Be Quiet Mali

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Not even these snotty nosed kids couldn’t ruin my mood after my week in Vegas. My clit jumped just a little every time I thought about the way I was used this weekend. I should’ve slipped a pocket vibe in my purse so I could’ve gotten off during my free period. Especially since I had parent teacher conferences scheduled after classes were dismissed and there was no time to go home and relieve the pressure.

Another few hours dealing with parents wouldn’t kill my vibe either. The progress reports were already done. Plus I had already arranged a line of chairs along the outside wall for the impatient parents who refused to R.S.V.P. a time to respect my privacy policy. Apparently I was the only teacher who took my meetings so seriously but whatever. There was no need to have an audience to find out whether your child was a nightmare or not. My class, my rules, besides I was also the only teacher out of here one a timely manner as well.

The bell rang and seconds later the movie about singing dogs was no longer entertaining to the hungry fifth graders. I avoided lunch duty at all cost and always scheduled my free period during it before I signed my contract. Usually I locked myself in the room so I could enjoy my turkey and pepper jack cheese on honey wheat bread in peace but today I grabbed my purse instead.

Once the kids lined up I pulled the shade and locked up my room. After I dropped them off I could speed home and ride mounted dildo in the nightstand, then enjoy my sandwich on the way back to the school. Keys in hand, kids by my side and we were on our way.

“Mrs. Kenworth.”

I turned around hoping like hell Principle Saunders just wanted to say hey.

“I’m glad I caught you, you look like you were on your way out for lunch. I was just telling Mr. Waters how effective your one on one conferences went and that he’d have a better chance speaking with you now rather than this evening without a time slot.”

My heart and vagina were in a race to see who could pulsate the fastest when my eyes landed on Mr. Curve. Instantly my mouth was drier than the Sahara. I forgot how to talk for a second. I drank in all his features, all the way down to the rock hard curve growing down his pants leg. Mrs. Saunders snickered a little reminding me of where I was.


I had to clear my throat, boy if she only knew.

“Mr. Waters? You must be Treasures’ father.”

“Yes, sorry to drop by unannounced. I only bursa escort just learned this morning that my daughter was in a new school.”

“No problem, we can head back to the room and discuss her progress since she’s been here.”

“See perfect timing Mr. Waters. It’s a pleasure to welcome you and your daughter into our family. Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with. Ms. Kenworth I’ll escort your class from here.”

Kisha patted my shoulder and gave me the cheesiest smile she could muster before walking off.

“Right this way.”

Mr. Curve aka Mr. Chris Waters followed me down the hall towards my classroom. He was close enough for his hand to graze my ass every few steps. My nipples were so hard they hurt, every time my heel clicked against the tile it sent another jolt to each one. Every blink of a eye brought flashes of him slamming into my ass like there was no tomorrow. Trying to unlock the door was a hassle with my hands shaking at the memory.

What ever happened to what happens Vegas stays in Vegas? Why was Vegas coming in my classroom? How, in all the men there I could have let ram their giant curved dicks up my ass, I choose him. One of my most difficult student’s fathers. God I don’t remember him being this fine. Strong jawbones, juicy lips, muscles on top of muscles, nice dick and hopefully a good father.

The key finally slid into the lock perfectly once I got to the right one. Mr. Waters followed me inside and shut the door behind us. The lock quietly clicked back in place and I knew I was in trouble, because I was hoping he would.

“Mr. Waters you can have a seat anywhere.” I took a seat behind my desk so I could unlock the drawer with ask of Treasures’ make-up work. She hadn’t been to school all week and her grades were less than stellar.

“I like the way you say Mr. Waters but you should really call me Chris Ms Kenworth.”

“Mr. Waters,”

“Yes?” He sat his ass on my desk right next to my hand. His dick was inches away from my fingers and I wanted to reach out and grab it.

“Listen I know Treasure can be a handful but that’s only with her mom. From here on out she will be staying with me. Monday morning either the nanny or I will be here dropping her off along with whatever make-up work you would be willing to give. I already know her grades are suffering. I will be a very active parent and I will also schedule my appointments beforehand. I hear you prefer that.”

“Actually bursa escort bayan I do.”

I stood up and backed the short distance to the white broad to keep myself from doing something inappropriate. Then I handed him the folder with everything he needed. I had been collecting all the assignments Treasure had missed or failed. I was a forgiving teacher.

“I appreciate you being considerate of my time. There’s a list of all her assignments and upcoming projects as well as her report card for the semester. All of those grades can be changed as long as you get that folder back to me by Monday morning.”

“Great, I’ll have her working on it all weekend, but I’ll make sure it’s all done.”

“Thank you again, is there anything else you’ll need.


“On what?”

“Whether you find my next statement entertaining or repulsive.”

“Why would I find it repulsive?”

“Because we’re in the classroom.”

“Try me.”

“Your headlights are on,” he smiled mischievously at me.

Immediately I covered my breast like he’d never seen my nipples before. He just laughed and stood up to tower a little over my 5’6 frame. He smelled so nice.

“Now can I tell you what else I need?”


“I need you to take my hands and push them under your shirt so I can feel those headlights.”

The shade was pulled over the glass section and the door was locked. So i happily obliged. It’s something about having sex in places that weren’t meant to have sex in that turned me on. I really wanted to do it on a police car but I don’t think I’m willing to go that far.

Chris’s hands were warm and strong, so much power as he twirled my nipples between his fingers. Squeezing tightly every so often, making me clench my legs together to cause some fiction against my clit. He removed my jacket, then pulled my shirt and bra behind my head.

“You have amazing breast.”

“Thaaank yoooou.” I moaned out forgetting where I was briefly when he sucked the right one in his mouth teeth grazing roughly against it.

“Be quiet Mali.”

“Ummm yes, ok.”

I clapped my lips shut as he ravished my boobs alternating between sucking fiercely and biting gently. It was driving me crazy and the lacy thong covering my pussy was soak and wet, even the sting in my ass. I had come twice and he wasn’t letting up until I was weaker I guess.

My eyes were crossed and my knees were buckling escort bursa when he whispered in my ear.

“I’m going to bend you over that desk and slide my dick in your ass and you will not make a sound. Do you understand me?”

I shook my head yes.

“I can’t hear you. What are you going to do?”

“Be quiet Mali,” I mimicked him.

“Good girl.”

Chris turned me around and yanked my skirt up around my hips before bending me over the desk. The thin wet fabric was ripped from my waist and he stuffed them in his pocket. All I heard was his zipper come down, then I could feel the thickness of his manhood sliding up and down my pussy lips, sloshing around the creaminess before he tried poking the engorged head in my asshole. I wanted to scream out as the mushroom head popped in and my knees gave way. If it wasn’t for the desk we would’ve been in the floor.

Mr. Curve sank deeper and deeper in pushing against all resistance. He was stretching my ass out just the way I liked it, except slowly so we wouldn’t make noise as my cheeks clapped against him. I don’t know what was better, being fucked unmercifully fast or torturously slow.

I could feel every vein as he pushed another inch without so much as pulling out a little. That curve was pulsating as I clapped my ass back up against his pelvis. It only made him grab my hair practically causing me stand up on the dick. I felt like I was about to explode as he pulled my hips down t meet his upward thrust. I internalized my screams as I squirted on the back of my chair. My feet were no longer on the ground and there was more than enough dick in me if I squirted that hard but Chris was not letting up. He was silently slamming dick in me like a monster and I was his rag doll. This was way better than going home and trying to recreate this moment by myself. Dildos could never pulsate in my ass the way Chris was right now.

His long strokes turned to short thrust and I knew he was about to cum. Warm liquid filled my ass seconds later and Mr. Curve kept fucking me sending his liquids and my own flying all over the place. He kept fucking me until his soft dick would no longer penetrate.

Mr. Waters left a lingering kiss on my neck before pulling up his pants and grabbing some paper towel from the corner to clean me and the chair off with. Once that was done, I pulled my skirt down and fell into my chair so I could finish pulling my clothes back together.

“Mali Kenworth, it was a pleasure meeting with you. I will be seeing you again Monday. Hopefully I can treat you to lunch again.”

With that he was out the door and I laid my head down for a little nap before the kids returned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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