Assassin Ch. 04

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Assassin: Chapter 4
Just Desserts

Both women glared at the man before them. The very man that had wronged them both and tried to kill them. The man who now found himself at the mercy of two very angry, and skilled, assassins. This hit wasn’t going to require much skill, but they would enjoy it immensely. They were going to make him pay for what he’d done to them.

He had tried to kill both Violet, and her newfound ally, Elene, by slow suffocation. Violet had cheated death by offering herself to Carl. Carl was Joe’s accomplice, and he was now very dead and residing in a very cheap pleather chair in the small kitchen of the hotel suite. It was Joe’s turn to suffer, and he was right where they wanted him.

The room in which they stood was in a disarray. One of the deep green recliners was tipped onto it’s back, the footrest broken and hanging down at an odd angle. Violet’s ruined outfit lie off to one side, just below a faux wood credenza. A bag, bits of rope, and a bungee cord lie in a heap underneath the large, mounted widescreen television, opposite to the kitchen door. Joe was seated in the other recliner, in the center of the room, looking very, very panicked.

It was the same recliner in which Elene had been trapped, just an hour ago, struggling for breath. Violet checked the bindings once more, and with a satisfied smile, pushed the footrest down forcefully with her heel. Joe lurched forward, his head flopping forward. He looked at her with wide eyes and made an inarticulate sound through the gag in his mouth.

Violet turned to Elene, who was placing several items on a small table. “Condoms, lubricant, cigarettes,” she said out loud, placing each item onto the marbled top. Elene looked up from her task and saw what must’ve been an incredulous look on Violet’s face. “What?” she said, shrugging. “I was prepared for a very different kind of evening.”

Violet smiled and laughed. “We’re ready.”

Elene lifted the small, round table and brought it over next to the recliner. It teetered on one leg for a moment, before stabilizing. Elene hurriedly placed her hands over the items, sliding precariously close to the edge, before they had a chance to fall off onto the floor.

Violet had busied herself with one of the plastic bags. It was large and clear and she thought it must be the one that had been bound around her own head. It was wet inside, drops of condensation running down the inside as she held it up. Holding the bag closed, she walked with it into the bedroom. There, she lay it out on the bed, until it was flat. She then retrieved a fluffy, white towel from the adjoining bathroom. Lifting the lip of the bag, she gently dried the inside, blotting with the towel. Satisfied she returned to the living room, bag in tow.

She picked up one of the short lengths of bungee cord from the floor and crossed the room toward Joe. He snarled at her as she approached. Once he saw the bag in her hand he began shouting something at her, muffled by a gag. “A ball gag?” she asked, looking over her shoulder Elene.

Elene just shrugged again. “Different kind of evening,” she said in her light, Mediterranean accent.

Violet turned her attention back to Joe. She shook the bag once, twice, and then on the third attempt it instantly inflated with a loud plastic pop. She quickly brought the bag down over Joe’s head and twisted it shut in the front, under his chin. Joe thrashed his head, trying to free himself, but Violet’s grip was too tight. She quickly fastened the bungee around his neck.

The bungee was a bit too small, and cut slightly into his neck. It held the bag so tightly that Violet couldn’t remove it even by tugging on it. Joe made a bestial “grrrr” followed by what sounded like “stupid bitches.” Violet firmly grasped his chin with one of her gloved hands and smiled.

“If you make us both come, we might let you go.” She stood back, letting him go. The bag was swelling and shrinking as he breathed hard through his nose. Normally she would warn her target to breathe slowly, but this time, he could use up all the air he damn well pleased.

She turned to Elene. “You should fuck him first. We’re going to get some pleasure out of this bastard for what we did to us. You should be first.”

Elene looked at her with luscious eyes. “If that is what you think, my friend,” Elene said, placing her hand on Violet’s shoulder. Violet picked up the small bottle of lubricant from the table she had placed next to the recliner.

With her thumb, she flipped open the cap on the bottle. She upended it, gently squeezing it at the same time. A small rivulet of clear lubricant dripped onto the tip of Joe’s penis. Joe started and made a grunt as the cool lubricant touched his bare skin. After a few drops she was satisfied. She clicked the cap closed and placed the bottle onto the table.

Joe was already naked. Violet had seen to that. His clothes lay in a heap in the kitchen next to Carl.

Violet güvenilir bahis kneeled in front of Joe, between his legs, and picked up his member with her gloved hand and began massaging it. Joe sharply inhaled. She looked up at him. “Enjoy it while you can,” she thought.

She continued her ministrations, slowly sliding her hand up and down the length of his penis. It took no time at all for him to begin hardening. As he got harder, she increased the speed of her strokes. She was amazed at how fucked up the situation actually was: Joe, for all intents and purposes, was going to die, yet he was enjoying this all the same. I guess he figures it’s his last gasp, so to speak.

After a couple of minutes, Joe began lightly rocking his hips. “I think you’ve had just about enough,” she said in distaste and stopped. She reached over and picked up a sealed condom from the table, it’s gold wrapper glinting in the dim light, and a small hand towel. She toweled him off quickly and then she tore open the cellophane wrapper and slowly unrolled the condom down the length of his now fully erect penis. Once finished, she crumpled the wrapper, deposited it on the table and stood.

“Okay, he’s ready,” she said, snagging a tissue from a box on the floor and wiping her hands. Violet looked up just in time to see Elene, facing Joe, inserting him into her. She watched with fascination as she slowly inched her way forward and down, ever so slowly, until he was fully inside of her. Elene let out a pent up breath. “He actually feels quite good,” she said with a smile.

Slowly, Elene began lifting herself off of him. Elene’s slow, ginger moments reminded Violet of her own experience with her just hours before. Elene absently let her mouth fall open as she slowly rode him. Violet was starting to feel warm and fuzzy just from watching Elene and involuntarily touched her breast.

Elene turned, mid-ride, and motioned for Violet to join her. Violet quickly went to the kitchen and in a moment returned with one of the kitchen chairs. She sat the chair directly behind Elene and sat down on it. Violet leaned forward and ran her hands across Elene’s ample breasts. Elene inhaled sharply as Violet’s fingers brushed across her nipples. Violet personally didn’t enjoy nipple-play, but apparently Elene did, and her thrusts intensified.

Violet enjoyed watching Elene, immensely. Her slim form, rising and falling, encapsulated by her own arms. She watched Joe breathing, the bag puffing with each breath. It was quite a turn on and she bit her lip.

Elene turned, reached back, and placed her hand on Violet’s chin. She pulled her down and kissed her passionately, her soft lips interlocking with her own. In the course of her work there had been other women she had seduced, but this was different. She had never felt anything like this before tonight. Violet cradled Elene’s head in her hands, kissing her again.

Violet kissed her more passionately, her soft lips locking with Elene’s. Violet could feel her heart racing and she could feel warmth spreading through her body. Elene’s gentle rhythmic movements, as she slowly moved back and forth, only further excited her.

They broke off the kiss, her lips trembling. Elene reached up behind Violet’s neck and lead her around until she was standing beside the chair. She then guided her down to her breasts.

Violet looked up at Elene, then tentatively kissed the mound of her breast. It was soft and warm. A smile flickered across Elene’s face for a moment and she gasped. Violet steadied Elene’s breast gently with one hand and began suckling her nipple. Elene loudly sucked in a breath. Violent involuntarily began massaging her other breast.

After a few moments, Elene let out a moan and began thrusting hard and fast. She was obviously getting ready to come. Violet inserted two fingers just inside her pussy lips and began to slowly massage her. “Oh my god!” she heard Elene exclaim and her thrusts became even more pronounced, almost animalistic.

Elene suddenly tensed and shook with the force of her orgasm, grunting with each contraction. Violet kept rubbing her, prolonging the orgasm as long as possible. At long last Elene collapsed into Violet, breathing heavily, sweat standing out on her brow.

At long last Elene looked up into Violet’s eyes. They stayed that way for a few moments, before they kissed each other, this time tenderly and slowly. Violet helped Elene lift herself off of Joe and onto the floor.

Violet left Elene’s side and walked back over to Joe. She bent down and examined the condom. “Well, the son of a bitch didn’t come, it looks like,” she said with a frown. She looked up at Joe. He was breathing hard and the bag was now inflating hard, each breath accented with a crinkly pop. Joe looked at her with pleading eyes, and tried to say something through the gag, which was unintelligible. “What’s that, Joe?” Violet asked, mocking him, holding her hand to her ear. “You want me to fuck you türkçe bahis now? Sure, no problem.” Joe let out a dissatisfied grunt and squirmed against his restraints.

Violet gave Joe’s cock a few tentative strokes to ensure herself that he was still hard and ready for business. He was rock hard and standing at full attention. She aligned herself over the tip of his penis and slowly slide down over him. As she did so, she could feel him rubbing her in all the right places and she let out a gasp and sucked in her lip. Joe was actually quite impressive once he was inside of her. She looked over at Elene, who was lounging on the floor, enjoying a cigarette. She looked so sexy, naked, glistening, with a cigarette smoldering in her hand.

She rode Joe, slowly at first, enjoying the moment. She unconsciously ran her hand across the smooth skin of her breast, trapping her erect nipple between index and third finger. Warmth spread from her breast, engulfing her entire chest. She absently opened her mouth and intensified her strokes.

Elene appeared in front of her, holding an unlit cigarette. She then moved around behind her. Elene tugged at her elbow, until Violet relaxed and alloweed her to pull her arm behind her: first her left, then her right. Violet had to fight to stay upright as she did so. She then felt something binding her wrists. In surprise she tried to retract her arms, but they were bound tightly behind her back.

Violet stopped. Elene quickly came back around and reassured her. “It is okay, my friend. I am just, as you say, enhancing the experience.” Violet relaxed. She had no reason to distrust Elene. Elene held the cigarette out for Violet. Violet grasped it between her lips as she resumed her motions, lifting herself up by her legs.

Elene disappeared for a moment, but returned promptly. She brandished a gold lighter, stamped with detailed artwork. She bent over, flicked the thumbwheel, and a flame sparked to life. She guided it toward the tip of the cigarette hanging forlorn from Violet’s lips. Violet grasped the cigarette tighter with her lips as Elene brought the flame to meet with the tip.

Violet inhaled. At first all she could taste was the sweet tang of the tobacco, then tip of the cigarette glowed brightly for a moment and a rush of smoke filled her lungs. She inhaled deeply, relaxing even further. She let her head fall back and blew the smoke out carefully as to not drop the cigarette. She detected a light perfume mixed with the thick smoke. This had to be one of Elene’s, she thought.

Violet suddenly felt a warm sensation on her breast. She looked down surprised to find Elene beginning to suckle one of her nipples. Violet let out a moan. She took another deep drag on the cigarette. This was all becoming too much, she thought. The telltale tingle had gripped her quickly and she knew she was going to come soon.

The room was deathly quiet except for the rustling of the bag behind her and the gentle suckling noises Elene was making. Her mind was spinning, it all felt too good. The heady smoke filling her lungs, the warm tingling emanating from her aroused nipple, and the constant deep rubbing of Joe’s cock was about to send her over the edge.

Suddenly, she felt a rush of heat as she drove Joe as deep as she could. She came hard, her orgasm deep. She shuddered slightly, her mouth agape, the cigarette barely hanging on her lip. A series of moans escaped her lips coinciding with each one of her throbbing contractions and she jerked slightly with every one.

Once it was over, it took her a moment to recover. Sweat stood out on her brow and she breathed heavily. But now she was invigorated. She looked down at Elene, who was unfastening her wrist bindings and was smiling up at her. Violet stood up, letting Joe slip out of her. She smiled to herself. The son of a bitch still hadn’t come. She looked back at him.

He was breathing much faster, the inside of the bag covered in condensation. His head was lolled to one side and his eyes were closed. She reached out and placed her hand on his chest. He was burning hot and his heart was beating quickly. At her touch, he opened his eyes slowly and looked at her. He made another muffled sound.

She turned toward Elene. “We did promise to let him go if he made us both come, didn’t we?” she said, rubbing her chin.

“That’s right, my friend, I believe we did,” Elene replied, smiling.

“But, did we say how many times we were going to come before we let him go?” she asked quizzically.

“No. No, I don’t believe we did.”

Joe made a defeatist sound, and said something that sounded like a muffled “please”.

“You make me come one more time, Joe, and we’ll let you go.” Violet said, turning back to Joe. With a heavy breath, he grunted, closed his eyes, and let his head fall backwards.

Violet smiled at Elene and then looked downwards at Joe’s member, which was still rock hard. She gave it a tight squeeze and felt it jerk. güvenilir bahis siteleri She was surprised that he was still hard, but doubly surprised that he hadn’t come yet. She was going to take advantage of it… one more time.

She decided to turn around and face Joe this time. Watching him breathe was such a turn on, and that’s what she wanted right now more than anything. She quickly stamped out her cigarette in the ashtray next to the armchair, exhaling a lungful of smoke, and picked up the bungee that had been so recently binding her wrists. The held it out for Elene.

Elene reached out and took the bungee. Violet positioned herself over Joe, once again, and guided him into her. Elene smiled, stood up, and rebound Violet’s wrists behind her back, kissing her softly on the back of the neck as she did so. She slowly began sliding along the length of Joe’s erect staff, gasping as she did so.

Elene positioned herself behind Violet, reached around her, and began softly running her hands across her skin. Each time Elene’s soft touch would pass her nipples, Violet would gasp and intensify her movements.

Soon she was riding fast and hard and didn’t notice that Elene had left her to herself. Once she realized she had gone, she opened her eyes. She didn’t see her anywhere. Maybe she’d gone to the bathroom. It didn’t matter. Joe felt so good. She watched him breathing hard and fast, the bag inflating and deflating with each breath. Tingles ran down her spine just watching him breathe.

She closed her eyes again and enjoyed the moment. She was so surprised that he hadn’t come yet. Two women riding him, one of them twice, coupled with the severe lack of air that he must be experiencing by now, should have set him off. But it hadn’t. Not yet. And she was going to enjoy it while it lasted.

She heard Elene’s footsteps behind her, along with a crinkling sound. She turned to see Elene carrying the other bag. Elene shook it once, and then smiled. “Do you want to?” she asked. Violet smiled back at her and nodded slowly, biting her lip as a bolt of pleasure shot through her. Elene came up behind Violet and gently shook the bag out in front of her face, smoothing it until it was flat. She then quickly brought it back, just under her eyes and cupping her chin, tying it together behind Violet’s head. Violet imagined she resembled a villain in an old western movie, where the bad guy would wear a bandana to mask his identity.

Violet’s tried to take a breath, but found it difficult. While the bag didn’t cut off her air completely, it made it extremely hard to breathe. After a few breaths, she opened her mouth to get a bigger breath of air, but the thin plastic instantly covered her entire face and cut off her air. She blew it back out after a moment and tried again, but with the same result.

Elene noticed this and reached around, pulling the thin plastic away from her face. This afforded Violet a little more comfort and she could breathe a little easier, but it was still far from normal. This gave her such a thrill that she tingled all over again. She was surprised she didn’t come right then and there

Elene once again began running her hands across Violet’s soft skin, stopping on occasion to fondle on of her breasts or the other. Violet could feel soft kisses on her back as she did so and it was almost too much. She was beginning to feel the tingle at the base of her spine once more. It had taken longer than she imagined it should have.

Slowly, as she rode Joe with long strokes, the bag slowly began sticking to her face again. Each time she would exhale forcefully to dislodge it, but she would always suck it back across her mouth. Her breaths were becoming so hard that she could feel the plastic being pulled into her mouth. Elene didn’t seem to notice. She was busy massaging Violet’s breasts, her soft cheek resting on her back.

After a minute, Violet could feel her strength beginning to wane. Her long, strong strokes turned into more of a grind. She was now grinding back and forth along Joe’s cock. The tingle had grown and spread around to her hips and butt. Her breaths were coming fast as she tried to breathe. It still felt amazing, but she didn’t know how much longer she could keep going. She tried to say something to Elene, but something barely audible came out. Elene seemed oblivious… or perhaps this was her plan all along?

She kept grinding his manhood, sweat beginning to bead up on her forehead. She could see him breathing hard and fast in front of her, both their bags rustling loudly. A bead of sweat rolled down her face and across the plastic sheet. Joe’s chest was rising and falling quickly, a blush of red around his neck and chest. She kept going.

After another moment, Violet begun to become dizzy. The room spun lazily around her and spots appeared before her eyes. She closed her eyes. She didn’t have her hands to steady her, and her rhythmic thrusts slowed. Eventually, she slumped forward onto Joe, her face turned to his. Elene simply moved forward and continued caressing her. Her mound was on fire and she was so close to coming again. She kept pushing herself down onto him with what strength she had. What was Elene doing?

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