Back Rub

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A husband gets more out of giving his wife a back rub than he’d expected.

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“Mmm, that feels good.”

I leaned forward and kissed Staci, just behind her ear. She was lying on her stomach, left arm stretched out along her side, face turned to the left. She was nude; so was I. I was hard; I’m sure she was wet. We intended to have sex and I intended for the sex to be slow rather than rushed. Rushing had become the modus operandi of our sex lives since little Jeremy had arrived.

We knew having a kid would change things. We knew it in our heads but that didn’t prepare us for the reality, not in the least. We’d already been busy, working fifty, sixty-hour weeks before Jeremy. He was planned. Like all responsible young adults, we’d discussed the ramifications, not only to ourselves but to the planet (I’m not joking). We’d heard the stories but we were already busy; sure we’d be busier but we could handle it. Yeah, right. Daycare was a rude awakening. We’re fortunate enough to be young professionals with enough income, even just starting our careers, to be able to afford daycare. But there’s more to daycare than money. You can’t drop them off too early, can’t pick them up too late, can’t bring them there if they seem sick, and on and on and on.

Neither of us regretted the decision; he’s an amazingly cute little fucker. But, to say we had been ‘prepared’ for the changes would have been laughable. Not surprisingly, the biggest change had occurred in bed. No sex for six weeks? We hadn’t thought that would be a big deal. Staci had no problem helping me masturbate, no more than I had a problem helping her. Our jobs were such that sheer exhaustion might mean one of us was not interested, even before Jeremy. If she was randy as fuck and I could barely move, she’d rub one out. More often than not, the sound of her fingers on her pussy, in her pussy, her moans and the scent of her pussy, would rouse me to life. If not, no big deal. She’d cum, roll over to cuddle, and we’d sleep.

So, six weeks of no fucking, no problem. But then, what about leaking boobs every time she got even a little excited? I didn’t like the taste, so that was out. I’ve never said a word but the giant blue veins that coursed over her breasts had not been a turn on. I know, I’m a dick but it’s the truth.

You don’t like leaky boobs? Fuck after breast-feeding? Go ahead, try that one out on your own new baby mamma some night. I fucking dare you.

Add to that:

? Exhaustion

? Crying baby

? Sick baby

? Project deadlines

? Diaper, especially those prized treasures when shit has oozed all the way to the shoulder blades

? More diapers

? More crying

We barely had time to get groceries, do laundry, sleep, try not to get fired, and eat. Even for two exceptionally horny, twenty-six-year-olds, sex had taken a nose dive. And, as I’ve alluded to, most of it was of the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am variety when it did happen. Before we became parents, we fucked behind the car in a parking ramp, in the car, on the living room floor, on the floor of my mom’s house (squeaky old bed); I mean we fucked a lot. And it was great.

Given all of that, I was trying hard not to have unrealistic expectations that evening. Jeremy was sound asleep, in his first big-boy bed, a plastic racecar. He was a good sleeper, when he wasn’t coming down with, in the middle of, or getting over a cold. He’d been feeling fine; I’d knocked wood so many times that day my knuckles were bruised. I found it more than a little hilarious that Jeremy had a bed, while Staci and I still slept on a mattress on the floor, not even a queen, a full. So, Jeremy? Check. No big projects due for either of us, no running into the office on a Saturday. Work? Check. Leaky boobs? Nope, weaned. No headaches, backaches, arguments, parent trouble, or in-law trouble. All seemed set for the possibility of a nice night of unrushed, passionate, love-making, barring the pitter-patter of little feet and “I’m thirsty” or, the worst, “I threw up”.

We’d crowded into the bathtub, giggling, sort of washed up, sort of teased each other between sips of wine, and then headed to the bedroom.

I wasn’t giving Staci a real massage. One, I didn’t really know how. Two, the only oil we had in the bursa escort house was canola. Nonetheless, I had her stretch out atop the bed as I knelt beside her. I was kneading her arm when she’d murmured her approval and I’d replied with a kiss. I worked my way down her arm and spent considerable time on her hand, both massaging it and sucking on her fingers. Then I swiveled, making sure my erection brushed against her hip and started working on her left leg. I didn’t touch her feet; she hated having her feet touched. I leaned over and did her right leg, swiveled again, and spent a great deal of kneading and pulling at her butt cheeks. I love Staci’s ass, fucking love it. I’d pull it apart, gaze, and rub. I rubbed as far as her taint, and let my fingers brush her pussy. She opened her legs slightly, giving me access to the most sacred part of her body.

Staci has always loved sex as much, maybe more, than me. There were only two things she’d said no over. One, a threesome, not that I would have the balls to arrange one in the first place. Two, anal. That one bothered me a little. I was a virgin when I’d meet Staci. She remains the only woman I’ve had sex with. She had had five other lovers. In the age of the hook up, she was practically a virgin as well. She’d confessed she’d had anal sex with two of them but she hadn’t liked it. She claimed they were both smaller than me and that my dick was too big. Now, that’s the way to work a man’s ego, ‘honey, I’d love to let you fuck me in the ass but you’re just too big’. I’m average in length but pretty girthy, if that’s a word.

We had so much fun, it hadn’t really bothered me. Except, as with all things, being denied made it difficult not to obsess over the idea.

The end result being I played with her ass a lot but nothing beyond rubbing and pulling and once or twice, as she was about to cum when I was eating her out, pushing a pussy-slicked finger in her ass. She said it didn’t do anything for her orgasm but it didn’t hurt, so she hadn’t made a fuss about it.

I straddled her upper thighs, my legs on the outside of hers, and began to rub her neck and shoulders. Of necessity, my cock was cradled by the warm embrace of her ass crack. As I worked her shoulders, I slid my cock up and down her crack. Precum was running rather than dripping out of the head of my dick and her crack was soon as slick as if we’d used lube. She pressed her butt against me. This she didn’t mind.

I pressed more of my weight on her as I put my weight on my elbows. I kissed the back of her neck and down her spine, slowly working my way back over her legs. Soon my feet were hanging off the end of the mattress, my elbows were rested beside her thighs, and my hands cupped her ass cheeks. I resumed the squeezing and pulling of her cheeks while adding kisses along the underside and forcing my lips as deep into the valley of her thighs as I could.

I spread her as far as I dared without worrying I’d hurt her and pressed my face against her ass, down low. My arms held her legs together. I could only tongue her taint and the lower reaches of her slit; since she was on her belly maybe that made them the upper regions of her pussy. In any case, I could only tongue the part of her slit next to her taint. I was teasing her. I knew it. She knew it. She wiggled and pressed against my mouth. I pushed my tongue as deep as it would go between the back of her legs and started a long, slow, sloppy, wet lick over her taint and up her crack. My tongue moved over her asshole, without pausing, and out the top of her crack.

I moved up her legs and cradled my cock between her cheeks, forcing them together with my hands. This encased all but the top third of my cock in her warm ass globes. I began to thrust. It was like titty-fucking but with her ass cheeks. I kept my thrusts short, staying well above her pucker, though the stubble of my trimmed balls would’ve been tickling it.

When my prick no longer slid easily, I scooted back, spread her ass with my hands and re-lubed her crack with my tongue. Each time I did so, I spent more time tonguing the hard circle of her pucker. I had done this in the past as well. Later, she’d said it didn’t do anything for her as far as pleasure or arousal but, again, it didn’t hurt and if I liked doing it, she was fine with her. She did an awful lot of moaning and wiggling while I did it for something that didn’t arouse her, not that I said anything about it. My assumption bursa escort bayan was the wiggles and the moans were frustration over the attention I was paying to her ass and not her pussy.

It was the same that night. As I played with her ass with my tongue, she’d push against me and move her hips in circles. No doubt, she was trying to rub her pussy against the sheet. I shifted positions; now I was straddling her left leg. I worked my right hand under her. She lifted her hips and my fingers stroked her pussy. I stretched out over her body, turning my head sideways and forcing it between her legs. I couldn’t reach her clit but I could tongue her slit and suck her full, rosy-pink, lady lips into my mouth. She was wet, so wet, and so delicious.

I moved my hand back and pushed two fingers into her pussy. At the same time, I did another long, slow, lick, pulling her pussy juice over her taint and into her crack with my tongue.

Nothing new here, either.

I went back to caressing her asshole with my tongue. I pushed harder than I’d ever done in the past. She didn’t say anything. I stiffened my tongue and pushed, harder still. She gasped but said nothing as the tip of my tongue penetrated her, barely, but still, I had my tongue in her ass. I was, frankly, stunned that I’d made it that far. Staci was a fastidious person and I had played with and washed her ass in the tub. I didn’t taste anything besides her skin, though. I hadn’t penetrated very far, either. I elected to take what I’d gained and not push my luck. I tongued her for a bit longer and then straddled her legs again. When I’d claimed credit for discovering this position, Staci informed me that Cosmo had named it the ‘tight squeeze’ years ago. I’d shrugged. I’ve never read Cosmo and an independent discovery is still a discovery, right?

My legs were outside hers, holding them together. I balanced on one hand and rubbed the head of my cock over her upper thighs and lubed them with my precum. I pressed between them and the head of my dick touched her slit. After some more rubbing and a little more pushing, I was inside her pussy. Riding up high, pubes against her ass cheeks, I fucked her and she rewarded me with those little “um, um, um” sounds with each thrust.

I pulled out. She groaned. Once her motor was revved, Staci was done with fooling around. She wanted to fuck and to cum; waiting frustrated her as much as it excited me.

I hunched over and drug my tongue up her crack. I pressed my shiny, slick cock into her crack and started thrusting again. I don’t know what to call it. Cheek fucking? Only now, with my cock and her crack slick, I pulled back enough that the head of my cock would glide over her asshole on the back stroke. Moving forward, the head would catch for a brief moment on her rim before sliding past it and to the top of her crack.

I don’t know how long we did this. When it seemed like we weren’t sliding over each other easily enough, I’d pull back, push down on my dick with one hand and bury my cock back inside her pussy. The first time, I licked my thumb and massaged her pucker with it. The second time, I used my index finger. The third time, I pushed my index finger past her sphincter. I asked her if that hurt, she shook her head. The next time, I rested my hand on the flat of her back and pushed my thumb into her ass and asked her if that hurt. She told me ‘no’. I pressed down with my thumb and felt my cock against it, sliding in and out of her pussy, separated by only the walls of her pussy and ass.

Back to sliding over her crack and pucker.


Thumb in ass.

Tongue. Now there was a slightly bitter taste when I tongued her ass. No BFD.

I don’t know whether it was because my thumb had loosened her or because the angle had changed but the head of my cock snagged on her rim more and more when I would go back to the cheek fucking. It may have been both, but what I do know is that I stopped easing up so quickly. I held there a little longer, pressed a little harder.

It reached a point where my cock didn’t slide past. The tip, just the piss slit, hardly anything more, was buried in her pucker. I leaned to the side, put my fingers on top of my cock.

“Babe, you okay? With this, I mean?”

She nodded, eyes closed, dark hair spilled across the pillow.

I held my cock in place with my finger tips and gradually pushed.

“Tell me if I hurt you, okay? I’ll stop.”

She escort bursa bit her lip. Nodded.

I pushed harder. I felt her tense underneath me. She gasped and suddenly, the head of my cock was past her sphincter. Oh my God, did that feel incredible. So different from a pussy. So tight. Rougher feeling.

Staci was panting a little. I didn’t move. I started to pull out. I didn’t want to hurt her.

“No,” she gasped. “Don’t move. Give me a minute. You’re so fucking big.”

“If it hurts, let’s stop.”

“No, wait. The part that hurts the worst is over. Let me catch my breath.”

My hands rubbed her butt. I stared, entranced by the sight of the head of my cock disappearing Into Staci’s ass.

“Okay, try a little more,” she whispered.

I reached under my cock and rubbed my fingers over her pussy, then rubbed my fingers over the shaft of my cock. I bent my head over my cock and let spit fall on it, wishing I’d been smart enough to have bought lube. The problem was, I never expected this to happen. Up until the more aggressive tonguing, we’d done all this stuff before. I expected to stroke off in her ass crack and cum on her back or slide into her pussy and cum. As much as I had desired what was happening, I hadn’t planned on it .

I went as slowly as I could. I stopped, immediately, if she tensed. It went fine until I got toward the base, where my cock was thickest. Even so, before long, I found my belly pressed against the mounds of her ass, my chest against her back. I rested there, we rested there. I pushed her hair up and kissed the back of her neck and the sword tattoo there. I continued to kiss her as I slowly pulled my hips back. I was careful not to come all the way out of her ass.

When I slid back in, it was easier. I sat up, pulling at her hips as I did. Her back was arched, her ass pressed against my belly. I resumed my movements, slowly.

“You okay, babe?”

She nodded.

I moved faster, lost in the feel of her ass wrapped around my cock. I saw her right hand disappear under her body. I moaned when I felt her fingers against my cock from insider her pussy, her fingers pressed against the underside of my cock. I lost my mind, a little, after that. She pulled her fingers out and wrapped them around my cock, making it slicker. Her fingers left my cock. I didn’t feel her inside her pussy after that but I could tell from the way her arm was moving that she was rubbing and playing with her clit.

I fucked her. I fucked her like I did when we were doing it doggy style. My hands were on her hips, jerking back against me as I thrusted forward. Part of my mind worried that the sounds of our bodies slapping together would wake Jeremy. The rest of my mind and my cock couldn’t have cared less. She pushed back against me, back arched, twisting her neck to watch my face as I fucked her; I accepted that as evidence I wasn’t hurting her.

I fucked her and came deep inside her ass, pressing against her. She fell flat onto the bed, her hand still between her legs and my cock still buried in her ass. She began to buck so hard, she nearly threw me off. We were rolled to our right, just a tad. I reached around and began to pinch and tug at her left nipple.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she panted. “Fuuucck,” she cried into the pillow in a long drawn out sound that seemed to last for minutes.

I raised up then, supporting myself on my elbows. We stayed that way until my dick became soft enough to plop out of her ass. She moaned. I felt cum running out of her ass and down my softening shaft to drip onto the sheets.

I muttered that I loved her, over and over, as I kissed her side and back. I’d planned to roll her over, rub the front of her body, play with her boobs, eat her pussy and then fuck. We hadn’t got to all that but I don’t recall a single regret.


That was the first, and the last, time I took her ass. I offered to get a set of butt plugs, go slow, go back to fingers. She said, ‘no’ to all of it. I even let her fuck me with one of her dildos, thinking it would prove to her it wasn’t that hard or painful. No dice. I was disappointed, of course, but not resentful. We had so much other fun together. She always said it hurt too much and wasn’t enjoyable but I couldn’t square that with my memory of how hard she’d cum.

Perhaps it’s all for the best. Perhaps, if we’d done it more often, my memory of that night would not be nearly as sharp. As it is, it’s etched in my brain, unsullied and cherished. It’s still my go to, when I need to cum and cum fast. You know, airplane bathrooms, or one of Staci’s hand jobs in a taxi on the way to the Met. You know, times like that.

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