BJ Bliss Ch. 04 Hard to Swallow

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Katrin and Holly showered together in silence under the rainfall shower head in a bathroom that was larger than Katrin’s entire apartment while the guests of mansion lingerie party departed into the night. Still in shock from unexpected acts of public depravity, Katrin stood motionless and stared deeply into the complex amber glass tiling of the shower walls while Holly toweled her off.

They slipped back into their modest sundresses and made their way back to the main staircase where Claudia waited for them in a flowing black robe, enjoying the eerie silence of her vacated residence. Katrin sighed deeply and mustered the courage to face her dominating client and make her exit as quickly as possible.

“Katrin, I hope you don’t mind cash. I’m old fashioned,” Claudia explained as she handed over an envelope brimming with many neatly bound stacks of hundred dollar bills.

“Cash is fine,” Katrin replied as she looked at the bundles of money in disbelief through her dreary, bloodshot eyes. She peaked over the balcony and saw to her relief that Marco and Justin were waiting patiently in some elegant chairs near the front entrance.

“I’m sorry that this didn’t turn out to be a traditional workshop, but I hope that you don’t feel it was all in vain and that you were compensated appropriately.”

“Claudia,” Katrin replied carefully, “I know I should be mad, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy it.”

“Girls,” Claudia continued as she looked over in Holly’s direction, “This was a pleasant evening, but hardly on a level that would truly satisfy me. Let me know if you want to visit again sometime and see the basement. We can play for real. You have my number.”

“Thanks for the offer,” Katrin replied as she shared a wide-eyed glance with Holly, “but I don’t think we could handle it.”

“You’re right, you probably couldn’t,” Claudia agreed. “I don’t know how tight the blowjob workshop industry is, but if you ever run into the owner of Studio Trésor tell her that her long lost sister Claudia sends her regards.”

Katrin’s eyes bulged out of her sockets. “What?! You’re Felicia’s sister?!”

“Yes. Don’t you see the resemblance?”

“No, actually, I don’t,” Katrin replied sincerely. “You’re both ruthlessly sadistic, though.”

“We’re sororal twins. Non-identical. Although, most people do notice the resemblance in the eyes. Chartreuse green is not a typical eye color, to say the least. When we were kids, we convinced our classmates that we were part alien.”

“So you set us up, unbelievable!” Katrin exclaimed. Sickness rushed to her stomach as she thought about everything that had transpired since they arrived at Claudia’s mansion. Justin and Marco stood up with concern as Katrin’s raised voice reverberated through the room.

“Katrin, I assure you that Felicia and I haven’t spoken in years. She cut me out of her life shortly after she married into that powerful family. She didn’t want to be associated with my now ex-husband and his dirty dealings. Her new family is too politically sensitive. I’ve spent many sad years wondering how I could reconnect with her,” Claudia explained with an unexpected and convincing vulnerability that took Katrin by surprise.

Katrin stood speechless for several moments and stared back at Claudia as she tried to process the explanation. “How could this happen? There are millions of people in this city and I just happen to run into you?”

“Katrin, don’t be ridiculous. You know as well as anyone that when it comes to sexual adventuring, this is a very small city. Suburbs included.”

“Well, regardless, your crazy twin is out to destroy me.”

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Claudia replied knowingly. “She doesn’t like competition. No one could possibly understand this more than her twin sister. Despite our issues, I do very much admire her business from afar. That’s what gave me the idea to look up a competing outfit to entertain my guests this evening. Lord knows I wouldn’t ask my estranged sister to come here and ruin my fun. Why not bolster her competition and overcompensate them for their workshop instead?”

“I appreciate the compensation, but we didn’t do anything that remotely resembled my workshop, Claudia,” Katrin corrected with irritation.

“Oh, I realize that. When I saw you and your adorable entourage at the door this evening I just couldn’t help myself. You were fresh meat and I apologize for taking advantage. If it’s any consolation, I do hope you’ll walk out that door a much stronger woman. You could have left any time you wanted but, to my relief you opted to be willing putty in my hands.”

“Thanks for reminding me,” Katrin frowned in embarrassment, “and thanks for the weirdest night of my life.”

“Good night, girls. I wish BJ Bliss the best of luck. Safe travels.” Claudia made her way across the balcony and disappeared into the dark lonely hallway.

“Katrin, I didn’t drink a drop tonight,” Justin assured her as she and Holly descended down the stairs. “I can drive us bedava bahis home.”

“Thank you, Justin,” Katrin replied with a warm smile and a hug. “I just met all of you and now, I don’t know what I would do without you guys,” she blurted with sudden emotion with tears swelling in her eyes. She made her way over to Marco for a hug, clinging on to him and resting her head on his shoulder. She never imagined that the first official night of workshops would have left her so exposed and vulnerable in front of her employees.

“Katrin, you’re exhausted. Marco will help you to the car.” He swiftly picked her up and carried her towards the front entrance while Justin rushed to hold the door open.

“Marco,” Katrin laughed, “I can walk.” She held on tightly and decided there was no harm in taking him up on the offer. Marco descended the outside stairway and approached the car as Katrin went comfortably limp in his arms and enjoyed the ride.

“Don’t forget your tips!” Holly reminded Justin as she rushed over to grab the envelope that he had forgotten on the chair.

“Thanks, kid,” Justin said with a wink. “Are you okay? I’m sorry things got so crazy tonight.”

“I’m great,” Holly reassured him. “This was the best night of my life.”


The trip home was a blur. Before Katrin knew it, she found herself in bed quickly drifting to sleep and twitching under her comforter. She emerged in Claudia’s dark mansion hallway crawling helplessly onto her hands and knees. The familiar red carpet extended endlessly, flanked by anonymous doors. She struggled to get to her feet and whimpered in frustration as the amplified gravity tormented her. While looking for an escape in her slow-motion panic, the hallway doors cracked open at once before her invitingly, each casting a dreadful crack of light with the sweet promise of terror.

The doorway at the farthest end of the hall drew her in as she fought back hopelessly. The room flickered with bright light and droning hum. She clenched her tearing eyes shut as she clung to the door frame. Her fingernails tore across the paint and splintered the wood as she was sucked through by an invisible force into the room.

Katrin shot up from her bed with a yelp, covered in sweat. Her heart slammed against her chest as her eyes slowly adjusted to the familiar glowing blue, street-lit interior of her bedroom. She tossed and turned uncomfortably for hours, struggling to fall back asleep and simultaneously hoping not to.


Katrin finally awoke late Saturday morning with the warm glow of sunlight on her face and comfortably stretched and yawned under her fluffy down blanket. As she sat up, the reality of the previous evening rushed back to her: the decadent mansion, the swarm of lingerie-clad bodies, the public humiliation, and the unforgettable pleasure that still seemed to be ringing through her body.

Amidst a plethora of sore muscles and a groggy head, her attention was drawn to persistent rumble in her stomach. It dawned on her that she required nothing short of the biggest fucking breakfast that the city had to offer.

“Yes, breakfast,” Katrin explained to Malena on phone as she paced across her apartment in her underwear. “No brunch bullshit—twenty-dollar french toast with a side of nothing won’t do. Let’s go to Esther’s.”

“Okay, if you insist,” Malena said with a laugh on the other end of the phone. “I’ll meet you in Andersonville but next weekend we’re going out for some chilaquiles, mamacita.”

“Deal,” Katrin agreed as she struggled to pull up her jeans with one hand, fell backward, and thudded her against the hardwood floor in comical fashion.


Katrin regaled Malena with details of the previous night’s divorce party in between bites of a giant cinnamon roll—just one of the three sides that accompanied her sausage and jarlsberg cheese omelet—as Malena listened on in shock.

“You are officially the wildest slut that I know. You completely put me to shame,” Malena said with a nod of humble defeat, “and with Felicia’s twin sister. Un-fucking-believable.”

“Yeah,” Katrin agreed with a hint of pride. “I don’t know how we could have possibly let it all happen. She totally hypnotized us.”

“I didn’t know you were a squirter. I need to know these things,” Malena added loudly, causing a nearby couple to turn their heads while Katrin blushed in embarrassment.

“I’m not. It was all Claudia. I can’t get her out of my head. I had this nightmare about being trapped in her mansion last night. It almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Are you going back to let her punish you in her basement dungeon?”

“Oh, I don’t think I’m ready for that,” Katrin confessed. “Holly seemed very interested, though.”

“My Holly?! I found her first, damn it,” Malena grumbled. “I don’t like this Claudia and Felicia business, something is definitely up.”

“Claudia seemed genuinely sad to talk about her sister. I’m going to take her word for it,” Katrin decided. “So bedava bonus what’s new with you? Did anything interesting happen while we the rest of us were on a suburban odyssey through the heart of darkness?” she asked, eager to get out of the spotlight and dig into her breakfast more thoroughly.

“Not really,” Malena replied as she picked at her food and summarized in a bored tone, “We’ve got one new BJ workshop appointment. Felicia’s goon broke into the office. I beat the fuck out of him and almost showed him my pussy for fun. Panos came down and changed the locks.”

Katrin stared back with a dropped jaw as a piece of her omelet fell from her mouth and plopped on to her plate.

“Oh, and I bought a hot tub for the office!” Malena exclaimed as her face lit up, “A fucking badass hot tub, Katrin.”


Katrin stumbled back into her apartment around noon, thoroughly satisfied by her big breakfast, and crashed on to her bed. She began to doze off when her phone chirped with a new text from Peter: I look forward to seeing you at 8.

Katrin sprung up in terror. Fuck me, I have a date!

See you then!, she replied before subsequently tearing through her dresser to find a suitable outfit. She spent an hour trying on clothes and cursing at her wardrobe before setting out on an epic three hour shopping trip, only to return empty-handed. The orange glow of the retreating afternoon sun filled her with dread as time continued to run out and she still didn’t have anything to wear.

Katrin calmed herself with a soothing hot shower and thought back to her previous evening with Danica, the bubbly lingerie boutique owner. Primary colors. I look good in primary colors, damn it.

Suddenly, she remembered her cute little sleeveless yellow dress, which she had packed away during the winter along with the other summer dresses. She quickly dried off and scuttled naked across her hardwood floor to dig it out. After slipping on a silky black thong, she pulled up the dress and checked herself out in front of the mirror. To her relief, it was a bold, eye-catching look with her long golden hair shimmering over the straps.

Katrin slipped on a pair of nude-colored heels and breathed a sigh of relief. She imagined Peter wearing grey and blue, the only colors that she has seen him in, and appreciated her choice even more. Blue and yellow, what a perfect spring couple! Katrin mused and then immediately countered with Shut up, what is wrong with you?

Katrin pulled her glasses on and off repeatedly in front of the mirror and eventually decided to go without them. She put in a fresh pair of contacts and began working on her makeup.


Peter pulled up in front of Katrin’s building in his shiny metallic-grey sports car at 8pm exactly. Katrin greeted him with a smile as she exited the front door and looked him over. He was dressed in brown leather shoes, beige pants, and a brown blazer over an ivory shirt. Katrin was very impressed, although disappointed that they did not color compliment as she had expected. Brown and yellow? Gross.

Katrin and Peter shared a lingering hug and he took in an aromatic dose of her perfume. He swiftly opened the passenger door of his car and Katrin slid on to the comfortable leather interior.

“Nice car. Do you spend a lot of time riding other driver’s asses and intimidating my fellow cyclists?”

“I guess you are about to find out,” Peter replied, smiling at her not-so-subtle dig.

“Can I ask where we are going this evening?” Katrin inquired as Peter started up the car.

“Do you like Korean?”

“Ah, sure,” Katrin replied as she tried not to look as unimpressed as she felt. Peter coasted down the street towards the city skyline encountering a series of stop lights along the way. He drove very considerately, attempting not to confirm Katrin’s aforementioned stereotype, as they passed by the modest storefronts of her neighborhood.

“They sell live chickens over there,” Katrin pointed out with enthusiasm as they passed by a faded yellow building with a rusty security gate.

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah,” Katrin continued awkwardly. “So now you know where to get them. Live chickens.”

“Thanks, Katrin. Good to know.”

“So are we going to grill our own food this evening?” Katrin countered, to put the pressure back on Peter.

“No, definitely not, you’ll see. It’s actually a fusion place, the chef is Korean,” he explained as he turned on to a busy street, lined with trendy restaurants. The sidewalk patio seating had begun to crop up in response to the unusually warm spring weather.

Katrin looked out and admired a sea of short skirts, high heels, and handsome button-up shirts as they slowly drove through the main drag of restaurants. Peter continued on until the pedestrian traffic thinned out and pulled up to a large building at the end of the street. He walked over to Katrin’s door to let her out before passing off his keys to the valet attendant.

Katrin eyed deneme bonusu the impressive, anonymous looking brick building that seemed to be brimming with glamorous night life inside. As they stepped through the front door, Peter guided her through a large group of patrons who waited impatiently for a table. He said hello to the attractive young hostess and she returned a knowing smile before escorting them through the main dining room.

A view of interior revealed a chic repurposed warehouse with a lofty ceiling that stretched up two stories, making the packed restaurant feel less cramped. The servers hurried around in modish aprons through tables of diners who sipped on exotic cocktails.

The hostess escorted them to a tall table in front of the open kitchen. Before they could take their seats, the Chef called out to Peter and approached to shake hands and pat him on the shoulder affectionately.

“Katrin, meet Chan-wook,” Peter said.

“Nice to meet you. I’m sorry, what was your name again?” Katrin asked in embarrassment.

“For you, it’s David!” Chan-wook said with a loud chuckle as he shook Katrin’s hand. Peter laughed quietly to himself and gave Katrin a reassuring smile.

“I’ve got you right in front of the kitchen tonight,” Chan-wook said proudly. “I’m going to send out a little bit of everything. Are there any allergies or restrictions?

“No allergies, I eat everything,” Katrin boasted.

“That is what I like to hear,” Chan-wook said appreciatively. “It was very nice meeting you, Katrin. Peter, thanks for coming. I’ll see you soon.” He rushed back to work and left them to enjoy their VIP table.

“I think I’ve seen this place on TV. You know—the show where they bring in a new group of locals every week to review their favorite restaurants?” Katrin took her seat facing the other restaurant guests, with her back to the kitchen.

“Yeah, I’m not surprised. Chan-wook, or David as you know him, has at least three restaurants now. They’re all doing really well.”

“I’m sorry, it’s loud in here, I couldn’t hear his name,” Katrin defended, causing Peter to laugh. She scrunched her eyes in playful anger.

“Are you sure you don’t want to face the kitchen? We can trade spots,” Peter offered.

“No,” Katrin refused with a raised eyebrow, “I’m not giving up my people-watching spot.”

The waitress approached showing off her colorful arm tattoos, jet black hair, and milky-white bust line as she took their drink orders. As Katrin made her selection, she watched closely and tried, unsuccessfully, to catch Peter taking a glimpse at the waitress’s cleavage. He’s good, she noted.

“How do you know the chef? Chef David,” Katrin added with a smirk as she crossed her legs and adjusted her posture.

“We went to high school together on the northwest side. Did you grow up in the city?”

“No, actually. I’m from Sarasota, Florida,” Katrin replied. Her voice gave away an almost undetectable southern accent whenever she pronounced her home town.

“That must have been an interesting place to grow up,” Peter commented with curiosity.

“I’ll say. Pee-Wee Herman was arrested there for jerking off in a movie theater. I cried when my mom told me about it. That was my favorite show. I told her I don’t care what he did, I love him!” Katrin divulged as she laughed to herself. She immediately felt awkward from digging up such an intimate memory. Good move, that wasn’t weird at all. She pivoted before Peter could react. “Believe it or not they’ve got a sizable Swedish community, which is how my mom ended up there.”

The waitress returned with their drinks and Katrin eagerly sipped on a delicious sake-based cocktail garnished with basil. “I love this,” she said as she nervously slurped on the aromatic drink.

“So what could have possibly compelled you to leave the Sunshine State for the Windy City?” Peter asked before enjoying a taste of his rye whisky cocktail.

“I moved for college and I’ve been here ever since. Believe it or not I majored in Biological Anthropology. I didn’t follow through and go to grad school, though. I got lured away by the promise of money in the pharmaceutical sales racket,” Katrin confided with disappointment. “They recruited young girls like me and sent us out in short skits to make them a fortune. That’s where I met Malena.”

“Oh, Malena? Your business partner?” Peter replied coyly.

“Shut up,” Katrin said with a knowing laugh as she recalled her eagerness to instigate a two-girl blowjob with Malena the day that he first walked into their office. “But you see, I’ve come full circle. An anthropological background is not out of place in the blowjob biz. I get to observe the fascinating evidence of evolution every day. Mostly in the form of big cocks blasting loads all over pretty girls,” Katrin wittily remarked without realizing that the waitress was standing right at her side with a colorful spread appetizers. Peter laughed quietly to himself and Katrin gave him a dirty look for not warning her.

As soon as the waitress departed, Katrin dug into the food, realizing that she hadn’t eaten since breakfast. She started with the succulent braised rib pancake and then followed with a bite of crispy tofu garnished with papaya and pink pickled onion.

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