Birthday Beach Bang

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I kept my eyes tightly shut after stepping out of the steamy shower. I wasn’t sure I could face the mirror this morning. I snuck a peek and was glad to see the steam had covered it completely. You see, the thing is, today is my 35th birthday. Not too long ago that was old – at least as far as I thought. Funny how things change, isn’t it?

I’ve been feeling especially old of late. Last month I dumped my worthless boyfriend, after catching him in the act of screwing out what little brains were in that twenty-something tramp next door. Maybe I am past my prime.

I finally mustered up the courage and walked into my bedroom to face the full length mirror. “Well, here goes nothing,” I sighed. I took a long critical look, and a smile eventually crept onto my face. I’ve just turned 35, and maybe I still can turn a man’s head. My tits are nice, round 34C’s and they still defy gravity. My stomach is flat, my ass is firm and my figure is athletic. At 5′ 9″, I most certainly can’t be called petite.

I’m a natural brunette, but will sometimes go blonde. I go to the beach often, and since my favorite swimsuits are string bikini tops and the tiniest thong bottoms, I prefer not to have hair anywhere but on the top of my head. For those times that I’m a blonde, as I am now, this particular preference also helps keep my secret. My favorite feature however, is the pair of emerald green eyes I got from my Grandpa. Thanks Grandpa. You’re the best.

I have plans to meet my girlfriends this evening for dinner. Until then, the day was mine. Not one to stay inside on such a beautiful day, I packed a few things and headed to my little beach hideaway. Mid-week and before the tourist season, I figured I would have the place almost to myself.

Not long after I started to swim, I noticed that three boys had also decided that today was a day for the beach. Judging from their builds, they had to be in their mid twenties. Today, I consider any male under the age of 25 just a boy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t serve a purpose. A little tingle swept through my thong with that thought.

I swam into shore, wandered over to my blanket, and began to dry myself off. I realized that I had an audience, so I purposely took my time drying my breasts and re-adjusting my thong. The “boys” tried to make it look as if they hadn’t noticed, but the front of their swim trunks told a whole different story.

I laid back on my towel to soak up some sun and fondly remembered another time I had that effect on such young studs. I had just taken my first real job. Fresh out of college, and full of ambition. It was an all girls college, so I was full of pent up sexual energy as well.

My second week in the office and already I was scheduled to be in the executive suite all day to record the minutes of the partners’ meeting. I stayed late after work the night before and I headed upstairs to the conference room, wanting to be fully prepared for tomorrow. I began to set the documents out on the large conference table, when I was surprised to hear the elevator ping.

Two absolutely identical looking, strapping young men stepped out. I recognized them as Tony and Tom. Their dad was the head of the firm. After we went through the usual small talk and office gossip, we realized that everyone else was already gone for the day. A quick glance at each other, and a leering stare at me, and I knew something was up.

We were taught at business school to dress to impress, and I took it to the extreme. Tight silk blouses, a little too short skirts and a little too high heels were all I had in my work wardrobe. The yearning look on their faces told me they approved. I don’t remember exactly who made the first move, but before long, we were well into a group grope on the floor of the conference room.

The two of them were all over me, but they seemed to work as a well practiced team. Tom eagerly massaged my tits as Tony began to unbutton my skirt. They greedily undressed me and then themselves. Tony’s cock was at least 9” and since they were twins, I had almost 20” of hard meat all to myself.

I lowered myself to the lush, carpeted floor. I took my time, making sure my firm, dark nipples rubbed all the way down Tony’s muscular back and over his gorgeous ass. He immediately knelt behind me. He started drilling his rod into my very wet slit, while I began to lick Tom’s shaft from its head to its hilt. A few moments later, Tony drove his sturdy cock right up my ass. I gasped out loud and Tom plunged himself full into my mouth.

They fell into what must be a well rehearsed rhythm and they soon had me moaning and squirming with delight. Those twins must do everything together, because just as I felt Tom’s cock start to swell and quiver in my mouth, Tony let out a moan a pumped a hot load of cum deep in my ass. Within seconds, another blast of thick cum filled my mouth and I swallowed all that I could.

When I soon stood up from the floor, they laid there and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri admired their work. Tony’s load was now slowly running down my smooth inner thigh, while some of Tom’s cum was dripping off my chin onto my tits. They were still smiling and stroking their semi hard cocks, when I suggested a double penetration on the conference table. They were more than happy to oblige.

Tony lay down on his back in the middle of the table. I straddled him on my knees and I pushed my warm, wet slit onto his newly rock hard shaft. Tom came up, settled in behind me and took over pounding my ass. We were all practically screaming when we climaxed together. My cunt clamped tight onto Tony’s cock and began to spasm while Tom thrust himself deep in my ass. Two more loads of hot cum came spewing forth into me while my clit throbbed with delight.

After a while, we slowly disentangled ourselves and made our way to the executive washroom. We didn’t shower all together, but instead, they each took a slow turn solo with me under the warm running water.

The next morning I had a hard time concentrating on my work at the partner’s meeting. I couldn’t help but picture the three of us going at it on that big oak table, right in front of where their father now sat. There’s also no way he didn’t notice their big, sly grins every time they stole a look at me.

A distant rumble of thunder interrupted my daydream. There was only one dark cloud overhead, so I decided I’d wait out the rain in one of the little huts that dotted the dunes. What I thought were the gusting winds of the cloudburst soon became distinct whisperings just outside the hut. I opened the door and there stood those same three “boys”, now drenched by the sudden downpour.

“Well, don’t just stand there,” I laughed. “Either get in here, or make a run for your car up in the lot.” Slowly they shuffled in.

They all wore the same Varsity Volleyball tee shirts over their swim shorts. “Don’t they teach you anything at that college,” I teased them. “You should have at least learned to get in out of the rain.” They mumbled something incoherent. “Well, it looks like we’re going to be here a little while, so I guess we should get acquainted,” I said. “I’m Shannon.”

“I’m Craig,” the tallest one said. “This is Nick,” he said, indicating the only blonde of the three, “And he’s Jon. We didn’t mean to intrude.”

“It’s all right,” I said. “I didn’t want to spend my birthday all by myself, anyway.”

“Happy Birthday,” they all said at once and then we all laughed. “I wish we knew that it was your birthday,” Craig said, obviously the leader of this group. “We would have baked a cake, or brought you some presents.” Nick rolled his eyes in disbelief. Jon just continued to stare at the floor.

I was still very aroused from my daydream, and figured why not treat myself on my birthday. Let’s see if I’ve still got what a young man wants. “I don’t know,” I said. “It seems to me, I saw some presents in your pants pockets while I was drying myself off earlier.” Their jaws all dropped. Just a little, but they definitely dropped.

Craig seemed to be looking for something ingenious to say, when I said, “So, am I going to get to see these presents, or what? If you would be so kind as to unwrap my presents,” I said, “We can get this birthday party started.”

They just looked from one to another in silence. Craig finally nudged Nick with an elbow, and said, “We love birthday parties, don’t we guys?” A couple of silent nods were all that Nick and Jon could manage, but they all started to peel off their wet clothes. I undid my wrap, sat, and enjoyed the show.

Craig was, not surprisingly, the first to get totally nude. He immediately began to squeeze his cock in his hand, so it would appear longer after having shriveled a little in the cold rain. Nick was naked a moment later, similarly stroking his amazing young rod. Jon, who at first I thought might be too shy to go through with it, finally dropped his shorts to reveal to me, by far, the largest of my presents. I also noticed that he too preferred minimal amounts of body hair. Just a small tuft of dark, curly hair sat above the base of his exquisite shaft and perfectly bare balls.

“Well, well,” I teased. “Aren’t these all such lovely presents? I guess since you brought such nice presents for me, I should show you the party favors I have for you.”

I slowly stood and stepped toward their tanned naked bodies. I untied and slipped off my bikini top. The air was cool and my nipples instantly hardened. Craig and Nick hardened too. I caressed one breast, then the other, then both of them at once. I turned around and slowly wiggled out of my thong. I bent all the way over just to show off my ass, and then stood back up. When I turned back to face them fully nude, and they got a good look at my completely shaved mound, Jon was as hard as his buddies.

I’ll admit I was both nervous and excited at güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the thought of what was about to happen. We all just stood there admiring the views for a moment, when Craig finally broke the silence and asked, “What would the birthday girl like now?”

“I would like to play with my presents,” I said. “All of them, all at once.”

I stepped up to them, knelt down and took Craig and Nick in each of my hands. I squeezed and stroked their cocks and used my tongue to toy with their swollen helmets. Jon stepped around behind me and began to massage my tits. He rolled my firmly erect nipples between his thumbs and forefinger and began to kiss the back of my neck. I could feel myself getting soaking wet.

I motioned Nick to the floor just beneath me and he eased himself onto his back. I stayed on my knees and wriggled over his face. He didn’t need any further coaxing. He immediately started to lick the juice that pooled in my slit and to do wondrous things with his tongue to my clit. I grasped the base of Craig’s thin cock and started to lick it along its entire length. When he was good and wet I plunged it into my mouth and began to suck and swirl.

I may have gone to an all girls college, but my roommate taught me how to suck cock like a pro. I quickly mastered all the tongue tricks she favored, and soon learned to take up to 8 inches of cock deep down my throat. Craig shuddered in appreciation of my talents, while I started to grind my clit against Nick’ probing tongue. All the while, Jon kept massaging my tits and rolling my erect nipples in his fingers. He was pressing his smooth, massive cock against me and I could feel his pre-cum collecting on my back.

Nick paused to take a breath, and I plunged two fingers into myself and brought them out covered in sweet cream. I offered them over my shoulder to Jon and he gladly sucked them clean.

“Hey, how ’bout some of that for me,” Craig managed to say between grunts and moans. I never did stop sucking his cock after all. I quickly plunged my fingers back into my slit and gave Craig his taste.

“You like finger fucking, I see,” Nick laughed. “Well, that’s fine by me.” Immediately I felt one, then two, and then a third finger start probing my dripping cunt. He kept driving all three of them into me while he alternated rubbing my throbbing clit with his thumb and his tongue. I felt the early shudders of orgasm wash over me again and again, and I thought Nick might just drown in my cream.

Craig yelled “OK Team, Rotate!” I laughed and remembered their Varsity tee shirts, now in a pile to my right. The team moved in one fluid motion. Nick slid out from under me and positioned himself in back. Jon came around to face me, and I got my first up close look at his giant, engorged member. Craig quickly dropped beneath me but, instead of his mouth, he positioned his cock under my slot. Just as well, because I really wanted a cock in me at this point.

I sized up Jon and realized there was no way that thing was going to fit down my throat. I slurped down all that I could handle and began to move my head back and forth to fuck him with my mouth. I just started pumping his shaft with one of my hands, when I felt Craig shove his cock up into my dripping cunt. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down until his shaft was buried deep within me. He started to lift me up and pull me back down onto his cock. I used my free hand to rub my clit furiously as an orgasm started to crash over me. I stopped sucking on Jon just long enough to cry out in ecstasy.

I was literally shoving Jon’s cock back into my mouth when I heard Nick yell, “Hey Craig, make some room. I’m tired of just jerking myself off while you two have all the fun.”

“There’s one more opening back there,” I managed to say before the next orgasm turned my speech into gibberish. Nick managed to get Craig to stop fucking me long enough to wipe his own cock along my dripping pussy. Now fully coated with my cream, Nick slowly pushed his full shaft into my ass. When he was all the way in, Craig resumed slamming himself into me.

Here I was. My 35th birthday and I’m air tight with three young studs in me at once. Jon is in my mouth, Craig is fucking me hard and fast, and Nick has his cock buried deep in my ass. I am completely full and the orgasms start rolling over me in rapid succession.

As great as all this felt, I think I surprised myself more than the others, when I was the one who yelled, “OK Team, Rotate!” They moved as swiftly as before, almost as if they were programmed to shift at this command.

Craig shimmied himself out from under me and took up position behind me. Jon slipped beneath me in the same instant. Nick scooped up a wet beach towel and quickly wiped himself off. He practically ran over to position himself in front of me. I was still on all fours, just waiting for this next round.

I took a slow, deliberate look at my now panting and sweaty companions. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I was now certain that this round would be the best. I could easily fit Nick’s entire cock quite snug down my throat. Craig’s thinner shaft would be an absolute pleasure pumping my ass, and I was more than ready to stuff Jon into my wet and pleading slot.

First, I soaked Nick’s cock with my lips and tongue. I then slowly slipped its entire length in my mouth. Next, Craig slid his shaft up my ass with relative ease, as he was still covered in my thick juices. At last, I lowered myself onto Jon, taking his long, thick pole fully into my cunt.

I stopped slurping on Nick just long enough to tell Craig that he was the motion man for this round. I told him to slowly and firmly pump his cock into and out of my ass. His thrusts slid Nick in and out of my mouth, while they also rocked my clit back and forth over Jon. I groaned and shuddered as he steadily quickened his pace. Air tight once again; I had one orgasm after another.

Jon was masterfully rubbing my clit. His large, thick fingers felt almost as good as when I did it myself. My juices ran down the base of his thick, shaved post and quickly covered his bare sac. Nick was now squeezing my tits. I could tell he was surprised by how firm they felt in his grasp. My nipples grew even harder as he matched the slow, firm squeeze I was putting on his cock with my tongue. I started to fondle his balls, and I felt him swell in my mouth. By now, Craig was starting to slow down his thrusts and Jon was beginning to moan as loudly as Nick.

“If you’re ready to cum boys,” I said, “Then I’m ready too. Let’s not waste even one drop of it.”

They quickly disengaged. I was now kneeling upright and they circled in front of me, vigorously pumping their cocks. I giggled as I thought to myself; I want the next part of my birthday present all over my birthday suit.

“I’m the birthday cake boys,” I teased. “It’s time for some frosting.”

Immediately, Nick began to spurt. When I felt the first warm blast hit me, I looked down to see a perfect shot centered between my tits. I heard another groan and my left nipple disappeared under a thick blanket of hot cum. Craig screamed and began spraying his load all over my stomach. Nick, by now, had completely covered my left tit and kept on pumping. I looked up just in time to see Jon smile and open his eyes. The first shot hit my neck and drizzled over my right tit. He aimed his enormous cock at my tits and blasted them with a tremendous load of rich, steamy cum. I couldn’t count how many shots of the wonderful white stuff hit me after that, but eventually their balls ran dry.

When they finally stopped pumping their cocks, I looked up at them and then down at myself. Only a dribble of fluid was clinging to the tip of each of their shafts, but there was now an immense load of hot cum all over my tits and my stomach. It ran down my belly, overflowed my navel, and mingled with my own juice between my legs. I took a finger full from between my tits and savored the salty taste.

“Time for my massage, men,” I said to them as I lay back onto the floor. I arched my back and my breasts heaved up at them. I felt their combined load start to drip from my slit and trickle over my ass. I could barely see my erect nipples poking through the warm white ooze. I started rubbing the hot cum that covered my tits. As their fluids squished between my fingers, my pussy began to tingle once more. They kneeled down and took over kneading my tits and rubbing their cum all over my body. They smeared it down my thighs and over my chest and shoulders. They took turns placing their fingers in my mouth. I hungrily cleaned off each and every one of them.

What girl doesn’t love a full body rub down? A cum rub down from three guys at once, is a birthday gift I would highly recommend. Small waves of pleasure began to build deep within me again. When one of them began rhythmically rubbing cum into my mound, my clit started to throb with an urgent need.

“I need one of you to help me finish,” I gasped. “The first one of you to get fully erect can have me for yourself.”

These three were so competitive. They quickly moved off and began to stroke themselves vigorously. I sat up and spread my legs for them, the glistening prize in full view. I rubbed my eager clit while three semi-hard cocks were being furiously pumped in a race to get into me. I was certain it would be Craig who got there first. What a surprise it was to see Jon and his enormous shaft walking toward me. I guess he’s not so shy after all.

He gently laid me on my back and raised my knees. I lifted up on my elbows so that I could watch. He grasped his cock at its base and started to tease my clit with his helmet. My pussy quivered in response to his touch. I gasped as he slipped inch after inch of his wonderful cock into my cunt until it disappeared inside me.

Slowly at first, but then with increasing speed, he plowed into me. My ass was sliding around in the cum that had pooled beneath me. He grabbed my hips and held tight, continuing to drive cock into me. His breath quickened as did the force of his thrusts. I wanted to grab his smooth, round ass and pull him in even harder, but it was beyond my reach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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