But I’m a Good Girl

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The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. Both characters are at least eighteen.


When I was a senior in high school I had a girlfriend named Misty. It was one of those marching band relationships where a really cute color guard girl hooked up with a brass player for the season. Misty was a really sweet person with a great smile. Being a senior, she was in her fourth year of color guard and quite good with a flag. Her beautiful straight brunette hair always fell luxuriously about her shoulders and her shapely legs were wonderfully toned as well as very flexible.

Misty was also a very popular girl at school, especially in her guard uniform. The outfit was a one-piece, black sequin dance costume with silver sequin trim and solid black guard shoes. The attached skirt was about the same length as what the cheerleaders wore, but as Misty was the tallest girl in the color guard, her skirt tended to appear just a little bit shorter than everyone else’s.

Misty also had the tendency to attract attention while stretching out before a performance. On many occasions guys would secretly watch Misty as she stretched her legs by placing them one at a time on the rail of a nearby fence, or slowly falling into a split on the track (she was the only flag girl who could do a full split). Little did she know she was giving every guy in the stands a hard on.

Or did she know?

I had always wanted to find out if Misty’s “sweet girl” personality was genuine or just an act. Maybe she got off on “innocently” teasing every guy in the school. Or maybe she actually wanted to do something wild but wouldn’t admit it to herself. Either way, I wanted to find out how to get Misty really turned on, and then see how far she would go once I got her motor running.

One Friday evening, about an hour before the band was to meet for a football game, I arranged to meet Misty in the high school courtyard to take some pictures of her. It was a great place to do photographs because there were lovely trees and flowerbeds there and it was far enough away from the stadium that I knew no one would be around.

Misty perched herself on a low brick wall surrounding a flowerbed wearing her color guard warm-up suit over her guard uniform. She flashed her sweet smile at my camera while I took several pictures of her in cute poses. After a few minutes I lowered my camera.

“Okay, Misty, take your clothes off,” I said.

Misty raised her eyebrows and put her hands on her hips.

“I meant your warm-up suit,” I corrected myself.

Misty smiled and unzipped her jacket revealing the top part of her form-fitting guard uniform which hugged her breasts so well. Then she hopped off the wall and slid her pants down, revealing her skirt and those incredible legs of hers. Tossing her warm-up suit aside, Misty hopped back on the wall and posed for several more pictures.

“Hey Misty,” I suggested, “lets do a picture of you in that split you do.”

“Here on the wall?” Misty asked.

“Sure, why not?”

Misty looked at the dimensions of the wall. “It may not be wide enough, but I’ll try.” She hopped down. “Let me stretch out first.”

Misty walked over to a fence and grabbed it for support, stretching her legs by lunging slowly from side to side. Then Misty placed her right leg on the top of the fence and leaned closer to it in order to stretch, caressing her leg up to the bottom of her skirt. She flung her hair back as she rocked her hips back and forth against the fence. My cock was hard just watching her. Did she know what she was doing to me? Misty brought her right leg down and repeated this performance with her left leg, sighing with what one could only call pleasure as she caressed herself and pumped her hips against the fence.

“Wow,” I said enjoying the view. “You look like you’re enjoying that WAY too much.”

Misty opened her mouth in surprise at my statement and gave me a playful slap on the wrist. I smiled as Misty finished stretching and walked over to the brick poker oyna wall once again. Stepping up onto the wall, Misty stood with her legs as far apart as she could go without losing her balance, and then began falling slowly into a split.

Misty smiled sweetly as she eased her way down. “I’m losing my balance, I think I may need your help.”

I walked over to Misty and placed my hands on her hips to balance her as she slid further down. Misty placed her arms on my shoulders and giggled cutely as her legs spread further apart. There was a lovely intimacy between us as I kept Misty from falling while she concentrated on lowering herself down, our bodies just inches apart from each other.

Finally, with my help, Misty’s hips came to rest on the brick wall and her legs were completely spread apart. My girlfriend was in front of me in a full split wearing her sexy color guard outfit and posing for my camera. It was a fantasy every guy in the school would have wanted to come true.

Misty put her hands on her hips and smiled as I backed away and began taking pictures again.

“How’s that?” Misty asked cutely between pictures.

“Wow,” I replied in awe. “You look amazing. That split is really hot.”

Misty blushed and smiled sweetly.

“You know,” I began, “you did appear to be enjoying yourself.”

Misty raised her eyebrows. “Excuse me?”

“When you were stretching out,” I replied. “You were practically feeling yourself up and humping that fence at the same time.”

“What?!?” Misty’s mouth fell open in shock. She looked a little insulted, but I noticed she wasn’t denying it either.

I decided to go for it.

“Oh come on, Misty,” I said putting down the camera and walking over to her. “Don’t pretend you’ve never done it before.”

Misty’s voice grew soft, already anticipating the answer to her next question. “Done what?”

“You know,” I gently placed my hand on her ankle and began slowly sliding it up her shapely leg, “explored yourself”.

Taking Misty’s hand, I guided it up underneath her skirt. Misty opened her mouth in surprise and quickly pulled her hand away.

“No,” she put her hands on her hips, acting slightly offended, “I’ve never done that.”

“Yes you have,” I replied unconvinced. “All girls do, they just don’t like to admit it.”

Misty closed her eyes and moistened her lips as I slowly glided my hand up her inner thigh, pushing up Misty’s skirt in the process. My gosh her legs were incredible. Misty’s entire body tensed up in anticipation as I moved my hand underneath her skirt.

“Oh,” she whispered in short, quick breaths as I gently touched Misty’s pussy through the attached panties underneath her skirt. A thousand conflicting thoughts raced through Misty’s mind as I began slowly and methodically teasing her pussy with small circular motions of my hand.

“No please…ah…don’t…do this…to me…oh!” Little surges of pleasure caused Misty’s hips to jump repeatedly, her body reacting involuntarily to the pleasure it was receiving.

“Ummmmmm…” Misty laid her head back and sighed repeatedly as the sensation built. I responded by slipping my hand into Misty’s panties and thrusting two fingers into her warm moist pussy.

“Oh!” Misty gave a girly yelp, suddenly experiencing a new level of pleasure, and torture as I rapidly pumped my fingers in and out of her. Her body responded traitorously, the walls of her pussy giving way and allowing my fingers to probe even deeper. Misty knew that she had lost control of her body. I now owned it, and her.

Completely out of control, Misty took her hands and held my head, whipped her hair back, and gave me the longest, deepest, kiss I think I’d ever seen. I responded by pushing a third finger into her, our kiss muffling her squeals of pleasure. Misty rocked her hips back and forth on my hand, desperate to pull more pleasure from me as she longed for the release of an orgasm.

Turning my fingers upward I found Misty’s g-spot and began rapidly stroking it over and over.

“Ohmygod!” Misty gasped, flinging canlı poker oyna her head back as I tortured her most sensitive pleasure spot. I smiled, loving being able to control her body with just my touch.

Misty’s hips were pumping up and down on my fingers like a machine. Her balance was amazing, holding the full split while she humped my fingers in quick thrusts, her arms wrapped around my neck for support.

Seeing my girlfriend in the throws of ecstasy and agony, edging closer and closer to release was insanely hot. Every twitch of my hand pulled the most wonderful cries of pleasure and torture from Misty’s beautiful voice.

“I’m coming! Ohgod I’m coming!!” she threw her head back, violently bouncing up and down on my hand as she felt her pussy begin to clinch down on my probing fingers.

Suddenly, just as Misty’s body was about to explode into wonderful orgasm, I pulled my hand from her pussy, leaving her unfulfilled and panting in frustration. Misty opened her eyes, her breasts heaving as she gasped for air.

“Why?” she managed to ask between breaths.

I smiled at her, “I’m calling your bluff.”

“What the heck does that mean?” Misty panted. “Come on, finish me off.”

I shook my head, gently taking her hand and gliding it up under her already hiked-up skirt. “If you want to come, you’ll have to do it yourself.”

Misty gave a small whimper of protest. “I don’t do that. I’m a good girl.”

I placed my hand under her chin. “I’m not buying it, Misty.”

Misty licked her lips nervously and her eyes became more submissive.

“You’re a tease,” I said stealing a kiss from her. “You enjoy pretending to be a good girl while you drive guys out of their minds. Well I’m calling you on it. My guess is that you’re so horny right now you’ll do anything for an orgasm. If you really want to come, you’re going to have to drop the good girl act and let me watch you pleasure yourself.”

Misty was speechless, her eyes beginning to water.

“So, how bad do you want it?” I asked softly.

With a look of complete obedience, Misty’s hand drifted closer to her pussy. Lifting her skirt up so I could see, Misty began gently rubbing her pussy through the panties of her outfit.

“Oh…this is…um…so…ah…embarrassing,” Misty said giving into her body’s desires. She slipped her hand into her panties and inserted first one, then two, and finally three fingers into her already sensitive pussy.

Satisfied, I stepped back and began taking pictures of my girlfriend as she began thrusting her fingers in and out of her moist depths.

“Oooooo, you bastard,” Misty panted as she masturbated in front of me.

“That’s it Misty,” I encouraged between pictures, “make yourself come for me.”

Misty closed her eyes and began pumping her hips back and forth on her hand. “Oh! Um! You jerk, I can’t believe you’re making me do this!”

Faster and faster Misty thrust her hand in and out of her pussy, the sound of the camera a constant reminder that her dignity was being stripped from her one picture at a time.

Misty gave a high-pitched gasp as her thumb made contact with her clitoris, stroking it gently over and over. She obviously knew exactly where to touch her beautiful body to make herself come…just as I had suspected.

“Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! OH!!! OH YES THERE!!! THERE!!! OH!!!! OH!!!!!” Misty’s hips bucked violently as if she was riding a horse.


With a loud squeal, Misty squirmed and wiggled her hips uncontrollably as her pussy clinched down hard on her probing hand. Every part of her locked in tension as the powerful waves of orgasm washed over her senses. Misty’s entire body convulsed as earthquakes of pleasure had their way with her.

“OOOOOHHHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOOOD!!!” Misty shuddered as the waves of pleasure crashed down and slowly began to subside. Gasping for breath, her breasts heaving, Misty slowly began to regain her senses. I placed my camera back in my backpack and folded my arms.

“Nice,” I said looking internet casino her over intently. Misty glared at me with a mixture of anger and lust, her hair tussled wildly about her shoulders.

“I hate you,” she fired back at me.

I smiled and walked over to her.

Misty flung her arms around my neck and began kissing me savagely.

“Mmmmmm! (kiss) Fuck me. (kiss) Fuck me please. (kiss) Ohgod! I need you to fuck me! (kiss).

I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out while Misty, still in her full split, scooted forward to the edge of the wall, lining up her pussy with my shaft.

I placed the tip of my cock up against the entrance to Misty’s wonderfully soaked pussy and slowly began to push, the walls of her labia parting beautifully to allow my cock inside her.

“Ohgod!” Misty jumped as my cock tunneled all the way into her overly sensitive pussy. “Please be gentle with me. Its my first time.”

“Now Misty,” I said gently pumping into her with long deep strokes, “tell me the truth.”

“No really,” Misty struggled for every word as my rock hard shaft drove deep inside her. “It…ah…it really…ohgod…is my…um…first time.”

I began to increase my speed, giving Misty a nice steady rhythm. “I noticed you don’t have your hymen Misty, so how did that happen?”

“Oh no!” Misty tried to answer bobbing up and down on my cock. “I CAN’T tell you that.”

“Misty,” I warned, “tell me or I’ll stop.”

“Oh!!! Please!!! UM!!! I CAN’T!!!! AH!!!! It’s too embarrassing! OH!!!!!”

“If you want me to fuck you then tell me the truth,” I said giving Misty a few quick pumps to torture her before returning to my steady pace again.

“Ohgod!!!” Misty cried out. Her pussy was so sensitive and her gorgeous legs were going to be very sore tomorrow after holding this split for so long, but she needed to come, and she needed me to make her come.

“I…was in the…UM!…color guard room by myAHHH!!!…myself.”

“And?” I prompted Misty as I began fucking her faster.

“I…OHGOD!!!…masturbated in front of the mirror with my flagpole. OHFUCK!!!…I was able to get eight inches inside my puuuuSSSSSYYYY!!!”

“Damn that’s hot Misty,” I said pounding her at full speed. “You’re such a bad girl.”

Misty pouted as she bounced up and down violently on my cock. “No…OH!!!…I’m…UM!!!…a…good…girllllllllAHHH!!!.”

With a scream of ecstasy, Misty’s pussy clamped down hard on my cock, her muscles contracting beautifully around my shaft as I unloaded inside her. She could actually feel my member pulsating against the walls of her pussy as I pumped everything I had into her. Misty’s body shook violently as her pussy seemed to suckle on my cock, contracting repeatedly to pull everything out of me and send it deep into her womb.

As the pulses of orgasm began to wane, our heaving bodies started to relax from the tension and we both tried to gain control of our breathing once again. Misty gave a cute little squeal of delight as I pulled out of her and gave her overly sensitive pussy a final twinge of pleasure.

Misty purred in complete contentment as she shifted out of her full split and gently wrapped her exhausted legs around my waist. She placed her arms around my neck and pulled me close, enveloping me in her warm loving embrace.

I held my girlfriend in my arms until she finished trembling from the experience, gently stroking her long silky hair and kissing her softly on her cheeks and forehead. Finally, she looked up at me with the most gorgeous doe-like eyes.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

I gently placed my hand under Misty’s chin and smiled at her lovingly. “You are a good girl.”

Misty and I dated the rest of our senior year. We were the band couple everyone loved. After graduation we both went off to different universities, drifted apart, and married other people. We’re still good friends though and have dinner together occasionally when one of us is in town. Misty always thanked me for what she called her “sexual awakening” and we both look back on that year with fond memories. I did ask her once at dinner if she had ever done anything as erotic and crazy since.

“Of course not,” Misty flashed an innocent smile at me, “I’m a good girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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