Beach Adventure Ch. 01

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At 9 in the morning, the summer sun was already heating things up as Steve waited in the parking lot for Erica to arrive. For the past several days he had wondered if and what would happen today. The two of them, while not married to each other, but deeply in love none the less, had discussed on several occasions the fantasy about having sex in the presence of another couple. The conversations got even hotter after being caught a couple of times fucking behind the dunes on the beach they had discovered about a year before. The excitement of these two altercations eventually led to a personal ad placed on Craigslist and an extended email exchange with a local couple. All of this led up to today. Would the couple show up? Would they find each other attractive? Descriptions had been given, but it was agreed that no pictures would be sent due to the desire for each to remain somewhat anonymous. This paved the way to the situation today.

Jolted out of his thoughts by a car pulling in next to him, Steve looked over to see Erica’s smiling face. As she got out of the car Steve was astonished at how amazing she looked. She had dressed exactly as instructed. Erica was wearing a very tight fitting white shoe string tank top with no bra. The top was so tight, it was almost transparent as it formed around her small-pert breasts. Her nipples gave away her excitement, or was it simply the air conditioning in the car. Below that, she was wearing the short denim skirt that he loved so much. Her tan thighs were exposed, leading up to what Steve knew to be a gorgeous ass and fantastic pussy. The only question that remained was what was underneath. She had been instructed to wear either her black mesh Wicked Weasel bottoms or what Steve referred to as her Clit Cover. It was a red thong bikini bottom he had purchase for her that barely had enough material in the front to cover her clit.

As each walked up to the other no words were spoken as they locked in a passionate embrace. Erica tilted her head slightly to the right as Steve did the same. They were paired perfectly as their open mouths met in a deep kiss, and their tongues danced through the other’s mouth. Almost as a reflex, Steve’s hands went down Erica’s sides pausing to feel her erect nipples with his thumbs before grabbing and squeezing her plumb rear.

“Umm…good ankarada yeni escortlar morning sexy.” Steve said as they parted their kiss. “You look completely amazing.”

“Thankkkk you.” Erica responded with a nervous stutter in her voice. She always had a difficult time hiding her nervousness, and this was just one of the symptoms.

Steve briefly thought back to their reconnection almost 5 years ago after a 20 year separation. He remembered that first meeting at one of her friend’s house while she was at work, sitting on the patio drinking a beer. He remembered that first kiss and the heat that was felt. The thought of removing her panties that first time and the resulting joke of the “unkempt area” made him smile. Truth be known, she was his fantasy and had always been. He was always amazed at her transformation from suburban housewife to sexual dynamo. Over the course of several years, Erica had become very comfortable with her body and wearing the cloths Steve enjoyed seeing her in. She had become comfortable in the reactions of pleasure, both giving and receiving.

He often wondered if any of her new found freedoms found their way into the bedroom of her other life, but those thoughts didn’t last too long. There was no room for jealousy in this relationship. They were both in their respective situations due to decisions they had made. Nothing was going to change the past; it was their responsibility to make the future all the better.

Recovering from his thoughts, Steve laughed with a nervous tone as he spun Erica around taking in the whole picture. Her shoulder length dirty blonde hair had become curly in the summer humidity. He completely understood her nervousness. They were embarking on a sexual adventure that they had only explored by accident or in fantasy. All kinds of questions were going through his mind, but he wasn’t going to allow himself to let on that he might be having second thoughts. Honestly, each was almost hoping the other would back out, but neither were willing to relent. Both had deep desires to live out the fantasy, not to necessarily share each other, but to watch and be watched.

Both quickly loaded Erica’s items into Steve’s car. Opening the door for Erica, Steve gave her another quick peck and tried to get a glimpse of what she was wearing underneath bayan escort ankara her skirt as she slid into the passenger seat.

“What, you aren’t going to show me what’s underneath?” he asked.

“You are going to have to wait.” Erica explained with another nervous giggle.

Upon pulling out into traffic to start the 15 minute ride to the beach, Steve asked, “Nervous?”

“No, not at all. You?” Erica responded

“I’m not ashamed to admit it, so yes…yes I am. The other times we’ve always been caught…this time it’s planned. So, yes I guess I am a little nervous…maybe excited is a better description.” Steve answered.

“What if we don’t like them, or they don’t like us?” Erica asked sort of loosening up.

“It’s a big beach baby. The whole reason why I elected that place was for that very reason. If they aren’t our type, or we decide it isn’t what we want to do, we can go off by ourselves. They are also far enough away from where both of us live that we probably wouldn’t run into them in the future allowing us to remain anonymous.” Steve said trying to sooth her fears and maybe his too. “And, look…if this isn’t what you want, than just say NO. Nevertheless, whatever happens…happens. If either of us aren’t comfortable with a situation, then we stop it. But whatever happens…there is no judgment tomorrow. One thing I won’t allow is for this to jeopardize our relationship. I love you and only you…that is all that matters.” Steve continued.

Todd’s words seem to ease some of Erica’s tension as words began to flow more easily for her.

“Are you excited about seeing another woman naked?” Erica asked with a suspicious tone.

“Maybe…are you excited about seeing another hard cock?” Steve shot back at her trying to take her mind off of her insecurities. Not giving Erica a chance to answered he shot back, “What if he is bigger than I am…are you going to want to fuck him?”

“What’s wrong, don’t think you are going to measure up?” Erica kidded him with a sly little laugh. The fact was, she enjoyed looking at hard cocks as much as he enjoyed looking at other women. It would be fair to suggest that she often thought about different sizes and what they would feel like. It wasn’t that she wasn’t satisfied or that he wasn’t satisfied, it was just fun…keeping things escort bayan ankara interesting.

“Sure, you don’t think that is on every guys mind? Even if they don’t admit it, it is something that we all question.” Steve responded.

Both of them laughed at this brief exchange. It wasn’t uncommon for them to watch porn together and look at different web sites when the time presented itself. Often they would question each other about what they liked in other people, and what they had liked and disliked sexually about previous lovers. They both agreed that each other was the best they had ever had and couldn’t imagine anything better.

The banter between the two continued for the remainder of the short drive. This was a good thing as it proved to lighten the nervousness both had. Each knew that if they liked the other couple a few glasses of wine would remove most if not all of their inhibitions. After all, worse come to worse, they would simply lay out, enjoy some food and wine and get some sun.

“What do you think they are going to look like?” Erica asked, interrupting the idle conversation between the two.

“Well, why don’t you look for yourself.” Steve replied as they pulled up behind a blue SUV.

Erica looked up as if startled from her thoughts. To her amazement, a man and a woman were standing outside their the car getting their stuff ready. Both were equally relieved as they surveyed the couple from the inside of the car. They were of a similar age and size as Steve and Erica, and like them, they were not unattractive.

“I never thought to ask you what their names were.” Erica questioned.

“Tony and Sofia.” Steve answered rather abruptly.

Tony was similar to Steve in height but appeared to be slightly larger around the chest. Not like a body builder, but more like someone accustomed to physical labor. Sofia again was similar in size to Erica, but had darker hair that she wore longer and in a ponytail. She was dressed in a pair of denim shorts and a tank top with what appeared to be a purple bikini top underneath. Her breasts were slightly larger than Erica’s but were well proportioned to the rest of her body. Both had olive skin hinting of an Italian or Mediterranean background.

It seemed like forever before Steve finally opened the door and excited the car. In a questioning tone he asked, “Tony and Sofia?”

“That’s us!” Tony responded. “You must be Steve and Erica.”

“Nice to meet you.” Steve said shaking hands with both as Erica got out of the car. “This is Erica, but I guess you already had that figured out?”

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