Best Friends

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I never imagined that after twenty-two years of happy marriage, having two children, a son who graduated from high school last spring and is going to the University of Arizona on a baseball scholarship, and a daughter, now sixteen, who seems to be Miss “everything” at school, that there could have been anything more fulfilling in my life. Arthur, my husband owns his own software company, is wildly successful and has treated me like his princess throughout our marriage.

We have everything we want, live in a status community and are considered pillars of the Congregational Church to which we have belonged for fifteen years. For the last five years I have been part of a bible study group…a group of women who have become “best friends,” four of whom meet regularly to play bridge. But, I have to confess to you who read this, something has happened in my life that you might consider contrary to your concept of a model wife and mother and a moral, Christian woman. But perhaps, if I can only make you understand my feelings, the joy this new dimension will make sense to you…even if you think this new aspect of my life doesn’t meet your moral standards. But then, maybe you’ll consider walking a mile in my shoes. My name is Mary Wilhelm.

It happened after one of our bridge games, and I have to confess that it became more than just one it. It was a combination of “its” that I will never explain to my husband, even though he might understand, if he found out.

It is a secret part of my life that I both live for and live in dread of. I am the dummy right now at the bridge table. Do you see the woman across the table? Her name is Amanda Firestone. She’s always been, in so many aspects, just a cut above the rest of us, who are all in our mid to late forties. She is too, but, she looks ten years younger and is probably the most glamorous woman I have ever met; I suppose that is what attracted her to me. I’ve always been a flirt and have enjoyed flirting with men. I think it shocked me at first when Amanda began flirting with me, the way I had been flirting with men.

It was not long after I met her that we illegal bahis became best friends. For some reason I viewed her as a kindred spirit. Her flirtatiousness, I considered, was just evidence of her being a free spirit.

Arthur and I became best friends with her and her husband David. Our son Lee and their son Corey are best friends as well; they both played on the high school baseball team, and both have received scholarships to play at major universities. If I had one thing that could be called jealousy toward Amanda was her relationship with her son.

While I’ve always considered Lee as my pet there was always a distance between us. Perhaps the distance was on my part because, as he grew into the god-like creature he has become, I needed to keep space between us to avoid a pattern of familiarity that could lead to something…inappropriate. Amanda, on the other hand, had a relationship with her son, Corey that oozed camaraderie. She was always hugging him, kissing him on the cheek, holding hands and the like. It seemed so healthy and I wished it could be that way between me and Lee.

As I was saying, it happened after one of our bridge games. The other girls

had gone home but Amanda, as she often did, helped me clean up. I was washing the dishes when Amanda came up behind me and place a cup on a saucer into the dish water. She leaned against my back, which I didn’t think anything of, other than realizing how soft her breasts were against my back. But she didn’t move. Instead, she pushed her abdomen against my bottom, reached her other arm around me and washed the cup and saucer, rinsing them and puting them on the drain board. I suppose I should have considered her behavior a bit bizarre, if not inappropriate. But I liked the feeling of her body against mine—and was thrilled when her lips whispered into my ear, “I love you, my friend.”

It was at that moment that flashes of all of our involvements tripped through my brain and I realized what all the flirting had been about… that I had been flirting with her too. I knew then that this was inevitability that both of us had been harboring. illegal bahis siteleri Turning around to let her lips find mine seemed so natural.

There was no question that she was the dominant of the two of us, the teacher. While we kissed, she was the first to pull my turtle neck out of my slacks and put the flat of her hands on my back. They were still wet, something I found even more exciting. When she unsnapped my bra I imagined the elastic of my bra strap, wicking the water. Through her efforts we stood in front of the sink, our tops and bras circling the floor at our feet, naked breast to naked breast, our warm bosoms melting into each other. I was panting like a race horse, and like a race horse yearned for the finish line. Amanda was in control, and, hand in hand, she led me back to my bedroom.

In front of the bed, she undressed me, held my hand and sat me on the edge of the bed. Then she undressed, as she was doing a dance of the seven veils. She stood for me to admire her near perfect body. I told you before that she looked ten years younger than I, and her body confirmed it. My breasts, 34B, even though small, were giving in to gravity. Hers, 36 D with full nipples and two inch brown areolas, were firm and perky. While my pubic hair was black and bushy, hers was reddish-brown and neatly trimmed to a perfect diamond.

“Let’s do something about that Mary. Where are your scissors?”

I felt so naïve, so self-conscious, so un-groomed. “They’re in the top drawer of my dresser.”

In absolute control she went to the dresser and took out the scissors, then kneeled in front of me and spread my legs. She trimmed my bush to a wedge…then raised my legs, positioned my feet on the edge of the bed and trimmed around my lips and…uh…my anus. (I don’t know why I feel embarrassed using the word in front of you. I guess I’m still kind of prudish about it in a way.)

She was so neat about it, catching all of the hair on a towel she had placed between my legs. Then, shocking me a little at what she did, she raised my legs high and touched her tongue to my anus. I blushed in embarrassment, canlı bahis siteleri never having thought anybody, not even my husband would have licked my anus. But, my body started tingling and I found that I liked it…I really liked it. Her mouth opened over my pussy and her tongue licked several times around my anus, then, parted my lips and slowly glided to my clitoris, circling it repeatedly before making its electrifying return to my anus.

It was like my body was levitating; everything felt surreal. In my mind my clitoris felt like it had grown to the size of a giant lima bean and my pussy tingled; my anus was on fire with excitement. I don’t know how long Amanda tantalized me like this. I only remember my body getting hot, my nipples throbbing, and going into a series of spasms, not just once but at least three times. I had always thought my husband, Arthur was a good lover…and he had always brought me to at least one orgasm, and often two. But Amanda’s mouth and tongue brought me to the most glorious orgasm I had ever experienced…then took me to two more, each more intense than the last.

I awoke to the sound of music on the clock radio. I was still naked and I tingled between my legs. It was 4:30 pm. Amanda was gone. She had put me into a state of total relaxation, set the alarm, knowing I might need to be awakened begin dinner (she thought of everything), and she had left.

Dinner that night was fun. For some reason I enjoyed my family more than I usually did. Everybody, my husband, my son and my daughter told me there was a luster in my eyes they hadn’t noticed before and my cheeks were rosy. “Were you working out, Mom?” Lee asked.

The bridge game is over; the girls have left…even Amanda. It was just a year ago when she introduced me to sex between two women, a couple weeks before Christmas. I was hoping she would stay today. But she was anxious to get home; she was expecting Corey, her son, “any minute.”

I know why she was excited. I’m excited for her. But I want her so much. She has introduced me to a Mary Wilhelm I would have never found without her, a Mary Wilhelm I would never have believed could be so alive. I want her. But Lee is probably home now. Corey, my son will be home in a few days. It is going to be such a wonderful Christmas. I’m so horny. I think I’ll go upstairs and masturbate and think of…

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