Bablee Ch. 02

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Chapter 02

Accepted as a schoolgirl

Unusually Bablee didn’t wake up with the sun rising. Last night had been a fearsome experience, and she didn’t get to sleep until late. The girls were lazy westerners and predictably were still asleep. She lay there thinking about that boy she had been in bed with.

He was only eighteen, yet they had a sexual experience together. He didn’t put his thingy in her, but that wasn’t the point. It was shameful being in bed with him, and he had spurted his semen over her. It had to be admitted, she also had a slight orgasm, which left her feeling guilty.

Paula had forced her into the boys dormitory, so it wasn’t Adrian’s fault. Adrian had saved her from discovery by the matron, which would have been devastating. Her indecent behaviour would have been reported to the corporation, and then to her husband. He would beat her for being in bed with another man, and if he found out they had some sort of sex, she dare not think what would have happened.

Getting out of bed she quietly padded on bare feet to the showers. The ridiculous night attire had been discarded in the boys bed, so all she had was a towel to wrap around her nakedness. Now clean of that boys crusty semen, it felt so much better facing a new day.

In the dormitory she again looked for the school uniform, becoming more desperate by the minute. Obviously one of the girls was playing a trick on her. Paula was awake, and smiled at her. If the girl wasn’t so big and strong she would have become angry and demanded her clothes. They weren’t her clothes, they were the schools, and there wasn’t much chance of defeating one of the girls, let alone a group of them.

‘I’ve got a surprise for you, Bablee,’ Paula gleefully announced.

‘No more surprises, please,’ Bablee sighed.

‘This one you’ll like. Margaret has been up all night sowing,’ Paula grinned, from displaying her power in the dormitory.

The girl standing before her must be Margaret, and the sowing must refer to her uniform. Looking worried at the growing ring of girls, she dropped the towel and quickly got dressed.

Pulling on the panties reminded her that they had shaved her last night, down there. There wasn’t a bra, but that didn’t matter. Quickly buttoning the blouse, her fingers fumbled, and she couldn’t find the top two buttons. Moving on to the pinafore dress, she found it had been shortened. The hem was now well above the knee!

‘Is this acceptable to the school?’ she asked.

‘No! You will get into trouble, but I’ll speak up for you, so don’t worry, Bablee,’ Paula firmly told her.

What really worried her, was showing off her body. The boys out there were eighteen, and would look at her as though she were just another rude western girl.

Adrian didn’t believe she was a married woman of twenty-six. He thought she was a fellow pupil, yet he didn’t take advantage of her. He was a decent young man. What he did was unavoidable, from having a woman in his bed. Not many men would resist the temptation to do it to her, but he did.

Bablee’s face was red as a beetroot. How could she tell them it felt awful to wear such lewd clothing, even if it was a school uniform.

‘Thank you, Margaret, and Paula for organising the, err, alterations,’ Bablee managed to say.

‘Great, I knew you’d love it,’ Paula beamed. ‘You did fantastic last night. You’re no longer a little virgin girl, and you brought back the proof! Well done new girl!’ Paula said, encouraging the others.

They gave her a bit of a quiet cheer. Matron appeared at the door, and shouted with her smokers cough interrupting, ‘Get on with it girls . . . you know what to do . . . and don’t be late for breakfast.’

‘Yes, Miss Gatling,’ Paula dutifully answered the woman.

Matron snorted at the girl, turned, and left.

The breakfast was as bland as any other meal. Bablee had planned on bringing some condiments and sauces from home, but all that had drastically changed. Instead of being an adult scholar, they thought she was an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl.

Sitting on a bench with so many schoolgirls, put her in mind of being in school back home. Automatically pulling on the shortened school uniform did no good. It was a habit she needed to break, as it drew attention to her bare thighs. The teachers and staff thought she was just another young student, so they didn’t take any notice of her. The boys and girls accepted she was one of them, especially the boys.

Wearing this altered uniform had been embarrassing at first, but surprisingly she was getting used to it. It was only when the boys quietly said rude things about the dress, that she felt bad, and pulled at the hem. Unfortunately the teachers hadn’t bothered to make her change into a more decent uniform. Getting used to dressing like a western girl was easier than she thought.

Having to be careful how she sat was something to get used to. In class she had to keep her legs tight together, or reveal the little white panties. One of the guys dropped his pen, to look illegal bahis up her dress. Not quick enough to clamp her legs together, she had to watch him whisper to his friend, her panties were white. Damn! The boys were sex mad! Was this why they had separate schools back home? Or were they reacting to western girls dressing and behaving badly.

It was disappointing not meeting her mentor. Adrian was nice, and she had to apologise to him for being so naughty last night. Thanking him for saving her from the matron was needed too. It was hoped he would know who to speak to concerning this mistake about her age. No one would believe she was an adult and a married woman, so she needed his advice over what to do.

It was obvious to her now. Her slight build and her modest demeanour, left her looking like an adolescent schoolgirl. She wasn’t loud or forceful enough to be a western adult. As a decently behaved wife in Pakistan, she had to be dutiful and modest with her husband, and his family.

After all these years she couldn’t change. Compared to them she was introverted and submissive. Confronting a teacher to say they had made a mistake, was simply impossible. Perhaps Adrian would somehow save her again.

‘Are you in this class, girl?’ the teacher shouted at Bablee.

‘Sorry, Miss Andrews, I was thinking about the lesson,’ she prevaricated.

‘Get up to speed, or you can join the ninth graders,’ the teacher threatened.

‘Yes, miss, sorry, miss,’ Bablee humbly responded.


Adrian walked into the matron’s first aid room, and looked around, confirming she was out as expected. Keys were hung in a cabinet, all numbered but which one did he need. The ledger was left open on her desk, together with the debris of a snack. A finger ran down the entries until it came to Bablee, number fifteen.

Unhooking the key, he walked into the back room, to find a locker marked fifteen. No fifteen, but there was a blank door between fourteen and sixteen. The lock turned to reveal clothing, with a waft of curry, chilli, and other exotic spices. It reminded him of Bablee.

He quickly looked through the clothes, and stopped on finding her panties. Even these smelt exotic. She did a lot of cooking for a schoolgirl. They must be different where she came from, or maybe she spent a lot of time in her mother’s kitchen. It would be nice doing that, he mused.

A small bra, not much more than a training bra. She was certainly different from a western girl. Cute! He was very pleased with the thought of cuddling her, and what they did in bed last night. He’d never had a girl rub him off before. It was a good thing too, for he couldn’t hold out for much longer, and would have screwed her.

Still, it was really nice cuddling her. The warmth of her body against his, the exotic smell of her skin, the deep natural tan she had, was so very nice. He wanted her in his bed again, or at least cuddle her. He pulled her clothes out of the locker, with his arms wrapped tight around them. It wasn’t satisfying at all.

A translation dictionary fell to the floor, with something else. A passport! With quiet anticipation he opened it. It was brand new, and only used once, to enter the US. Her personal details on the back page were read through quickly. Was this her? He studied the picture hard again, to confirm it was her.

‘Mrs, not miss, Mrs Kahn, born . . .’ he quietly said.

A quick calculation confirmed she was twenty-six. Damn! She’d been telling the truth. She wasn’t a girl, she was a married woman! Fuck! He could have fucked her last night. Bablee was an experienced woman, naked in his bed! Did she expect him to fuck her? Damn! He very nearly fucked a mature woman! She’d pulled him off, and he’d spurted on her face.

That would have been taking advantage of her awkward situation, but he didn’t care at that moment. Thinking about it, and how small and fragile she was, a tender protective feeling meandered into him. He did care. Something was overriding his good intentions, and he knew what it was.

‘Down, boy!’ he said, and tapped his trouser tent.

He pocketed the passport, and locked the door. Replacing the key, he quietly left, after checking no one was in the corridor. A quick march to administration was necessary now.

‘Hi Brenda, Miss Jackson sent me over for the new girl’s details, Bablee Kahn,’ he said.

‘Why did she send you, you’re not in her class?’ Brenda suspiciously asked.

‘That’s right, Brenda, I’m her mentor,’ he proudly said.

She smiled at him, and said, ‘First time, eh! Well that’s fun for you. Do a good job for her, won’t you. Don’t let her get into trouble,’ she said, and went over to a computer.

‘There’s a printout in this envelope. I’ll ask her if was opened,’ she grinned at him. ‘Don’t think I’m being cruel, as I wouldn’t give this to anyone else. When you’re a bit older, we’ll have a kiss,’ she smiled at him.

‘Sure, that’s a date, Brenda,’ he sincerely said, and blew her a kiss.

She giggled and pretended to get on with her work. He’d illegal bahis siteleri always got on with Brenda, that’s why he waited for the harridan, Miss Drinkwater to go to lunch. He figured she’d forget about the envelope and not ask Miss Jackson about it. Which would be awkward as the woman didn’t know anything about it.

In a stall he ripped open the envelope. They had her down as an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl. Mr Kahn was her uncle. A corporation was picking up the bills. There didn’t seem to be anyone to vouch for her. As only her uncle was in the country. The man must be her husband!

Oh fuck! He’d been in bed with a married woman, and they had almost done it. She’d pulled him off! Of course, she was an experienced older woman! Holly shit! While here in school, he was in charge of her. As her mentor, she had to do as he told her. Was she aware of how much she had to obey him? Not much really, but did she now that?

His eyes glowed with lust. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he gagged on the smell of the toilets. A touch of reality was good. He had hardly any authority over her, and certainly not enough to get her into bed, or his hands into her panties. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket to filter the smell. It was her panties! Well, at least their smell overpowered the shitty boy smells.


‘Sorry I missed you this morning,’ Adrian said, when meeting her for lunch.

She gave him a funny little expression, and turned away, looking embarrassed. He wondered if this was the end of his ambitions for her. He was still her mentor, so she had to take notice of what he said.

He took hold of her arm, and firmly said, ‘Follow me.’

Bablee was pleased to be with him, even though it brought on feelings of guilt. The forceful way he spoke, had her following from the habit of obeying figures of authority.

‘We’ll sit here for lunch, we can talk in private,’ he told her.

He’d kindly brought a packed lunch. She shuffled her bottom along, making room for him on the bench.

‘I missed you too, I mean, I needed you, err, something I wanted,’ she stammered.

‘I got a copy of your administration details. I got them because you said there had been a mistake,’ he said. ‘Don’t wave them around, I shouldn’t have them, or show you,’ he said.

‘You did this for me?’ she asked, and looked up at him with admiring eyes.

They stared at each other for a moment, then turned away looking uncomfortable.

‘What we did last night, it was wrong,’ she said.

‘I know what you mean, we don’t know each other. We should get to know each other better, then go on a date, or something,’ he said.

‘Oh! Err, I didn’t mean that. I’d like to get to know you better, but, well, it’s not that. I shouldn’t be here, I think this is all a mistake,’ she said.

She became conscious of his hip against hers. At home she would never sit so close to a male, even if they were a family member. Why hadn’t she simply told him, she was married and not available. He was too young for her.

Oh! Dear! It felt as though she were a wild girl, and he was her boyfriend. It was silly to think she was letting him down. She’d never had a boyfriend, and these feelings were all new. At home friends had secretly met boys, and even kissed them. Nothing more than that, and certainly not gone to bed with them as she had. It was no-wonder she had feelings for him!

That was wrong, having feelings for a boy, very wrong in so many ways.

‘You with me, Bablee?’ he asked.

Becoming aware of where she was, meant this was not a fantasy or a film, this was reality. His leg was against hers, when did that happen? He took hold of her hand, and her heart raced. She was enlivened, yet unable to move. She just sat there staring at the uninteresting food.

‘It’s no mistake you being here. I think its destiny,’ he said, and gently stroked her thigh.

Tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

‘Did I say something wrong?’ he asked.

He’d taken notice of her feelings! He’d reached into her and tugged at her heart.

‘Tears of joy, not sadness,’ she explained, and wished she hadn’t.

‘I knew you enjoyed being with me last night. I wanted to hold you tight all night. You’re beautiful, wonderful, a dream come true,’ he whispered into an ear.

It seemed his words were connecting directly to a pleasure centre in her brain. Every word was absorbed and mulled over, to be remembered, and to be enjoyed later.

‘I too would have liked that,’ she admitted.

He put his arm around her with the other hand taking its place on her thigh. The dress was too short to cover her thighs when sitting, and it looked as though they were on offer. How could she deny him, the boy was her lover! Such a concept couldn’t be contemplated at home, let alone acted upon.

It had already happened! It wasn’t a dream, she had really been in bed with this handsome young man.

‘I enjoyed you playing with me,’ he quietly said.

That was something she was ashamed of, more than canlı bahis siteleri anything else. How could she have done that! He couldn’t be blamed, he was just a boy, and he didn’t force her to do it to him. It was all her fault.

‘I, I shouldn’t have,’ she morosely said.

‘Don’t worry, no one knows,’ he said, sounding sympathetic.

‘All the girls know. They caught me with it in my hair,’ she blurted out.

‘What? Oh! That’s, err, well, can you handle that? Excuse the pun,’ he said, and realised she’d missed the joke.

‘You’ll have to tell someone I’m a married woman. I’m twenty-six and shouldn’t be here,’ she pleaded.

‘I’ll try,’ Adrian lied.


‘Mr Kahn hasn’t heard from his wife, have you?’ Josie asked.

‘Mr Kahn’s wife?’ Eileen asked, looking bemused.

‘You took his wife to an adult school to complete her exams, remember? Bablee, quiet woman, from Pakistan?’ Josie sarcastically asked.

‘His wife? Oh! Yes! Of course, sorry, I’ll check,’ Eileen said.

‘Make sure the woman is happy, or she might contact a lawyer, and the shit will hit the fan,’ Josie emphasised the word lawyer.

It was a bad word in the human resources department.

‘It’s only been a couple of days, second day. She’s hardly had any time to settle into a class,’ Eileen pointed out.

‘Sure. Just keep an eye on her. I’ll make sure Mr Kahn is kept happy. Though he isn’t fully awake yet, but making progress, so the doctors say,’ Josie said, and dismissed her assistant with a hand gesture when the telephone rang.

‘Wife!’ Eileen muttered on her way back to her office. ‘He married a sixteen year old two years ago? She was his cousin, damn it!’

On the computer she checked on Mr Kahn’s notes. His family in Pakistan was a twenty-six year old woman, named Bablee, and they lived with his parents. His niece was an employee of the Karachi office, also named Bablee.

‘That’s the mistake. The boss has sent his niece to school, not his wife,’ she chuckled.

Confronting Josie with a mistake wasn’t going to go down well. A double check of the facts was needed. It was past lunchtime when she checked everything for a fourth time.

‘I’ve sent his wife to school, a boarding school for kids! Oh! Shit! Avoid trouble the boss said. Oh! Shit!’ Eileen emotionally whispered.

Looking around furtively, she dialled the school.

‘Hi this is Building Corp. and I’m calling about Bablee, a new girl. My name is Eileen, I drove her there. Oh! Right! I remember you too, how are you, great, that’s nice. They’re not working you too hard are they? It’s manic here, not enough time, yea you know. So, how is she settling in, any complaints?’ Eileen finally got around to asking, with fingers crossed.

‘Oh! Good, I’m pleased. If there is a problem have you got my number as next of kin? Great. Anything at all, just give me a call, thanks, bye, bye,’ Eileen sighed with relief.

Short term everything was going well. What about medium term? Take her out of school? Then what? The funds were going through for that school. What would they say if a pupil was taken away, or rather the funding was taken away. His wife could be put into an adult education college. It would be easy to find a place when paying.

She needed to play the old shell game. Now you see her, now you don’t. Bablee! Replace one Bablee with another? Bablee Kahn, the niece, could take the wife’s place. The school fee’s were paid from the education fund and were already allocated. No need to make waves there. Bablee Khan the wife, could then be set up with a full grant for an adult college.

Working hard through lunch, and most of the afternoon, all was settled. Eileen liked the idea of a switch, it felt like acting in an old movie. Emails meant no bluffing, with dangerous eye to eye contact. The Karachi office would arrange everything, until she took over here in Los Angeles for the actual switch.

No one need know. The college fees weren’t much, and as an employee, Bablee the niece, would be entitled to a local salary while in school. The apartment was being kept on, so no problem there either.


Bablee looked down from Adrian, and noticed her bare thighs, so she had to look to the side. She couldn’t look at him, for she felt so shy. Too many emotions were ranging through her mind. Her heart was thumping hard, and she was feeling so weak, she might fade way completely.

The woman looked so young and fragile, he could hardly believe she was a married woman. Whoever the husband was, he didn’t deserve her. He wasn’t looking after her well enough, for this to happen. She looked so cute it was impossible not to put his arms around her.

‘It’s going to be all right, I’ll look after you. Don’t worry,’ he reassured her.

‘Thank you, sir,’ she sighed. ‘It feels nice, comforting, knowing you are looking after me,’ she smiled.

The little smile on her face was so tempting. She didn’t have big luscious lips like Carol, or big breasts crying out to be mauled, like Sylvia. She looked young and vulnerable, in need of his protection. He hooked a finger under her chin, lifted her face, and gazed into her eyes. Curious looks were plastered across their faces. Familiarity, awareness, sympathy, and every other emotion passed between them, even love.

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