Bartender Sister

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“Oh My Gawd! What is he doing here?” Abigail exclaimed.

Truly she was talking to herself as she was the only one in the car. She was pulling into her driveway when she spotted her little brother in front of her residence. She came to a stop and hopped out of the car. He started walking toward her with a big grin on his face. She immediately gave him a hug and he reciprocated with a brotherly peck on her cheek.

“I came down to see mom. We went to the bank and lawyer’s office today,” he told her.

“Oh yeah. You are the responsible one,” she teased. “Come on inside and tell me how things are going with you. I have missed you.”

“I called the bar and they told me you were on the way home. I was hoping we could visit a little today.” He was watching her as he said this. “You still work there?”

Abigail had no desire to talk about this subject. She needed to take a shower. She didn’t have to go back til 9:30. If he was going to start lecturing her, this was going to be a very, very short visit. She told him she needed to take a nap and get ready before she went back. She figured they had about an hour or so to chat. She let her long blonde hair down and tossed her shoes off. She offered him a cola or some water. He mentioned he had güvenilir bahis a girlfriend. He was staying a few days at their mom’s and wanted to catch up with some friends.

Abigail did regret she couldn’t take any time off while he was here. In her mind that was his fault since he didn’t let her know he was coming. Maybe next time they could spend some time together. He gave her a hug before leaving. It took Abigail some time to calm down after he walked out the door. Her brother was looking good. What is it about some males getting into their middle 20’s and losing that boyish look. He was looking like a man to her now. Yum.

Two evenings later she was bartending. She kept feeling the hairs raising on the back of her neck like she was being watched. After an hour or so, she spotted her brother at a table with some guys. Her brother was watching her. She wasn’t sure if he wanted her to approach him or not so she just kept working after giving him a smile. When it was time for her break, she started heading toward the back. She felt someone coming up behind her. The person grabbed her from behind then spun her around and shoved her into the wall. She was going to scream until she recognized it was her brother.

“You look like a whore!” he said türkçe bahis in her ear. He was flush against her pressing her into the wall and she could smell the alcohol on his breath. He moved his hands to her waist.

“Get off me!” she hissed at him. She tried to push him back but to no avail. At that moment one of the guys that was with her brother’s group came walking down the hall. He raised his eyebrows at them and her brother told him he would be back at the table in a minute.

“We will talk later,” he told her as he stepped away.

When it was time for her to get off work she tried to slip out the building. She heard him holler behind her when she was half way to her car. She picked up her pace but he managed to catch up to her when she got to the driver’s side of her car. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. He bent his head down and started kissing her before she could say anything. He kissed her hard.

She wasn’t afraid of him. It was her brother after all. Her body immediately responded to him. She could feel the stubble on his face and the warmth of his body pressing hers. She melted into him. He kissed her messily and hungrily. Their tongues lapping at each other. He was kissing her so hard her lips were getting swollen. güvenilir bahis siteleri She ran her fingers through his hair. His lips traveled down and he started sucking on her throat. He roughly pulled up her skirt. He slid his hand inside her panties and palmed her pussy. He slipped two fingers inside her and started finger fucking her. She was panting and whimpering trying not to scream with ecstasy as they were in the parking lot.

Thank goodness she parked away from the local patrons and in the employee parking lot. Once he felt her come, he withdrew his fingers and ripped her panties off. He opened the front of his jeans. Then he hoisted her up against the car and rammed his dick into her. She did scream this time. She wrapped her legs around him. He fucked her hard and fast. He was barely pulling out but pushing in like his life depended on it. He grunted loudly, rolled his hips and came deep inside her. He finally let her down gently.

Oh shit he thought. He just fucked his sister! He smiled. He looked down at her and saw she still had her bra and top on. He hadn’t even played with her tits yet. He stared getting hard again and groped her. This time he wanted her naked. He wanted to suckle her tits.

Abigail told her brother to get in her car. He was coming home with her now. Two years ago she quit taking the pill and stopped having one night stands. If he didn’t get her pregnant this time, he would when she got him in her bed at home. He was hers now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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