Bisexual Swing Time

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Carl and Jayne were restless and they looked at the clock in their living room for the fiftieth time that day. Their guest were five minutes late. Not that there was anything wrong with that; it was just that they were so keen to get this party started.

It had been a long while since they had last seen Tom and Cindy, but now at last their car drew up the long drive from the main road. Carl wrapped an arm around Jayne and kissed her cheek. His wife was looking absolutely stunning in her little black dress and impossibly high heels. Her hair was tied up, revealing her beautiful long neck and the pair of diamond earrings he had recently bought for her. She looked sophisticated and oh so hot! Even though her cocktail dress was inappropriate for the heat of this summer day they both knew that it would impress.

And impress it did. You should have seen Tom’s eyes light up as he stepped out of the driver’s seat.

‘Wow! You look hot.’ Cindy whispered to Jayne as she kissed her on the cheek.

‘Right back at ya!’ Jayne had noticed Jayne’s long sunbronzed legs were shown off to perfection in the skimpy little cut off shorts she wore.

The men shook hands and gave each other’s wife a quick hug and peck on the lips. Jayne got some chilled white wine for her and Cindy and a couple of beers for the guys. They were soon catching up on each other’s news and rediscovering why they got on so well and liked each other so much. Carl put some burgers on the barbecue and soon all were fed and watered and rearing to go. You could just about smell the excitement in the room; four beautiful adults were about to have a little fun.

Jayne put some music on ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar and invited Cindy to get up and dance. The pair moved in close to each other, so that their bodies were almost touching. Their eyes were closed and their painted lips slightly apart. One was raven haired and sophisticated in her little black dress, the other blonde and beautiful in just a pair of cut off shorts and a tank top. The men watched the show with increasing excitement, crossing and uncrossing their legs as blood rushed south. The women were dancing tit to tit now, their arms lightly touching the other. And then they started to kiss.

It was too much for Tom. He got up and went to sit next to his host. The pair looked at each other, trying to gauge reactions and then their lips met in a hungry kiss. It wasn’t really kissing, more like eating face. With increasing desperation they ground their buff bodies against each other, feeling their hard cocks mashed together between. Oh how exciting a man’s urgency was, so direct and demanding! The girls glanced over briefly and then returned to their gentle kissing.

Tom got up and knelt before Carl’s splayed legs. He yanked at his belt buckle and with much heavy breathing he managed to get his jeans and underpants clean off him. He groaned out loud as his eyes fixed on that beefy cock and heavy pair of balls and the thick thatch of black pubes. Grabbing hold of Carl’s legs Tom forced them apart as he buried his face in Tom’s hairy crack. He was like an animal now, grunting and groaning as he ate Carl’s asshole. It felt so illicit and so wrong, and so fucking hot. Jayne stood behind Cindy, gently ankara götü büyük escortlar stroking her belly, as they watched their husbands turn into complete and utter fuck nuts, so hot for male ass and cock they could hardly contain themselves. Carl was stroking his thick cock and sighing with pleasure as Tom’s tongue bit deep into his spice hole. He reached behind the cushions for the bottle of lube he had hidden there earlier and handed it to Tom.

Tom stood and quickly stripped off. His body was almost identical to Carl’s: beefy, hairy and with a similar eight inch throbber. The only difference was that Tom’s body hair was brown and his butt and crack was silky smooth. He roughly applied some lube to Carl’s pucker and then applied a dollop to his own overheated cockhead. He sighed as the cooling gel coated his massive toadstool of a cock head and then took aim. Carl let out a yelp of protest as his asshole was invaded by one very rampant and hungry heat seeking missile. He had to beg Tom to take it easy.

‘Men! Cindy snorted as she turned her attentions back to Jayne. The two women lay down on the carpet and caressed as they continued their kissing. After what seemed like the longest time Jayne guided Cindy’s hand to her mound and the blonde expertly fingered the raven haired beauty until she writhed in pleasure. Carl gazed over Tom’s shoulder at his wife receiving pleasure from his lover’s wife. His own asshole was beginning to feel really good now, having accustomed itself to the stretch factor of Tom’s weighty tool. Tom’s hungry tongue was nibbling on his right nipple as he gently fucked in and out of Carl’s juicy hole.

Cindy ankara çıtır escortlar kissed down Jayne’s firm tits and onto her satiny smooth skin of her belly. Jayne panted in anticipation as Jayne’s tongue skirted around her pretty pussy and onto her upper thighs. She cried out in delight when at last that expert tongue licked up her puffy lips and onto her magic button. She thrashed around on the floor now like a demon driven wild with lust and pleasure. The sound of her excitement filled the room and both men were incredibly turned on by it. Tom increased the speed of his cock stroking, pulling all the way out of Carl’s ass before plunging back in. Carl was a complete wreck by this stage, begging Tom to cum as his fist hammered away at his rod. Hs cock head was very red now and super sensitive. Each stroke into his ass seemed to trigger a mini orgasm until suddenly his cock erupted, letting loose a heavy spurt of thick spunk that jetted past his shoulder and hit the wall. The next rope hit his neck, with the third and fourth splattering across his chest.

The smell of fresh cum filled their nostrils driving Tom crazy. He smeared Carl’s cum into his hairy chest, watching little globs of clotted cream get caught in the wiry hairs. His own cock was protesting now as he fucked harder and deeper until at last it triggered his orgasm. He cursed as he gave one final lunge into Carl’s slick guts and his balls emptied in a few quick spurts. He was dazed as he withdrew and sat down next to Carl.

The two men made a brief attempt at cuddling before, perhaps feeling a little embarrassed at their crazy fucking, they got up to go get cleaned up. When they returned to the room Cindy was in the throes of orgasm as Jayne greedily lapped at her beautiful pink pussy. The men watched with interest before going to get another beer. It was only early evening and before the long night was over each of them would have made love to three other people.

Copyright 2005 Daniel Blue

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