Bisexual Prince of Ethiopia Ch. 02

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The House of Tilaye is definitely not one of the wealthiest or most powerful in the Ethiopian socio-political sphere but they do have a good name, and own several villas and farm houses in the environs of metropolitan Dire Dawa. In the summer of 1769, Prince Ismael Tilaye, ruler of House Tilaye, sought an alliance with the wealthy and powerful House of Adugna and thus, offered the hand of his daughter Mona to their son Prince Malik in marriage. Arranged marriages are always a roll of the dice, but sometimes, it’s a match made in heaven…

Prince Malik of House Adugna is one of the leading nobles in the City of Dire Dawa, located in eastern Ethiopia, dangerously close to the Somali border. In the past, when Somali warlords sought to invade Ethiopia to spread their religion and culture, the people of Dire Dawa, fierce fighters all, quelled the invasion every bloody time. Let the Emperors of Ethiopia dwell safely in Gondar City. The average Ethiopian citizen knows that he or she owes their freedom and safety to the people of Dire Dawa, whose town is affectionately referred to as the City of Sentinels.

In the waning days before Zemene Mesafint, the so-called Era of the Princes, the Ethiopian Empire carried on as it always has. Due to the Ethiopian people’s strong sense of nationalism and the stability provided by the Great Solomonic Emperors, Africa’s most resilient nation had nothing to fear. Let other African kingdoms fall to the sway of the Europeans and the Arabs. Ethiopia is a nation of fighters and they’ve never been conquered. Tough times pendik escort awaited the women and men of the noble houses of Ethiopia, but for the moment, ignorance is bliss…

Mona Tilaye lay in bed, stark naked, her curvaceous, brown-skinned body covered in a fine sheen of sweat. The young Ethiopian woman, originally from the Habesha clan, smiled as she rested her head against her fiancé Prince Malik’s chest. The tall, dark-skinned and virile Ethiopian stud lay still though he was definitely not slumbering. After a night of lovemaking, Mona was pleasurably sore but she did not mind at all. Prince Malik, the heir of House Adugna, one of the most powerful noble families in all of Ethiopia, definitely lived up to his reputation as a ladies man.

“Good morning beloved,” Mona said, and Prince Malik cupped her chin and kissed her gently. Mona kissed her fiancé back passionately, and before she knew it, they were at it again. Prince Malik kissed Mona’s lips and caressed her throat before sucking on her nipples. The young Ethiopian woman sighed happily as her lover kissed a path from her lips to her belly, before spreading her thighs. Inhaling Mona’s scent, Prince Malik looked up at her and winked, and then buried his handsome face between her thighs…

“Oh just like that,” Mona whispered, and she lay there, her eyes closed, utterly relaxed as Prince Malik ate her pussy like a hungry man. Mona sighed happily as Prince Malik sucked on her clit and then fingered her pussy, working her over until he coaxed a wicked orgasm out kağıthane escort of her. Mona shrieked on the bed, writhing and moaning in pleasure as Prince Malik worked his magic on her. After licking and teasing Mona’s sweet pussy, Prince Malik left her a quivering mess. Pleasuring a woman is an art form, and in that regard, Prince Malik of House Adugna is an artist…

“I want you,” Prince Malik told Mona, and she grinned and looked at this formidable, well-built man and licked her lips. Mona kissed Prince Malik and caressed him tenderly, and then stroked his manhood. Prince Malik groaned as Mona grabbed his dick and stroked him before leaning over to take him into her mouth. Much to Prince Malik’s surprise, the demure and cultured daughter of reclusive House Tilaye proved to be quite good at sucking dick. Indeed, Mona sucked Prince Malik’s dick and massaged his balls while fellating him, taking the princeling to cloud nine.

“I am yours,” Mona told Prince Malik, after getting his dick hard as a rock, and he grinned and put her on all fours. Mona Tilaye, daughter of House Tilaye, is no great beauty but she does have a pleasant face, a curvy body, small breasts and a nice, thick ass. In fact, when Mona walks the streets of Dire Dawa, with armed escorts of course, many young men remember the young woman’s thick derriere even though they often don’t remember her face. Prince Malik had fallen in love with Mona’s derriere from the moment they met…

“Such a beauty,” Prince Malik maltepe escort said, and he kissed Mona’s thick derriere, and then continued making love to her. Mona grinned as Prince Malik spread her ass cheeks and began eating her asshole. A lot of African women balk at such a practice but Mona is a sensualist, hence why she and Prince Malik get along so well. After giving Mona’s butt hole a tongue bath, Prince Malik eased his thick member into her pussy. Mona moaned loudly as Prince Malik gripped her hips and leaned into her, fucking her with deep, passionate strokes.

“Oh yes, fuck me,” Mona squealed, and she arched her back while grinding her thick derriere against Prince Malik’s groin. Prince Malik went to town on Mona, grabbing her long dark hair and smacking her big ass as he thrust his hard dick deep into her pussy. Driven by passion, the happy couple fucked well into the morning. Pleasurably exhausted, Mona lay in Prince Malik’s arms, happy as can be. The young Ethiopian noblewoman considered herself the luckiest woman in the world, engaged to be married to a man who is handsome, intelligent, wealthy and ambitious…and good in bed. Mona definitely hit the celestial jackpot…

After making love to Mona, Prince Malik lay with her, a big grin on his handsome face. He loved Mona dearly and could not see himself with any other woman. The City of Dire Dawa has scores of beautiful women but Prince Malik’s heart belongs solely to Mona Tilaye of House Tilaye. Mona was amazing, and sometimes, she almost made Prince Malik forget about his other side. Unbeknownst to the world is the fact that Prince Malik loves both women and men. The handsome Ethiopian prince is bisexual, and his good buddy Prince Joseph of House Tilahun is much more than a friend. Prince Malik wants to have it all, under his own terms, of course. Will the stars align for him? Time will tell.

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