Becky Ch. 04

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Peter stood talking to his friends for a moment, and then one of them, a tall lanky looking kid with blonde hair started walking towards her. She recognized him almost immediately. Brad Jensen. It was another one of the guys that Peter played with on the basket ball team, and in all likelihood, his best friend as he was the first to come walking over. He actually seemed nervous and hesitant at first, unsure of what was expected here as he approached.

“Hi, I’m Brad,” he introduced himself.

“I know. Becky,” she responded kneeling there in front of him looking up. “Go ahead, take it out,” she said simply. Brad unzipped, though keeping his jeans on, fumbling for a moment as he fished around inside, finally withdrawing his somewhat hardened prick. And though it wasn’t nearly fully erect yet, Becky could already see it would be rather long as it grew, yet slim in comparison to Peter’s tool. Becky eyed it appreciatively as Brad stood there stroking it for a moment, coaxing it into even greater hardness.

“You have nice tits,” he said out of the blue, looking down at her, his voice already sounding husky. Becky knew this wasn’t going to take very long, as horny as the boys all were most likely, just thinking about the opportunity to have someone actually jerking their cocks off for them.

“Thanks,” she said looking down at them, the traces of Peter’s cream now dried and caked on her breasts, already looking forward to a new supply of fresh juice as Becky reached up, chasing away Brad’s hand, replacing it with her own as she began slowly working his shaft up and down. “When was the last time you came?”

“Wha…oh, ah, yesterday,” he stammered somewhat confused by the question, though thoroughly enjoying Becky’s talented hand as she continued to manipulate his cock, periodically squeezing it, teasing the head as his lubrications oozed out, which she then used to further stimulate it with.

“Good, hopefully that means you’ll have a lot of cum for me,” she grinned wickedly, looking up at him as she knelt there jacking him off.

“Oh yeah, for sure,” he smiled back. “Peter said we could come on your tits?”

“If you’d like that, yes, you can. Would you like me to titty-fuck you a bit just before you do?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” He responded back looking down at her large somewhat floppy looking breasts, though he found the idea appealing as Becky drew him further down to her level, where she now wrapped her tits firmly about his straining cock, cradling it as she held, pressing them together about his shaft, once again working it slowly up and down. She spit, adding a bit more lubrication as she continued.

“Just say when,” she told him. “Because I actually want to watch it spurt,” she said hotly. “I really want to see this nice hard cock of yours when it cums.”

It wasn’t long after that when he informed her he was ready. Becky sat back on her haunches, once more fisting him, her movements a bit more rapid now as she drove him towards release. He groaned, tensed up, and then called out to her. “Here it cums!” Sure enough, the first hot milky white spurt of his seed leapt from the tip of his cock, splashing copiously against her breast. Another one following quickly after that, and then another…and another, as Becky cried out in joyous glee, watching Brad’s semen splatter against both of her tits until she was saturated almost completely. “Wow, that was…hot!” He exclaimed, still trying to catch his breath, now somewhat sheepishly standing, putting his prick away again.

“Yes it was,” she responded back, looking down at herself, enjoying the feel of his hot sticky semen clinging to her. “Now…go back and send the next one over.”


Mellissa led William into the kitchen area, not at all uncomfortable, or obviously inhibited about standing there naked in front of him as she handed him a cork screw so that he could open the bottle of wine. Mellissa reached up into her cabinet, withdrawing a couple of wine glasses as he did that. It gave him the opportunity to look at her as he began uncorking the bottle. Though her breasts weren’t nearly as large as Becky’s were, they were still bigger than Carla’s had been. They had a nice tear-drop shape to them, with light pink nipples, a bit pointed at the end. He found himself drooling over the thought that he might indeed be sucking on each of them here very, very soon. Or so he hoped anyway. In addition, he took delight in her tight firm ass as she stretched up to retrieve the glasses. Turning back towards him now, placing the glasses on the counter so he could pour. There was a small, neatly trimmed, patch of fur just above her Mons, directing his eyes downwards to it as he poured the wine, once again almost licking his lips, imagining what she might taste like. It had been so long. One of the few things Carla actually enjoyed his doing to her…when he was lucky enough to actually do it. Though ironically enough, Carla had never once reciprocated. The last time he had actually gotten a blow job was from a girl that worked in a massage parlor when he was in the service, shortly before meeting, and eventually marrying his wife. He had actually ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar forgotten what something like that felt like.

“Where’s ah…Jessica?” He asked somewhat nervously.

“She’s staying at her father’s place this weekend. So we pretty much have the entire evening to ourselves,” she winked. They clinked glasses, toasting to that. “Would you care for a snack?” Mellissa nodded towards several plates filled with small little hors’doeuvre’s she had made, having obviously gone to a great deal of effort in creating them.

“I would yes, though perhaps later. Right now, the only thing I’d really care to snack on…is you.”


Becky had been surprised to see Larry there. Peter’s younger brother, and Bobby’s best friend. No doubt, Bobby would himself hear about this, knowing that. Though Becky smiled at the ironic set of circumstances that had caused all this. Perhaps a bit more inexperienced himself, or highly worked up by the time it was his turn, he had climaxed far too soon, and almost immediately, within a minute or two after Becky had actually touched him. And though he so far had the smallest cock of any she’d seen and handled, he had spurted against her tits copiously, far more than Peter and Brad had done combined, so the early unexpected ejaculation had still been worth it regardless of that. Once more leaving her breasts cum-coated, and glistening in the early moon-light.

“Tell Bobby when you see him, that if he still wants to have his cock sucked, or jacked…he can call me. Provided he’s willing to accept things the way they are,” she added. “I’m enjoying this, and have no intention of stopping or going back now. So make sure you tell him that when you see him next, if he’s even still interested.”

Larry seemed shocked, somewhat surprised to hear her tell him that, but he nodded his head, and then walked back to rejoin his group of friends and brother. There was still one more to go, and she was already looking forward to that as she surprised herself, taking off the rest of her clothing until she was naked, laying down on the blanket that Peter had earlier spread out for her. She was laying there touching and pleasing herself when Mike Warder, a member of the football team, but good friends with the other guys came walking up. He already had his dick out, which was nice and hard, and by far, the biggest one she had seen yet.

“The guys wanted me to ask you, if you were up for seconds with any of them, if they wanted to go again.”

“Sure, why not? And in fact, you can tell them they can come over now then if they’re ready,” she stated, having decided that it might be even more fun to see them all at once. “Unless you’d rather have your first turn alone like they did.”

“Actually,” he smiled. “Though this might sound weird to you, I have a girlfriend, so I wasn’t going to let you touch me anyway. I was just gonna jack off over you, no worse than doing that while looking at a magazine, right?” He asked as though seeking some assurance it was really no worse than that, and thus not some kind of violation of commitment with his girlfriend or something. And though Becky could have cared less about that, she saw the need to reassure his conscience.

“Totally understand, and that’s cool,” she said smiling up at him as she lay there touching herself. “All I really want to do is see you squirt anyway,” she said boldly. “And especially with you standing there like that, above me when you do. Should be interesting. And like I said, if the other guys want to come over and join you, then tell them to come on ahead, if they’re ready.”

Mike turned, waving at the other guys, calling out to them. “Hey dudes…she said she’d be cool with that, if you all want to come over, and just jack off over her,” he chuckled. Becky glanced over, seeing them discussing it for a moment, and then as one…including Larry, they all came sauntering over to her once again.


Although still partially dressed, having only removed his shirt, Mellissa had drawn William down onto the couch with her. He was about as excited as he’d ever been, and because of it, Leery in going too fast, or getting too worked up too soon. The last thing he wanted to do was disappoint her, which he feared that he might. In all the years he’d been married to Carla, he’d never technically cheated on her. At least in his mind anyway. Out of pure, simple frustration, he had sought out the services of a prostitute, three times in all those years, though even then, he’d only allowed himself to be given a hand job, no oral sex, and certainly not intercourse, though he’d been actually afraid of doing that in the event he might bring home some disease. He knew Carla would have killed him had he done so. Literally.

They lay together kissing, his hands now freely wandering, caressing and touching her pliant breasts. Already his hard cock was straining against his slacks, no doubt creating and leaving another large wet spot. He actually laughed, remembering that, and then sharing that with her as she looked, confirming, and then laughing with him that he had indeed done ankara götü büyük escortlar so.

“William? There’s something I need to tell you, something you need to know before we continue this any further,” she said suddenly serious, forcing him to sit up next to her as she took his hands into hers.

“Yeah?” He asked inquisitively, though suddenly fearful at what she might have to say, which was confirmed for him moments later.

“You need to know that I have been seeing someone else, and that’s not likely to change,” she began. “But you needed to know that before we take this any further, in the event you’re not ok with that. I don’t want anyone getting hurt because of it.”

Although her comments stunned him to some degree, he was at least grateful for her honesty. He hadn’t considered the very real possibility that she would have been seeing, or dating someone else, though as pretty, and sexy as she was, that shouldn’t have surprised him.

“Does he know about us?”

“She…” Mellissa responded back, blushing just a bit. “And yes, she does. But she wanted me to tell you about us, before you and I got involved with one another. And like I said, to let you know that regardless of what happens here with us, that we will indeed still continue to see each other, and be together from time to time. Is that something you think you can handle?” She asked still holding his hands in hers, though trembling just a bit.

That was certainly something he hadn’t expected to hear, even though he was suspecting something when she initially began. But another woman? William wasn’t sure how to deal with that truth be told, it wasn’t something he’d ever been confronted with before, though he had certainly enjoyed watching two women together in some of the movies he had watched, and had of course had fantasies and the like, regarding threesomes like that. Though never in a million years ever expecting to experience something like that either. Nor was he now. The likelihood of the three of them ever getting together as far-fetched as any of that.

“Does that…shock you? Surprise you?” She worriedly asked.

“Well maybe just a little,” he answered her, though smiling. “I would certainly never have suspected that, just between you and me.” He paused, considering. “Anyone…I know? You know…just in case?”

Mellissa laughed at that. “Oh I’m sure you DO know her in fact. So yes, just in case. Though we would both ask that you keep this to yourself, as it could potentially cause a few problems in the long run. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” he committed, though only somewhat relieved, but even more curious now that she had told him this. “So who?”

“Grace Woodruff.”

The name sounded familiar to him though he couldn’t quite place the face. “The name sounds familiar, though I’m not sure I can place who she is exactly.”

“She’s the P.E. teacher at the high school. Pretty much everyone knows she’s a lesbian, though she keeps her private life to herself, which is why I needed to tell you this, and why we need to be discreet about it. Having any sordid details come out about the two of us, or anyone else for that matter, is the last thing we all need.”

Now he remembered. He’d had a brief discussion with her about a year or so ago, with regards to Becky, the problem she was having with showering in front of the other girls, and the teasing they had given her at the time. She had attempted to have the same conversation with Carla at first, but had come away from that conversation with a bad taste in her mouth, especially as the teasing and torment continued, even though she’d tried stepping in on Becky’s behalf. That had merely evoked the ire of William’s deceased wife, though he hadn’t known it at the time. Carla telling “Miss Woodruff” to keep her nose out of our business. She had called him at the office a few days later, asking if he could privately meet with her, which he’d then done, behind both his daughter’s and wife’s back.

“Listen, the only way I can get her out of having to shower with the other girls, is to get her switched to seventh period. That way, she doesn’t have to shower here, she can go home to do that since schools over with for the day. But the only way I can make that happen, is if Becky’s willing to drop her study class for this one. And then the other problem is this, seventh period is when I am actually with the JV, and Varsity cheerleaders. I have one or two other girls who mainly work for me in the office during that time. I would use Becky as one of them, so she wouldn’t actually even have to participate in doing anything. But it would keep her out of trouble with the other girls, especially…the cheerleaders.”

William clearly remembered having that conversation now with Grace. She was a very well built, very attractive looking black woman, with very deep bronze skin, dark piercing eyes, and a smile that seemed a mile wide when she did.

“I’m not sure what I could do or say to convince her of that,” William told her.

“You leave that part up to me. What I need from you, is your written permission to do that. Something I couldn’t ankara çıtır escortlar obtain from your wife, who was dead-set against it. Fortunately, I don’t need both parents permission. Just one. So if you’re willing…I certainly am, and I can get her into that class, and away from the girls who seem to enjoy tormenting her. Becky never needs to know of this conversation. I’m pretty sure, I can convince her to make the change, for her own good and benefit. So…what do you say?

William had of course, given her his written permission. And much to his delight, he never heard another word, one way or the other, that Becky was having any other problems again with the other girls in school. Sure, he’d heard there’d been some teasing, and even a confrontation once between herself and one of the head cheerleaders, but Grace had immediately put a stop to that, threatening to bar the other girl from ever participating again. With the same threat being applied to all of them…they’d eventually left Becky alone.

“So…you and Grace huh?” He asked smiling now, trying to imagine it.

“Yeah, me and Grace. And don’t go getting your hopes up either you nasty man. Grace is truly a lesbian, never been with a man, never will be either. And no…she’s not into threesome’s either. Tolerant enough of me, knowing that I’m not really a lesbian myself, nor necessarily bi either, just that she and I came together at a point in my life when I was feeling pretty low, and uncomfortable with myself. We got involved because of that, and…because my daughter Jessica, just happened to be one of the cheerleaders that was antagonizing your daughter. So…now you know everything. But now that you do, how do you feel about all that?”

William began removing the rest of his clothing. “Give me a minute, and I’ll show you.”


It was interesting, laying there beneath the stars, uninhibitedly and unabashedly, playing with herself while four men stood around her, looking down, watching her do that as they proceeded to jerk themselves off. Each one of them uniquely different in their own way, four hard cocks of differing size and proportion, the initial reluctance of doing this in front of one another, having melted away as the pure lustful horniness of getting their rocks off again, took over. Even the shyer Larry seemed to be enjoying himself as he stood there jacking his smaller cock, everyone of them picking out a place, and even going so far as to discuss it, as they announced their intentions, on where they planned on placing their next shots.

“Man, look at those tits of hers! Aren’t they fucking amazing?” Mike asked. “I’ve never seen hubcaps on a woman quite like hers are before, have you guys?”

Initially, the term ‘hub-caps’ for her large dark areola’s had bothered her when she’d heard it used before. Now however, she had found it actually stimulating, and suggestive. The mere fact that all four of them seemed to be fascinated with them, with her tits…made it all the more erotic, especially as they commented, looking down as she cupped her breasts together, jiggling them, and playing with them for them.

“Oh fuck, look at that would you?” Brad quipped, stepping up, obviously getting close. “I’m gonna drench this one!” He proclaimed, picking out Becky’s left tit, now pointing his prick directly down at her, milking it fast and furiously, well on his way.

Mike stepped up on the other side, no doubt picking out his target as well, her right breast, though he knelt down beside her now, much closer…perhaps testing and tempting himself as he rubbed the spongy helmeted shaft in his hand against Becky’s hard extended nipple, before his cock suddenly erupted.

“Oh man…look at that!” Someone said, groaning as Mike unleashed what looked like a gallon of cum all over her tit, some of which easily shot up and over her shoulder, hitting poor Larry in the leg.

“Oh fuck man, look where you’re shooting that shit!” Everyone laughed, all except for Larry, though Becky was laughing too, and then felt sorry for him as he blushed both with fury and embarrassment.

“Come here honey,” she cooed beckoning to him. “Bring that sweet dick of yours down here, so I can kiss it.”

With a smug look on his face, Larry knelt down next to her, Mike now moving away to stand and watch. Even Peter was surprised as Becky all but swallowed Larry’s prick, sucking it deeply into her mouth. She did so a number of times, and then removed it saying. “Go ahead Larry…cum in my mouth, I want to taste you,” she said, and then sucked him deeply inside again. In moments, Larry was crying out like a Banshee as he came, filling Becky’s mouth with torrents of his sweet hot sticky cum. As she did that, Peter walked around, standing between her legs, and simply sprayed her nearly from head to toe. Becky felt his spurts criss-crossing her entire body, some of which landed in her hair, alongside her face, some on her tummy and breasts, though he seemed to enjoy milking himself off mostly against her hair-covered pussy. Here, his semen stood out the most, obscene, even vulgar looking in appearance as it clung to, and matted her pussy-coarse hair. Becky reached down, feeling and finding his semen sitting there, and within seconds, used some of it to pleasure her own clit with. She had a nice, though quiet little orgasm as she did that, and as the guys now began to grow uncomfortable standing there with their dicks out in front of one another.

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