Brother and Sister Go Camping Ch. 02

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This is four months on.

After what happened on the camping trip I just assumed we would continue to be lovers. I knew it would end after the baby was born, when Vicky and Paul would start having sex again, but until then we would find ways of meeting in secret. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way. Paul’s ankle was worse than we thought, it was fractured and he needed a cast. He spent two month off work, Vicky had to do all the fetching and carrying for him. It was frustrating and annoying because I got the feeling that Paul could actually do more for himself. He has always been lazy. Two weeks after we got back we did try. Paul was downstairs and I was with Vicky in the bedroom. If we kept the noise down we could have a quickie. We shared a passionate kiss then she removed her knickers. As I unzipped myself she bent over, ready for me to take her from behind. It was only the creaking step that saved us. Paul had managed to hobble up the stairs. When he entered we were decent, but it was a close shave. Just before he opened the door Vicky had managed to kick her knickers under the bed, and I had managed to zip myself up. That made us more cautious, but before we could try again I got a girlfriend, Mary. I don’t really know how I managed it, she was definitely out of my league. From then on I selfishly avoided my sister, until the following happened.


I was at home in my bedroom sulking. Mary had finished with me three weeks ago and I was still licking my wounds. Deep down I knew it was inevitable but that didn’t stop me feeling sorry for myself.

“George. Come down, Vicky and Paul are here.”

I shouted back “Do I have to?”

Mother answered with a firm “Yes.”

I sighed, I wasn’t in the mood to see anybody but I knew that if I didn’t come down mother would just keep on at me.

Vicky gave me a hug. It was uncomfortable because of her large bump, and because it brought back memories of the camping trip. I was starting to get aroused but thankfully she let go and then stepped back. Giving me a good long look she said “You need cheering up.” She then added “I discussed it with Paul last night, we need another camping trip.”

I wasn’t expecting that. I then thought of what had happened last time.

“Say something.”

“Sorry sis. Yes it’s a good idea. Thanks.”

In a disappointed voice Vicky said “I thought you would be more enthusiastic about it.”

I forced a big smile and said “I am. It’s just that you took me by surprise.”

“I enjoyed it last time and I know you did as well.” After a slight pause she continued with “This time it’s going to be even better.”

As she said it she gave me a look that suggested there would be more to it than just a simple camping holiday. I just hoped my face wasn’t showing what I was now thinking.

“Paul is not coming with us.”

I looked at him for confirmation. “That’s right, my ankle has only just fully healed.”

Mother said “I am not sure if I should.”

Before mother could say anything else Vicky decided for her. “It will be too much for you.”

Mother hesitated, and I held my breath, then she said “Yes.”

In a slightly irritated voice Vicky said “Yes it’s too much for you or yes you want to come?”

“It’s too much for me.”

Vicky smiled and looked at me. I then realised that she had got what she wanted, a camping trip just for the two of us. What had been hinted at before was now a promise. My whole mood changed.

With obvious delight in my voice I said “When are we going?”

“Give me a day or two to sort it out. I am thinking of a weekend away in the next few weeks.” She then added “We can’t go too far away in case the baby comes early. I have two more months left but you never know.”

Paul sounded serious as he said “George I have insisted that you share a tent with Vicky. It will be safer if you are both together.” He then gave me a stern look and said “I will not take no for an answer.”

I was obviously ecstatic on hearing that but I tried not to let it show. I casually replied “OK” then I looked at Vicky. Did she just give me a secret wink?

I couldn’t wait for the trip to start, the last few days seemed to drag. Vicky did all the organising so all I needed to do was to pack my camping gear, and the one tent we would be sharing. We would travel down on the Friday evening, after work, and return Sunday around mid-day. All I could think about was the two nights we would spend together.

“Have we got everything?”


“Are you sure?”

“Come on sis you know me, I have checked everything twice.”

“Check it for a third time.”

I was about to complain when she laughed.

“Very funny, you got me.”

It only took us one and half hours to get there, and that was after losing nearly ten minutes on a wrong turn. Vicky was driving and I was navigating. I had spent the first few minutes complaining, why didn’t she have a Satnav? She calmly explained that she was getting a new car, with one, in the next few months. I started güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up again. In a more irritated voice she told me that if I didn’t shut up I would be sleeping in the car tonight. I then stopped complaining. When we got lost I was tempted to mention the lack of a Satnav again, but I had the good sense to keep my mouth shut.

“Do you like it?”

“It’s a bit small, and a bit crowded.”

“Well there wasn’t a lot of choice. There was one that looked really good but it would have taken us at least four hours to get there.” Then she added “The weather is very mild for mid-March so every man and his dog are out camping.”

When she had finished, with perfect timing, we heard a dog bark. I said “That’s the dog, where is the man?”

We both laughed at that and then I gave the site another look. It would do, we were only here for one thing and it was not the camping.

I picked our spot. Ideally I would have liked to be further away from the other campers but nothing better was available. We were quite close to another tent, but other than that we had our privacy.

As I started to pitch the tent there was a shout. “Do you need a hand?”

I turned around and saw a man smiling at me, there was a woman next to him. He pointed to the other tent and said “That’s ours.”

We introduced ourselves. They were a married couple in their sixties, James and Margaret. They seemed very nice.

Margaret asked “When is the baby due?”

Vicky patted her large bump and said “Just two more months, but I wish it was now.”

We all laughed at that. James then looked at me and said “Your first child?”

Before I could say anything Vicky gave a quick “Yes.” She then held my hand and said “The first of many.” Our new friends found that very funny.

When we were alone I asked her why she hadn’t corrected them. She said it was just a bit of fun, she liked the idea of us being together. When we returned home we would never see them again so there was no harm in pretending.

We spent the rest of the evening sitting outside the tent, enjoying the mild weather. James and Margaret had gone for a late meal, they had invited us to join them but Vicky declined. I was glad because there would probably be some awkward questions.

“Come on Vicky, tell me how you two met?”

“How long have you been married?”

I could think of a lot more questions they might ask. If we were going to spend time with them we needed to get our story sorted out.

When it was time for bed I could feel the tension between us. We both knew what was going to happen but nothing had been said. I had expected Vicky to say something in the car but she hadn’t. I opened up the two sleeping bags, we were going to use them as blankets.

In a hesitant voice I said “Are we ready?”

Vicky didn’t reply, she just held my hand and smiled. I turned the torch off and we were now sitting in almost complete darkness. I cradled her head and then kissed her, soft at first then firmer. She responded by pushing her tongue into my mouth, I sucked on it eagerly. We then took turns at exploring each other’s mouth. It felt as if we were never going to stop, but we did when Vicky pulled her head away.

She gave a sort of purring sound before saying “That was wonderful. A nice starter.”

‘What’s the main course?”

“Me.” Then she giggled like a school girl.

There was silence for a few seconds before she added “I have waited a long time for this, too long.” She then paused before saying “I thought that when we got here I would make you fuck me within the first ten minutes, as soon as the tent was up. However I now realise that we have all night, and all tomorrow night, so we can take our time.”

As I stroked her hair she continued, “I have been so frustrated these last few months. The last fuck I have had was from you. There is only so much satisfaction you can get from your own fingers. I need a cock. I want you to promise me something.”

In a puzzled voice I said “What?”

“I want you to promise to do everything I ask. I want to be fucked every way I can think of.”

“Wow, I think that’s a promise I can keep.”

We both laughed at that, then in a serious voice she said “Time to play with my tits.”

I was eager to do as she asked. Her tits were now noticeably larger than before, as I slowly unbuttoned her blouse I wondered if her nipples had grown as well. When the last button was done Vicky slipped her top off and then reached behind to unhook her bra. I was already playing with her tits, searching for the nipples, before the bra was off.

“Damn, I am all fingers and thumbs.” Then in a frustrated voice she added “I can’t unhook it.”

“Let me.”

It would be a lot easier for me. However I also struggled with it, but eventually it was off.

There was a sigh from Vicky then she said “I thought it was never coming off.”

“Me too.”

She laughed at that, but the laugh turned into a moan when I found her nipples, they were bigger. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri As I pinched and rubbed them she moaned continuously.

“Suck them.”

“No, not yet.”

“Suck them, please.”

She was almost begging, I had better give her what she wanted. I put my mouth over a nipple, she gasped. I then slowly licked the top of it.

“Suck it, suck it hard.”

I continued licking for a few seconds, then I sucked on it as hard as I could. I heard her catch her breath, then slowly exhale as I started to suck more gently.

“Fuck me, that almost made me come.”

I stopped and quickly asked “Do you want me to do it again?” I then got back onto her nipple.

“No, what you are doing now is good enough.” She then moaned, as if to confirm what she had just said.

“Don’t forget the other one, that needs to be sucked as well.”

She didn’t need to tell me that, I was going to give both of them my full attention. We had now settled into a nice rhythm, a minute or two on one, then the same again on the other nipple. Whilst I was doing this I had managed to unzip myself, my cock had been painfully trapped. Now that it was free I could enjoy my sister’s tits without any distractions.

It was now time to explore her cunt. I was surprised she hadn’t already made me do that. I placed my hand on her knee, as I moved it up her thigh she grabbed it, holding it firm.

“Are you not ready yet?”

“I am ready, too ready. If you finger me I will come.”

“I need your cunt.”

She hesitated then said “OK, but keep away from my clit.”

My hand was released and I quickly moved it upwards, desperate to get into her knickers, but she wasn’t wearing any.

In a shocked voice I said “You are not wearing any knickers.”

She giggled. “I told you before I was frustrated. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to get to my cunt.”

I muttered “I wish you hadn’t worn a bra, that was the problem not your knickers.”

She laughed loudly, then in a serious voice said “You should be sucking my tits.”

I did as she asked, and I also pushed two fingers into her, up to the knuckles. When they were in deep she gave a long low groan.

“That is so good.” She then quickly added “Fuck me little brother.”

“I thought you wanted.”

She cut me off with “I did want it slow, but now I can’t wait any longer.”

I wasn’t going to argue. I started to remove my trousers but she said “No, just unzip and fuck me.”

I didn’t bother telling her that my cock was already out, I just removed my fingers then put my hands on her knees. I was about to push her legs wide when she said “It will be better on my side with you behind me.”


We quickly got into position. As she lifted her top leg up I searched for her opening with my fingers. Got it, I now knew where to put my cock.

In a startled voice she said “Not that one.”

“Sorry sis.”

She quickly said, but in a calmer voice, “I might let you use that hole tomorrow.”

I didn’t know what to say to that, so I kept quiet. She had said earlier that she wanted to do everything, I now realised she actually meant it.

I was now fucking her as hard, and as fast, as I could. She was moaning and screaming obscenities at the top of her voice. It wasn’t going to last long, and it didn’t.

“My fucking cunt is going to fucking come.” As she climaxed she squeezed her legs together, fortunately that made me come as well.

We lay next to each other, I had my arm around her, just enjoying the moment. I could feel myself drifting off to sleep. I was tired, and satisfied. It had been a good end to a good day.

“Wake up.”

I still felt tired, it can’t be morning already. When I realised it was still dark I said in a sleepy voice “What time is it?”

In a more urgent tone she said it again, “Wake up.”

That startled me. I was now frantically thinking of all sorts of worrying things. Has the car been stolen? Is there somebody lurking outside? The baby?

In an alarmed voice I said “Is it the baby?”

She laughed, then said in a calm voice “Don’t be silly, I just need some more sex.”

I wasn’t amused. I muttered “It’s the middle of the night, can’t it wait until later.”

She replied with a curt “No.”

I sighed, no point in arguing, when she wants something she always gets it.

“Take your clothes off.”

I did as she asked, I had only been wearing my underwear. We were now under the two unzipped sleeping bags. I still felt warm even though I was naked. I reached over to he, she was also naked. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind so I asked “What do you want us to do?”

She didn’t reply straight away so I guess she was thinking. I wondered if we would do it in some unusual position that heavily pregnant women have to adopt in order to be comfortable.

“I want you to lick me.”

No problem, that would be easy to do, and I would like it.

“Also I want to suck your cock.”

That would güvenilir bahis şirketleri be more difficult because of her big bump, but I would certainly enjoy having my cock in her mouth.

It took a while to get into position, and to be comfortable. We had to be side by side rather than me on top of her. It’s lucky I am tall so that I could bend round the baby bulge.

Once we started all the problems of the position were forgotten. I was concentrating on her cunt, and she was doing a wonderful job on my cock. As I licked and sucked her I tried to ignore the fact that some of what I was tasting was what I had poured into her earlier. Her clit was massively swollen, when I sucked it she always responded by sucking me harder. We continued like this for ten or fifteen minutes. It might have been longer, but I had better things to do than keep looking at my watch.

Now it was different. I was still hard at work but Vicky was slowing down, and she was moaning. Suddenly the slowing down became a stop and I felt her move her head back, my cock came out. She was breathing heavily, building up to a climax. I was disappointed that my cock was not getting any attention but I knew that the important thing here was for Vicky to enjoy it, she was, and she was close to coming. He bottom was wriggling so much that I had difficulty keeping my tongue on her clit. I rammed three fingers in up to the knuckles, that finished her off.

It almost finished me, but not in a good way. I had struggled to breathe as she bucked and rolled about with my head crushed between her thighs. Eventually she released me. It took me a while to get back to normal, but when I did I could see that Vicky was still dazed. I waited, I was now getting concerned, but to my relief she started murmuring and then said “That was wonderful.”

In a sarcastic voice I said “I am glad somebody enjoyed it.” I followed that, in a pleading tone, with “Let me go back to sleep.”

I waited for her to reply but all I heard was deep breathing, this time it was because she was asleep.

When I awoke it was late, ten-thirty. There was no sign of Vicky. I had just finished dressing when she returned.

“I have got us some breakfast, there is a van that comes round in the morning. So no need for you to cook.”

I was disappointed, that is something I like doing. I said “It was a waste of time me bringing the camping stove.”

Without any thought to hurting my feelings she said “Yes it was.” Then she added “I got coffee as well.”

I must admit the food was good. As I was finishing the last mouthful she said “The washing facilities and toilets are near where we parked the car. I showered before you got up, plenty of hot water.”

“OK, I will go now.”

“Good you stink.”

She was still laughing when I left the tent. I just hoped she was joking.

When I got back Vicky looked excited, she blurted out “Got something to tell you.” I had to wait before she continued with “James and Margaret.” I was getting annoyed now.

“Just tell me.”

She sighed and said “That’s what I am doing.”

There was another pause before she said “I talked with then whilst you were having a shower. It was a strange conversation. In a roundabout way they were asking what we were doing last night. One thing I remember James saying was ‘Some interesting noises coming from your tent last night’.”

“He said that?”

“Yes, his exact words.”

“You didn’t tell him what we were doing?”

I held my breath, until she replied with, “No of course not. I let them do most of the talking.”

A thought struck me “Were they complaining?”

“No. My understanding from what was said, and what was hinted at, is this. They enjoyed listening to it and hoped we would do the same tonight.”

I burst out laughing, when I had finished I said “And I thought they were a nice couple.”

“They are, but they are also perverts.” Then in a reflective tone she added “Just like you and me.” That made me think, if you are fucking your pregnant sister then you are in no position to judge.

“I almost forgot the best bit.”

I winced as I waited for what she was going to say next.

“They are going to move their tent nearer to ours, something about the ground not being suitable where they are.”

“That’s rubbish, where they are is perfect. I would have picked that spot if it had been available.”

“Even I knew it was a load of rubbish. It’s just so that they can hear better.”

I was now slightly angry, they were taking liberties. “I am going to tell them no.”

In a firm voice she said “Too late, I said yes.”

I looked at Vicky, there was a mischievous look on her face. Calmly she said “It might be fun, we should give them a good show.” I closed my eyes and groaned. It might be fun, but it might also get out of hand.

The rest of the day was a combination of trekking and shopping. Vicky managed very well considering she was seven months pregnant. When we eventually got back to the camp site she held my hand and pointed with it.

“Look where they have put their tent.”

Even from a distance I could see how close it was to ours, and I could see them standing next to it. As we walked towards them Vicky nudged me, and out of the corner of her mouth said “Let me do the talking.”

“Hi, I hope we are not too close?”

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