Cold Water

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She should have known that today would lead to a lot more than she bargained for. This morning, she woke up with a large damp area in her light blue panties, darkened to a deep azure by the wetness seeping through. Without much thought, she continued throughout the day without even an inkling of feeling any sexual desire. It wasn’t until night fell that her desires came raging out suddenly.

At first she merely stripped out of her clothes and wandered throughout her apartment. She sat at her computer and went about her routine of checking her email. Nothing special tonight. She thought about the package of surprises she received today. She had bought a few things to share with her man later in the week. She smiled as she thought about using that feather to dust the berry-flavored powder on his skin just before she licked it off. She thought about the new lube she intended to drip onto his cock before taking him in her mouth. She shivered as she thought about the anal lube she had also bought. A new experience for him, she wanted him to feel how good it felt to cum in her tight ass.

Looking down at her breasts, she wasn’t the least bit surprised that her nipples were fully erect. She sighed escort bayan to herself as she felt a new wave of warmth and dampness between her legs. It was too bad her man wasn’t there to provide her with some relief! Just then, a thought crossed her mind. Though she would much rather have his cock thrust into her, she had to make do with what she had. Slipping out of the chair, she walked into her bedroom and rummaged around in her bag of toys until she found what she was looking for: a 10 inch long pink dildo that she lovingly referred to as “10 Incher.” Grabbing the toy, she sauntered off to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Stepping into the cascade of hot water was like stepping into a realm of relaxation. She lowered herself to her knees, enjoying the feel of the water spraying on her back. Leaning forward, she slipped in 10 Incher from behind and gave it a few long strokes. The fullness of it felt so good. The water streaming down her ass and into her slit made the toy slip easily in and out of her pussy. She then began to slip the head completely out of herself before slowly forcing it back in. She gasped each time she felt her lips part and her pussy stretch around it. She teased tuzla genç escort herself with long, slow strokes until she could no longer stand it.

She turned to lie on her back on the tub floor. She perched one leg on top of the tub ledge and teased the toy’s head slowly up and down her slit. The water felt so good as it trickled between her legs. She noticed that the water was starting to get cooler but she didn’t care. With her free hand, she spread apart her lips as she drove 10 Incher inside. She closed her eyes and rested her head against the shower wall as she continued to pump the toy harder and deeper into her pussy. She imagined that it was her man thrusting his hard cock into her. She thought about how his balls would be slapping against her. Her right hand pumped feverishly while her left hand massaged and circled her clit as quickly as she could, adding more and more pressure.

By now, the water had become chilly. Instead of distracting her, it was enhancing her pleasure as it dripped down her fingers and onto her clit. Feeling the building of an orgasm, she began talking aloud, “Oh my God, yes! Just like that. I am going to cum!” She thrust the toy as hard and fast tuzla kendi evi olan escort as she could into her pulsating pussy as her hips jolted. She moaned and started to slow down in rubbing her clit. She fell back against the shower wall as she panted and smiled, making sure to leave the toy inside her as her pussy quivered around it.

She knew she would not be satisfied with just one orgasm. After she felt she had rested enough, she began the process over again. The water felt freezing to her but felt wonderful on the heat between her legs. She pressed down on the end of the dildo to angle it upwards inside her. Again she feverishly rubbed and tormented her clit. She shoved the toy in as deep as she could, repeating that movement as fast as possible. Again she whispered to herself, “That’s right, just like that. Fuck me good! Fuck me hard! Don’t stop, oh my God don’t stop! Fuck me!” She suddenly felt a gushing warmth on her hand that held the toy. With fascination, she realized that she had caused herself to squirt. She sat up as she was engulfed in yet another intense orgasm. Her entire body trembled. Again she fell back against the wall. She knew the water must be frigid but to her body it felt amazing.

After a few minutes, she gently pulled the toy out of her pussy and watched as drops of water and her cum trickled down its shaft and fell from its head. It was a beautiful sight. From now on, she would never cringe at the thought of a cold shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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