Arthur Meets Tanya Ch. 03

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Arthur had been waiting all week for Tanya to call him up to be her waxing model. When she hasn’t called by Friday he had started to get despondent. Arthur was wanking twice a day now remembering the mouthful of pussy lips he was enjoying on the massage table as well as the kiss with the taste of his own cum still in Tanya’s mouth.

On Saturday afternoon Arthur finally decided to ring Tanya’s cell phone to ask what happened.

“They couldn’t find enough models for the Manzillian exams.” Tanya tells him. “The school cancelled the class and just gave everybody a pass.”

While on the phone Tanya notices Arthur is breathing irregularly.

“Arthur are you masturbating while you are talking to me?”

“Umm, n, n, nno.”

“Are you sure?”

“Well no, I’m not sure.”

“What does that mean?”

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot and our massage the other day and well I’ve been doing a little bit of self massage, but I seem to have run out of steam.”

“What about your wife?”

“She’s still away and won’t be back for another week. I’m still awfully randy though thinking of you Tanya.”

“I can tell by your breathing you are wanking Arthur. I want you to stop this minute! What are you wearing?”

“Umm, actually I’ve been playing in my wife’s lingerie drawer.”

“You had better not be wearing that pretty bra we bought her. You might be only an double A cup yourself, but you would ruin the band size.”

“I tried but the shoulder straps weren’t really long enough. The panties almost fit though.”

Tanya started to laugh. “You had better take off whatever you are wearing now. Then have a good and thorough shower and get properly dressed to come over here this afternoon. Wear briefs not boxers. I’m going to give you that depilation you appear to be wanting. And Arthur, don’t touch that little penis of yours again until I tell you you can.”

Arthur mumbled something indecipherable into the phone and nodded to himself.

Tanya continued “If you’re a good boy I might help you out after the waxing.”

Hearing this Arthur’s limp penis started to get firm again but he resisted the urge to rub it and said “I’ll be over after 3, I need to put a load of washing through before I leave.”

“OK Arthur, 3pm it is. Be there or be hairy.”

Arthur rushed around the house tidying things up and he also put the lingerie he had been playing with through a gentle cycle. After he had hung the smalls out to dry he had a shower and got ready to go over to Tanya’s.”

Tanya was ready when Arthur arrived. She found the portable massage table a bit small for waxing so she had cleared a space on the lounge room floor and used all her beach towels to layout an area where Arthur could lay down and spread eagle as necessary.

“I hope the floor isn’t too hard for you Arthur, but there simply isn’t enough room in this apartment to work anywhere else. Things would have been much easier at school.”

“I admit I’m beginning to feel a bit nervous now. I’m pretty sure I would have chickened out if I had come to the school with others around.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be in safe hands here. You can still chicken out if you like and we could just have a drink.” Tanya offered.

“No, I’ve come this far, I want to go through with it now.”

“What will your wife think when she comes home and finds you bare arsed with a dick as smooth as a billiard ball?”

“We’re not naturists walking around naked at home. It’s been a long time since we shared a shower together or I even enjoyed the ‘assistance’ of a helping hand down there.”

“Surely she sees you in the normal course of things going to bed or getting up?”

“I guess so. I’ll find out soon enough, but to be honest I doubt she will ever notice.”

“Poor Arthur, you’re really missing it aren’t you? Are you feeling unloved?”

“No not really. There are a lot of dimensions to a relationship, they don’t all revolve around sex. I guess I’ve made peace with not getting it any more. If it’s not entirely voluntary and enjoyable on both sides there’s not really much point to it is there?”

“So you just wank a lot?”

“I admit to having a rather one handed sex life, before I bumped into you.”

“So tell me Arthur, why do you want to do this now? I’m getting more intrigued.”

“I don’t know. I’ve always liked looking at girls. I think one of the nicest things about your bodies is the relative lack of hairy bits as well as the shapely curves. Reducing the hairy bits always looked better to me. I don’t like hairy pits or hairy legs under stockings. I guess I’ve been fantasising over smooth images for so long, it just seems normal to try it on myself.”

He continued “I never understood the idea there was only certain hair on a body that it was proper to adjust. Head and facial hair seem open slather to play with for both sexes, but then things start to get provisional. What do the beauty schools say?”

“There is no Psychology of Depilation 101 course. All of my colleagues canlı bahis şirketleri are pretty much into sex though and like it smooth.”

“Do your boyfriends wax it?”

“Only one did and another shaved, the rest didn’t seem to be very interested what I liked. As you say there are many dimensions to a relationship, I’m still looking for my balance. It’s a pity you’re not a lot younger Arthur, and single. You’ve already taken me to some new other dimensions. Who knows where we would have gone if we had met at the right time?”

“Enough philosophy! Shall I strip off and lie on your work area?”

“Just strip down to your jocks for now. I’m going to take you for a ride to your own new dimension. You’re not just getting the Speedo wax, I’m going to give you the full leg, sack and crack job as well. You’re going to walk, or perhaps waddle, out of here with nothing left below your belly button!”

“Uh Oh, OK.”

With that Tanya went and fetched the wax pots and paraphernalia she had been warming on the kitchen bench and set them up and plugged them in on the mat in the lounge room. She had Arthur lay down and applied the first tongue of wax to his legs with a spatula.

Arthur felt the warmth on his leg and adjusted to it. The warm trail down his leg made him involuntarily think of peeing, but he got that under control quickly avoiding any accidents. Then he felt Tanya lay the cloth strip on the wax and pat it on, she played with it a bit lifting the corner to see how it was setting. Arthur closed his eyes and started to drift off thinking of a warm massage.

Rrrrrip. Flashes of light broke behind his eyelids, followed quickly by a soothing rub from Tanya’s gentle hand. A bead of sweat broke on Arthur’s top lip. He opened his eyes and Tanya was looking at him and smiling.

“That’s the worst one. You’ll know what’s coming next time.”

Arthur chuckled, but his eyes were watering. “Girls do this how often?”

“It’s generally not as bad for them. Girls have much less hair and it’s a lot finer. Don’t believe the myth they’re better at dealing with the pain. You want to continue?”

The flame in his leg had subsided but left behind a tingling sensation. “It wasn’t really that bad, keep going.”

Tanya proceeded to wax the rest of his legs. Arthur soon got accustomed to the wax, pat, rip, rub and was starting to actually quite enjoy it by the time Tanya had moved all the way to his upper thighs.

She was concentrating on the waxing and neither had been inclined to talk much so far, but she paused now and asked him again “How do you feel?”

“Good actually. I seem to have a high tolerance for pain, but to be truthful I think I’m finding the sensation quite pleasurable. Is there something wrong with me?”

“Not really, I think you are getting an endorphin rush. A few of the girls have said the same. I’ve become a bit of an addict to the waxing sensation myself.”

With that she reached for her tweezers and started to pluck a few annoying wayward hairs that had escape the wax around the knicker line, just like she was doing an every day bikini wax.

Arthur looked down to see her head bobbing close to his genitals while inspecting for every last hair. He was still limp, but he could see pre cum leaking from his cock and seeping through the fabric of his jocks. He felt a bit embarrassed and apologised.

“Don’t be silly Arthur. You’re getting ahead of yourself. Think of something distracting that won’t turn you on, like mowing the lawn or something. Arthur’s dick twitched inside his jocks, but didn’t stir further. OK, you may as well take them off now anyway. Get ready for the grand event, that’s going to stop it in its track anyway!”

Tanya worked her way through his pubic hair, stripping off streets of hair as Arthur watched the bald patch expand around his limp cock and balls. He felt the air on his skin and the sting of the hair removal and it all kept his manhood somewhat flaccid. Thankfully he thought.

After all his pubic hair was gone Tanya announced. “That’s what we call The Speedo. Some guys stop there but others go the Full Monty and continue with the shaft and sack. What do you want to do Arthur?”

“I’m in for The Full Monty.” he replied

“I’ll change from wax to sugar now then. I’ve found it too difficult to try and do the hot wax thing down there for a guy.”

Arthur watched as she took what looked like a large green ball of chewing gum and massage it into a pliable ball and applied it to his shaft. She sort of rolled and stretched and pulled all at the same time doing just small areas at each go until they blended together. Tanya had Arthur help out during this phase and had him pull various pieces of his anatomy this way and that to stretch saggy bits taught so the sugar could grab the hairs. She was starting to sweat.

Arthur looked at the clock, it was nearly 5pm. He had been here 2 hours but he hadn’t noticed the time passing at all.

“OK Arthur, up on all fours now!”

Arthur blinked. “What?”

“You canlı kaçak iddaa heard me roll over, get up on all fours, doggy style!”


“Bum and crack. You’re not leaving my establishment with a half finished under carriage!”

Arthur did as he was told and presented his cheeks to the warmth of fresh hot wax being applied. A few rips and Tanya told him to lay back down again as if he was to get ready for a diaper change.


“Trust me Arthur, I’m a professional therapist!” She replied with a smile.

Arthur complied. He lay back with legs apart then Tanya had him lift his legs and pull his buttocks apart as she applied more hot wax and cloth strips around his pink rosebud.

“There.” Tanya said stepping back, looking pleased as she admired her handiwork.

“You should avoid having a bath or shower this evening Arthur, the hair follicles need to close up after that assault. Best you sit here for a bit, but I’m going to take a quick shower now. Get dressed and I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Arthur sat there feeling like he was being eaten alive by ants in various places, but he found the overall sensation quite pleasing. It didn’t look like Tanya was going to help him out with his wanking like she promised on the phone, but he admitted to himself that he was not really in the mood for that exactly at the moment either.

When Tanya came back from the bedroom she looked refreshed and rather fetching in a light cotton summer frock. The material was not really transparent, but Arthur could easily make out the pretty bra and panty set she was wearing underneath.

Tanya made them both coffee and they started chatting some more.

“Tell me Arthur, what do you think about girls waxing? Do you like bald pussies?”

“Well yes. I’ve always appreciated that.”


“I guess it’s the usual thing with males, they say we are more visual than girls. I guess I find hair free more aesthetically pleasing for some reason.”

“You want your girls to look like pre pubescent teens?”

“No. I’ve heard fem militant types harp on that but its total rubbish.”

“How so?”

“As I said earlier I think one of the things that makes girls attractive to guys is that they are generally less hairy. I can’t imagine myself how girls are attracted to hairy sweaty guys. Do you like hairy guys?”

“It would depend on the guy. Definitely not too much though. I admit really hairy backs don’t appeal. I think you’re looking quite cute down there now. Not a grey hair to be seen any more.” She said with a mischievous glint in her eye.

“I’m not sure about bald man parts, but I think bald girl parts are pretty. I certainly don’t associate them with under age. Even back in the 60’s when I first started to notice mens’ magazines, ladies with rather large assets were obviously doing it, it’s not something new, and they were definitely not little girls. In fact I’d venture to say the first time I ever saw a full frontal picture it would have been of a rather voluptuous lady from the 1950’s and totally shaven. Maybe that was what started my association of bald pussy with libertine sex. When did you start to associate bald man parts with cute?”

“So you think a lady with bald lady parts is advertising then?”

“Possibly, but I also found out later that bald pussy actually tasted nicer as well. What do you think about men who do it?””

“Oh, they’re all definitely over sexed! Actually I was meaning to ask, your hair didn’t seem all that long when I started waxing today. Have you been lying to me and done this before? You seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much for a first time?”

“No, but I’ve never understood the whole idea that there were only some parts of your body where it was permitted or decent to trim. Why can a guy cut the hair on his head, but not his underarms or pubes? A long time ago I started using mechanical clippers to trim my beard and to keep it short. It just seemed natural to run the clippers over the rest of the long hair on my body as well. I then found less hair down there also made wanking a bit more sensual. Perhaps that’s why the prudes don’t approve, too sensual, must be a sin.”

“Interesting. Do you ever shave?”

“No, I hate stubble. I can’t imagine what a girl feels like kissing a guy with a scratchy 5 o’clock shadow.”

“Not enjoyable really!”

“What are you doing for dinner?”

“Sorry, but I’m meeting my girlfriend for a movie. I have to get a move on, lets go down to our cars together.” Tanya made sure all the appliances were turned off and locked up as they set off.

Arthur looked dejected again.

They walked in silence down the steps to the car park. Tanya came close and they kissed quickly before parting. Arthur went to his car and sat in the drivers seat for a while deciding what to do next.

There was a tap on his window. Arthur looked up to see Tanya standing there. He let down the window.

“Here.” Said Tanya pushing a small ball of fabric into his hand. canlı kaçak bahis “I remembered I promised to help you out if you stopped wanking this morning, but remember no showers or lotions tonight, we don’t want any infection getting into those angry looking follicles.” and walked off.

The sun was low in the sky and illuminating Tanya’s trim body through her light cotton frock. Arthur was appreciating the view and could see her bra outlined under her dress again but couldn’t make out her panties, until he looked down at the fabric in his hand.

It was the next afternoon when Tanya phoned Arthur. She had been wondering how he took yesterday’s session. He hadn’t called and she wondered it he was suffering remorse for what they had done.

Arthur answered the phone after the first ring and Tanya decided to try and keep it light.

“Hi Gorgeous. How’s it hanging?”

“As a matter of fact, they’re not hanging. I’ve been walking around all day with an incipient erection. I slept late and didn’t have a shower until midday. How did you sleep?”

“Restlessly, I kept having funny dreams about you. Does your skin feel alright?”

“It’s wonderful!. I’m in a state of constant arousal, my skin is so sensitive, in a good way. Every touch seems to be amplified through my skin. Even the air brushing my legs when I walk is sensual. How long will this last?”

“Unfortunately only a few days. You’ve been walking around all your adult life encased in a hair suit that insulated you from the world around you. Now your skin is fully exposed to feel everything. Did the shower sting?”

“No. I kept it fairly cool, but I lathered up and I couldn’t quite believe how easily my hands slid over my skin, I couldn’t resist pumping my cock a few times. It was just exquisite how my lathered hand slid over my smooth shaft. In an instant I remembered just about every wet pussy I’ve ever humped as they flashed through my mind.”

“Was mine there?”

“Leading the parade.”

“And what are you thinking about now?”

“Well I’m lying back here on the bed with just the nice fresh clean crisp sheets I washed yesterday. I have your panties in my hand. What about you?”

“I’m sitting on the sofa with my legs up on the coffee table.”

“Do you want to play?”

“Arthur I’ve never done phone sex. Is that what you are suggesting?”

“I’m imagining you bending over the sofas in the mall again, but this time you’re not wearing panties and I can see your smooth bald pussy. It’s a very pretty view you know.”

“I saw you looking up my skirt on the escalators. I squirmed out of my knickers before you caught up to me at the sofas and I have them balled up in my hand. Do you still have my panties there Arthur?”

“Yes. I slept with them under my pillow last night. Whenever I woke up I held them to my face to smell you again.”

“Now I have seen you are watching me bending over the sofa in the mall, I’ve stuffed the panties between the cushions and I’m walking around to the other side, facing you.”

“I walk up to my side and watch you sit down across from me. With the two sofas facing each other, it’s difficult for anybody walking by to see what exactly we are up to. I sit down and see the panties you have left for me on the cushion. I pick them up.”

Tanya takes off her panties and spreads her legs on the coffee table at home. “Arthur I’ve just taken my panties off here and have my legs spread on the coffee table. Are you still looking up my skirt?”

Arthur is imagining himself in the mall again. “Yes Tanya.”

“I want you to suck the crotch of my panties Arthur. Can you taste me?”

Arthur puts the panties in his mouth as directed and tastes Tanya’s pussy again. “I’m tasting you Tanya and I have my hand around my cock.”

“Stroke it for me Arthur, I’ve got a finger in my pussy. I’m going to dip it in the juices and paint them on my lips for you to taste me when you kiss me.”

Arthur’s cock was starting to throb as he stroked it.

“Wrap my panties around your cock.”

“They’re wrapped around and I’m sliding the silky fabric up and down. They slide so easily on my bald shaft I feel like I’m inside your very wet cunt.”

“I’m a pussy girl Arthur, talk to me about my pussy not my cunt.”

“Have you got one or two fingers in your pussy Tanya?”

“I’m stroking the lips of my pussy with one finger and circling my clit with the middle finger of my other hand. I can see you sitting on the other couch opposite and I spread my pussy lips so you can see the glistening juices on my bald lips.”

“I reach into my pants with your panties in my hand so you can see me wrap them around my cock.”

“It’s a pity guys always have to wear pants. It seems so unfair you get to see up my skirt while I have to watch you rub on the outside of your clothing.”

“Is that what you want Tanya? Do you want to watch me jerk off?”

“Yes Arthur. I want to watch you cum while you are watching me.” Tanya was getting lost in her own fantasy. She was rubbing her clit furiously now, imagining Arthur’s bald cock wrapped in her panties while Arthur furiously stoked away.

“I’ve got three fingers in me now Arthur. I want to see you stroking.”

“Where are your fingers Tanya?”

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