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Amazing what can happen with two women and one bottle of tequila! Everyone was vintage in the story, all over eighteen Be nice, its totally fabricated fantasy. All similarities to anyone are completely ridiculous.


The bottle had started out the evening full, seal unbroken. By two am, the two girls had drunk about half the tequila. They didn’t drink regularly, so both Barbra and Janice were pretty smashed. Barb’s boyfriend had quit drinking after the first sunrise, tequila sunrise that is. Allen drove a big rig, if he ever tested positive for alcohol, his job would be gone.

The two young women were under no such compunction. They sat at the small kitchen table talking about men’s genitals. They were discussing men’s dicks. Allen was watching a rerun of some sports show, ten feet away in the living room of the double wide they owned. He was amazed at what he heard.

“I’m telling you Barb, this delivery driver was exiting the damn bafroom… I mean bathroom,” Janice had a huge strawberry birthmark on her forehead, when combined with a pretty severe case of acne from her teen years… Well her face was not …pretty. Unless you knew her, and she was a very nice young woman, you would probably never chase her for a date. “He had his ding a ling hangin’ out there, he was just puttin’ it away, right there in fron’ of me! It was BIG. I wanna to touch it, but he ran out the door right after he paid the bill.” She giggled, drunkenly.

“I bet it’s not as nize as Allen’s.” Barbra was slurring her words. “Allen, come in here, and bring your big meat with you!” She was loud, and a lot drunker than she thought. “Come on Honey, bring your cute ass too!”

“What’s the magic word?” Allen asked.

“Right the fuck now!” She giggled too. “Come on Babe, I wanna show off your goods. Pleeeeeease? Janice has never seen Mr Happy.”

“You’re drunk.” Allen said. He walked up next to his girlfriend and she ran her hands up and down his body.

“Yeah? So? Let me show her! I’ll make it worth your Willie!” More giggling. “I mean while.” She was trying to undo his belt, as Janice looked on his groin with great interest. Barbra was having a bit of a hard time with his top button and his pants zipper.

“Wait, don’t I have a choice in this little show-and-tell?” Allen asked.

“No, you don’t. Tell you what, I’ll blow you after you show Janice your little prick, I’ll güvenilir bahis suck you, and I’ll swallow!” This caught his attention, she was a spitter, not a swallower.

“Tell you what, if both of you girls show me your big tits, no bra and no shirt, I’ll show you my dick.” Allen was hoping.

“What if we do’wanna?” Asked Janice.

“No big tits, no big dick.”

“I can’t show him.” She whispered loudly and drunkenly to Barbra.

“Why the hell not? You got bigger tits than mine, you bitch! What are they, 44 DD? Mine are only 42 D cup, you suck.”

“I’m still milking Barb. It’s been three months since I weaned the baby, I’m a fucking cow still. The nurse hooked me up with a couple, they got twins, she can’t make milk. They pay me to nurse the babies, or pump and bottle my milk. They pay me a hundred a day to make milk. So I can’t show Allen My tits. I’m lactating right now!

“Is your ex paying his child support? You shouldn’t have to be a cow to make a living.”

“He is, but it’s not enough. Besides, I really like milking. I’m actually ahead by fifteen bottles!”

“Ok, I’m going to bed then. G’night my bitch and cow.” Allen said, getting up to go to bed.

“Janice! Tell him!”

“Ok Al, I’m taking off my top? Will you show us your dick?”

“Nope. Price just went up.”

“What, these big juggs of mine aren’t enough? What do you want?” Janice asked.

“I want to suck on your big fat nipples and taste your milk.”

“Didn’t you just finish telling me how they needed to be milked, the pressure was so much, and how fucking horny nursing made you? This is Al’s fetish too!” Barb told Janice.

“Ok, what the fuck? But they might taste funny. Think of the babies. I have had quite a bit to drink. I wasn’t going to keep tonight’s milk, I had a bunch of tequila. I’m a lil’ drunk.

“I want to suck on both of you! C’mon Barb, whip ’em out! You too Jan,” he spoke forcefully.

“Ok, ok” Jan removed her shirt in one go. She had an industrial strength bra on. The thing had big straps, and ten hooks. Barb was reaching around to undo the hooks. Her tits were out already, they looked bigger than D cup to him. Her nipples were dark pink and very big. The nipples were larger than a Hershey kiss, and her three inch wide areolas were all bumpy and wrinkled from anticipation.

Al loved to suck on her nips, and did so whenever türkçe bahis he could. Her long auburn hair cascaded down, like lady Godiva. She was very sexy, even though she was smashed. Very drunk.

“Jan, drop the bra!” She was holding up the bra in front of her mamaries.

She did as told. Al moved over and sucked on her right tit. Milk immediately gushed into his mouth. ‘Wow, she is a cow!’ he thought. He was twisting Barb’s right nipple and Jan’s left nipple as he nursed.

“Hsssss, oh that’s wonderful Al! You’re a good tit sucker. You’re making me very horny!”

“Me too! C’mon you bastard, you promised me! Let’s see that thing!” Barb was a little crazy by this point. He stood up and faced Jan. He just waited.

Jan unbuttoned the top button on his pants, and gingerly pulled down the zipper. She noticed he wasn’t wearing any underwear. She pulled down his pants, and got slapped in her face by his very big, very hard cock. Jan was amazed. “Holy shit that’s a big one!”

“I told you he had a really nice cock!” Barb was grabbing and strokin’ his Johnson. He loved all the attention, from TWO women.

“Barb, may I touch it?” Asked Janice. She already had her right hand on his dick, just checking with her friend.

Barb’s hand was on the base, Jan’s hand was on the head. Jan got on her knees. She was very close to Al’s dick. It fascinated her. “It’s beautiful Barbra. It’s a perfect penis. I am so jealous of you! Al fuckin you with this horsecock any time you want. May I kiss it?”

“Ok, but no panky hanky” Barbra was still inebriated.

Jan kissed the head and the corona, she licked up and down the shaft.

“Hey, I said kiss, not lick!”

“Oh Barby, just look at it. I can’t resist it! Lets take turns. We can both suck on this monster. No way I could deepthroat this fuck stick. Please?”

“Ok Jan, you horny little bitch. Let’s both lick down the sides, together. Al loves that.”

Jan on the left side, Barb on the right, they licked from stem to stern, they started at Al’s cockhead, and licked to his balls.

Barb took as much as she could in her mouth and throat. It still wasn’t even half. She was choking a bit. Jan went down next as far as she could go, just an inch or so more than Barbra’s lipstick ring on Al’s cock. She left her own ring of fellatio on Al’s appendage. Barb was bent over the table. She spread her legs.

Al güvenilir bahis siteleri said, “Don’t you want any foreplay?”

“No, just ram it in me. I’m so wet, I’m dripping.” She wanted him badly.

He slid into her snatch easily. He bottomed out in her vagina. She squeezed his meat with her vaginal muscles. He started to fuck her with a slow rhythm, gradually picking up the pace. In no time he was slamming into her, his phallus driving into her cervix. Suddenly, she screamed, She was coming, and coming hard. “OHMYGOD I’m coming! Aaayyeeeiii! Yes!” She stopped fuckin. She was oversensitve. “Fuck Janice, she needs you very badly”

He pulled out of Barb, and there was Jan on her back, legs already spread wide open, waiting. He took aim and pushed right into her sopping wet va jay jay. She screamed at the desired intrusion, she wasn’t ready for his girth, or the fact that he was bottomed out in her sex. She orgasmed immediately.

“Yes you fucker, bang me, fuck me, give me your dick! I want you so fuckin bad! Put it to me! Fuck the shit out of me.”

He slid a finger into her anus to the third knuckle. She orgasmed again and again. He pulled out of Jan’s vagina covered in her juices and aimed at her anus. She didn’t realize his plan until he was balls deep in her ass. He fucked her severely, relentlessly, with malice aforethought. He was brutal with his ardor. She loved it. “Harder! Fuck my asshole HARDER. Come on you fuckin BASTARD! Buttfuck me good. OHHH yes, yes oh fuck yes I’m coming, Aaayyeeeiii!! That was great!” Jan was so well fucked.

He pulled out and she was on her knees in an instant, with Barbra right next to her. “Good. I can paint both sluts at once!” He shot spurt after spurt of semen up and down their expectant faces. They were so happy, they licked the manspray off each other and swallowed every drop.

“Lets go in the bedroom ladies. I think that was a good round one. You two ready for round two?” Allen was still hard as a rock.

“You mean he can go again after all that fuckin?” Jan was incredulous.

“Honey, that was just the fore play round. Now we do some serious FUCKIN!” Barb was so glad she had her friend there to help with Allen. He routinely fucked her till she was unconscious, but happy! This would spread the sexual battery around! She also liked that she could get a drink of mothers milk. Allen wasn’t the only one with a lactation fetish!

Barbra was giving serious thought to maybe finding a third woman to help with the sex fiend. She would see how Janice did tonight. There was always her sister, a phonecall away! It was good to have a back-up plan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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