal his evident boner. “All clear,” Ben called out, his voice cracking.

“I’m not too sure about you guys,” Joe said as he returned, shaking his head with a smile. He then gestured to the game, which we had all momentarily forgotten. “Looks like it’s all done.” The Packers had won, 27 –9.

Joe and Erik picked up their coats and headed for the front door. “Have fun next week watching the Pro Bowl by yourselves,” Joe said as he raised his hand in farewell.

“Have fun, you two,” Erik added as he gave us a quick salute.

The door clicked shut and Ben set his beer on the table. “Whew!” he exclaimed, pulling at his shorts and adjusting its noticeably swollen occupant. “I’m not sure what to do with myself right now. I mean, dude, look at this,” he said as he rose to his feet, angling the significant protrusion in his shorts toward me. “Look what you’ve done to me.”

“Yeah, well, it’s your own fault,” I replied, grabbing a handful of peanuts and easing back into the couch. “Deal with it.”

Ben shook his head. “No, this is your fault. You should be the one to deal with it.” He swung his hips back and forth, causing his dick to wave at me through the loose fabric of his shorts.

I laughed and took my beer, feeling a slight flutter in my chest.

Ben extended the waistband of his shorts out and over his dick and pointed it directly at me. “Come on,” he coaxed. “Help me out here.”

His exposed dick was positioned well within touching distance but I intentionally resisted the urge. I then shrugged and took another swig of beer, gulping it down before responding. “I’m not sure what I can do to help you out there, bud.”

“Just give it a pull,” he said casually, as if it were a completely ordinary thing to do.

I glanced at him, then at his dick, then back at him, and then back to his dick again, pretending that it was something I was mulling over even though it was something I knew I couldn’t resist doing. I carefully set down my bottle of beer and then flexed the extensor muscles of my shoulder so that I could raise my arm without it shaking. I brought my palm up to the underside of his shaft and slowly enclosed my fingers around it — his cock was smooth, warm, and thick and the act of holding it felt surprisingly natural. I gripped it tightly — giving it a brief, firm squeeze, then remained holding on to it for a short time with no immediate intention of letting go of it.

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