Boat Ho Ch. 25

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“I’m pregnant,” Alex said as Huff let go of her.

“What,” he replied in disbelief.

“I can’t believe it either,” she said as a slight smile cracked on her face.

“I thought you couldn’t get pregnant.”

“I thought so too,” she laughed.

Alex led him into the apartment and they sat down on the couch. She threw herself into him and he gently held onto her. She quickly reached forward and grabbed the remote control. They watched TV for a few minutes. They didn’t really talk during this time. Alex slid closer and closer to her gay friend. He smiled at her as she finally wrapped an arm around her.

“I’m thirsty,” Huff said as he slowly pushed Alex off of him.

“What did you want,” she asked.

“Maybe some wine,” he smiled, “that won’t hurt the baby.”

They quickly left the house. Alex jumped in Huff’s car and they drove off. They made it to the liquor store quickly. Alex found a cheap bottle of red wine. But Huff quickly put it back and got a better bottle of wine, an older Pinot Noir. He also picked up a bag of red cups, a corkscrew and a second bottle of wine. Huff couldn’t help himself and picked up a gay magazine. Alex laughed as they left the store. They drove quickly back to her apartment.

“That was quick,” Alex said as she opened the door for them.

“Good,” he smiled.

Huff figured out the wine in the kitchen as Alex sat on the couch and watched some entertainment news on TV. He made his way to her and handed her a cup.

“I love her,” Alex remarked as she looked at the TV.

“Who,” he asked.

“Ke$ha,” Alex smiled.

“She’s great,” Huff replied.

“Would you fuck her,” Alex asked.

“Hell no,” he said in disgust.

“Because she’s a woman,” Alex laughed before taking a sip of wine.

“Yes,” he smiled.

“Figures,” she laughed, “I wonder if she’s ever fucked a black guy.”

“Where did that come from,” Huff said as he turned his head to look at her.

“Just wondering,” she replied, “they can be fun. Have you ever been with a black guy?”

“A few times,” he replied.

“Did it hurt?”

“Yeah,” he smiled, “do you remember BM2 Kelly?”

“He fucked you,” Alex said in amazement.

“Oh yeah,” he smiled, “a few times, he had a big dick.”

“I bet,” she laughed, “how was he?”

“Um,” he started, “he was cool at first, but he got really strange right before he transferred.”

“When are you going to move out,” Huff asked quickly.

“Next week,” she replied, “I sold most of this stuff. I’m going to keep the flat screen. I found a small storage unit. I have special liberty to move.”

“Cool,” he replied, “and as for Ke$ha , I think she’s taken some black dick.”

“I think so too.”

They sat silent for a few moments after that last comment. They looked at each other a few times. Alex wanted to say something to him, but couldn’t.

“Who is the father,” Huff asked finally breaking the silence.

“Sky…” Alex started.

“What,” he said quickly.

“Nothing,” she smiled as she picked up the bottle of wine and poured some for herself.

“Ever done anything with a girl,” Alex asked.

“A while ago,” he laughed.

“Would you want to again,” she asked.

“I don’t know,” he laughed, “it was a bit rough.”

“Why was it rough?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” he replied.

“Come on,” she said as she reached into his pants and felt his limp penis, “it couldn’t have been that bad.”

“It was,” he replied as she began to stroke is bursa escort penis.

“What if I,” Alex said as she stood up.

“What if you what,” he asked.

“I have something,” she smiled, “that you might enjoy.”

“What’s that,” he asked as she pulled her hand out of his pants.

Alex quickly got off the couch and walked into her room. She cracked her door open slightly and looked out at Huff. He remained on the couch. She quickly stripped off her clothes and looked under her bed. She pulled out the harness and dildo. She smiled to herself. She stood up and stepped into it. She pulled it up her legs and tightened it around her hips.

“What are you doing,” Huff asked as he looked towards her room.

“You’ll see,” she yelled out.

“I better like it,” he yelled back.

“You will,” she replied as she tightened the last strap.

She looked over her body quickly and tweaked her nipples. She opened her dresser and pulled out her lube and placed it on the bed. She put a Ke$ha CD in the stereo and pressed the play button. The sound of her awful music filled the room. She walked to the door slowly and poked her head out.

“Come in,” she said in a sly tone.

Huff got off the couch and placed his cup of wine on the coffee table. He made his way to her room quickly. Alex stepped away from the door as he pushed the door open.

“The fuck,” he said in amazement.

“You like what you see?”

She stood before him with the dildo proudly attached to her body. Huff scanned her body. Even he, a homosexual, who was repulsed by the image of a naked woman, was impressed by what he saw. He looked down at her feet quickly to notice she had taken god care of them. Her legs were in great shape. He stomach was flat, yet a bit of fat remained. And of course her large breasts stood out. She ran her left forearm over her breasts to cover her nipples. Her tattoos were a great contrast over her breasts.

“Like what you see,” she asked.

“Yeah,” he smiled as he looked down at the dildo.

She walked up to him and gave him a quick kiss.

“Ew,” he let out as she pulled back.

“Yeah right,” she smiled.

He grabbed the dildo with his right hand and stroked it quickly. He let out a quick smile. He dropped to his knees and began to suck on the plastic piece. Alex looked down at him and ran her hands on either side of his head. He sucked on it for about four minutes before he took it out of his mouth. Alex sat down on the bed and he leaned forward and began to suck some more.

“A little one sided,” Alex remarked as he was still sucking on the dildo.

“What,” he said before engulfing the piece another time.

“Take your clothes off dippy,” she said.

“Oh,” he smirked as he stroked the dildo.

He stood up and quickly stripped off his clothes. He kept his socks on for some strange reason. Alex looked over his body. If hadn’t changed very much from the Navy, except for a few gay pride tattoos. She noticed a male/male symbol and a pride triangle over either side of his crotch.

“I like your tattoos,” she smiled.

“Thanks,” he shot back.

He got back on his knees and began to suck on the dildo even more. Alex was surprised how good he was. He was able to deep throat the thing several times. She stood up once and quickly fucked his mouth. He didn’t seem to like that. They both stood up. Alex looked at the bed and grabbed the bottle of lube.

“Bad question,” she said.

“What’s that,” he shot back.

“Is your ass ready,” she laughed.

“Always,” bursa escort bayan he smiled as he jumped on the bed.

“Good,” she replied as she poured the lubricant on the dildo and her hand.

Alex looked down at her friend, who was on all fours. He jutted his ass up towards her. She slowly guided the dildo towards his ass. She placed her right hand just above his buttocks. She saw his hands clench the sheets as the dildo grazed his faghole. He looked back at her briefly before looking towards the head of the bed. It was in this moment that something in Alex snapped. She looked down at her friend and no longer viewed him as a person, not even a sex object. She couldn’t figure it out, but she suddenly didn’t care about him. She knew that this may be the last time she saw him, or it as she thought of him just then, but she didn’t care. Alex clenched her teeth and smiled to herself.

“Skyler is the father,” Alex let out as she inched the dildo into him.

“What,” Huff exclaimed as he tried to look up to Alex.

“You heard me,” Alex exclaimed as she jammed the dildo into him.

“FUCK,” he screamed as Alex’s hips collided into his.

“SHUT UP,” she yelled back at him.

“IT HURTS,” he said as she slid the dildo out of him.

Alex slowly slid it back into him and leaned over him. She positioned her mouth over his ear. She slowly slid her tongue into it and licked his ear quickly. She pulled away and bit hard onto his ear.

“I don’t care faggot,” she whispered as she pulled away.

She grabbed both sides of his body and continued to fuck him hard. She slapped his ass between each thrust of her hips. He lost his grip on the bed several times as she fucked him harder and harder. Eventually he collapsed onto the bed. He remained on his stomach for a few seconds before she jumped back on top of him. She grabbed his right wrist and held it in place on the bed. She guided the dildo with her free hand into faghole. She was a bit more cautious than before. She slowly inched it into him. She was able to get the length of the dildo into him. He let out a few sighs and grunts as it invaded him. She let go of his wrist as she placed both hands above his shoulders and began to fuck him some more. Huff tried to push her back a bit with a free hand. But she wasn’t allowing him. She gripped his neck and slightly pushed his face into the bed.

“Don’t struggle faggot,” she said as she dug her nails into his neck.

He complied and allowed her to fuck him harder and harder. She placed her hand on his neck a few more times to drive the point home. She eventually tired of fucking him in this position. She pulled out of him and stood up over the bed. He looked back at her and tried to avoid eye contact. She grabbed him by the ankles and pulled him down the bed a bit. She turned him over and propped his legs up. She slammed the dildo into him hard.

“Yeah,” Alex let out, “you dumb faggot!”

Huff winced as she forced the dildo into him over and over again. He gritted his teeth harder and harder with each forceful thrust of the object. Alex pulled out briefly and shoved the dildo into his mouth. Huff liked the taste of it. He could taste himself, he loved when guys went ass to mouth. She pulled it out again and went back to ass. She slammed it hard.

“FUCK,” Huff yelled out.

“Shut up,” she replied as she propped his legs on her shoulders.

His legs quickly fell to her hips as she slammed into him over and over again. She leaned down quickly and bit him in the chest escort bursa several times. She dug her nails deep into his shoulders. She sat back up and looked down over him. Huff could feel it with each thrust of her hips. He couldn’t hold on much longer. He gripped legs with either hand as. When she felt his hands on her legs she pulled completely out and forcefully shoved the dildo back in.

“I’m gonna cum,” he yelled out as the length of the dildo.

“Fuck,” Alex replied as she pulled out of him.

She slinked down his body and gripped his penis in her mouth. He was able to keep an erection as she had her mouth on it. His seed flew out quickly into her mouth. She kept it in her mouth and crawled back up the bed to his face. He looked at her in a rather defeated manner. She smiled quickly and spit his sperm on his face.

“Fuck,” she said in a mean tone.

“Yeah,” he replied as he wiped his seed off his face, eating some of it.

Huff slowly crawled out of the bed. He couldn’t believe the amount of pain Alex had inflicted on him. He looked down at his body and noticed the nail and bite marks. Alex quickly fell to the bed and stretched out. He slowly walked to the bathroom and shut the door. He looked over his body one more time. He looked ragged and beaten up. George was going to be mad at him. He couldn’t hide it. He peed quickly and slowly walked back to her room. When he opened the door Alex wasn’t in the bed anymore. He slowly lowered himself back onto the bed and picked up his clothes. He put one foot in his pants before he looked to the door and saw Alex standing there.

“We’re not done yet,” she said as she shut the door.

He looked down at her crotch and saw she was still wearing the harness. She walked up to him and pushed him on the bed.

“Please,” he said in a pathetic voice.

“Quiet faggot,” she said as she lowered the dildo towards his ass.

He felt it touch his ass again. He cringed as he felt the tip go into him. She closed her eyes as slowly inched it into his tired and blown out anus. He slowly made a fist with his right hand, while his left hand gripped the sheets. He kept looking at her as she tried to go deeper into him. She finally opened her eyes and looked down on him. She let out a quick smile. As she began to close her eyes again he pulled his right arm back and swung his fist hard into her left temple.

“Fuck,” she yelled out as she fell off the bed.

Huff quickly stood up and gathered his clothes. He slid his pants on as she stood up. She looked dazed and put her hand on the bed to steady herself.

“The fuck is your problem,” she yelled at him.

She quickly charged at him and attempted to slap him. He ducked her weak strikes and was able to grab her hair. He flung her onto the bed. He watched as he breast flopped slowly as she fell back on the bed.

“Fuck you,” she yelled at him.

She sat up and began to try attack him a second time. But he clenched his right fist again and pulled back and struck her hard in the face. He heard a crunching sound as she fell back on the bed. She was unable to keep her balance and fell off the bed. Her body made a strange sound as she hit the floor.

“Holy shit,” Huff whispered to himself as looked over her body.

He saw her starting to move. He quickly gathered the rest of his clothes and left the apartment.

“Damn,” Alex said as she finally got off the floor.

She felt he nose and realized it was bleeding. She pulled herself up and walked to the bathroom. She undid the harness and let it drop to the floor. She looked herself over in the mirror. She wiped the blood off her nose. Her head was throbbing. She was surprised at the severity of the strikes.

“Fucking faggot,” she whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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