Bryan and Kara

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This is probably going to come off as weird, considering I’m bisexual and most of my recent conquests of sorts have been men.

Once in awhile, however, I will have the urge to fuck a woman, though it’s a bit more difficult for me to find a willing pussy than it is a guy’s ass and cock.

Not that I think of myself as the most suave guy in the universe; I’m short (five foot seven, to be exact), funny looking, nerdy and geeky, with blondish brown curly hair, and spend all my time reading. I have never read that in a woman’s standards list.

Probably my best feature outside of the blue-green eyes I’ve been told are “pretty” would be my dick—nine inches and cut.

In any case, I still have my own standards about who I fuck. Men, if they’re legal and tight, who cares? But my women, they have to be 25 or older (I’m 30, but given my size and appearance, some think I’m still a kid!), have dark hair, and at least 150 pounds or more with nice skin and big asses.

I guess my tastes in women come from me having some resounding fear of skinny women of upper class; I can’t even ask one what time it is most of the time. One time, I had been flirting with some twins at a club, and though my ego was shot, I kept pushing and antagonizing, which made me look more like a dumb ass.

On the other hand, when I find a curvier chick, I can slide right up, put an arm around her, make her feel like a princess and ask the time without being bitched at, the girl saying “EWWWWW!” or being told to get lost. Instead, I usually get an appreciative smile, some “Awwwwwww’s!” told “You are so sweet!” or “Isn’t he the cutest?”

Oh, the things those skinny bitches miss out on, huh? The thing is, most women usually go for my best friend before even thinking twice about me anyway. Rarely do I find a woman who find me more attractive than he.

That is where Kara comes in.

Kara is seventeen years older than I am, but we may as well have been around the same age the way she looks and acts. She’s 5’2 and about 200 pounds, and with that wonderful short dark hair and sweet blue eyes. And yes, the prerequisite big ass.

We met online about a year ago when she initially went ape shit for Patrick (my tall, dark olive-skinned best buddy who gets a lot of women). Though her interest was more in him, we started chatting too, albeit casually.

Though I had been seeing another girl at the time (also a bigger girl) and held a man crush on Pat, it hadn’t taken long for me to start having wet dreams about Kara even though she lived thousands of miles away.

Oh, there was no question she liked sex, poker oyna even I being bisexual didn’t bother her at all. She’d write the hottest stuff about gay encounters that got my rocks off each time.

When we both had gotten webcams, it became even more fun, though nothing ‘dirty’ was done on them. I had too much respect for Kara to stoop that low.

The one time, however, I had left my cam on by accident when I’d gone to masturbate over a threesome porno I’d seen online. The guy could have been a dead ringer for Pat and the chick looked a little like Kara.

I’d been in stroking heaven. Good thing I’d given my cock a workout under the blankets, or Kara had really gotten a show.

When it had gotten out she’d seen what I did, I was embarrassed as hell, but it hadn’t bothered her at all.

Well, when Pat lost his job last fall and I was spared, he started acting like an ass toward a bunch of people, Kara included.

It wasn’t enough that she had a lot of insecurities to begin with and though she wasn’t good enough for anyone, his being a total dick made her feel that much worse.

It was then good old Bryan here to the rescue.

Within a month, it was clear that Kara had totally switched her primary affection from the dark haired asshole to the nice blond guy.

Pat wasn’t a totally happy camper about it, but we figured fuck him too; he could find someone else among his array of younger fillies. Kara was the type that preferred brains over beauty anyway.

That spring, I was going to be in town and messaged Kara to tell her. Naturally, she was thrilled and wanted to know where I was staying so she could come see me.

When I told her I’d get the room number to her once I’d arrived, I could hear the excitement in her voice. I was looking forward to seeing her too.

When I was finished with my business that night, Kara and I had a few drinks before we went goofing off around town.

She was a little shy, but once she’d opened up, she was a fun chick and easy to talk to. Like most of the curvy girls, she didn’t scoff me when I would put an arm around her either.

We got back to my room around eleven that night, just chilling on the bed side by side for a little while and bullshitting for a bit before I went for the kill and leaned over, kissing her softly before I realized what I was doing and pulled back.

Kara’s eyes nevertheless lit up. “Is that the best you can do, big boy?” she teased. So much for being shy.

“Oh, I think I can do far better, sweetheart,” I teased back before I held her close to me, touching her face and kissed canlı poker oyna her, exploring Kara’s mouth with my tongue, licking the corners before practically shoving it down her throat.

She eagerly kissed me back as our tongues entwined and I felt one of her hands on my crotch, making my cock grow in my pants.

Oh yes, she wanted this as much as I did. This definitely wasn’t a wet dream of mine this time; we were actually going to fuck!

By now, I was horny as hell and we had both stripped off the clothes of the other.

“Are you sure you really want this?” I asked, doubly making sure this wasn’t just another Kara wet dream.

I knew then it wasn’t when she had a big, lustful smile on her face. “Absolutely.”

“Well, lets do something about it.”

“Mmm. My kind of guy,” she said. “I know you like getting oral, so I am going to give you the best blow job you ever had.”

With that, she dipped her head and took my hard dick into her mouth.

There’s good head, there’s bad head, and there’s head that is passable. Kara sucking my cock was beyond good; it was fucking fantastic. On a scale of one to ten, Kara sucking my dick rated ten thousand.

She used her tongue to outline the tip then plunge her mouth so far down, I was amazed she got in the whole nine inches to the balls even if she’d gagged a little at first.

Kara looked up at me, and seeing I was enjoying her amazing cock sucking skills, went back to work and began to fuck her face with my cock.

She got more of me into her mouth than any woman ever had before and I loved it. Her throat opened up and gripped my manhood as she worked on me orally. I fucking loved it.

I couldn’t take it any more; if I had let her go on like this, I would cum before I was ready.

Finally I said. “Kara, I need to fuck you.”

She then assumed the position, her ass in the air and shaved pussy exposed. “So what are you waiting for, a special invitation?”

Oh, God. It was a wonder I didn’t cum right then and there.

Climbing behind her, my cock seemed to have found her entrance on its own, and plunged right in. Her pussy was so tight seemed to have a vise like grip on my dick as we started fucking. I ran my hands over her round, big ass as I pushed deeper into her tight pussy.

“Fuck me,” Kara panted as I began to thrust in and out of her at a hard, steady pace. “Fuck me good, Bryan. I love the way your big young cock feels inside me.”

We must have been having sex like that for the next twenty minutes or so.

I loved the feel of my cock surrounded by Kara’s soft, internet casino smooth wetness and feeling her cum over and over; all I could think about was giving her the best fuck she ever had.

I could hear Kara grunt and moan, calling out my name, and I quickened my movements even more. Soon, I was fucking her with passion, ramming my cock hard and deep into her hot cunt.

“You like that, baby? Doesn’t that feel good?”

“Oh God, yes! Fuck me, Bryan! Ram that big dick in and out of me!”

I was getting close to exploding, and pulling out quickly, I turned Kara over onto her back, saying I wanted to see her face when we both came.

Grabbing her ankles and throwing them over my shoulders, my cock disappeared back into Kara’s pussy and I bent down to kiss her, picking up my thrusts once more.

I pounded Kara with fury as she practically yelled out how good my dick felt inside her, how no guy was as hot as I was in bed, how she wanted me to fuck her like a slut, and cum inside her.

Soon, I felt my own orgasm approaching. My balls tightening, I slowed down my strokes, not wanting this to end; she was so much hotter than a few of the guys I had bedded recently.

But in spite of my effort, there was no way I could delay cumming, so I sped up my thrusts again harder than before.

“Oh shit, Kara! I’m going to shoot off soon….”

“Yes,” she breathed. “Fucking cum in me, Bryan.”

As I continued to pound her pussy, I started to finger Kara’s clit as I felt my orgasm get much closer. A few more quick, hard thrusts and I began blasting a hot load of cum deep inside her.

Kara too had begun to cum, her body shuddering before my final thrust pushed my cock into her all the way until I was completely drained of cum. I then slowly took my wilting dick out of her and collapsed beside her on the bed.

We were both exhausted from the session we just had, falling asleep shortly after. I never thought I’d enjoy pussy again so much, but Kara proved me wrong.

Things were quiet when we woke up the next morning before we started off with a petting and kissing session. Then we showered together.

Kara proceeded to suck my cock in the shower, swallowing my load happily. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other as we dried off, and knowing she was horny and I was hard again, I bent her over the bathroom counter.

We watched our reflection in the mirror as I fucked her from behind for a good ten minutes.

Not long after I grabbed her hips, the room filled with sighs, moans, and screams before I shot my second load of cum that morning, this time deep into her pussy.

We took a second shower before getting dressed. I drove her home in my rental car before heading for the airport, already thinking about what I wanted to do with her the next time I rolled into town.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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