Christine and Lucien Ch. 01

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Every now and again life throws a little surprise that almost seems to be designed to purposely lift your spirits; to make you feel good about life; to add a spring to your step.

Lucien had spent the morning with Christine from the Customer Service Department discussing their requirements for a new computer system he was designing. It had been a productive meeting and as the working day neared its end Lucien felt good about the progress that had been made. He was just about ready to leave for home and had gotten a mere two paces towards his office door when Christine appeared in the doorway.

“Glad I caught you.” she said stepping into the office. Lucien retreated the two steps and sat himself on the edge of his desk.

Christine was in her mid forties. Her hair was dark, very dark and cut in a bob style which showed off her good looks. Her make up was discreet save for the bright red lipstick that adorned her full lips.

“Something has been on my mind all day and I wanted to speak to you before you left.”

“Go right ahead” replied Lucien, confident that whatever she asked about the project he would have the answer to.

“In our meeting, this morning;”



“You kept on looking at my legs.”

He hadn’t expected that! He felt his face redden and start to burn as if he was stood in front of a bonfire. He didn’t know what to say. Yes; he had been looking at her legs. Her grey skirt had ridden up just above her knees on numerous occasions during the meeting and he loved the look of the black nylon stretched tight against her skin. His heart thumped inside his chest with panic.

“Look,” he started, “I’m really, really sorry. I know I shouldn’t have, but I just couldn’t help myself.”

The truth was that Christine had loved the fact that he had been looking at her legs; she had made sure that her skirt had ridden up a number of times and her mind had spent the whole afternoon recounting the lust in his eyes as he had discreetly surveyed her body. That was why she had seized the moment and gone to his office when she knew that no one else would be around.

“D’ya wanna look now?” Christine replied in a soft calm voice.


“Do you want to look at my legs now; right here; right now? I’ll show you if you want.”

In each hand she took told of her skirt and started to raise it. It swished up her legs, over her knees and stopped halfway up her thighs. Lucien’s eyes were transfixed. Her legs looked great in the black sheer nylon.

Christine reached around her back, unzipped ankara escort her skirt, eased it down over her hips and it fell to the floor around her ankles. She was wearing hold up stockings. Her creamy thighs disappeared under her white blouse which was just long enough to hide her panties.

Lucien took his gaze away from her legs and their eyes met.

“Get undressed,” commanded Christine; Lucien was about to say something,

“Just do it,” she instructed him.

Unable to fully comprehend what was happening Lucien did just that; there he stood, in his workplace, stark naked. He was completely at the beck and call of Christine; he knew it and she knew it. Christine ran her eyes over Lucien’s naked body, he was no stranger to the gym, and his body was well defined. Broad shoulders sat atop large biceps; his pecs cut the perfect shape across his chest; flat stomach; large powerful thighs. Her eyes lingered on his manhood and butterflies filled her stomach. Long and wide his limp cock hung between his thighs, it looked six or seven inches long even in its’ flaccid state and was complemented by a large heavy looking pair of balls.

“Look at me and touch yourself,” commanded Christine, “I wanna to see how big and hard you can make that cock of yours.”

Lucien wrapped his fingers around his dick and began to slide his hand up and down its length. Watching it grow bigger in his hand Christine unbuttoned her blouse and it too was discarded. Her plump breasts were encased in a lacy white bra through which the darkness of her nipples was just visible. Matching panties cut slightly into the flesh on her hips and the dark mass of her pussy hair could be seen through the patterned lace.

“Ohhh, nice,” said Christine staring at Lucien’s now semi hard cock, “yeah, that’s good, make it big.” The purple end of his dick peeped from beneath the foreskin as his hand moved up and down the length of his cock. It soon reached its’ full, hard, swollen limit. The fingers of his hand couldn’t get all of the way around the girth and two or three inches protruded from the fist that gripped it. Lucien was so turned on by the situation he was now in that he had to loosen the grip on his cock, much more wanking its length and he’d be spurting cum. The end of his cock was already leaking juice which was beginning to drip from its end.

Christine crossed the room to Lucien. She planted her lips firmly on his and her tongue sought his by forcing its way between his lips. The full hot length of his huge cock was pressed up against her belly, she gyrated her escort ankara hips slightly so that it rubbed across her skin; it felt wet; it felt good.

Their lips still locked Christine manoeuvred her right hand down between their bodies, she reached between Luciens thighs and took the weight of his balls in her hand. She gently squeezed and rubbed; they were big and their softness felt wonderful in her hand. The palm of her hand moved to the base of his cock, she started to slide it along the underside of his dick, it felt truly massive. She reached its tip which was wet and well lubricated; with her thumb she drew circles at the base of its engorged end where the foreskin was pulled really tight, clinging on to the shaft.

She tried to wrap her fingers around his erection; she could only manage about three quarters of the way around, and began to pump the length of his cock. She managed just three strokes;


Lucien let out a muffled moan, a huge jet of hot cum erupted from his cock, it shot up between their bodies splattering Christines bra; a second spurt covered her tummy followed by a weaker third and fourth. Luciens body spasmed as his cock pumped out his cum. His orgasm soon subsided and their bodies separated, spunk covered them both and was still leaking from the end of his still erect cock.

Christines’ pussy ached; it was soaking wet; she could feel her swollen lips yawning apart, desperate to wrap themselves around a cock. She removed her panties, exposing her dark bush.

They swopped places and Christine sat on the desk, she lifted her feet up so that her heels were on the desk too and spread her legs as wide as she could. Her moist labia parted, he pert clit poked out seeking attention, her pussy oozed juices in anticipation. Lucien knelt before her; for a few moments he just gazed at her womanhood, her wetness, her mass of dark pubic hair, the pinkness of her swollen labia. He lay his tongue flat on her clitoris with just a little pressure and licked upwards before circling her clit with the tip of his tongue.

Christine let out a deep “Oooooooh my; Fuck; That’s soooo good!” Lucien continued to tease her clit with his tongue, then, he placed his mouth tight over it and sucked it between his lips. Holding it there it rapidly flicked the tip of his tongue up and down; side to side; causing each and every nerve ending to send shock waves through Christines body. His hand pumped his cock, keeping it rigid, ready to enter her warm body. He stood up, his cock bobbed in front of him. Christine pushed the contents ankara escort bayan of the desk onto the floor and lay back, her exposed cunt ready to be taken. With his left hand Lucien placed his thumb and forefinger either side of her clit and, pushing her labia apart, exposed her nubbin. He wrapped his fingers of the other hand around his erection and guided the tip of his cock onto her clit. He circled it and rubbed it; Christine moaned; deep and guttural.

“Put it in me,” she urged; “I want to feel you inside me.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. Lucien positioned his cock at her opening and pushed it in slowly. Half of his length disappeared; he withdrew and slid back in.

“Ooooh yeaaaaaaaahhh,” whispered Christine as his cock stretched her pussy wide. He withdrew again and this time pushed the full length of his cock deep into her body. He held it there for a few seconds before he began rhythmically sliding his cock in and out of her cunt.

“Oh yeah, ummm; that’s it baby, stuff that fat cock inside me; fuck me; fuck my wet cunt; use my body; go on, fuck me hard.”

Lucien plunged his full length in and out of her sodden hole, their pubic bones met as his swollen end was buried deep within her womanhood and their thighs slapped together with each thrust. Christine dug her nails into the flesh of his buttocks as she urged him on, panting heavily as his solid erection forced itself between the soft folds of flesh inside her body. Then, totally without warning, her back arched and her whole body went rigid; her breathing stopped and Lucien felt her inner muscles on his cock, squeezing it tight. They were both completely motionless for a few seconds before Christine’s whole body began to spasm as her orgasm ripped through her from its epicentre between her legs. Lucien could hold out no longer and his balls forced a jet of cum from the end of his cock towards her womb. His dick pumped another three or four times, each one depositing another blob of thick semen inside her. Christines body was uncontrollable beneath his, she bucked and twitched; screamed and swore. Her cunt was stretched wider than it had ever been before, deep within her body the end of his huge cock had touched her in a way she had never experienced before, taking her to a place she had never been before. Her orgasm kept coming and coming, gushing through her body in wave after wave of pure ecstasy.

Finally the waves gently subsided and they lay there on the desk as their bodies returned to normality. It was not the most comfortable of positions to be in and after a couple of minutes Lucien stood up. His deflated cock slipped out of Christine, her cunt lips were swollen and stretched wide but very, very satisfied.

So that was how it started, how Christine and Lucien got to know each other. A little!

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