Baker’s Dozen

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Lachlan walked into the barn at the wrong time. At least that was how he decided to think on the matter later. After he gouged his eyes out and washed his brain with bleach. “Uh . . . sorry.”

The bigger of the two men glowered at Lachlan. “You’re interrupting a scene.”

“I came in to get water for the beagle outside.”

The smaller man lifted his gray capped head. “Jimmie’s dog always does that, always dumps his water bowl.”

Lachlan had a moment of shock. It was Tony! Tony was getting . . . screwed. Which meant the man behind him was his lover. Jimmie. Jimmie who was doing the screwing.

A moment later anger hit Lachlan. “My sons could have walked in here.”

Jimmie said, “You’ll close the door behind you, water my dog, and keep the kids away.”

“Fuck that! I’m not your damn slave. I’m not -” He snapped his mouth shut. It occurred to him that Tony was a bottom. Tony was submissive. He could actually be Jimmie’s slave.

Jimmie said, “You keep looking at me like that and I’m gonna start to believe you’re enjoying what you’re seeing.” Then he slapped Tony on his flat ass and said, “Ass up. Just because you have an admirer doesn’t mean you can slack off, you pussy.”

Tony gurgled something. But he lifted his hips, his ass obscenely in the air. Like he was asking for it.

Jimmie said, “Last chance to leave, Lachlan, before I grab you for a go, too.”

Tony was asking for it. Lachlan shook his head at his astonishment. Of a sudden he felt stupid. Of course Tony was asking for it. He was with his lover. He was getting fucked, sneaking in a fast one. He was mid-coitis and wanted a happy ending.

Lachlan reminded himself that Tony was also an adult. The pleasure stamped on the man’s face said he was enjoying himself. When Jimmie thrust his hips forwards Tony gave a gurgle. It was a sound of pleasure, not pain. Tony was enjoying himself and was on the bottom.

Jimmie gave a sigh and pulled free. His cock looked more like a cobra waving around in the air than it did a penis. It had a flat, flared head. For a moment Lachlan could imagine the muscle bound Jimmie putting his cock-head in a vice and squeezing it flat. Jimmie marched towards Lachlan, then past him to the door of the barn. Jimmie pushed the door open and motioned Lachlan out. “Now.”

“Tony’s coming with me.” Lachlan’s brain screamed at him to shut up. He didn’t know what the hell he was saying. “I’m not letting him stay here to get raped.”

“Raped.” Jimmie rolled the word around inside his mouth. When he moved it was to close the door to the barn office and lock it. “Raped.”

The screaming part of Lachlan’s brain told him to run. Told him to protect himself. His mouth said, “Obviously that’s what’s happening here.” His mouth didn’t seem to notice that Jimmie was advancing in long, unhurried strides. It wasn’t a big office. “No sane man would -“

Jimmie had him by the throat, spun Lachlan around, and thrust him down onto the desk. “For some stupid reason you happen to think there’s anything sane about sex.” Then, to Tony, “Bring me the rope next to the door.

Tony said, “He’s my daughter’s husband.”

“He’s a complete asshole from the stories I’ve heard. His own dad thinks he’s a screw up. His own dad, Tony. Rope. Now. Unless you want to face the same punishment.”

Lachlan heard rustling where Tony was at. It still hadn’t registered that he was bent over a table. This was all part of a joke. Any moment now Bethany would come walking through the door and tell Jimmie to knock it off.

“I’m sorry, Sir. Here’s the rope.”

“Bend over the hay. I want your ass up, Tony. Then I don’t want you to move.”

As Jimmie spoke the pressure on Lachlan’s back lifted. Lachlan started to rise, only to find rope around his neck. It was a little too tight! The shock of the action, the speed with which Jimmie moved made Lachlan’s heart pound. He was fully aware now, and in complete panic. He started to fight, to struggle. Not some acting job like he’d seen güvenilir bahis in the dungeons of The Keep.

Behind him Jimmie gave a chuckle. “Too little, too late, buddy.” His wide hand came down on Lachlan’s ass. It was a light spank, not intended for punishment.

It scared the hell out of Lachlan. It was one thing to play around when there were a half dozen dungeon masters making sure real rape didn’t happen. It was a whole other ballgame locked in an office with a naked man who had the strength of a professional body builder. For a moment fear fuzzed his thoughts. The pain around his throat jerked him back to the present. “No!”

Into his ear Jimmie said, “Whatcha going to do, Lachlan? Scream? Then your kids will really come running. They’ll get to see daddy dancing on my cock.” Jimmie had Lachlan’s wrist. He was a big man, a huge man, and had no fear of pushing Lachlan down on the desk and forcing his arm back. He had hand pulled up behind Lachlan’s back. A sharp pinch of pain, short lived, and Lachlan found that hand immoble. With the other he held onto the edge of the desk. He tried to kick Jimmie.

What did he get for his efforts?

Jimmie laughed. “Oh, I think I’ve got myself a butt virgin here.” He pressed Lachlan down onto the desk, his heavy body pinning Lachlan in place. Into Lachlan’s ear he said, “I’m going to love taking your cherry.” He had Lachlan’s other wrist, jerked his arm behind him. “Bet you Tony didn’t tell you I was an MP. Bet you he didn’t tell you I do this for a living.” Another pinch and now both Lachlan’s wrists were behind his back. His wrists throbbed. The rope around his throat was too tight! Lachlan thrashed.

“Uh-huh.” Jimmie chidded. “Ass in the air.” So saying he yanked Lachlan’s shirt from his pants and used the belt loop to haul Lachlan’s ass up into the air. He patted Lachlan’s ass. It was something you’d do with a pet.

Lachlan had a moment of relief. Jimmie wasn’t going to rape him after all!

Shock whipped through him when Jimmie reached around and under him, and popped the top button on Lachlan’s jeans. Jimmie didn’t even fumble it. He was that experienced with the maneuver.

“No!” Lachlan shouted.

“Hush now. Cherry ass like yours needs to unclench a little. Unless you like the pain.”

Lachlan’s sphincter tightened. “No! No, no, no, no, no!”

Jimmie pressed him down onto the desk again. Into Lachlan’s ear he whispered, “Keep going and your kids will come running in here.”

“Bethany will -“

“You tell your master where you were going? Hmmm? Anyone know you’re in here with me?”

Lachlan froze. No, damnit, he hadn’t told Bethany he was coming into the barn. He told her he was going into the house for a glass of lemon-aid and to use the bathroom. He said he might check out the game. Bethany wasn’t going to come running to save him. Nobody was!

In that moment Jimmie caught hold of Lachlan’s jeans, of the band of Lachlan’s boxers, and pulled them down. All the way down. They were tangled around Lachlan’s ankles. The only way Lachlan had now of protecting himself was to keep his legs closed. The panic rolling through him said that Jimmie couldn’t rape him if Lachlan kept his knees together. The disjointed part of his mind asked, ‘Wasn’t that what they told little girls?’

Jimmie thrust a knee between Lachlan’s legs.

“Nooooo!” It was instinct to protect his balls, and Lachlan jerked his ass upwards. Somehow, in that moment, one foot came free of his jeans.

Jimmie’s hand pushed Lachlan down onto the desk. He kicked Lachlan’s legs wider. He did something with the rope. “Now you just stay there, Lachlan, while I finish up with Tony. You better hope your father-in-law is a good fuck. When I’m done with him I’m coming after you.” He smacked Lachlan’s ass again.

This wasn’t some love tap, but was such a sharp sting that Lachlan gave a yelp.

“Want to save your son-in-law?” Jimmie asked. “Better keep her damn ass up, Tony. You better work those muscles and fuck türkçe bahis me good. Got it?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Not fucking good enough.” Jimmie snarled these words.

Lacklan heard Jimmie’s hand land on flesh. It was an unmistakeable sound. Time and time again the sound came as Jimmie delivered a spanking to Bethany’s father. In his head he kept track of the smacks. As the number grew he began to grow worried for the older man. Lachlan’s mouth took off again. “Stop it! He’s an old man. He can’t take that abuse! Stop it, damn you!”

Jimmie laughed. “Here that? The little boy is trying to protect you.” Another ten smacks were delivered. Then . . . nothing. No sound. Only silence.

Lachlan struggled to breathe. The rope was tight around his neck, yes, but not enough to cut off oxygen. He tried to get the knots undone. But he couldn’t and his fingers were going numb. Worse of all was knowing Jimmie was somewhere behind him.

Tony squealed. It was a shocked noise, a sharp noise. It was a noise made out of pain. He squealed again.

“Feel that, dontcha.” Jimmie grunted. “Make noise for Lachlan. Let him know how it’s going to be when I take his cherry.” Another smack. Another squeal. “Betcha not going to forget the fucken lube next time, are you, Tony?”

Lachlan bit back a scathing reply. He hadn’t even thought of lube. All he could think of was the pain of the rape. And that he, Lachlan, was next. Behind him Tony squealed again.

Jimmie laughed. “Are you coming Tony? Already? I’ve still got quarts and quarts of cum. Think this time I’m not going to dump it in you. I think this time we’ll get a little revenge on your stupid son-in-law. Another smack. Another squeal from Tony.

Tony crying. Big, huge, sweeping sobs. Tony whimpering, “No, no, no. Please, no. I c-c-c-can’t!” And the sound of two bodies slapping together.

Lachlan realized he’d been squeezing his eyes shut. When had he done that? He forced them open now. He forced himself to see the initials carved into the top of the desk. And the freshly repaired tear in the leather couch lengthwise against the wall. Absently his mind picked up that the desk chair was missing. It was an office missing a desk chair, but had a bale of hay instead.

Tony begging in a breathless, hopeless way, “Fuck me. Oh, please fuck me Jimmie. I want it! I want it so bad. Screw me hard!”

Jimmie laughing at this. “Oh, I see you do like your son-in-law after all. Second hard on is always the best, isn’t it Tony? I’m going to use mine on your son in law. If your lucky . . . ” In a lower voice he growled, “If you’re lucky I may even let you watch.”

Lachlan shuddered. It wasn’t the happy type that preceded a good screw. It was the fearful don’t-look-under-the-bed type of shudder. The idea of Jimmie forcing his huge cock into Lachlan was a nightmare. Making his father-in-law watch . . .? That was a circle in hell.

The bodies behind him slapped together. Tony squealing again, his voice going higher and higher. Jimmie pounding into Tony.

Jimmie snarling, “Take it! Take it you fucken pussy! Take it all.” And underneath that the sound of the bale of hay shifting, sliding across the concrete floor. “Take it you fuck wad loser!” Jimmie grunting.

Tony begging, sobbing.

Then Jimmie laughing. “Oh, that was fun. That was very fun indeed. Are you . . .? You are! Look at you go, Tony, trying to rub one out on the hay.”

“Please, sir!” Tony begged. “I need it. I neeeeeeed it!” He dragged the word out.

“Nope. Enough.” Jimmie said. “Put your jeans on. Don’t touch yourself!”

“Yes, sir.” Tony saying, his voice small in the office.

Jimmie said, “I’m gonna finish up with Lachlan. Don’t touch yourself!”

“No, sir.” Tony said. And then he gasped. It was a shocked sound, a sound so surprised that it lifted the hairs on the back of Lachlan’s legs. It made his balls crawl up.

Jimmie was behind Tony again. Jimmie’s hand on Tony’s back, pushing Tony down onto the desk. “Ass güvenilir bahis siteleri up, Lachlan. It’s your turn now.” Jimmie said.

Fear shot through Lachlan. Deep, shuddering fear. He willed a scream from his lungs. He tried kicking at the man. What did he get for this? Something cold and metal and sharp pressed against one ass cheek. Lachlan whimpered. It was the only sound that made it past his tight throat.

Bethany said, “Please don’t. I’m not keen on having to explain stitches to the nurses at the hospital.”

Cold sheeted through Lachlan. Bethany was here!

Jimmie chuckled.

Near at once the pinch around Lachlan’s wrists eased. A moment later the rope around his throat was slack. Jimmie patted Lachlan on the shoulder. “Move slow now.” Then, “He needs training.”

Lachlan shook his head. He was dreaming. He had to be. Jimmie was fucking him but Lachlan was too far gone to feel it. He was dreaming he’d heard Bethany speak.

Bethany said, “Training is on the list.”

“I gave him a shock.” Then, “Stand up, boy.”

Bethany said, “He means you, Lachlan. Stand up.”

Lachlan whimpered. It wasn’t real!

Jimmie said, “Rub here. This is where the most pressure would be on his shoulders.”

Bethany’s slim fingers rubbed at Lachlan’s shoulders. They eased around the ball of the joints. And somehow it brought him back to reality. It tethered him in the present. Bethany was here!

Lachlan let out a whimper. He squeezed his eyes shut. Was it all a dream? A bad dream? Did he hit his head? His mouth opened and ran, “Did you get off on watching your father get fucked?”

“Ha!” Bethany snorted. “The real show was you squirming and pleading. I kind of liked it.” She tapped his bare bottom. “Pull your pants up.”

He spun around, and almost fell for the tangle of clothes around his foot. “How dare you let him -!”

She kissed him. It wasn’t a long kiss, or even a sweet one. It was a brief kiss.

“For your records.” Jimmie said.

Bethany’s cell phone pinged.

Jimmie said, “You might enjoy watching that later. And I suggest you take it in to The Keep and review it with one of the dungeon masters there. The guy needs some common sense.”

Bethany held Lachlan’s gaze. But it was to Jimmie she asked, “Did he shut down?”

“Saw his eyes glaze over. Realized he wasn’t acting in real time. Can’t raise children with a guy who isn’t all here.”

Disappointment shadowed her eyes. “I know.”

In that moment Lachlan realized just how badly he’d screwed up. Again. And now he wasn’t getting raped. No, something worse was happening. Lachlan was losing his kids.

Gently, Bethany said, “Pull your pants up, Lachlan. I want you in cool air, and there’s none out here.”

Lachlan wanted to argue that he wasn’t over heated. One look at Bethany and his mouth clamped shut. For once the two were in agreement. Lachlan kicked his jeans and boxers off, shook them out, and pulled them on one at a time. He said, “My daughter?”

“Sitting with my mom having the time of her life. And my mom’s in love.” Bethany rolled her eyes. “Dan snuck your sons away to the corral. They’re using their freedom to learn to ride. Mitchell is watching them.”

Then, shocking him, “What’s a breeding party?”

“A what?”

“Nissa told me she wants one.” Bethany adjusted Lachlan’s collar. “You’ll have a mark around your neck for a few days. It can’t be helped.”

Jimmie murmured something. Tony gave just as quiet an answer. Lachlan looked over, stunned to see Jimmie cuddling Tony to him. Jimmie touched Tony gently on the cheeks, smoothed the older man’s hair back, and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. Their conversation was personal, private, intimate. Lachlan looked away. Partly from embarrassment, partly to give them privacy, but mostly in jealousy. He wanted that. He wanted soft touches and loving kisses from Bethany.

“Come, Lachlan.” Bethany said in her steady, calm, unemotional voice. Lachlan wanted to rail against this. He wanted fire. Not this bland persona who now had him by the hand, who now led him from the office. They passed where Jimmie’s beagle rested in the shade of the barn. Lachlan saw that someone had filled the dog’s water dish.

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