Christmas Heart

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“Tomorrow I am giving myself permission,” she says aloud, attaching an earring to her earlobe. He doesn’t hear. Too busy with his thoughts. Anyway, none of his business.

A plan begins to emerge in her mind. Tomorrow. But for now, it’s time to make myself pretty, she thinks with some irony. Go through the ritual. Put on the earrings. She holds the other earring up in front of her face, noticing in her make-up table mirror the way the sparkling green and gold of the earring matches the green of her eyes. And provides a contrast to her black hair.

Now for a necklace, here is one that matches the earrings. Oh, yes, this is a part of a set that he gave her for a birthday present many years ago. This is just right.

He enters the room. “You look lovely, my dear.”

“Thank you. And you look lovely yourself.” And he does, with his nubbly textured suit in browns and beiges, soft and ready to be touched. His shirt and tie in matching shades of chestnut brown. He comes to stand behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders. “We don’t really have to go tonight if you don’t want to.”

“No. It’s OK, though I appreciate the thought. We made a promise that we would be there.”

“..and of course you have permission to do whatever it is you wanted to do.”

The blush starts at her chest and spreads up to her face. “Oh. I didn’t think you heard me.”

“It’s alright. I know you have been so busy lately and I have been even busier. I haven’t been as attentive as I should have been. I am truly sorry. I will make it up to you. Don’t worry. But you go and do what you want tomorrow. Whatever it is. You don’t have to tell me.”

She feels the love for him fill her heart. Her heart feels a little creaky letting that love in. Almost stubbornly resisting at first, but slowly opening up. Like a sponge that had been sitting dry upon the kitchen counter, mislaid and unused, slowly absorbing the water when someone grabs it to use it. Yes, it had been a lonely time and yes, she had wanted to blame him for being absent so much, though another part of her understood that he was just following the demands of his job and would have been with her if he could.

“I love you.”

“And I love you. We should go to this thing, but we don’t have to stay that long. I would love to spend some time with you when we get home.”

They are on their way in a taxi. She looks out the window at the holiday goers. New York City is so beautiful at this time of year. Everyone seems happy with rosy cheeks, holding hands, full of anticipation. The taxi stops at a red light and she looks out at the window display in the department store across the street. Actually surprising that she can see this. Usually there is a crowd in front of windows like this but unaccountably this one is free, almost as if someone knew she would come along and needed to see this.

Love at the Holiday Time, it says in sparkly words across the top, written in an artful script with letters that look like whipped cream, with silvery bits of snow on top. The entire display is in reds and silvers. There are little knots of lifelike puppets depicting different kinds of love. A young suitor and his lady love. He holds a heart in front of him, glowing red and silver, as if he could hold his pounding heart outside of his chest. Her cheeks are pink and she stares at him with emotion. A family ankara escort in their living room joyfully opening presents, the papers and ribbons flying. A winter coat clad man kindly offers a scarf to an old woman begging on the street, offering the love of a stranger. Tears brim in her eyes.

“Look, it’s starting to snow!” he says. And it is. This couldn’t be more perfect.

She snuggles up next to him in the lumbering taxi.

At the party she is determined to make an effort.

She doesn’t have to approach anyone, thank goodness. He does the small talk for them both and when he goes off to get her some eggnog, she is happy to stand by the fireplace and observe. This is a party that they attend every year. Richard and Susan Hammerhill always try to outdo themselves in decorations and fancy foods. She is one of her old friends from her college days. She knows that Susan would not have prepared any of this herself. She never would have had the time with her business and her frantic social life. But Susan has taste and connections, knowing the best caterers and decorators.

“You are positively glowing.”

It is Susan in a rare moment of stillness. “Thank you, and you look fantastic yourself.”

Susan is wearing a tight fitting sparkly silver dress that reveals her svelte figure, the result of many hard hours of work with a personal trainer, she happens to know. She has dangly silver bell earrings and silvery, but tastefully applied, sparkles on her eyelids. Her bright red lipstick outlines the generous curves of her mouth.

Susan takes her arm and leans toward the fire for warmth. “Who would have thought we would still be here after all these years? And that our lives would be like this?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I always had confidence in us. You and I, we were a great team.”

“You know, I kind of miss those days. Do you remember how silly we used to be? Do you remember when you and I dressed up as bumble bees for Halloween and went trick or treating at the college president’s house? Or those late night pop corn and hot chocolate sessions that went late into the night?”

“I know what you are saying but I wouldn’t want to turn back the clock. I was so naïve in those days. I hardly knew how to live in my own skin. I still have trouble stringing a sentence together even on a good day. I am glad of every bit of growing up I have done since then.”

“Oh, shut up, you are grown up. I admire you your composure and presence you know.”

“You shouldn’t. You don’t know what it’s like to be me.”

“Hello ladies, beautiful party as always, Susan.” He is back with eggnog and a smile.

“Hello yourself,” says Susan, “but I must be off to attend to my other guests. Let’s you and I have lunch soon,” she tosses off over her shoulder as she walks away and is swallowed into the crowd.

“Thanks, darling. Are you having fun?” she asks him.

“Oh, fun enough. I miss you. I want to be with you.”

“Well, I don’t think we have fulfilled our obligation to this party yet, especially not me. Let’s do a couple of more rounds. Will you take me around? We can do this together.”

“Anything you wish,” he offers her his arm and they walk slowly together over to a crowd gathered around the lavish Christmas tree. Soon they too are caught up into the general boisterousness.

They are home again. She sits escort ankara again at her makeup table and tosses off her tight shoes gratefully. His long legs, his rangy body, his arms bent, he sits in a relaxed position at the edge of the bed. His tie is loosened and the top button of his shirt is open. His eyes are fully on her.

She basks in his attention. She is a cactus after a long, long drought thirstily soaking up the first raindrops. Turning slightly away from him, she reaches back to unzip the tight bodice of her black dress and then slides one sleeve off of her shoulder. She sends a smoldering look in his direction.

Now she really has his attention, she can tell. She slides the sleeve off the other side, baring her back and revealing her strapless black lace bra. She keeps her eyes on his, through her mirror as she reaches back again to detach the hook and eye on the back of her bra, sliding it off her body and tossing it to the floor. Still not turning to face him but keeping her gaze on him through the mirror, she slides the zipper of the dress still further down. She raises her bottom slightly to allow herself to remove the dress completely. Now she sits in her lace panties with her black stockings over them.

“Would you help me, darling, please. I seem to have encountered some difficulty.”

Instantly he is by her side, “How may I assist you?”

Mute, she points to her stockings. “Oh, I see what you mean. These are uncomfortable. I can see that your legs need to be freed. Let me see what I can do.”

Slowly he encircles her waist with his large hands and firmly grasps the edges of the stockings. Again she raises her hips, trembling now, never taking her eyes off of his. He stops to gaze at her body with fire in his eyes.

“Oh, I have to do this very, very slowly.”

This is torture, but oh so good. Her pussy is on fire…

Slowly, slowly he slides the stocking first down one leg to her knee and then starting again at the top, slides the other side down to her knee. Gratefully she sinks to the seat. She is a firestorm of heat. Burning, burning.

The phone rings. “Oh, should I go answer that?” he teases.

“Are you crazy? Let it ring.”

“Whatever you say,” He slides one stocking completely off her foot and holding her foot in his hand like a precious object, he kisses each toe. Then the next stocking. This foot must receive his attention as well. But this one is favored with his mouth, he brings his lips around each toe, sucking on it as if it were candy.

She is leaning back holding onto the edge of her seat, her knuckles white with the effort of restraint. She wants this to go on forever.

“Oh, my love.” He looks up at her. “And now the best part.” He reaches up and again placing his hands at her waist, takes hold of her panties. Again she lifts her shivering hips. Her thoughts are full of wanting him. But she knows how to wait.

Again, taking his time, he slides the fragile panties down and off.

She is open and waiting for him.

He looks at her openness. Such love in his eyes. She is moved to tears. He reaches up and softly wipes the tears from her face. Then he slides his hands down her chest, down over her nipples, raised and sore with wanting, then down her smooth belly. He gently takes her inner thighs in his hands and moves them to the side, opening ankara escort bayan her even wider to his view.

She isn’t able to restrain herself from reaching for his face. She caresses his broad forehead and his wide, warm lips. Then she runs her fingers through his hair, leaving her hands in his hair, cradling his head from the back.

Carefully she guides his head in to her waiting warmth. His eager mouth is upon her in an instant. Softly licking at her wetness, he grasps her inner lips in his teeth and pulls gently.

She moans in ecstasy. Her head flies back almost of its own accord. “Oh, darling! I love you!”

He is hard at work, at his sacred task. She marvels at how he knows just when to slow down and when to quicken his pace.

She cannot wait any longer. “I want you in me right now!”

He pulls her to him, holding her weight with his own body and together they sink to the floor. She reaches down from her perch on top of him, to unbutton his shirt and then unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. Now speed is of the essence. He reaches under to help her but is somewhat hampered but the awkward position they are in.

Finally she has his pants off and has pushed his shirt away from his chest.

Oh to feel his warm skin against the full length of her body! What pleasure!

She feels his hardness, as hard as iron and with her free hand, guides him into her soft core. He waits patiently for her guidance.

But then he is a fury of motion. He holds her tightly and tosses her under his body, thrusting all the while. In a white heat, all of her focus is on his passion as it matches with hers. Nothing else exists except the fury and power that is him. All is centered on the throbbing and glowing heat of their fused bodies, as they become one. They are lost.

Now they are in bed together. Ravenous after lovemaking, they have eaten an entire bowl of leftover spaghetti in butter sauce between them, and they are still hungry.

“I think there might be some ice cream in there too,” she says hopefully.

“I’ll go look,” he says.

He returns with a quart of ice cream and one spoon.

“It’s coffee, my favorite. I have an idea.”

“What is it?”

“Close your eyes and you will see.”

She closes her eyes trustingly. And is rewarded with a sharp snap of coldness on her nipples and now her belly and now, what’s this, even inside her pussy. Oh, this is too much. He is nibbling at her slippery skin, laughing and she can’t contain her own laughter and her joy. Soon they are a dripping mess between them, each covered in the sticky sweet stuff.

“I think this calls for a bath,” she says. “Let me,” he says and in a moment she can hear the bath running.

She runs in to join him. He has filled the tub with bubbles and they climb in together, watching as the bathtub fills with bubbly steaming water. He sits near the faucet, always considerate, knowing that she prefers the other side. She loves to watch his cock as it floats on the top of the water, popping in and out of the bubbles, now visible, now hidden. She savors the feeling of the water as it touches her clit and then is soon at the level of her breasts. Her breasts float now on the top of the water, also bobbing among the bubbles.

He is on her again, mouth on mouth, their slippery bodies joined all along their length. Again they are lost.

“What was it you were going to do tomorrow?” he asks.

“No matter, I don’t need it any more. I have you.”

That you do,” he says softly, kissing her once more. “I am yours.”

“And I am yours.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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