Car Wash

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Steve hobbled on his crutches over to the large picture window facing out to the front yard of his parent’s house. A few weeks earlier he had broken his leg mountain biking with his friends and was going stir crazy. At twenty-six he had moved out of his parent’s house years ago but it was a bad break and he was going to be in a full leg cast for three months. The whole summer, and his mother had insisted that he move back home so she could take care of him.

Muttering a curse, he took a deep swallow of his beer. Even though it was only mid-morning, he was feeling sorry for himself, knowing his buddies were out there, in the woods, crashing down the hillside, going over jumps, doing exactly what he wanted to be doing, and he felt like a little pick me up.

He was about to turn away from the window when the neighbors’ garage door began to open. He could see the tail lights of the red Civic light up and he paused. The car belonged to the neighbors’ daughter, Cassie. She was nineteen and had definitely caught his attention since he’d been back home. She had been a bratty fourteen year old when he had moved out and he had hardly believed his eyes the first time he’d seen her all grown up.

Hoping to catch a glimpse of her, he waited as she slowly backed the car up. He wondered what she was doing when she stopped and turned the car off in the driveway. Watching her get out of the car, he sucked in a breath. She was wearing just a white cropped tank top and a very short pair of red shorts. His eyes hungrily scanned over her body. She was a bit taller than average, about 5’8″ with long shapely legs, a tiny waist and lush full breasts. Her long auburn hair was pulled back in a ponytail, showcasing her big green eyes.

He watched her walk back into the garage and emerge with a large bucket of soapy water and a sponge. There is no way that I am lucky enough to watch her wash a car dressed like that, he thought. He let out a long sigh as she bent over, dunking the sponge into the bucket and then slopped it onto the car. Being incapacitated as he was he hadn’t had any female companionship for about three weeks and was horny as hell and watching Cassie made his cock instantly alert.

Standing transfixed at the window he watched her intently, not wanting to miss a thing. He again sighed as she bent over, giving him a great view of her cleavage as she bent to her task. Her breasts jiggled and shook as she worked and he felt his cock twitching, his excitement beginning to rise. She crouched in front of her vehicle to wash the grill and Steve was a granted a view of a tiny pink thong peeking above the low waistband of her shorts.

He fantasized about how she would look in nothing but that pink thong as she carefully washed the front of her car. Images of her naked but for the tiny scrap of hot pink fabric as she knelt before him, his rock hard cock bobbing in front of her parted lips flooded his mind and his cock began to throb. In his mind, she slid the tiny undergarment down her spread thighs before darting out her tongue to taste him, gazing up at him with her wide green eyes.

She was on the far side of the car, washing the windshield, reaching forward, trying to get the whole window and Steve held his breath, waiting. “C’mon, c’mon,” he whispered, watching her stretch across the expanse of glass.

“Oh yes,” he breathed as her breasts pressed against the wet glass.

She stood and where the top was now wet, was almost transparent. Steve stared hungrily at her full, firm breasts, the nipples hard and poking at the clinging fabric.

Taking a long swig of his beer he almost fell over as she rounded the car, turned her back to him and bending at the waist, leaned over to wash the wheels of her car. The tiny red shorts rode up her ass, revealing a large portion of her perfect cheeks. She scrubbed the chrome vigorously, causing her beautiful backside to wiggle back and forth. When she straightened to move onto the next wheel, she didn’t bother to pull her shorts back into place and Steve had the most incredible view as she turned sideways. Her wet tank top showed off her gorgeous tits and her hiked up shorts showed off her fantastic round ass.

Clutching one crutch with his arm, his hand reached down to rub his aching cock. As Cassie moved around the car, washing it thoroughly, he began to wonder if he was going to last through the whole thing. She was getting wetter and wetter as she went and soon her whole body was glistening, her tank top clung to every curve and so did her tiny shorts. Her firm thighs were wet as well as her lightly muscled stomach. She hadn’t bothered to pull her shorts back into place and he was enjoying that view as well.

Cassie was hosing down her car, and knew that Steve next door had been watching her the whole time. She had noticed him immediately, standing right in the window and since his eyes were never on her face, she had cast discrete glances at him as she had purposely gotten herself all wet. Even though he güvenilir bahis was wearing baggy shorts, she had easily noticed the large bulge that had grown as he watched her and she felt a thrill of excitement.

She stood on the far side of the car, scrubbing at the hood, making her tits jiggle in the tiny top she was wearing. Standing, she raised her hand to wipe her brow, knowing it would pull the top up just enough to show the bottom curve of her breast. Since the fabric was wet it stayed pulled up and she again resumed her task, her lush mounds shaking in the most enticing way.

Moving around to the front of the car, she bent forward, still washing the hood, intent on giving Steve every pin-up type of pose she could think of. She knew her shorts had ridden up her ass and as she bent forward, she arched her back, going up on her toes and reaching forward to give him a view of her tits and her ass.

When he had been living at home, she had had a mad teenage-crush on him that hadn’t diminished over the years. Now that he was back, she was determined to have him and judging from the way he was now staring at her she knew it was going to be easy.

Bending over to get all the soap out of the wheels, she again gave him a good view of her tight, round ass. Moving around the car, she rinsed away all the soap, still casting glances over at him. His black hair was messily tousled and thick lashes fringed his dark blue eyes. He was quite tall, about 6’3″ she guessed and his athletic body was lean and hard.

She was again standing in front of the car when she pretended to drop the hose. The nozzle was shooting out a hard stream of water and as she had planned, the stream hit her right between her thighs. Gasping loudly as the water hit her, she crouched slowly, spreading her thighs, keeping the blast of water on herself. Retrieving the hose, she glanced about. Standing between the front of her car and the garage door, Steve was the only one who could see her and she pretended to not notice him. With a wicked smile, she slowly undid her shorts and slid them down her legs and stepped out of them.

Steve thought for sure he was going to lose his balance, and his load, as he watched Cassie pick up the still gushing hose and point it between her spread thighs. She leaned back against the hood of her car, her tiny pink thong barely covering her and aimed the rushing water at her pussy. The pounding stream hit her clit and she flung her head back, her beautiful tits jutting upward, the hard nipples straining at the still wet fabric. Her luscious lips parted in a silent gasp as she pleasured herself with the pulsing water.

Steve’s hand slid inside his shorts, jerking his hard on, hardly able to believe what he was watching. His chest heaved with shaky breaths as he watched lovely Cassie’s hips pumping as she leaned back against her car, her fingers having joined the water from the hose as she masturbated. He felt his cock twitching, knowing he was about to cum as she bit her lip and her hips surged forward, a small cry escaping from her throat as her body tensed, her face a mask of ecstasy. Steve cried out unabashedly as his own orgasm flooded his senses, his cum shooting against the inside of his shorts.

Cassie sagged against the front of her car, awash in the afterglow of her orgasm. Knowing that he had been watching turned her on so much that she had cum harder than ever before. Just thinking about the show she had put on for him was exciting her again and she could hardly wait to go inside and continue masturbating.

Tugging up her shorts but leaving them undone and leaving the car in the driveway to dry she practically ran up to the front door only to find it locked. “Damn,” she muttered and then remembering she had left the house from the garage she turned to that door. It was locked too and after trying the back door, realized she was locked out of the house.

She wanted to change out of her wet clothes and ease the sexual frustration she was feeling. Casting a wicked glance over at the house next door, she thought, well, I want him so why not now? I’m ready and so is he unless he’s already cum.

She turned and cutting across the lawn headed for Steve’s front door. Looking down at herself, she saw that she was still soaked, her top was still transparent and that her tiny red shorts were still undone and were clinging as well. Taking a deep breath, she rung the bell.

Steve couldn’t believe his luck when he saw Cassie heading over to his house. Both of his parents were at work and wouldn’t be home until later that evening. He quickly hobbled over to the door when the bell rang and eagerly swung it open.

“Hi,” she said, a charming blush tinting her cheeks. “I seem to have locked myself out of my house and as I got soaked washing my car, I was wondering if you had a towel I could borrow.”

“Sure,” he replied, moving aside so she could pass. “This way,” he indicated, pointing her toward the linen closet. He watched her gorgeous türkçe bahis ass as she walked down the hall and felt his cock hardening again. He handed her a towel and indicated where the bathroom was but she didn’t move away.

“What did you do to your leg?” she asked, staring down at it, noticing that his bulge hadn’t gone down at all.

“Oh, I broke it mountain biking,” he explained, hoping that somehow she wouldn’t notice how turned on he was. Glancing up at her face though, he could see she wasn’t looking at his leg but at his hard cock straining against the front of his shorts.

Staring up into his eyes, she asked, “Isn’t mountain biking dangerous?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, look at me. I’m gonna be like this all summer,” he replied.

Looking down again at his bulge, she stepped closer to him. So close that her breasts were almost touching his chest. She reached out and gently squeezed him causing him to gasp and close his eyes as a groan escaped his lips. “You mean rock hard?” she teased.

Opening his eyes, he gazed down at her. “If you continue to masturbate while washing your car, yeah,” he replied, a smile tugging at his full lips.

With a knowing smile, she again gently squeezed him. “Is it only your leg that isn’t working?” she purred.

He couldn’t help but stare at her. She was coming on to him? The corner of his mouth turned up in a wicked smirk. “Everything else is working just fine, baby,” he responded, his voice pitched low.

“You just can’t do any of the work, right?” she teased, tugging on the drawstring of his shorts.

“Yeah, I just get to lay back and enjoy,” he smiled as she loosened the waistband.

With a pretty pout, she lamented, “That’s too bad. I like being dominated.”

For a moment he couldn’t breathe, this was too good to be true. “I think I can still manage to do that,” he grinned. Balancing on his good foot, he released one crutch and twined his hand in her hair. Pulling her forward, he bent his head and hungrily kissed her, his tongue plunging into her mouth, assaulting her lips with his.

Roughly pulling her away, he gazed down at her. Her eyes were burning with desire, and wide with wonder, her breaths were coming quickly causing her gorgeous tits to heave.

“Take off your top,” he ordered in a low voice. She quickly complied and unbelievably, naked, her tits were even better than before.

“And the shorts,” he added. She slipped them down her thighs and stepped out of them, kicking them aside.

Tugging on her hair, he began to pull her down. “On your knees,” he hissed.

Obeying, she knelt at his feet, and gazing up at him, tugged down his shorts. The cast on his leg made underwear difficult so he had abandoned it altogether, causing his hard cock to spring out.

“Spread your thighs and pull down your thong,” he said breathlessly. He loved the way a girl looked with her panties stretched across her thighs and held his breath as she did as she was told, recreating the fantasy he had indulged in earlier. Looking down he couldn’t believe it, bratty little Cassie from next door was gently stroking his hard cock and was about to blow him. His head tipped back with a groan as she slid his cock into her warm mouth.

Cassie was impressed with the size of Steve’s cock. She had never imagined that he was packing such a big dick. Hungrily she devoured him, taking his full length down her throat. She loved giving head and was determined to give him the blowjob of his life.

Her heavenly mouth on him was more than he could handle and he staggered backwards, leaning against the wall. With a lusty smile, she crawled towards him and again took him between her lips. He coiled his fingers in her hair and even though he loved fucking a girl’s mouth, she was sucking him so well, he had no need. Groaning loudly, his head tipped back as she expertly took every inch of him into her mouth.

His earlier orgasm had taken the edge off and he was able to thoroughly enjoy this blowjob, knowing he could last awhile before climaxing. Her endurance was incredible he thought, gazing down at her through half closed lids as she continued to suck his entire length. After about ten minutes he could feel it building and clenching his fist in her hair, he began to thrust into her mouth, pushing his cock down her throat when, with a loud groan, he came, his cum shooting into her mouth. She hungrily swallowed every drop until he was drained before sitting back on her heels and staring up at him, a smile on her wet lips.

Gazing down at her, his eyes roamed her now naked body and, incredibly, he could feel his cock twitching again. Noticing her smooth and hairless pussy, he licked his lips, wanting to taste her.

“On your hands and knees,” he ordered and with a prod from his crutch, he urged her down the hall. “Crawl,” was all he said. Walking behind her, he watched her pretty pussy as she made her way down the corridor to his room.

Flopping onto his bed, he lay on güvenilir bahis siteleri his back. “Sit on my face,” he commanded and she happily scrambled onto the bed, straddling his face.

She slowly lowered her hips, until her pussy lips were touching his lips. With a loud gasp, she flung her head back as his tongue slid between her smooth folds. He sucked the tender flesh between his lips before seeking her clit with his tongue. She squirmed and rode his face as he plundered her sweet depths determined to make her cum at least once. He relentlessly nibbled and bit, sucked and licked as he drove her to ecstasy, gripping her hips, holding her to him, raising and lowering her as it suited him.

She suddenly ground her pussy against his face as the orgasm rocked her, crying out loudly. He sucked up her juices and licked her clean before he pushed her up and she rose from him and bent down, kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his lips and tongue. Trailing licks and kisses down his chest and stomach, she again made her way to his cock which was now hard again. Pumping with her hand, she gazed up at him, her green eyes just as glazed with lust as his dark blue ones.

“Do you want to fuck me?” he whispered.

“Yes,” she breathlessly replied. “Let me fuck you baby, please let me do you.”

Gripping her arms, he pulled her up onto her knees. “Put your hands behind your head,” he ordered.

Lowering her slightly, he rubbed his cock head between the folds of her pussy, pressing it against her clit, letting it slide up between her ass cheeks and back to her wet opening. He teased her asshole, pressing the head of his cock against her tight hole before returning to her pussy. Soon her pussy was soaking wet, and she was gasping and whimpering, “Please baby, let me fuck you, please, let me ride you.”

“Say pretty please,” he teased.

“Pretty please,” she obediently replied.

With one swift movement he pulled her down onto him, impaling her on his cock, causing her to cry out loudly. With a growl of satisfaction he thrust upward, grinding his hips against her.

“Fuck me,” he ordered, his voice hoarse with desire. She rose above him and began to pump up and down, fucking him hard.

“Oh God, yes,” Steve groaned. Her pussy felt so damned good, so hot, wet and tight. “Oh, Cassie, baby, you feel so good.”

“Oh, you’re so fucking big,” she grunted in response, loving the feel of his big cock filling her, spreading her.

Steve lay back and watched this gorgeous young woman fucking him, riding him with such abandon. Reaching up, he squeezed her big tits, watching the firm flesh overflow his hands. His big fingers found her nipples and pinched them, and hearing her sigh of pleasure, pinched them harder, rolling them between his fingers. He was rewarded with a small cry and he pinched them even harder, twisting them until she cried out loudly. He continued to abuse her nipples by tugging on them, stretching her breasts and shaking them.

“Oh yes,” she cried, her breath coming is short gasps as he punished her tits.

Suddenly releasing her nipples, he stared at them, purple and slightly swollen. Raising his hand, he slapped her right breast and then her left, watching the firm flesh shake. He did it a few more times, turning the soft flesh pink.

Suddenly Cassie cried out loudly, flinging her hair back, her thighs clenching him tightly. Steve could feel her pussy squeezing his cock as she came hard, grinding against him, her juices soaking his balls.

Gripping her hips, he pulled her up. “Get up and turn around, face the other way, on your hands and knees,” he told her.

Rising off of him, she turned so that her ass was facing him. He could see that she was trembling slightly, not knowing what he had in mind. His large hands caressed and gently squeezed her tight, firm ass. “What do you think I’m going to do to you?” he asked her, his voice holding a note of menace.

“I’m not sure,” she replied breathlessly. “Fuck my ass?” Her voice quivered and he wondered if it was from excitement, fear or a combination of both.

Pulling her lovely cheeks apart, he gazed at her sweetly puckered hole. With one finger he gently touched the tight opening, pushing with his finger tip. “Have you ever been fucked up the ass before?” he asked her.

“No,” she gasped, tensing as he threatened to penetrate her.

“Do you want me to ass fuck you?” he asked, pushing harder, his fingertip slipping inside her.

“Yes,” she breathed, her voice so soft, he barely heard her.

Forcing his finger further inside her, he teased, “Say please.” His finger was halfway in and he began twisting it reveling in how incredibly tight she was.

“Please,” she gasped, a note of fear in her voice.

“Well, relax, I’m not going to do that yet,” he laughed, pulling his finger from her. He had other plans for her heavenly butt. Raising his hand he smacked her hard, leaving behind a red mark. Soon Cassie was squirming and crying out as he slapped her but she didn’t move away and soon her ass was dark red and hot to the touch. Reaching down between her thighs, he slapped her pussy a few times, hearing the wet smacking sounds, knowing she was loving the abuse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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