Assassin’s Path Ch. 02

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I awoke at dawn still in the arms of the Knight. I had expected him to be gone upon waking, but there he was, holding me close. I squirmed in his grasp to push myself closer to him, feeling his chest rise and fall with each breath he took. I stared at him for a while before drifting back to sleep.

I woke up again to feel Ser Aiden’s lips on mine, gentle and soft as a flower. As my eyes fluttered open the kiss became more insistent. I couldn’t help smiling as I kissed the Knight, and he couldn’t either. I sat up and scooted back against the headboard, Ser Aiden followed me. He was now on all fours, straddling my legs, his face very close to mine.

“Good morning,” he said as he bit my bottom lip lightly. I felt myself melt inside and kissed him deeply.

“Good morning to you as well Ser,” I said. He pulled back and sat down on my ankles, looking at me with kindness in his eyes.

“Don’t call me Ser, Myr. Just Aiden will do,” he said. I burst into another smile feeling as though the sun had begun shining in me instead of the sky, but I couldn’t resist teasing him a little bit anyway.

“But Ser,” I said cheekily, “that would be improper.”

“So is most of what we did last night,” he said as he lunged towards my lips again. These kisses were lighter and all over me, which of course made me laugh loudly. I actually snorted which made him look up, a little startled. I covered my mouth with my hand as if that could cause the sound to be unheard by the Knight. He blinked in astonishment then burst out laughing, falling over and back into the bed. I saw my chance and pounced on him, grabbing his wrists and sitting on his groin.

“Now I have you,” I said with a mocking tone. Aiden smiled then looked confused.

“Why are your trousers on?” He asked, his head tilted slightly as if he was trying to figure it out.

“I woke up and used the chamber pot last night,” I lied, “I put them on out of habit.” I had never felt guilty about lying before, but this time a knot tied itself in my stomach.

“Well since you’re already half-dressed, I suppose I should get ready for our journey to,” he said matter-of-factly as he got out of bed. It was my turn to look confused, had he just said ‘our journey’ on accident? Aiden began putting his clothes and armor back on.

“What?” Was all I could manage to say. He turned and looked at me, that wonderful smile on his face.

“I was told to find the best singer in the land. I was on my way back, empty handed, when I happened to stop at this inn, where I heard you sing,” he said. He was putting his armor on now, I was still sitting in the bed looking stunned.

“What?” I know, silver tongue right?

“The King and Queen are having a ball tonight, they want the best singer in the land. I found him, now I’m inviting him to come to the capital and sing for the Royal Court.” By now all of his armor was on, and he was ready to go and I just sat there taking all of it in. I was being asked to sing for the monarchs of the land. I figured the likelihood of a Guild Assassin at court to be very high, but I hadn’t used my actual face in a while. I’d always loved singing, but I never thought I was good enough for royalty. What would I wear? What would I sing?

He picked up my shirt and tossed it to me, which snapped me out of my reverie. I barely managed to catch the shirt. After I put it on I looked at Aiden, the sun was shining behind him making him appear to be radiantly glowing with light. I saw his lips move and all I could think about were those lips on mine. He was looking at me expectantly, had he asked a question?

“What?” Third time, time to just give up on actual attempts at conversation.

“I asked if that sounds like something you would like to do.” Aiden said, a little exasperated at having to repeat himself. All I could do was put my shirt on, stand up, and nod. Aiden let out a relieved laugh and kissed me again. My head was spinning and I was starting to over think everything, so I took a breath, grabbed my instruments, and headed for the door.

“Myr, your shoes,” Aiden said from behind me. I stopped in my tracks and resisted the urge to bang my head against the wall multiple times. I turned around blushing so much that I physically felt the blood rush up my face. He handed me my boots and we left together.

We exited the inn and walked over to the stables. As Aiden went in I stopped outside to put my boots on. When I stood up Aiden was walking towards me with a beautiful chestnut mare in tow. He mounted the horse and reached down to help me do the same. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me onto the horse behind him. We began our journey to the Capital, Vorden.

After a quarter of a day of riding we stopped near a small glade to water the horse, Isolde apparently, and to eat something ourselves. The glade had some fruit trees in it, lining the stream that trickled through. I found some delicious apples, crisp and just a little bitter. I brought some to where Aiden was standing. güvenilir bahis

“I found some fruit,” I said, holding out the apple. He took it from my hand, looked at it, and then took a huge bite out of it. The juice from the fruit dribbled down his chin and onto the ground. He smiled broadly at the mess he had made, making me laugh. I reached up and kissed his chin, then I licked up towards his mouth, the taste of the juice of the apple mingled with his sweat, absolutely wonderful. I felt Aiden tense up and swallow his mouthful of fruit. I continued to lap at the juice on his face before moving to his mouth and kissing him. I pressed my body against the cold metal of his armor and managed to slide my hand down his trousers, caressing his hardening length of manhood.

Aiden moaned slightly, I felt his hips thrusting into my hand. I pulled away from the kiss and looked up at him. His eyes were closed and his head began to fall back as he continued to thrust into my palm. I pulled my hand out of his pants and lowered myself to my knees. Aiden opened his eyes and looked down with disappointment but it was brief, when he realized I was undoing his belt he leaned back against the tree and closed his eyes again. When I managed to get his lower armor off the mound at the front of his trousers was extremely pronounced. I pulled down on his pants, lowering them to his knees. As I did Aiden’s fully erect cock jumped out at me, taking me a little by surprise because it looked bigger now than it had the last night.

I caught myself licking my lips at the sight of it. I leaned in and licked the very tip of his sensitive head. Aiden shuddered slightly and moaned as I continued to lick his delicious manhood, but I grew impatient quickly. I opened my mouth and slid him into my throat, taking him to the base of his cock in one motion. His eyes flew open and looked down at me, I kept him buried in my throat and looked up at him. I maintained eye contact as I slid my mouth up and down his shaft, my tongue playing with the head and underside of his member. It must have been too much for him because after just a few head bobs, he tensed up, shuddered with pleasure and moaned as he came in my mouth.

He tasted wonderful, and I sucked on his manhood until he stopped twitching in ecstasy. When his orgasm was over he looked down at me and smiled, caressing my cheek gently with his hand. Other men would’ve shoved me off of them and tossed a few coins my way to keep quiet, but he took my chin and returned my mouth to his. We stood there for what felt like eternity just kissing in the shade of the grove.

“We should get moving,” Aiden said when we finally parted, “it’s not long to Vorden, but we do need to get you into something more…flattering.” He indicated my brown tunic and trousers with raised eyebrows. I laughed lightly and nodded in agreement, I needed something to wear so I could stand out, not blend in like I usually do. Aiden saddled the horse, he pulled me up behind him, and we continued toward the capital. I leaned against his back as we rode and began to doze off. Aiden must’ve noticed because he stopped the horse and dismounted only to remount behind me. I leaned back against his chest and, feeling more secure than I had for years, fell asleep in his arms for the second time.

I awoke to Aiden shaking me slightly. As I cleared my eyes of sleep, I saw the huge gates of the capital towering above us, slowly rising to let us pass. It was nearly dusk as we trotted into the city, lamps were being lit and shops were starting to close. Aiden guided his mare towards a shop that was still open and dismounted, walking up to the shop’s owner. I turned and dismounted, walking over to join the Knight as he talked with the proprietor.

“Come on in, let’s see what we can do for you,” the woman was all smiles, which made me nervous, but I didn’t have time to dwell on the feeling as I was whisked away deep into the shop. She took me all the way to the back of the store where I saw colorful clothes all around, more vibrant than some of the articles at the front. I was placed on a small and short pedestal where she looked me over quickly but with a scrutiny in her eyes that made me feel like she was looking through me instead of at me. She raised her spectacles off of her long nose as she looked me up and down, then she turned and walked out, muttering to herself the whole way. I began to step off of the pedestal when I heard her sharp voice again.

“No,” one simple command and I froze in my steps, not wanting to anger this woman. I heard Aiden’s familiar laugh as he strolled into the room I was in.

“You don’t want to displease Madame Ludwen,” he chastised me lightly, “she’ll pick a color that looks horrible on you out of spite.”

“You did deserve it,” Madame Ludwen said as she returned from her expedition, her arms full of different colors and textures of fabric. She set the fabrics down and began to take my measurements while continuing to mutter about shades and patterns. türkçe bahis After a few minutes of holding extremely still Madame Ludwen seemed satisfied and I was told to strip down to my small-clothes.

“You’ll look amazing,” Aiden said. Madame Ludwen spun on the spot and pointed at the Knight.

“You, out,” she said sharply, “I won’t have you distracting him. He needs to focus on holding still or else I’m likely to stick him with a needle.” Aiden raised his hands in surrender and backed out of the room. When she heard the front door close Madame Ludwen returned her gaze to me, looking at me through narrowed eyes.

“Yes Madam?” I asked as I stripped down to my under-garments. Madame Ludwen snapped her fingers and every sharp object in the room was suddenly pointing at me.

“I know you have the Gift, boy,” she said, “what is your business with Aiden?”

“What?” I asked, my eloquence went leaping out a window yet again.

“Very few have the Gift of Magic, even fewer know how to use it. Your silly illusion on your eyes doesn’t fool me, I can see their true colors. You have an aura of shadows and darkness around you, your soul is stained with the blood of others, yet you have a pure heart. Tell me who you are and I won’t kill you where you stand,” Madame Ludwen began to glow as she displayed her aura for me to see. She had a deep purple color emanating from her with a pure soul and heart at the center. She was powerful, more so than some of the Guild Masters. I saw no other option than to tell her what she wanted to know, so I explained who I was and how I had gotten here.

“And now,” I said as I finished, “I have a powerful witch pointing an unsettling number of sharp objects at me.” She looked at me suspiciously for a few seconds then snapped her fingers again. All the needles, fabric shears, and other various objects returned to where they came from.

“I believe you,” she said, “but now answer this, what are your intention with my nephew?”

“Aiden’s your nephew?” I asked.

“Not through blood, but he might as well be family,” the hedge witch said.

“I don’t know,” I said, trying to keep the nerves out of my voice.

“Bullshit,” Madame Ludwen snapped, “I can see your heart, remember. It flutters when you hear his name and stops for a beat when he enters a room. Tell me now or else the needles come back.” She raised her hand threateningly.

“Alright,” I said, “I’m falling for him, I’ve only known him two days. Like the fool that I am I’m falling in love with him, but I know we can never be together, he’s a Knight and I’m a run-away Assassin. I’ve lied to him about who I am, he could never forgive me.”

“He might surprise you,” Madame Ludwen said, her eyes were kind and soft, now that I had admitted to her and myself how I felt about Aiden, “and loving easily is not a weakness, my dear. It’s what keeps your heart pure in the face of adversity. You’ve been hurt so often throughout your life that his affection is surprising, yes?” I nodded, wondering how this woman could see all of this so easily.

“I don’t know what to do,” I said, I felt tears beginning to well up behind my eyes and forced them back down.

“Enjoy it for as long as it may last,” she said, “now dry your eyes and stand up straight, we have work to do.” She snapped her fingers and the various fabrics were flying around me, parts were peeling off and hovering near me, being joined by others before the combinations landed on me and were stitched together with Magic. When the flurry of cloth was over I looked around at the mirrors, I was now wearing an astonishing outfit.

The fabric was black as midnight with silver embroidery, the shimmering threads spun down from my collar around my arms in a spiral pattern leading to small silver ruffles coming out of my sleeves around my wrists. The same pattern decorated my pants as well ending in the same small silver ruffles at my ankles. My feet now had black cloth shoes on them, feeling oddly warm.

“It’s enchanted so the cloth is stronger than any armor, and it repels filth and dirt. Spin around,” Madame Ludwen commanded, I spun around and let out a gasp as the silver accents began to glow, “the silver reacts to Magic; the more you use, the brighter it glows.” I called to the Magic around me, just bringing it close to me, and my outfit shined like stars in the night sky. I pushed all the magic away from me and the silver dimmed to an almost imperceptible glow.

“You are amazing,” I said to the magical seamstress.

“I know,” Madame Ludwen smiled, “now get out of here, your Knight awaits.”

“What do I owe you,” I asked, turning around at the door just before I left.

“Consider your new gear as a commission for my contract,” she said, I looked at her questioningly, “keep Aiden safe.” I placed a fist over my heart and bowed before her, showing that I accepted her contract. When I left the shop Aiden was leaning against the light post outside, when he saw me he straightened up and güvenilir bahis siteleri his mouth opened in slight shock.

“You look…just…wow,” now it was his turn to lose his ability to converse. I blushed at his inability to form actual words on my behalf. I did a spin for him to see all of the masterpiece Madame Ludwen had created. The silver still had gotten slightly brighter when I had returned the illusion to my eyes, and it seemed to be just enough of a sparkle to catch Aiden’s attention.

“I’ll take that to mean it looks good,” I said as I continued towards him. All the Knight could do was nod as I came to his side.

“No one at the ball will be able to look away from you,” he said, “I’ll have to duel at least three other men before the night is over.”

“Well now that the clothes are sorted, what in the name of Dragon fire am I going to sing?” I asked him, Aiden looked at me with a focused look in his eyes. I waited for an answer but he just kept staring at me. I reached my hand up to his cheek then snapped my fingers in front of his face. Aiden started slightly, returning to reality from wherever his mind had taken him, though I had a suspicion that it involved me out of my shiny new clothes.

“What? Uh-did you say something?” Aiden asked, I rolled my eyes as I repeated my question, “Oh that’s easy, battle hymns are all the rage right now. The older the better, so if you know some ancient songs now is the time.”

“I think I have one in mind,” I said, “let’s get to the palace.” Aiden nodded and we both mounted his horse, beginning our ride to the castle. Most of the city was quiet as we rode through it, attending or working at the ball most likely. I was excited to see the city during the morning when everyone would be busy. When we arrived at the palace steps a servant stepped up and held Isolde’s reins as we dismounted. The servant led the mare off to the stables and Aiden led me up the steps to the atrium of the castle. The entry way was large enough to hold five hundred men, and it was covered with tapestries and golden ornaments hanging from the chandeliers.

“It’s not normally this…shiny,” Aiden said the last word with disdain, “this is ridiculous.” We continued through a set of double doors that lead to a corridor. Candles lit the way, but I noticed that some of the candelabras were positioned in front of other halls leading in different directions. We followed the path of the light to an even larger set of double doors.

“Is this the Grand Hall?” I asked, looking at the intricate carvings of past battles that had begun to wear down and vanish into the wood.

“Yes, I’m going to go in and tell them to announce you,” Aiden walked over to a smaller door located off to the side of the main entrance. He entered the Grand Hall and I began to over think the performance, wondering if the song was a good one to sing.

As I stood on the opposite side of the great double doors I felt nervous, but I didn’t have much time to dwell on the bats in my stomach. I heard music playing inside the hall, so the party had already begun. The doors opened out towards me and I heard the herald announcing me.

“You’re Majesties, Lords and Ladies, the Bard Myr.” I stepped out into the grand hall, the music ceased to play, and I began to sing the slow song as I descended the stairs.

As the shadows flee before the rising sun, I look out towards the dawn

I hear the soldiers chanting, ready for the war

But Darkness does not retreat from just their righteous cries

A valiant army of the light, marching through the skies

All to save the world that darkness had enjoyed

If they fail we fall, when they win we rise

But no matter how the battle goes, we all look to the skies

We never see this formidable foe, nor our heroes who protect us always

But we all will raise our glasses high for those perish to save our days

I had made it to the bottom of the stairs by the end of the song. As the ancient battle hymn finished echoing around the chamber everyone at court that night began to applaud. As I approached the throne the musicians began playing again. I walked to the base of the steps that lead to the thrones and bowed deeply to the King and Queen. They each had a Knight behind their thrones, a bodyguard to prevent any and all harm to them.

“Marvelous,” the Queen said, “never before has a voice so glorious graced Our castle, thank you for your lovely performance Myr. We do not wish to keep you from the rest of Our guests, however, please enjoy the party.” The King nodded in agreement. I bowed again and returned to the party. As soon as I had moved away from the thrones I was beset upon by the Nobility. Four Ladies and two Lords shuffled me off to the side and began bombarding me questions.

“Please please, one at a time, also could I have some introductions?” I asked, laughing a little at the attention.

“Lady Jillian Coran, where did you study music?” The first noble woman said, curtsying as she did. She had long blond hair which was accented by a gold and emerald clasp to keep it at bay. Her long gown was the deep green of a forest with golden embroidery on her chest and at the base of the dress.

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