Brian Ch. 16

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The plane touched down in Dallas with a jolt and a scream of tires on the tarmac. The sound of the engines reverses to slow down the big 747 airplane drowned out the moan of discomfort from Wendy. The plane ride was uneventful, only long. The family had woke up the following morning after their reunion and quickly packed and then headed for the airport. The only person that did not move quickly and with an excited step was Wendy.

Wendy’s ass and pussy were in serious pain. In her overheated lust, she had done more with Brian than she had in years. She never had anal sex with him more than maybe once a week at best. The previous night he had fucked her twice in the ass. That and the time he spent pounding her pussy had made her lower extremities very sore. She could hardly walk and sitting was down right painful.

Sitting in the first class section of the plane was a trip from hell for her. She could not get comfortable to save her life. Brian smiled at her during the trip knowing that she was in discomfort but did show her some sympathy by helping her when he could. Wendy squirmed throughout the flight. Every time the plane took off and landed was a nightmare for her. She would steel herself and wait for the plane to touch down. After landing and taking off from Honolulu and LAX and finally touching down in Dallas, her ass was very sore. She even got up and walked around in the isle to take the pressure off of sitting down.

The seats were soft but it didn’t help when they hit turbulence over Arizona and everyone had to return to their seats. The plane bounced and jostled for over an hour as they passed through a storm. She was gripping Brian’s arm all the way and left fingernail imprints on his arm.

Brian made her mad when she once came back from the toilet with a look of pain and tears in her eyes. He asked her what the problem was and she whispered in his ear that she had just used the bathroom finally. She told him it was a painful experience and her asshole was burning and hurt more than anything. She said she thought child birth was rough. Brian laughed and Wendy hit him.

They finally arrived and the plane disembarked its passengers. They family moved up the gangway slowly, with Wendy moving the slowest. As the family cleared the door, they saw Wendy’s mom waving her hand at them to get their attention. The girls took off running and were met with hugs one at a time.

“Gran, so good to see you. We missed you,” Beth told her.

“I missed you too, babe,” her grandmother told you.

Brooke stepped up and hugged her grandmother. As her hands moved around her waist, she quickly dropped them and hugged her grandmother’s ass and then backup as if nothing ever happened. “Glad you came to get us, Gran.”

Right then Wendy and Brian walked up and greeted Wendy’s mom. A round of hugs and kisses followed and then they moved to the luggage carousel and then to vehicle. The ride to their home was uneventful as everyone but Wendy brought their grandmother up to speed about their adventures.

The William’s big suburban was a smooth riding vehicle but the big leather seats were not soft enough for Wendy. Her mother noticed she was squirming and fidgeting in the seat. “Honey, are you okay? You look like you are uncomfortable.” Her mother showing a face of concern as she checked on her daughter.

“Mom, my ass is just sore. I guess it was all the sitting on the plane. I will be fine when we get home. Nothing that a nice sit bath or a sit in the hot tub won’t cure. By the way, speaking of hot tub, did the builders get everything finished we asked them to do before leaving?” Wendy painfully turned in the seat to face her mom.

As Wendy turned she saw that Bryan had a grin on his face while driving after her mentioning about her sore ass. When she turned to face her mom, she could see the girls sitting behind her shoulder to shoulder also with huge grins on their faces. With all the luggage in the vehicle some of it had to rest in the third seat of the vehicle causing the girls to sit next to each other. Beth must have been very warm back there because as she sat smiling at her mom, she were beads of sweat on her forehead. It wasn’t that hot in the car. She also noticed that Brooke’s arm was more over in front of Beth than in her own lap. Beth had her back pack on her knees away from her body and it almost looked like Brooke’s arm was between her legs, but the backpack was blocking everyone’s view. Watching the girls broke her train of thought for a second.

“Ugh, what was I saying? Oh, has the builders finished up the stuff in the back yard?” she asked.

“Yes, everything is finally done. I personally checked it two days ago when I found out you were coming home,” her mother answered her.

After Brian had won the lottery the first thing he did was pay off all the bills. Then he sold their house at Fort Bragg and then moved the family back to Texas. Fortunately they had won the lottery right before poker oyna Beth was to graduate from high school. After her graduation, Brian packed the family up and moved them home to Texas where his and Wendy’s family lived.

This was the best for everyone. They were still Texas residences and the kids would be able to go to school there without paying out of state tuition rates, which was really no big deal since he had enough money that even his great-grandkids would have a free ride to college. Brooke and Dylan were able to transfer their scholarships to the university near by. The nursing school nearby had a much better nursing program for Beth and the kids could live at home if they desired.

They also moved close to home for family. Brian had already lost his mom and dad several years before so the only family he had left was Wendy’s mom. Her father had gotten sick one day in the middle of the week and by Sunday he wasn’t any better. He went to preach at the church and then came home to watch a football game and try to get over whatever it was that was giving him fits. He had sat down in his recliner and pushed it back. When he leaned back he never opened his eyes again. They found that he had a brain aneurism that ruptured. He felt no pain as he died; it was like he just went to sleep. Ever since then Wendy wanted to be close to her mom. The only reason she hadn’t wanted to come on the trip with them was she hated flying.

Once they had gotten back to Texas, they rented a house while their new house was being built. Actually it was more of a mansion. The house had everything that you could think of in it, and was completely wired with the newest high speed gadgets. Being a computer geek and electronics expert, Brian knew what he wanted in a house.

The house also came with an in-ground pool and hot tub. Brian had built a guest room/work out room out beside the pool. It was really a separate house complete with a small kitchen and a huge open room separate from the guest room. He had installed all the latest workout equipment and even a small workout space for Dylan to do his martial arts.

The one thing that they did for Augie, his mother-in-law, was to build another house that adjoined their house. It was its own house with drive and everything. The backyard adjoined theirs and was accessible by a gate in the high wooden privacy fence around both places. Augie didn’t want to move from her house but she had been living in a rent house and on the pension from her husband and his life insurance. Since the house they were living in was property of the church, the new pastor was moving in and she had to move. She reluctantly moved into the house and became a neighbor to her daughter and her family.

Augie had stayed behind to supervise the last of the landscaping while the family was on their vacation. She had puttered around and was a pain in the ass to the workers while they worked. However, after the workers had finished, she more than made up for her being a pain in the ass.

Augie was still quite beautiful even if she was in her late fifties. She had taken care of her body and still walked and exercised regularly. She was still a hard body and her body was still like someone in their earlier ages. There were two young men that were doing the last of the yard work around the pool when she checked on their work. They were wearing only shorts as they were cleaning up and getting ready to turn in the paperwork for the job completion. Augie had approached them where her halter top and short shorts that barely covered her asscheeks. The young guys got an eyeful.

When Augie was satisfied with their work, she had told them it was time for their bonus for a job well done. Augie had untied her top and then took off her shorts and spent the rest of the afternoon in the new grass around the pool as she sucked and fucked these two studs. When it was all over with she had sucked both of them and fucked them three times. The last time it was a double penetration, with one guy in her ass while she rode the other with his big cock in her pussy. Even though she was older, she was still a horny old woman. She even arranged for the guys to come and cut her grass once a week. She said she would pay them and the tips would be even better.

Wendy and Augie continued to talk about house until they pulled into the long drive to the house. Brian hit the garage door opener and the big three car garage down opened and he pulled inside. They all got out of the car and entered the house. The girls went to check their rooms and Brian and Dylan got the arduous task of bringing in all the luggage.

Brian took all the luggage into his room and dropped it on the floor. He looked at all the bags, he laughed when he saw he only had one big bag and one smaller one. Wendy had three big bags, a smaller one and another even smaller for her toiletries. He knew one bag held mostly shoes. He laughed even more when the thought of all the canlı poker oyna shoes she did have. “Just how many pairs of black shoes do you need?” was their common joke.

Once all his stuff was in the house, he went to check on his baby. He passed Dylan on his way to the garage. Dylan was sweating heavily as he brought in the last of the luggage. He had already dropped his stuff in his room and was taking the last of the luggage to Brooke’s room. He said in passing that he was getting screwed because he had to take all the bags in. He had already dropped most of Beth’s bags but she wasn’t in her room. He told his dad that he hadn’t seen Brooke in hers either.

Brian walked into the garage and pulled the cover off his “baby”. He looked at the car underneath just to check on it. It was a 1986 Guards Red Porsche 930 wide-body turbo. This was his dream car and he was restoring it back to mint condition. Once it was okay, he returned to find Wendy and Augie talking about the house. He sat down in front of the glass of tea set out for him and listened. He was smart enough to know when not to interrupt a conversation between two women when they are talking house stuff.

Dylan moved down the hall with the last of the luggage. He passed his room and looked into Beth’s when he got to her door. He thought that he had half a mind just to put all Brooke’s crap in their and let her deal with it. But something had changed about his sister’s and he found it exciting. When they kissed him it was now always on the lips instead of the cheek like before and that was very few and far between. And now that it was on the lips, he had felt both of them brush his lips with their tongue. And then when he got to look up their dresses in hotel, he almost came in his pants. Whatever the change was, he liked it and hoped it would continue.

He entered quietly into Brooke’s room and looked around. Brooke was no where to be found. As her turned to leave he could see the light on in the adjoining bathroom between Beth and Brooke’s room. The door was partially cracked and he could barely hear the muffled voices from inside. He moved slowly and quietly toward the door, thankfully the carpet masked his footsteps. When he got to the door he looked in and went wide-eyed as he saw Beth sitting on the sink counter with her dress around her waste and her pussy spread open. The part that was shocking was that she and Brooke were locked in a passionate kiss with Brooke’s fingers lightly stroking Beth’s clit. Beth’s hands were under Brooke’s top and fondling her tits.

When they broke the kiss, it was Beth that spoke first. “Book, you had better make me cum or I will scream or explode. You have done nothing but play with my pussy and not let me cum since LAX. I was almost there in the car coming home but you wouldn’t let me cum. Now please, Book, make me cum.”

Brooke didn’t say anything but kissed Beth again and dropped to her knees. Dylan watched as Brooke began to eat his sister until she was moaning. He watched as Beth leaned back against mirror and closed her eyes as Brooke sucked her clit. Beth was moaning and groaning as Brooke sucked her clit and red swollen pussy lips.

Dylan watched the action and when his cock got hard; he pulled it out and began to stroke his long hard cock. He was pumping his cock slowly and watched his sister eat the other. Beth must have been close because she brought her hand up and yelled into it as she exploded on her sister’s face. At the same time, Dylan’s cock exploded against the door, shooting his thick white cum over the door jam. He continued to pump his cock as Brooke brought Beth to another orgasm. When his cock had spent the last of his cum, he quickly left the room. It wasn’t until he was down the hall that he realized he hadn’t cleaned it up. If they found it they would know he was there and had watched. Dylan quickly got to his room and tried to figure out what to do next.

Beth had yet another orgasm from her sister’s wonderful tongue. Her body was spasming as Brooke assaulted her clit with her tongue. When she was spent, she slowly pushed Brooke back and sighed. Brooke came up and kissed her, letting her taste her pussy juice in her mouth and lips.

“Tonight, you get to return the favor,” Brooke told her.

“Tonight, what about the rest of my life? I plan on taking care of you every night from now on. We just have to figure out whose bed it is going to be. I wouldn’t mind if you moved into my room or if I moved into yours,” Beth replied running her fingers over her sister’s big nipples and then pinching. “Let’s get unpacked and then go swimming.” They kissed again and then went into their rooms.

When Brooke walked into her room she found her room, she found her bags there. As she turned to look back at Beth in her room she spotted something on the floor and door jam. There was a long string of white fluid slowly running down the wood. “Beth, come quick,” Brooke whispered.

Beth entered internet casino the room to see what Brooke wanted. Brooke silently pointed at the fluid and then shrugged her shoulders. “Who do you think did this and were they watching?” she asked Beth.

Beth reached down and scooped some of the cream on her finger and looked at it. Then she put it in her mouth. “MMmmm, tastes good. But it ain’t dad’s. Trust me, I know what dad tastes like,” she said with a wiry grin. “It has to be Dylan’s. He must have watched us and then jerked off. What are we going to do about this?”

Brooke quickly kissed her. “Things just got interesting. What say you and I arrange a little party for our dear sweet brother? A party he will never forget. If he likes to watch, I bet we could give him a show he will never forget. I think we should tease him first, get him all worked up. I bet we could get him to fuck us. I bet he could and would if given the chance. And then after that, I want to fuck mom and Gran.”

“Book, you are such a slut and I love it. I want to fuck Dylan and dad also. And from the way my pussy is creaming again thinking about mom and Gran, I would do them too. You have got me worked up, want another go?” Beth whispered and then reached out and pinched Brooke’s hard nipples.

“Baby, let’s wait until tonight for another round. Let’s tease daddy, Dylan, mom and Gran. Let’s put on our thongs and go swimming. We can tease them and then tonight, I promise to fuck you silly. I might even have a surprise for you.” Brooke winked and then quickly kissed her.

“Now you are trying to tease me, no fair,” Beth answered and then turned to put her stuff away and get into her thong swimsuit. As she was starting to undress she walked over to the house intercom and flipped the switch to the all broadcast mode. “Book and I are going to swim. Why doesn’t everyone join us in the pool?”

Everyone chimed in with their response, only Wendy and her mother begged off. Wendy wanted to talk with her mom and then check out the landscaping recently put in. Right after that Beth and Brooke came bounding down the stairs in their tank tops and shorts, followed by Dylan. The kids headed out to the pool as Brian went upstairs to change and Wendy and Augie headed to check the gardens.

The girls took their time setting up the chaise lounges and laying out their towels to get everything right. They were also waiting for their dad to come down and once he got there they would start the show. They wanted everyone to include mom and grandmom to be set for the great strip off. Dylan was watching patiently as the girls moved around. Brian finally came down wearing his baggy shorts and went about laying his towel out also. The only one who didn’t care was Dylan and he just threw his towel over by his chair and plopped down. He was just enjoying the show watching the girls move around.

When the girls saw their mother and grandmother return from walking in the garden, they secretly winked at each other to start the show. They turned around and watched as the maternal members of the family sat in the shade of the back porch patio. When they were ready the girls stood up and very slowly peeled their tank tops off. When Beth’s massive tits sprang into view she heard her dad and Dylan inhale sharply. Brooke didn’t want to be out done so she seductively peeled hers off but made sure her big nipples became viewable and then pretended that she hadn’t noticed they were exposed. When she realized that everyone was looking at her chest, she shyly adjusted her top to cover everything up. The tops the girls had on didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Each in turn tossed their tank tops beside their chair and then turned around with their backs to the family. Slowly, as if with great effort, they worked their shorts down making sure they bent at the waist and had their asses pointed directly at the men and women. They wanted them to get a good look at their asses. When the girls straightened up they could tell they had hard ons. They smiled at each other and then ran their fingers under the material to pull it away from their pussy mounds to set the material. The guys got a good look at their pussy lips under the suits. Brian, even after fucking the girls silly on the island, still got excited when watching the girls.

The guys in order to save face quickly dove into the water hoping the coolness would cause their cocks to deflate. Dylan suffered the worse because his wouldn’t go down. After watching Brooke eat Beth’s pussy and then having to endure this strip show he didn’t think his cock would ever go down. After swimming several laps, he braved the girls and got out. He thought if they wanted to play games so would he. He knew the outline of his big cock would be able to be seen by the girls. Two can play that game.

Wendy and Augie sat at the table. They were at a loss for words as they watched the near strip show the teenagers had just put on. If they had checked, they would have found that their pussies had suddenly become wet.

Augie broke the silence. “Damn, those girls are hot. And Dylan has got a cock that any girl would love to get a hold of, you can tell through the shorts.”

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