Bathhouse Surprises

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Arriving promptly at the bathhouse’s opening time on the day before New Year’s Eve, the number of visitors was surprising. Four other men were around as I paid, and easily 8 other men were in the locker area at a time, the total in flux as people came and left as I quickly undressed.

At the bar, the number of new visitors did not decrease, though there were enough intervals to allow those sitting at the bar to be served – especially considering that my order was already known.

Finishing the beer at the sauna’s Internet PC, I left the glass at the counter before going upstairs. Where nothing interesting was happening, with only a couple of other men to be seen.

Downstairs, I checked the whirlpool, where a man with glasses was alone in the still water, one arm under the surface. I showered, and stepped slowly into the quite hot water. Letting my legs spread, the response was minimal at best. Very slowly, we began to explore further possibilities. However, when another man sat between us, this process was disrupted – without the new man adding anything to the mix at all. Making it simple to leave when the central jet started.

Leading to a surprising vista underneath the softly lit aquarium built into the wall. When leaving the jacuzzi, I normally try to remove as much water as possible from my skin at the top step, creating a natural pause. Today, after shaking my feet briefly, I stood on the top of the stair platform, sliding the last water from my legs.

Beneath and to the left, there was a naked pair at the last lounger. One man was kneeling on the floor, sucking the other man’s cock as he lay flat on the chair, legs spread. My towel was on the lounge chair next to them, meaning that there was no reason to rush, nor a need to find an excuse to get near.

The eyes of the man on his back getting sucked were closed, his expression completely slutty. Both had spread out their white towels, completely naked in what I had generally considered a public space. Not that this belief had stopped my hand from finding my cock, watching them have sex from a different vantage point. The sense of being both a voyeur and a willing exhibitionist added to the erotic feeling that was starting to envelop me. In a bathhouse, there is never any need to worry about privacy or shame when it comes to hot sex, creating a very addictive atmosphere to get off in. A fact known to all repeat visitors, sharing the same desire for easy sex.

Ironically enough, the only men who could not see what I was doing were the two in the hot tub. A man in the top row of the Finnish sauna, the window showing him clearly, was touching himself. He had been looking down at the scene when I first saw him, but his glance had drifted my way several times, taking in my open jacking off. Much like I had seen him begin fondling his cock and balls.

The whirlpool has two sets of stairs, leading me to use the left hand set for maybe the third time in several years of visits. Taking my time, entranced by the male sex going on, my hard cock convinced that group sex was again at hand. A belief shared by the rest of me, looking forward to playing with horny strangers. I moved by them slowly, spreading my own towel out before sitting on it, fisting myself. This was becoming my first time using this area for sex, adding a small thrill, a sense of doing something unusual and unconsidered.

The lounger was surprisingly solid and comfortable, and quite close to the action going on so close. The cock sucker had been aware of my presence from the start, while the man getting sucked was clearly unconcerned about anything except being pleasured. His expression that of a man in sexual paradise, hands fluttering over his nipples as his cock was deep throated.

The view was very explicit, the better lighting playing a major role. The sucked man’s rod was glistening, my head near, neither concerned in the least about a naked horny stranger watching as he played with himself publicly. My left hand soon roamed over the sucking man’s ass, rubbing his balls before finding his hard cock. My own horniness was beginning to overwhelm me, much as the other two had already been overwhelmed.

Clearly enjoyed the attention, he turned his head as he sucked, prompting me to start to tweak the nipple of the other man. He responded, his leg touching mine as his hand reached for my thigh. I was being included in their sexual games, the touch of the cocksucker’s hand along my shaft making me moan ‘oh yeah .. oh fuck yes.’ Soon, stroking each other in rhythm, I saw how he changed his style, his lips no longer circling the other man’s rod, his tongue beginning to lick its exposed length, flicking the flared ridge before sliding back down.

A motion becoming associated with a certain sinking, as slowly, his tongue started to teasingly explore the other man’s casino şirketleri stretched sack. The scene was perfect, as our legs had pressed each other, providing an unobstructed view of what was happening. This was the reality behind hot porn, and it was utterly enthralling, having a man stroke me as he went down on a stranger.

The first brief flicks against an obviously waiting ass were a tease, which I added to in kind, my hand having moved from the kneeling man’s cock back to his cheeks and crack. My middle finger felt his quivering each time it glided over his soft hole. By now, the two sluts were fully aware that another one had joined them, my hand pumping the laying man’s rigid and coated shaft as he was rimmed.

The rimmer couldn’t stop from moving against my finger each time it pressed against his horny hole, succumbing to a similar style of pleasure as I watched his tongue explore the other man. It was easy to judge how good my fingering felt by how his hand went slack on my cock. His tonguing became sloppier, much to the rimmed man’s satisfaction, whose own cock had thoroughly stiffened under my attention.

After a while, we all began to play with variations on basic themes. I started to explore the laying man’s hot ass when the kneeling man returned to cock sucking, easily fingering the laying man’s wonderfully lubricated and pulsing anal ring, watching his turned on cock going steadily deeper into the other man’s throat as my finger did the same to his ass.

Fingering two men at the same time was fantastic fun, even as other men began to react to what was going on. One man approached the laying man’s head, his cock being licked a few times before his partner’s head sank again, unable to resist what we were doing to him. The new man moved near me, holding his 3/4 hard cock, and it took him a while standing there to understand just how uninterested I was in cock sucking right now.

He went away, and the man that had previously interrupted me in the hot tub approached, also discovering that we were uninterested in others by this point. He sat on the third lounger, a fair distance from us, though he had an excellent view as he began to touch himself. The next time I looked, the other man was standing next to him, still hoping to have his cock sucked, without the slightest action occurring.

The kneeling man shifted position, rising to sit at the corner of the lounger, his hands bringing the laying man’s right foot to his mouth. As soon as he began sucking his toes, I reached for the other available foot, rubbing the sole and stroking the toes. Soon, I couldn’t resist from pressing the top of the foot against my stiff cock, jacking off as the man sitting across from me, his mouth expertly manipulating the other man’s toes, watched. He too was jacking off.

At some point, the toe sucking man reached for my leg, letting the other man’s foot drop away. Helping with the positioning of my foot, when his tongue slid over my sole, it was impossible to keep from moaning, jamming my cock against a stranger’s moving foot. I had rarely experienced such expert talent, as he began to turn me on, his mouth liquid pleasure, his tongue swirling.

My eyes kept fluttering closed, but his gaze was steady as his oral skills brought me to the edge of cumming. An edge that grew dangerously near when a finger began to touch my throbbing asshole.

However, it remained just possible to keep from orgasming, his wet mouth engulfing my toes, tongue and wet lips running over my sole. After an indeterminate period of animal bliss, my foot returned to the lounger. The laying man was sucking a fourth’s man cock, the light from the aquarium making it obvious just how hot the blowjob had already been. I’d only noticed after hearing new sucking sounds, making me shift attention from the renewed cock sucking in front of me.

Collecting myself a bit, focussing on what was happening, I saw various men in various groupings doing various things. Including at least two other cocksucking pairs, two men stroking, and a couple of men wandering by. Rising a bit, the whirlpool seemed a dead spot, a reversal from normal practice, with the same man still sitting in it, with an unmistakable look of boredom.

Having stood, I moved to the wall, near the man being sucked, playing with myself. A hand quickly slid over my cock, freeing my right hand to stroke the kneeling man’s ass cheeks. My left hand quickly found a nipple to touch, the other man sagging and moaning as two strangers brought him to the edge of cumming, and then kept him there.

Much like he was doing to me, palm sliding over my pre-cum slick cockhead, creating intense sensations of delightful desire to just cum so good. My left hand slid down over his thigh, then behind it, my fingers already spread to explore his ass and balls.

Fingering casino firmalari his hole created enough of a distraction to let me pull back from the intense temptation of orgasm, as his attention shifted, hips beginning to move with obvious desire. Pressing down, my finger was soon sliding deeper, surprised at his desire considering how dry my finger was. Which was not the case with the finger that was in the kneeling man’s ass, lubricated by sweat and my own pre-cum.

The awareness of publicly anally pleasuring two men again, my jutting naked cock in another man’s grasp, just added to the shared excitement, unconcerned about anyone knowing just how much gay group sex turned us all on. This being one of the best places in the city to indulge in it, after all. And the current scene was bringing back memories of a visit to another nearby city’s bathhouse, where getting off with several men in a common area with loungers was one of the highlights.

Right hand again on my shaft, the kneeling man shifted a bit, returning his attention to sucking the cock of the man stretched out underneath him. A minor shift for the man next to me, still enjoying having my finger humped by a stranger. At some point, my nipple being licked by the slut next to me, another person joined our threesome. A dark haired man easily half my age, he started cocksucking the man next to me, the man on the lounger having turned his attention to a man to his left, sucking another cock.

Watching lazily, enjoying the feel of another man’s hand on my cock, turning my head to look at the man going down on the man I was still finger fucking. He began playing with my nipple, making me moan. We were all clearly turned on when the man next to me whispered ‘Want to go upstairs?’ A tempting invitation, though one I politely refused.

Timing plays a role in such arrangements – by this point, my cock needed time to recover from its extended balancing act on the edge of orgasm. Slowly, I disengaged, almost tempted back when the younger man’s finger found my ass as the other man’s tongue flicked my nipple.

Finally separating, aware that the others remained utterly horny, I went to shower off, unable to keep from soaping and stroking my dick. I’d already decided to go upstairs to do a hit from the magic little brown bottle, tempted by the awareness that the scene downstairs could still be going on after returning.

Upstairs offered nothing interesting, so I did a hit, and returned to the bottom level. The same man with glasses was in whirlpool, alone, while a couple of the same men were still indulging in public sex at the corner lounger. The original pair was still there, even if the man leaning against the wall was new-

His erection was as obvious as mine, as I saw his gaze fix on my cock, his lips lightly parted, expression sexily vacant as I stepped next to him, my left fingers starting to play with his nipple. His moans were soon matched by mine, his hand sliding over my shaft, resting his palm on my bush before circling the base, tautening the skin perfectly as I jacked off.

The original cocksucker had started to finger the laying man again, ass glistening from another rim job. Prompting me to slide my hand down the stranger next to me, taking its time on his sexy rod before starting to tease him with the possibility of being the fourth man finger fucked by me today.

A tease which turned out not to be one at all, as he began to press down against my finger as soon as it approached his clearly horny hole. Much the same way he had moved his cock to be swallowed by the kneeling man. I slid down the wall, starting to play again with the cocksucker’s sexy rod while watching him go down on another man.

Soon, cock being heavenly jacked off again, a rhythm developed between us, reflecting the stroking and finger fucking happening in our triangle. Fairly rough finger fucking, actually. Normally, at least something like sweat or saliva or pre-cum provides a bit of lubrication, but right now, the man above me seemed to be getting off on how much pressure it took to have my finger move deeper his tight ring.

To the point that I stopped matching his grinding force, simply because it seemed as if he was unaware of what could happen with that combination of dryness and motion. At least potentially, though I’ve never exceeded it, due to a simple sense of caution. But this shift was not much of a problem for him, as he just focussed on face fucking the man jacking me off. Who had spread the welling pre-cum over my cock head, the sensation entrancing while I watched his lips surrounding a man’s extended tool, moving up and down.

Gay group sex is straightforward at a bathhouse, with sometimes extraordinary results. Good group sex is fluid, individuals joining and leaving while the sex continues. I took güvenilir casino the original cock sucker’s place, kneeling, grasping a hard cock in each hand, providing a glorious view while jacking two stranger’s off, one’s shaft still wet.

At some point, the creaking of my knees became too distracting, making it time to leave. Entering the shower, it was impossible not to soap my rod, moaning, right at the edge of cumming after just a couple of strokes. In the middle of this, the public cock sucker passed me, standing under the water across from me.

Putting some soap in my hand, I reached over, and began to play with him again, the orange scented soap being ideal lubrication. His hand reached over, sliding down my balls, then he began to finger my ass. The sensations were causing my eyes to close, making it possible to better concentrate on his stiff shaft without being distracted at how sexy it looked.

Words drifted into my ears – ‘want to cum on me?’ It was briefly tempting, but the showers have yet to enter my list of places to orgasm at a bathhouse.

After I refused, he rinsed off and went upstairs as a man came out of the steam room, cock erect and swinging. I watched him walk by while stroking myself, completely lost in the slutty mood shared among so many strangers. I quickly rinsed off, still stiff, and went into the steam. Noticing how a couple of other men looked at me as I walked past them, their faces tilted down.

In the steambath, there were several men standing and sitting, apart. Moving cautiously through them, eyes barely able to discern shapes in the dimness found at the rear wall, I remained on the more lit side of the passage. There was little to see or hear, though the space did not feel empty.

Cautiously extending my right arm into the passageway, I encountered nothing, even as a couple of figures slowly came into focus. One pair was clearly kissing, cock to cock, one of the more addictive pleasures found in a Turkish bath. Turning just a bit, intending to move further into the steamroom’s space, I lifted my left arm. The touch of a hand along it was an enjoyable surprise, causing me to stop.

And to shift my right hand from my cock to searching for the person whose hand had reached my chest. I could not stop from moaning when a hand began to touch my cock, providing a path for my hand to follow. Leading to the discovery of a third man, the one actually playing with my cock as the man between us began to tweak my nipple.

Soon, holding two cocks, two hands sliding along my horny shaft, I was enjoying a stranger’s hand playing with my balls. Another man began to press himself against me, misunderstanding my current position as an invitation to be fucked. I turned 90°, ass pressing the hot wall, causing him to move on, as neither of my partners did anything to entice him to stay.

Such flows and ebbs are simply part of the steamroom experience, as different tastes and interests mingle, separating or merging randomly. Our threesome’s shared interest was clearly in cock play, and the first feel of another man’s cockhead was utterly entrancing. I knew the magical slipperiness was pre-cum, the awareness that it was likely the mixed pre-cum of both men intoxicating.

Any ability to resist getting cock to cock with a stranger was rapidly fading, something my mind was only dimly registering, the actual sensations overwhelming as I began to slide my cock head around his, my hand holding us together. Indulging in pure cock play.

When the third man added his sexy cockhead to the mix, our moans grew uncontrollable, another sign of just how turned on we all were. I tried to remain a bit coy, keeping the games limited to cockheads, even as I tweaked a nipple from each stranger, robbing them of any ability to go beyond the pure bliss of our cocks tips merging in slippery pleasure.

By now, our bodies had formed an open box. Being against the wall, I wasn’t blocking the passage, and if someone just happened to be offered the chance to join us because of the other two’s position, it was not a concern of mine.

Especially not when cockhead to cockhead with them. The sensation of feeling the center of these other men’s sexual being was incredible, knowing that they were sharing the same delight. Pre-cum is incredibly addictive, something likely known by most women too, but a secret not commonly shared among men. Until they experience the profound reality, such as at a bathhouse. Often leading to becoming very regular visitors, enjoying just how another man’s own lubrication feels along their own aroused skin.

It was impossible to keep track of whose hands were keeping our cocks joined, the pre-cum creating a perfect layer of liquid sex between us. Nipples, tongues, necks, lips all being caressed or pleasured, adding to our cock loving fun. Experienced fun, actually, as we all remained just on the edge of orgasm.

Finally, the physical heat of the steamroom was too much.

Looking at the clock over the steamroom’s entrance, I decided it was time to leave – one and a half hours after first arriving.

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