Bathhouse Accessory Ch. 01

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It had been a while since visiting the baths on a Sunday, the very start of spring’s good weather being a fine reason to ride the motorcycle.

Arriving just a couple of minutes after it opened, the bathhouse was already well populated with a mixture of other men, essentially all of whom were here for the opportunity to have sex with other men. Undressing quickly, then ordering a beer, I took it to the Internet PC. Which did not have an active DSL connection, leading me to return to the bar, waiting for an opportunity to let someone behind the counter know.

Finishing the beer quickly, its effects began to merge perfectly with the bit of organic smoke enjoyed at home. My glass empty, I put it down after telling one of the staff about the Internet, who replied that he had just turned it on.

Generally, downstairs is the first destination, but on a whim this time, I headed upstairs. Going to the porn theater – everywhere else on the way being empty – I saw two men on the top row, not near one another. The man in the center had his feet past the padded edge of the bench, providing an easy opportunity to explore his interest.

Sitting to the left on the middle row, followed by fairly loudly rustling out condoms and poppers, taking a moment to be ready to view the porn. The man in the corner had a towel over his lap, the other man naked like myself, sitting on a laid out towel. The porn was not particularly interesting, the center man leaving only a minute or so after I’d lightly brushed his foot.

The porn changed changed soon after he left, now more obviously Egypt themed, as two soldiers undressed and caressed in a stone walled chamber, both getting hard in apparent privacy.

On the screen, a woman in robes and heavy kohl eye make-up had opened the eyes of a figure on the wall, voyeuring the action. By now, my eyes were being drawn consistently to the man above me, whose cock was no longer hidden. Knowing that my viewing was fueled by the same interest as the woman in the film.

After several years of regular bathhouse visits, this was the very first time of seeing a woman in any porn here. Looking at her face and robe covered but braless breasts, my cock was utterly captivated. As the man above me seemed to be in turn, seeing his attention focused between my opened legs as he touched a steadily growing dick.

When the scene changed to a male threesome, involving two soi-distant mummies and a pharoanic figure, I moved up a row, not quite intimately close to the other man. After getting the towel spread out, putting things to the side, I split my attention between the increasingly explicit gay porn and his temptingly sexy cock. Watching it extend to its full length, looking more openly at each other, his horny expression undoubtedly a mirror of mine. He had a cock ring of polished metal, more like jewelry than the elastic rubber or silicone of typical cock rings I’d encountered here.

In my past, masturbating with a high school friend (who, after we graduated from university, is still the only man I have seen fucking a woman), the Playboys and Penthouses tended to be an excuse to get turned on, before watching each other until we came together, sharing orgasm without touching. We tended to be naked, in a bedroom or bathroom, and after getting hard, often looked at each other, ignoring the sexy pictures that had made us hot enough to get off together.

Much older now, with years of experience at the baths, aware that such voyeuring was merely a delightful prelude to the pleasures unknown decades ago. The scene on the screen was becoming more erotic, providing an excuse to move my foot near his. He responded by playing with himself very openly, looking at my stiff length, sliding his foot nearer mine.

Since he was sitting in the corner, I shifted position. His hand touched my inner thigh before I’d finished moving, making me moan softly in response. Settling against the back wall, my right hand reached for his balls, easily moving up along his shaft. His contented moans made it obvious that we both enjoyed jacking off naked, unconcerned about onlookers, as is true for many sauna visitors, especially the more frequent ones.

Soon, playing with each other’s cocks and nipples, we sank into the enticingly blissful sensations of enjoying male only sex. He began to lick my neck, making it easy to put a hand around his head to caress his ear. As his oral explorations wandered, it was simple enough to keep him from going down on me, a point he did not press.

Turning into him, my cock wanting to touch his, I felt his metal cock ring, smooth and very erotic to rub against. “Fuck – fuck – that is so hot” I said, my slit sliding over the metal, pre-cum providing irresistible lubrication as I enjoyed another man’s intimate jewelry. He responded to my discovery, one hand playing with a nipple as the other slid gently over my sack.

His güvenilir bahis hand at my balls was changing the tension at my cock tip in a rhythm that I couldn’t control. Almost surrendering to the pleasure before hearing him say “Cum on me.”

“Not yet” I replied, moving a bit, “this is just the start.” My hand gripping our cocks together, I tongued his ear, stretched out over his body, seeking as much contact as possible. Approaching the edge several times, with one or the other leading, we shifted again, noticing that the porn had become extremely erotic.

Leaning against his warm body, his hands played with my nipples as I jacked off, surrendering myself to the hot porn. Two men played with each other’s nipples as their hard cocks rubbed together while being sucked off by a third man. One standing man, kissing the other deeply, having already given head the same way. I love watching porn, especially with a horny partner.

“Like it?” he asked, fingers sliding over my nipples.

“Oh yeah .. fuck yes .. gay porn .. jacking off .. sexy cock.”

We found different positions sitting and laying against or on top of one another, letting him jack me off as I watched the threesome. At the same time, I fingered his ass, stroking his smooth cock. At some point, he delicately moved my lubricated cock tip against his ring, his other arm around me, tongue at my neck.

“Fuck yes .. hard steel .. cock lover,” I said, caressing his naked ass before sliding a finger into his waiting soft sexy hole. Fingering a partner’s ass always turns me on, but looking at the threesome on the screen while finger fucking a horny stranger brought me to the edge of cumming. Feeling his response to my motions between his legs, obviously he was in a similar state.

Slowly, the blissful temptation receded, only to be replaced my his hand moving downwards, past my balls.

I spread my legs in encouragement, moving to make it easier to finger me. Knowing that as his finger went deeper, my leg lifted, exposing just how horny his ass play was making me. Reinforced by the kinky fact that anyone could see how much I loved a stranger playing with my ass.

We kept stroking each other’s cocks the entire time, riding a wave of heavenly temptation. Barely restraining ourselves, both of us aware this was simply just the start of the afternoon, in a bathhouse full of horny men. He slowly withdrew his finger, turning to me to smile, standing, before taking his towel up to leave.

After he left, I went downstairs. Halfway down the staircase, hearing the jets cut off in the whirlpool, it was easy to decide to shower first. The clock showing I’d already been here 3/4 of an hour. Stepping under a rain like shower head, unavoidably tempted to watch the pair next to me, grinding while kissing, the man with his back to me having a number of tattoos. Surprisingly, the water was cool in whirlpool, prompting me to leave even before the jets restarted.

Walking away from the tub, hearing the falling water, it became apparent the pair was still active, though in a different part of the shower area. One getting sucked off by the other with tattoos, who was squatting on his heels. Pausing, noting another man observing, letting a hand fall to play with my stiffening cock. The other man was already doing the same, enjoying the chance to look at several horny men.

Jacking off in public is always enhanced by seeing other men having sex. The entranced expression of a man getting sucked is always attractive, especially in a setting where freely shared sex is common. Getting hard, knowing that the other man masturbating was as turned on as I by the scene, deciding to enter the steam room with my cock jutting.

Entering, it was very hot, in both senses, as became rapidly apparent. In the front area, there was a least one pair, and a couple of men with erections. Going towards the more discrete section at the back, it was possible to make out at least a half dozen men, none of them apart.

Threading among them, getting lightly involved a couple of times before moving on into the internal shower space, using the curved narrow path towards the entrance, making a complete circuit.

Already horny, I did a big hit from the brown bottle in the shower. Breathing out, then walking quickly to participate in the games in the back, now fully prepared to enter the orgy space. It took little time to be cock to cock with a man who grabbed my cock as I walked by a threesome. After the fun in the porn theater, any ability to resist cock fun had been considerably reduced, with the rush making the sensations of cock rubbing irresistible.

His tongue found my nipple, making me moan and grind deliciously against his rod. By the time I realized his mouth was moving downwards, it was easy to decide to let him do whatever he wanted. After all, at this point, I was an utterly horny slut, surrounded türkçe bahis in the dimness by other naked horny sluts, hearing sounds of sucking and fucking, low murmurs of pleasure filling the space.

The first touch of his tongue on my cock tip convincingly proved that letting him go down on me had been the proper decision. His lips sliding over my cockhead simply erased any lingering concerns, enjoying the sensations of a stranger going down on me. After taking me maybe halfway to orgasm, his mouth left my length, making the return to being cock to cock with him immensely satisfying.

“Cum on me” I heard whispered into my ear, though by this point, self-control was not a concern.

“This is just the start” I replied, “there are so many partners to enjoy.” Playing with his stiff cock and nipples, easily bending down to lick one as his tongue returned to my ear. When possible, looking at all the male sex going on around us, knowing we were a part of it.

He went down on me several times, even as my mind amusingly continued to insist that each time I stopped him was to use a condom. The reality being that I truly did not want to cum yet. Though on the other hand, unable to stop him from going down on me when the tempting wave subsided. Especially as the poppers made the sensations so irresistible, and remarkably easy to surrender to, my cock filling another man’s mouth.

By the third or fourth time, wanting nothing except to be sucked, my hands moved his head downwards as I stroked his rigid cock. Deciding that being sucked by one man, particularly including the sensation of my slippery wet cock sliding along his, was acceptable, especially under the amazingly seductive influence of rush. Realizing that it was truly the perfect steambath accessory.

Another man joined us, his hands on my back, then my chest, one sliding down over my ass to between my legs, the other exploring over my mouth, causing me to lick his finger as it touched my lips. The man sucking me was roughly my age, but the new man was easily in his late 20s. He gasped when my hand found his cock, and moaned loudly when his cock entered the other man’s mouth.

The lack of that skilled stranger’s mouth was more than made up by both stranger’s hands on my slick length, though the new man’s grip loosened when I began to kiss his nipple. My right hand rode down his nearest ass cheek, beginning to touch his hole as his long cock was swallowed by the cocksucker that had made me so horny.

The younger man quickly fell under the spell of a willing older man, one who likely had decades of practice of giving men head. A spell enhanced by his hole being gently finger fucked with my now wettened finger, using the same rhythm as my other hand stroking the sucker’s stiff rod. Time dissolved in the steamy heat, our sluttiness shared by all the other men around us.

Straightening, the original cock sucker kissed me briefly, to which I responded by having my tongue go deep past his sexy lips. It was obvious when the new man started going down on him, prompting even more aggressive kissing within his yielding mouth, and starting to play with a nipple.

He pulled away, saying that he needed to get out of the heat, a remark that had me considering doing the same thing. A consideration that promptly disappeared when the new man’s mouth started to envelop my horny cock, the liquid pleasure of being swallowed making it easy to decide to stay, at least for now. With the taste of two cocks on my tongue, aware that the man taking me deeper was tasting at least his second cock of the day.

A fact that only made me hornier, my swelled cock enjoying the luxury of another cocksucker. Lacking any reason to stop as kept taking my length into his waiting wet warmth. My hand went down to play with his quickly stiffened nipple, feeling him moan along my shaft, seeing his right hand play with his cock.

After a wonderfully stretched interval, I pulled his head upwards, just before reaching the cusp of cumming. Going cock to cock with another talented cock sucker, humping together, hands pulling against asses, sweat and spit and pre-cum mixing into an irresistibly seductive shared fluid. Hearing moans of satisfaction matching my own, sliding against a stanger’s slippery shaft in the steamy space, still surrounded by other men doing much the same. Like the first cocksucker, he went down on me a couple of times between bouts of cock to cock fun.

Finally, the heat grew overwhelming, prompting me to go back to the cool water after quickly rinsing off. The couple I’d seen before was still enjoying each other, again cock to cock and kissing, under the showerhead nearest the whirlpool. Luxuriously soaping my still extended length, utterly unconcerned about whether they noticed or not. Realizing they understood just how fantastic the baths can be, when circumstances permit. Such as spending at least a half güvenilir bahis siteleri hour pleasuring each other in public view.

Leaving the showers and entering the tub, I sat alone, surprisingly. Letting my body cool off, knowing that the longer it was submerged, the longer the time that could be spent in the steam room.

Back in the steambath, the front area was empty, making it easy to quickly go into the shower to do a hit a rush, breathing out near the door, noting two men had entered in the meantime. Turning quickly to enter the waiting darkness, where it only took a couple of seconds for a hand to find my cock, and little more time to find his.

Quickly drifting together, the rush filling my body as our cocks touched, wanting nothing but hot sex with a naked stranger. Loving the touch of his tongue flicking my nipple as I held our lengths together, feeling his cock slide away as he shifted, his head moving lower. Quivering, holding the root of my cock, barely able to wait for the feel of his mouth.

“Oh fuck yes” I moaned, “fuck yes. So fucking good .. oh yeah, take it deep, cock slut.” Not even sure who the real cock slut was, his mouth sliding down, making my cock feel immense. Poppers and oral sex are a combination that entrapped me the first time experiencing the overwhelming sensation of cock growing to fill the entire universe with pleasure.

This blow job quickly became so good it became necessary to beg him to go slower. He responded perfectly, allowing my cock to feel his exquisite tongue as it swirled under my cockhead. We were only a couple of paces into the rear, meaning that when a new man tried to pass, very slowly, it was easy to ensnare his attention by grasping his already extended cock.

Of course, in this setting, the reasonable assumption concerning his slowness had little to do with being cautious in the dimness. A fact confirmed when his hand reached down to touch my balls, drawing closer as he became aware that a man was already going down on his new found partner. Looking down, I saw the cocksucker shift a bit, providing more space for the new man’s fingers to explore through and over my pubic hair.

Free group sex like this was the sort of thing I’d spent years generally avoiding, even in fantasies, but the rush kept working its magic on my cock. Discovering that the steamroom really is an ideal place to enjoy poppers with other horny men all around, the sight and sounds of various scenes of male sex flooding through my mind.

Unconcerned that no condoms had been used by anyone my entire visit, even as I held onto a couple in my left hand. Along with the poppers bottle, though in such a state, opening it or the condoms would have been impossible. Allowing a good balance to be struck, as my cocksucker rose, turned, and started rubbing my cock over his ass. Enjoying it just a bit more longer before simply shifting position to bring my slippery cock against the new man’s.

Concentration was being drowned in pleasure, dimly realizing that a fourth man had joined us, his finger touching my ass about the same time my cock entered a stranger’s mouth. Seeing the head go down on my dick, recognizing the man that had wanted me to fuck him, who was holding the third man’s rigid cock. The man behind me stepped closer, pressing his cock between my thighs, soon feeling how the cocksucker began stroking this new cock, pressing it against my balls. Two different men were playing with my nipples, a man to the right licking my neck and ear.

When I slowly realized that all three of us had been positioning a naked cock around my horny hole, rolling my hips as the cocksucker held a stranger’s sexy cockhead in place, a certain smugness filled me. If I’d done another hit of rush, there was no doubt where this would have gone, a level of risk too far beyond the reasonable, regardless of how good it felt.

Turning my back towards the wall, I broke contact with both the cocksucker and the man wanting to fuck me. Directing my slippery shaft towards the middle space, quickly encountering a willing mouth to fill. Still smug, sinking into the bliss of being sucked by the fourth man of the day, perfectly content with the balance that I’d struck.

A group had formed on both the darker and the lighter side, hands and mouths roaming, everyone’s cock clearly erect or inside another man. Though circumstances seemed favorable, in the end, no cock against cock sucking occurred, nor did two men suck me at the same time, distant ideas that had fluttered among my scattered thoughts. But with my cock remaining in the mouth of either the first or second man during this second session, it really made no difference.

Finally, the heat became too intense, though breaking away took a bit of effort, playing with cocks and chests in the sweaty heat, even as the men I was moving past did the same. Leaving, the group involved easily a half dozen men having group sex in the steam.

Outside, unsteady, barely able to rinse off, I saw that another half hour had passed. Adding it up, this basically meant having close to non-stop sex for an hour and a half, a truly memorable visit.

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