Birthday Boy

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There were only two weeks left in senior year but I was looking forward to something in the nearer future. My 18th birthday was tomorrow!

I was getting my lunch money from my locker when I heard a voice behind me.

“Hey, birthday boy.”

“Not until tomorrow,” I replied as I turned around. I’d been going out with Sara for almost a year. She approached and stood on her toes to give me a kiss.

“I have a surprise for you,” she said. We were alone at the corner lockers but I still glanced around just to make sure. I’d taken her out to the fanciest restaurant in town for her birthday so I knew she’d try to outdo me.

“I like surprises,” I said as I smiled down at her. She had an amazing body and was the envy of most of the guys at school. I still have to pinch myself from time to time as I can’t believe she’s mine. “But I don’t think this is the place.”

“You’re no fun!” She playfully shoved me and stuck out her tongue. I laughed and asked what she had planned. “You’ll just have to wait and see…” she replied as we began walking to the cafeteria.

My parents were vacationing abroad and my older brother was still off at college so I had the house to myself. My mother had been guilty about being gone for my birthday but I insisted they go enjoy themselves. “It’s not like we’re rich, this might be your only chance to see Paris!” Little did they know I had other reasons for wanting them gone.

Ever since we learned about my parents vacation Sara and I had been looking forward to finally not having to sneak around. It’s no fun having sex knowing your parents are just down the hall. We could finally cut loose and we planned to try to cause the next earthquake.

Sara’s looks weren’t the only thing about her that made guys want her. Even before we got together she had a reputation around school for being kind of kinky. In fact, as I came to find out, she might be the only person around who’s as horny as I am.

It was a rumor going around about me that made her approach me one day after school almost a year ago. When I saw her coming I didn’t know what to think. I was tall, gangly, and awkward and girls had all but ignored me my entire life. Yes, I was a complete virgin when we met but it didn’t take long for that to change.

“I’ve heard about you,” she said. All I could do was stand there and wait for her to continue. I knew what it was about. Ever since my older brother warned me about the teasing he’d suffered I’d been extremely careful to not let anyone see me in the showers after gym but one day Trey, one of the asshole jocks, caught a glimpse.

“What the fuck is that?” I heard from behind me. I was completely frozen. My cover had been blown. By the next week everyone was talking about my “ant-eater dick”. I even saw girls whispering to each other when I walked by. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. That is, until Sara.

“You’re not cut?” she asked. “Why, are you going to laugh at me too?” I said. “No. In fact I think it’s pretty hot. I’ve never seen one like that in person before.” That’s how our relationship started. By the end of that night I’d gotten my first blowjob AND lost my virginity. We’ve been together ever since.

When we first started going out I thought I was anything but attractive. I’d always been the awkward geeky kid. Too tall and too skinny with glasses and comically large feet. In the past year though I started working out and have put some muscle on. Sara helped me with my hairstyle and clothes and this year I’d been more popular than ever. Although we were initially attracted to each other for superficial reasons we’d come to find out we had many things in common and have fallen madly in love with each other. Meeting Sara is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

The bell pulled me out of my daydream. It was finally here. An entire weekend alone with Sara! She was waiting for me by my locker. I walked up and gave her a kiss. “How about you come over and we start the party early?”

She grinned, “My parents are still here, remember? Besides its only one more night and then…” she backed away and slowly spun around teasing me with her body. “…I’m all yours.” God she knew how to turn me on.

“I don’t know if I can wait,” I said, reaching down to adjust my hardening cock. “Just save it for tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did.” With that she winked and blew me a kiss. I stared at her perfect ass swaying in her tight jeans as she walked away. It was going to be a long night.

I was lost in a dream when my alarm went off. The day had arrived at last. Sara had called last night and made me promise not to jerk off so I’d be “ready for the surprise.” I’d wracked my brain but I had no idea what she could have planned.

I felt a wet spot on my silk boxers at the tip of my raging hard-on. Must have been a pretty good dream. I looked down at the tent in my boxers. My too-big size 14 feet stuck up in the air beyond, the long toes curling as I rubbed my bulge. I lifted my ass off the bed and pulled bahis firmaları my boxers down. My cock sprung up and wetly slapped on my belly. My foreskin was still covering the head as I pushed on the base and made my cock stand straight up. I have a pretty big cock, not porn star-sized but well above average, about 7.5″. It looks even bigger on my still-too-skinny 6’3″ frame. I slowly pulled the skin back and revealed the bright pink head. God, I wanted to blow a load so bad but I also wanted to keep my promise to Sara. I sat up and looked at the clock. 9:32. Sara was coming at 12:00. I got a pair of basketball shorts from my dresser and went to take a cold shower.

I was watching TV when the doorbell rang. My heart skipped a beat as I ran to the door, wearing bright red basketball shorts and nothing else. My semi-hard cock was bulging as I opened the door.

“Nice outfit,” she said, smirking. My jaw dropped as I looked her up and down. Sara looked absolutely stunning. Her brown hair was wavy and styled in a sexy long ‘do that draped over her shoulders. She had on just enough makeup to accentuate her facial features but not too much, I hated when girls wore too much makeup. Her eyes were deep blue. I never wanted to look away from them. She was wearing a low-cut sleeveless t-shirt that showed off her amazing tits perfectly. She also had on her signature skinny jeans which clung to her perfect hips and ass.

“Can I come in or are you just going to stand there drooling all day?” I stepped aside and shut the door as she entered. “God you look amazing,” I said as I stepped up to her and put my hands on her ass. “Yeah, I thought you noticed.” She reached down and squeezed my cock through my shorts as I leaned down and gave her a deep kiss. “I can’t believe the day’s finally here.”

“Let’s go get comfortable, birthday boy.” She took my hand and led me into the living room. “Now you just sit down and enjoy the show,” she said as she pushed me toward the couch. I sat in the middle of the sofa and watched as she began a striptease dance. I was raging hard already and Sara caught me as I started to rub my bulge.

“Ah ah ah, no touching that.”

“Come on baby, I’m horny as fuck!”

“I know you are sweetie but you’ll enjoy your surprise more if you wait. Now…” She approached the sofa and put her hand over my eyes. “…no peeking.”

I closed my eyes. “Just what is this big surprise, anyway?”

“I told you, wait and see.”

“You can open your eyes, baby.”

I opened my eyes and saw her standing before me. She was wearing the sexiest lingerie I’d ever seen. It was sheer black with lace fringe. There was just a strip of fabric covering her nipples and it had thigh high tights connected to the sheer bottoms. My cock jumped. “Oh fuck yeah,” I said softly as she approached my position.

“I thought you’d like it.”

“Oh baby I’ve never seen anything hotter in my life.”

She giggled, “I think I’ve made you suffer long enough.”

She knelt down between my knees and put her hand on my shorts over my cock. “Poor thing needs some attention, doesn’t he?”

“Oh yeah…” I was overwhelmed with lust and it took all my self control not to jump on her and nail her to the floor. She leaned down and put her mouth on the growing precum spot at the head of my cock. I could feel her tongue through my shorts. I let out a soft groan of pleasure.

“I fucking love the taste of your precum.” She looked into my eyes, “Let me take these off for you.”

I lifted my ass off the couch and she began to pull my shorts down slowly, so slowly. She would lean down and plant a small kiss on each inch of cock shaft as it was revealed. When she got to the head she let it spring up and slap on my belly.

“I’ve been waiting for this, too.” She leaned down and took the very tip of my foreskin in her mouth, teasing it and nursing on it like a newborn puppy. I was groaning in ecstasy already, she always knew exactly how to get me going.

She pulled back and slipped her tongue under the skin, swirling it around my sensitive head. “Oh fuck yes!” I yelled out, putting my hands on her head. “Suck it, baby, please.”

“Not just yet, we don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

“Will you please just tell me what it is? You’re driving me crazy!”

“Poor baby…” she leaned down and licked from under my balls up to the tip of my foreskin making me let out another groan. “…it’ll only be a few more minutes, I promise.” She took my cock in her hand and pulled the skin back so slowly, god she was such a fucking tease. She leaned in and began tickling my ultra-sensitive frenulum with the very tip of her tongue. “Oh FUCK!!” The pleasure was almost too much. I screamed and involuntarily bucked my hips as a big glob of precum bubbled out of my piss slit and ran down over her fingers. She licked them off as if she was dying of thirst.

I was so lost in lust and pleasure I didn’t notice Sara checking the clock every few minutes as she continued her extreme teasing kaçak iddaa of my tortured cock. I was almost in tears I was so horny. Just as I thought I couldn’t take any more the door bell rang.

“Finally…” Sara stood up and walked to the entrance of the room. “You just stay there, stud. Your surprise is here.” She closed the living room door leaving me alone and naked on the couch.

Sara came back alone. “Close your eyes, baby.”

“What’s going on? Who’s here? I don’t want anyone else to see me like this!”

“Just relax baby, I promise you’ll love it. Now close your eyes.”

I closed my eyes. “OK, you can come in now!”

My heart fluttered as I heard the door open and someone enter the room. I was extremely nervous about being nude and had no idea who on earth Sara had invited over. My cock had deflated somewhat but was still semi-hard against my thigh.

“You can open your eyes now, baby.” It took me a moment to comprehend what I was seeing when I opened my eyes. Sara’s best friend Tracy was standing there staring at my naked body. Tracy was the second hottest girl at school and I’d had more than a few fantasies about her and Sara over the years. Now they were both right here for me to enjoy.

“Happy birthday, baby,” Sara said as she approached me and gave me a kiss. “Say hi, Trace!”

“Oh, uh, hey. Nice body.”

“Uh, thanks. Sara, you want to tell me what this is about?”

“Oh alright.” She sat on my right on the couch. “Come on, Trace, don’t be shy.” Tracy came over and sat on my left. She was staring at my cock.

“You know I tell Tracy about you and she was curious. She’s never had an uncut cock and so I said she could try yours.”

“You didn’t think to ask me?!” I asked.

“No. I wanted it to be a surprise. I knew you wouldn’t mind. I know you used to jack off thinking of us, we used to catch you staring at us back in Junior High!” She had me there.

Tracy was still staring. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail and she wore a basic t-shirt and jean shorts. Sara and I both could tell she was nervous.

“I feel weird being the only one who’s naked,” I said, trying to break the tension.

Sara got up and stood in the middle of the room in front of me. “Come here, Trace.”

Tracy got up and stood beside Sara. Sara, still in her lingerie, embraced Tracy and they began to kiss passionately. “Fuck that’s hot,” I said as my cock began to rise again.

Sara pulled Tracy’s shirt over her head then pulled her hair tie out so her pony tail fell loose. Her hair was longer than Sara’s and hung straight down her back. Sara broke their kiss and took her top off. Her perky tits were perfect, nicely sized but not too big with hard nipples in the center of pink areolas the size of quarters. Tracy still had her bra on as she took off her shoes, socks, and shorts. I thought I must still be dreaming. My ultimate fantasy was unfolding right in front of me!

In a few minutes both girls stood completely naked before me. Sara had nicely trimmed pubes but Tracy’s pussy was shaved smooth which was a huge turn on. Sara came back and sat down beside me. “Make room.” She pulled my knee and I spread my legs. My heavy, full balls hung low as my cock stood straight up, hard as steel.

“OK, Trace, go ahead.” Tracy came and knelt down between my legs. “I’m not sure what to do.”

“Just have fun with it, it won’t bite.”

Tracy reached out and yanked my skin back, making me wince. Sara took hold of her arm. “Be gentle, he’s a lot more sensitive than other guys.”

“Oh,” Tracy looked up at me, “sorry.” I nodded and relaxed, enjoying the attention I was receiving from these two beautiful girls.

Tracy went back to jerking my cock. She stared at it as she made the skin go up and down my fat pink cockhead. “It’s so soft…” She leaned over and took the head in her mouth making me cry out with lust. “…it tastes good, too.”

“Time to start.” Sara got down between my legs beside Tracy. “Just relax and enjoy this, baby. Today is all for you.”

“God I fucking love you,” I said as I stared down at my girlfriend and her best friend, each with a hand on my cock.

“I love you too, baby.”

With that Sara began to suck my balls while Tracy sucked my cock. God it was amazing. I’ve always loved when Sara sucked my nuts but having someone sucking my cock while she did it was almost too much. I was writhing and groaning and we’d only just started. My cock was so hard it throbbed with each heartbeat.

Sara spit out my balls and began to make out with Tracy with my cock between their lips. I was in heaven. Precum was running out and coating their lips as they sucked and licked all over my dick. I was already getting close.

“Oh fuck yes suck my fucking cock!” I was bucking my hips pushing my cock up farther into the air. Sara whispered in Tracy’s ear and they both went down to my nuts. Each of them sucked one of my balls into their mouth. I never knew anything could feel so fucking good. kaçak bahis My cock was pulsing, harder than it had ever been. Precum wasn’t just running out, it was shooting a small stream with every pulse. I’d never been so horny in my life.

“Oh my fuckin god yeah suck my fucking NUTS!” I screamed and pushed my genitals into their faces. “I’m getting close.”

When I said that Sara reached up and began rubbing my frenulum with her finger. That was all I could take. I let out an incomprehensible roar of pleasure as my cock bucked hard. A rope of pure white cum flew over my head and landed somewhere behind me. The next two shots did the same. My eyes were open but I couldn’t focus on anything. I’d never felt anything so intense. None of the orgasms I’d had in my life were anywhere near this level. Tracy and Sara continued to suck hard on my balls as I kept cumming for what felt like hours.

“Uuhhhh my fuckin guhhhd” I could barely speak. The girls stopped sucking and knelt before me, looking at my load. I was covered in streaks of white cum.

“Wow!” Tracy said as she wiped a strand from my abdomen and licked it off her finger.

“Told you it was worth it to wait.” Sara smiled at me and licked some cum off my cheek. “And that was just the beginning.”

Tracy and Sara took turns licking all the cum off my body. By the time they were done my cock was rock hard again. “Fuck I need that cock inside me,” Sara said. “Get up!” I stood up off the couch and Sara laid back and spread her legs. “Fuck me, baby, I need it so bad!”

I got on top of her and pushed into her tight pussy. I began to fuck her slowly, pushing more inside with every thrust. “Ohh fuck yeah, come here Trace!” Tracy knelt down by Sara’s head. Sara turned toward her and began to make out with her best friend. I had my entire cock in her now and started to fuck her long and slow. It was my favorite way to fuck. Sara pulled away from Tracy. She was whimpering with pleasure. “God I fucking love your big cock!” Tracy made her way down to Sara’s tits and sucked a nipple into her mouth which made Sara cry out in pleasure.

Having just blown the biggest load I’d ever blown I knew I’d be able to last a while so I just enjoyed the show, continuing to plunge myself fully into Sara’s dripping cunt. “Fuck me harder, goddamn it!” I loved how dirty Sara got when she was close to cumming. I started to fuck in and out faster. Tracy moved down and began to lick Sara’s cunt and the base of my cock which caused us both to groan in pleasure.

Tracy sucked Sara’s fat clit into her mouth and that was all it took. “Oh my fucking Christ I’m CUMMING!!” Sara’s pussy clamped down on my cock like a vice. I pushed my full length inside her and could feel the walls of her cunt moving and massaging my cock. Fuck it felt amazing. Sara was bucking her entire body, unable to make a sound. I could tell she was cumming hard. Finally she was able to get a word out. “Ohh fucking STOP I can’t take any more!” Tracy stopped sucking Sara’s exhausted clit. Sara laid on the couch completely spent, my rock hard cock still inside her. I leaned down and french kissed my beautiful girlfriend. Tracy stood up and wiped Sara’s pussy juice off her face. “My turn!”

“Come over here.”

I pulled out of Sara and looked at her, silently asking permission. She nodded and I went over to Tracy.

“Sit here.” I sat down in my dad’s old recliner. Tracy pulled the handle raising the foot rest. “I guess it’s true what they say about guys with big feet.” She rubbed her hand up the side of my left foot and squeezed my toes. My cock was throbbing again and standing straight up in the air. “I want to know what that sexy cock feels like in my pussy.”

“Well then bring it over here,” I said. Her cunt was completely smooth. I stopped her before she got on top of me and made her stand by my head. With the chair leaning back my head was at the perfect height with her pussy. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her pussy to my face. “Oh fuck.” She whimpered softly as I explored her folds with my tongue. I sucked each bald labia into my mouth then I found her clit and nibbled on it gently with my lips.

“Oh wow, yes!” Tracy cried out as I teased her clit. I slipped a finger into her cunt. She was incredibly tight and wet as fuck. “Climb on here with me.”

She followed my instruction and I lined up my cock with her hole. “Sit on it.” With that she plunged herself down onto my rock hard penis. “Oh fuck it’s big!”

“Fuck yeah you’re so goddamn tight!” She fucked herself on my cock slowly at first, getting used to the new feelings. “Holy shit I can feel your foreskin moving in my cunt.”

“Isn’t it hot?” Sara had recovered and was standing beside me watching me fuck her best friend.

“Fuck yes it is!” Tracy picked up speed and was riding my cock like a pro. I was groaning and cussing, overcome with lust and pleasure. Sara’s pussy was great but she wasn’t nearly as tight as Tracy.

Sara knelt beside me and kissed me as Tracy rode my cock. Tracy started to scream and I felt her pussy contract as her orgasm washed over her. I was trying hard to hold back my own as I watched her cum on my cock. Sara was fingering herself watching us. “Fuck that’s hot!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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