Cheryl Meets the Neighbour

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Cheryl Meyers woke up to another cloudy day. No sun, no beach, no pool.

Damn, she thought, all I wanted to do was lay by the pool and work on my tan. This is the third day in a row there’s been no sun!

At 18 years old, and fresh from graduating from high school, the only thing on Cheryl’s mind was getting the perfect tan to take to college. She was less than thrilled with the prospect of going to school and the only thing that was going to make it at all bearable was that she was moving 100 miles away to do so. No more parents, no more curfew – heck, she’d even broken up with her boyfriend so she would be free!

Cheryl sighed, threw her legs over the side of the bed and stood up. She opened her bedroom door and crossed the hall to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and washed her face, looking intently for any signs of blemishes. She turned from side to side to examine her ass. As she watched the mirror, she decided there were worse things to be than blonde, blue eyed and thin. She had lots going for her, including “C” cup breasts that sat high on her chest and a killer ass. So what if she didn’t have the perfect tan? Boys seemed to like her just fine.

As Cheryl headed downstairs to have breakfast, her mother walked into the foyer and began to put on her coat.

“Where are you going?” Cheryl asked.

“I got called into work,” replied her mother, “they need extra staff in and I was dumb enough to answer the phone.”

“Well, have fun!” Cheryl said sarcastically.

“Oh, I will,” her mother replied.

As her mother put on her shoes and began to gather her things to leave, Cheryl wandered into the kitchen and began making toast. While she waited for the bread to be finished, she noticed that some mail sitting on the counter that belonged to the house next door.

“What’s this mail doing here?” she asked.

“Oh, that’s right,” her mother said, “the mailman must have put it in the wrong box. Would you mind running it next door if you get a chance?”

“Sure,” said Cheryl a little resentfully, “it’s not like I have anything else to do.”

“Great,” her mother said, obviously not listening.

Cheryl listened to her mother start the car in the driveway and leave for the day. She sat down at the kitchen table and began to pick through the mail from that morning. Mostly bills, a postcard from one of her dad’s golf friends. Nothing interesting really, at least until she glanced at the pile of mail destined for her neighbour’s house.

At first glance, his mail looked ordinary enough – mostly the same bills and junk mail that was sitting in Cheryl’s mail pile. But what was different was the catalogue at the very bottom of the pile. Folded in half, all Cheryl could make out was the words “Discreet Shipping”. She unfolded it as she munched on the last of her breakfast and was a little surprised.

“Whoa,” Cheryl murmured as she took in the sight before her eyes.

It was some kind of sex toy catalogue. Ads for dildos and vibrators covered the front and as Cheryl flipped through it quickly, she noticed other products she’d never even heard of before. Her neighbour was pretty quiet, keeping mostly to himself and she would never have guessed he was into stuff like this. He was an older man, had to be at least 40, and he had been divorced for awhile now. He had a daughter the same age as Cheryl who used to visit when she was younger, but had stopped recently.

Cheryl took her time looking casino siteleri through the catalogue, getting a bit turned on as she went. She especially like the look of some of the vibrators and made a mental note to look online at them later. Maybe it was time she owned one!

Finished breakfast, Cheryl went upstairs and threw on some shorts and a tank top. She didn’t bother with a bra as she was just going next door and it was too much of a hassle for such a short trip. She headed downstairs, put her flip flops on and went out the side door closest to her neighbour’s house.

Cheryl rang the doorbell and then stood back with the mail in her hand. She racked her brain for the guys name, and then glanced down at the letters. Frank Stevens, that was it.

Through the screen Cheryl could see Mr. Stevens approaching the door. She noticed that he was pretty good looking for an older guy, he obviously took care of himself and worked out some.

“Hello,” he said as he pushed open the screen door, “you live next door, right?”

“Yeah I do, “Cheryl said as Mr. Stevens leaned against the door frame.

“What brings you here?” Mr Stevens asked with a bit of a puzzled look on his face.

“The mailman must have dropped off some of your mail in our mailbox,” she said, “my mom asked me to bring it over.”

“That’s very nice of you,” said Mr Stevens as he stepped back, “would you like to come in for some lemonade?”

“Sure, that sounds great,” Cheryl said.

Mr. Stevens turned and headed for what Cheryl assumed must be the kitchen, leaving her to follow him. She stepped into the house and left her shoes at the door.

When Cheryl entered the kitchen, Mr. Stevens was pouring lemonade into a glass and setting it on the island. He turned and reached for a second glass, motioning for her to take the first one.

“So, you’re off for the summer?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m off. I start college in the fall,” Cheryl said unenthusiastically.

“Don’t sound so excited!” Mr Stevens teased, pulling out another chair and sitting down.

“It’s not that I’m not excited,” Cheryl said, “it’s just that I’m not looking forward to being stuck in school again for four more years. Especially right away. I just wish I could take some time off. Experience life a little bit.”

“That makes sense. Have you talked to your parents about this?” Mr Stevens asked.

“They’re not really interested in my opinions about it. To them, school is a must. No way they’d let me take a year off,” Cheryl said as she fidgeted in her seat, “they treat me like a child.”

“You don’t look like a child to me,” said Mr Stevens, “you look like you’ve grown up into a young woman who should have the right to decide her own future.”

“I don’t know. There’s something kind of comforting in being told what to do….I don’t have to worry about making mistakes cause if I do, it was someone else’s call,” Cheryl remarked as she looked Mr. Stevens in the eye. He was a lot cuter than she remembered.

“I suppose that’s true,” said Mr. Stevens as he finished his lemonade and set his glass down on the table. He glanced down at the pile of mail Cheryl had brought over and began to flip through it. He paused when he reached the last item and looked up at Cheryl.

“Hmmm. I didn’t realize this would come so quickly,” Mr. Stevens said, “you didn’t happen to flip through this, did you?” His eyes met hers and there was something different in canlı casino them, something that hadn’t been there a few moments before. Something….exciting?

“Actually, I did glance through it,” Cheryl admitted looking him straight in the eye, “it was pretty interesting.”

“What was interesting? Did you see something you liked? Or something you wanted to try?” Mr Stevens asked Cheryl as he leaned towards her, his hand brushing the side of her thigh.

“I saw some stuff in there I’d never even heard of Mr Stevens. I think I need to do some research on the internet,” Cheryl said, leaning closer to the seated man. She didn’t know what it was about him, but she was attracted to him in a way she wasn’t to boys her own age. Sitting there in the chair with his hand on her thigh, he looked like he was in charge.

“How about I teach you about some of it myself? Save you the research.” Upon saying the words, Mr Stevens stood up and grasped the teen by the shoulders. He tilted Cheryl’s head back to look him in the eye and brushed the hair off her face. His eyes seemed to focus on her lips a split second before his head descended and his mouth took control of her own.

Cheryl felt Mr Stevens hard mouth against her lips and her knees got a little weak. She felt his tongue lightly touch her mouth and she parted her lips to allow him better access. His tongue plunged inside her mouth and then withdrew. It returned, plunging in and out, mimicking what Cheryl hoped would happen soon with his cock.

Mr Stevens broke the kiss and looked down at her face.

“Is this what you want? Do you want to be a whore for me?” he roughly asked, running his hands down to her shoulders and playing with the straps on her tank top.

“Yes Mr Stevens. I want to be a slut,” Cheryl whispered. She was feeling so turned on by the man in front of her.

Mr Stevens turned and walked from the kitchen. He paused in the doorway and glanced back at her.

“Whores follow my directions without being asked,” he said, “so you better come along.”

With that he left the kitchen. Cheryl followed close behind. Mr Stevens headed for the stairs. He never looked back, he was sure that Cheryl would be at his heels. When they reached the second floor, he opened the door to the first bedroom and stepped inside. Cheryl was close behind him. Cheryl crossed the threshold of what seemed like an ordinary bedroom but before she could turn around, Mr Stevens grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her up against the now closed bedroom door.

Cheryl gulped at the look of lust in his eyes. He met her glance and then allowed his eyes to wander down the teen’s lush body.

“Stay,” Mr Stevens commanded.

Cheryl watched as Mr Stevens ran his hands down her arms and to her waist. He lifted her thin tank top and yanked it over her head. Her tits sat proudly on her chest, begging for attention. The nipples were tight and pronounced, practically crying out for someone to play with them. Cheryl made a noise in the back of her throat as Mr Stevens stared at her chest. Mr Stevens looked up at her and smiled.

He bent his head down to her tits and slowly licked just the tip of her right nipple. Cheryl felt it deep inside her pussy. He latched on to the pink nub and began to suck – hard. He nipped at it, scraping his teeth down the length of the engorged tip. Cheryl grabbed his head and held it to her tit.

“Oh god Mr Stevens. That feels incredible. Don’t kaçak casino stop,” Cheryl cried as he moved the assault to the other breast.

He continued to suck and bite at her sensitive nipples until Cheryl felt the first clench of an orgasm.

“Oh! Holy fuck!” Cheryl screamed, as her pussy contracted and rippled. She had never cum like that, especially not when her partner was still wearing all his clothes. She felt her knees grow week and she knew her panties would be drenched.

Mr Stevens lifted his head at the sound of her voice. Her nipples were red and wet, they looked so used. Just the way he liked it. He looked up at her, watched her trying to catch her breath and reached for the waistband of her shorts. He pushed them down her hips and watched them puddle at her feet. He bent down and grabbed the top of her panties and dragged them down with a yank.

“I want you to go and lie down on the bed,” Mr Stevens said, “I’ll be right back.”

Cheryl stumbled over to the bed, her legs still shaky from the incredible orgasm Mr Stevens had just given her. She collapsed on the bed and took a deep breath. This was turning into an incredible day.

Mr Steven returned to the room. He was carrying a shoebox, which he placed on the nightstand. He approached the bed and knelt down to look Cheryl in the eye.

“You’re my whore now, you understand that?” You can’t back out or change your mind. You are mine and you WILL NOT fuck anyone else unless I order you to do so. Do you comprehend?” he roughly asked as he tipped her head back to look her in the eyes.

“Yes sir,” Cheryl meekly replied.

“Good,” was the response she got.

Mr Stevens pushed back on her shoulders and leaned over her prone body. He kissed her neck and began to place kisses down the length of her torso. He lightly licked her still throbbing nipples as he went past, one at a time. He kissed her belly button and then below her belly button.

“I like that you shave your snatch,” he said, “it makes you look so sexy.”

With that, he reached his hand down and parted her pussy lips. He ran his finger lightly down her hot cunt, watching the juices glisten on his finger. He leaned forward and applied his tongue to her pussy, licking the top above her clit and then moving down. He found her clit and sucked it, tasting her desire.

“Mr Stevens! That feels so fucking good! Suck me! Suck my clit!” Cheryl moaned as she threaded her fingers through his hair.

Mr Stevens continued his assault on her pussy. He continued to suck hard on her clit, reaching up with his hand to insert a finger into her cunt. He began to finger fuck her, slowly at first and then harder as she began to move her hips in earnest.

“Oh my god. That’s fucking unbelievable. Fuck my hot pussy. Fuck me with your fingers,” Cheryl practically screamed as she ground her hips into his hand, “Suck me, eat me.”

He licked harder and added a second finger to the first. He was rewarded with a fresh rush of juices.

“I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” she yelped as she drove her hips up and down. Mr Stevens was doing the best he could to hang on as she began to climax.

Cheryl felt the orgasm overtake her. She screamed and felt her pussy spasm violently. Mr Stevens continued to lick her clit and fuck her hard with his fingers, through the orgasm. She would never have believed it to be possible, but she felt herself cumming again. The crest of the wave peaked and continued to roll over her hot snatch as she rode Mr Steven’s hand into her third orgasm of the day.

She lay on the bed panting when it was over. Never had she felt like that. She glanced over at Mr Stevens. He was still fully dressed.

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