Best Friends To Lovers Ch. 02

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Kelly’s eyes widen at the thought of what Grace was going to do but she was up for anything. Kelly felt she had waited long enough to be Grace who was her best friend. Grace moved down as she unbuttoned Kelly’s jean shorts slowly pulling them off her long legs.

Kelly was fit from volleyball in high school as well as bicycling few miles everyday, running, and swimming. Grace smiled because she couldn’t help but admire Kelly’s firm body. Kelly was virgin with women but she moaned in anticipation as her black thong became wet before Grace explored her nether region.

“Oh I’m going take my time just like before, baby,” Grace said looking at the juices that flowed from Kelly’s body, her lips glistening wet. Grace was eager to taste her friend’s cum while she made Kelly orgasm over and over again. For the mean time she was teasing her in a way to ready her for the intensity of what was to come. Kelly’s shorts and thong were tossed on the floor forgotten with the rest her clothes a few seconds later.

Kelly’s nervousness was almost gone she was excited that Grace had been eager to be her first. Feeling Grace’s lips on her stomach as she planted kisses and love bites using her fingers to circles and other designs that made her moan in pleasure with want. Patience may be a virtue in some cases but this wasn’t one of them.

Kelly laid her head back down on the pillow in an effort to make Grace go faster, but when she arched up Grace pulled away from her. “No,” she almost whined at the feeling being lost.

Grace kissed and nipped at Kelly’s inner thigh where she was inches away from where Kelly wanted her to suck and tease. Grace moved illegal bahis her middle finger up slowly teasing the outside of Kelly’s southern lips before sliding a finger inside, then out before adding a second one to the mix. She went slow barely moving her fingers until she had them all the way inside of Kelly’s soaking slit she turned them up and like a hook and brought them back out. The action hit allowed Grace’s fingers to hit Kelly’s g-spot along the way making her cry out in pleasure as she pushed on the sensitive spot.

Kelly could feel her body heating up again it was like a fire starting in the pit her stomach as it flowed down between her legs. She moaned as Grace worked her fingers faster inside of her coming back to that same spot. Kelly was moaning louder now and was thankful for the sound proofing her dad put up when she played her guitar at night. Nobody would be able hear what was going on, and she was glad that door was locked.

“Cum for me, baby, you know you want to,” Grace said making Kelly whimper as she ranked her nails over her g-spot making her cry out as she came. Her muscles clamping down on Grace’s fingers, riding out the waves that over took her body for the second time.

Grace moved up kissing her as she came down from her high, she knew Kelly had waited long enough it had been over hour since they had come to the conclusion that they both wanted each other. “I’m going to taste you baby, see if you’re good you smell. And then you’ll return the favor later.” she said.

Any nervousness that was there before was gone out the window; all the butterflies had found flowers out in the field somewhere and not in Kelly’s illegal bahis siteleri stomach. Grace pushed her legs up bending them at the knee before spreading them open more for her to see the glistening wet lips that were hers now.

Grace bent down while she darted her tongue in hearing Kelly’s breath hitching she took it as a good sign to continue. Licking up and down from top to bottom but never touching the clit which begged to be touched. Kelly whimpered moving around sliding her legs down trying to get more attention to that one spot. Kelly spread her legs out holding them down so she couldn’t move thrusting her tongue into her opening as far it would go.

Kelly grabbed hold the head board as Grace moved her mouth up taking her clit into her mouth finally after working her into another frenzy with one suck Kelly cried out she thought she was going to cum right then there but Grace pulled away from her, “Fuck, baby no, please don’t stop,” she begged.

Grace waited till she calmed down before she started again licking and sucking at her clit like she’d done to her breasts pulling the little nub into her mouth holding it by her teeth as her tongue licked it which made her squirm again when Grace let go her legs. Grace lifted Kelly’s legs up putting them over her shoulders so she could get a better angle.

She licked and sucked pulling at Kelly’s clit, while she moaned and attempted to keep her shouts at minimal in case the room wasn’t as sound proofed as she hoped. Grace looked up at her friend before the grabbed he pillow from her mouth tossing it on floor, “Nope, I want hear you when you cum,” she said.

Kelly gripped canlı bahis siteleri tightly to the headboard as she felt Grace’s fingers return as she continued to torture her clit with her tongue but it wasn’t long before she was cumming again. Her juices were pouring out onto Grace’s finger. Grace pulled them from her sucking the juices up into her mouth as much as she could probing her with her tongue before letting her legs down moving up to her licking the cum from her fingers before she kissed Kelly.

Grace moaned sucking Kelly’s tongue into her mouth like she’d done her nipples. She needed her own release, but she wasn’t sure if Kelly was ready for that yet. She kissed her until they both needed air and she laid down beside Kelly who was panting not able to move when Grace pulled away her body was still shaking from her release, something she hadn’t ever experienced.

Grace curled up into Kelly’s side letting her arm drape over her friend’s stomach. “I’ll let you do me later if you want, right now going take nap,” Grace said closing her eyes.

Kelly smiled, two hours before she had only wanted to be intimate with Grace, now it had happened. She was happy that Grace had felt the same for her; she promised herself it wouldn’t be all about sex but she did look forward to more of that she thought as she looked over at Grace. Kelly didn’t think she would need to look at the magazines for the same reasons any longer but maybe to share them with Grace.

While Grace slept she watched over her thinking of things like what was going happen come August and if she and Grace could maybe attend the same college. She had hopes and dreams but only a conversation with Grace about it all would give her any answers. She would wait to see what happened next as she lay down finally closing her eyes as she willed her brain to turn off so she could just dream of her happy land.


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