College Gameday Fling Ch. 02

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This is the second story in the “College Game Day Fling” series. I recommend reading the first installment to understand the context and characters. As always, I appreciate all feedback and/or criticism.



My own sigh woke me up. It wasn’t a contented sigh; instead, it was an involuntary expression of an incredibly bad feeling pervading my body. My eyes were still closed, but somehow I could feel the light in the room penetrating my eyelids. After only a few seconds, a massive headache sank in. There was no way I was even going to try to open my eyes for a few minutes.

It was chilly in the room where I began to wake up, so I made a move to pull some covers over me to warm my chilled core. I flailed around the bed looking for sheets or a comforter for about five seconds before realizing I probably wasn’t going to find any. By that point I’d felt all four corners of the bed. The only thing apparently on the bed was me, so I decided to just continue lying there.

Then another sensation registered. Rather than having a nice cotton fitted sheet, I could feel the smooth, cold, clingy plastic-covering of a cheap mattress under me. Damn, where the hell was I? I still didn’t dare open my eyes, because I could somehow tell the room was brightly lit. If a sunny window was the first thing I saw this morning, my optic nerve would deliver the spark that would cause my brain to explode.

Holy shit, this has to be a record hangover. My thoughts were literally pounding with the headache that had settled into my skull. I could feel my heartbeat from the pulses of pain in my temples and down into the deeper lobes of my brain. And it wasn’t just my head. My body was achy all over: from the muscles in my legs and arms, down my neck, and Damn it was sore between my legs!

As the pain caused me to become more aware of my arms, legs, and whole body, I came to another realization: I was completely naked. I normally sleep with some panties on and maybe a t-shirt, but this morning all I felt was a vinyl, waterproof mattress underneath me. To check, I ran my hands down the outside of my hips and thighs. There weren’t the familiar lacy sides of the boy shorts I normally wear to bed. I brought my hands up to my chest and cupped my tits with my hands. The instant my palms applied pressure to my erect nipples, I could feel the sting of flesh made raw by some kind of friction. Oh shit, what had I done?

I curled up into a ball and started to panic a little. Between the headache, the chill of lying naked on an unmade, strange bed, and a foggy recollection of having made some serious mistakes, my mind shut down and returned back to sleep.


God knows how many hours, minutes, or seconds later I woke up for a second time. Even though my mind wasn’t operating at full capacity, I remembered all of the things I had figured out earlier. 1) I was naked. 2) I was sore all over my body. 3) I was lying on a bare mattress.

Alright Jenna, time to wake up.

I slowly began opening my eyes to let the light in. Rather than focusing on any singular image, my brain only registered pure white light for a few seconds. Slowly, after squinting and giving my pupils a chance to compensate, the room began to come into focus.

Around me was a bare room. There were no posters on the walls, no furniture, and no rug on the ground. The only thing apart from the bed—which was situated in the middle of the room—was the door leading out somewhere and a window letting in the sunshine.

Based on the look and condition of the hardwoods, I knew that this had to be the frat house where I’d gone yesterday for game day. Memories of the afternoon began trickling back, especially the good ones. I remember grinding on Mike’s lap for a while before I finally let him fuck me in front of a few of his friends. Unhh, I can’t believe I did that.

It had to have been the Hooch. Strike that. I knew it was the Hooch. During college, I drank it tons of times, and I did some pretty crazy things. But damn, nothing like fucking a guy (and former student to boot) in front of strangers. Everything that happened had happened after starting to drink that stuff.

Everything that happened? Using the word “everything” I knew was stupid. My memory was so fuzzy. I think I remember some talk of a band party. But I didn’t stay for the band last night, did I? Think Jenna!

I did remember the unbelievable high I got from the physical interaction with Mike. God, it had overtaken me. All my inhibitions and social controls had completely disappeared. Just the memory of the climaxes I’d experienced in the afternoon reminded me how besotted I’d been with his cock.

And now that I wasn’t drunk anymore the guilt/shame/fear swept over me like a wave. What if my school found out? I would probably lose my job. And if you lose your job over that kind of scandal as a teacher, you can kiss your chance of getting hired anywhere else goodbye.

Trying güvenilir bahis to piece together the sequence of events eventually became futile. I simply couldn’t remember anything that had happened after I fucked Mike. Well, I guess I do remember chugging a couple of big cups of Hooch; then I blacked out hard.


I knew at that point I had to temporarily stop worrying about the past and focus on my next move. I sat up in the room and looked around again. And again, there was absolutely nothing.

It was at that point I looked down at myself. Holy Fuck! My tits were covered in hickies and my nipples looked like they’d been rubbed raw. As I looked farther down my body my body I saw the evidence of the thing that really scared me—there was dry cum and juices covering the inside of my thighs. I rubbed along my thighs trying brush it off, and I found that there was a lot of work to be done. I was covered. My very small bush was crusty with the stuff. As I passed my hand past my clit and down the folds of my lips, there were some faint feelings of pain. It seems my pussy had taken quite a beating. For some reason I kept moving my hand down and around my body. When it came to my ass I found that it too was sore and raw to the touch.

Alright, now was the time I had to start worrying about what exactly happened here. I started to sob and put my face in my hands trying to stave off the tears. That failed to have the comforting effect I’d hoped, because when I brought my hands to my face my fingertips felt the crusty remains of cum on my face and her as well.

I tried to run my fingers through my hair and had to stop. The individual hairs were so coated together that if I pulled my fingers through too hard it was going to rip from my scalp.


ESCAPE. That thought registered in my mind and I knew that it was the best thing to do in that moment. The realization that I was naked and covered in cum meant that this place may not be safe for a lot of reasons. First, I still didn’t know if I’d been attacked. I don’t think that’s the case, but I don’t know. Second, if this was just a ridiculous night, then I still needed to get out of here to avoid detection. The longer a naked, cum-covered slut hung around a place like this the greater the chance trouble would come around (again?).

Impossibly, the moment I thought of myself as a naked, cum-covered slut, a shudder of pleasure ran through my wracked body. Tiny flashbacks of memories started to trickle into my consciousness, but not enough to make out anything decipherable. Just a quick vision in my mind’s eye of cocks being shoved in my face. A line of drugs? And a face that I recognized but knew was out of place.

I swayed as I stood up, my muscles trying to balance my upright body. It felt like there was battery acid coursing through my thighs from how sore my muscles were. The last time I’d felt this, I’d run a half marathon the day before.

If I can run a half marathon, then I can take a step. So I ventured my first step away from the bed and felt the first small victory of the day. With how impossibly bad I felt, at least I could move.

My next problem was finding some clothes. What happened to my dress and underwear from yesterday? I remembered I had worn that cute sundress that really showed off my cleavage and frilled just above my knees. I hoped to see it again; I loved that dress!

But there was nothing around me! Nothing. Not a shirt, a newspaper, or a trash bag. In college, I’d done some things that showed off my body—some flashing at spring break, physical teasing, and sported some tiny workout clothes—but never just bare assed prancing around a frat house. I knew that I’d have to venture out into the world to find some way to cover myself up.

I slowly opened the door and peeked outside. I saw the small hallway that I knew to be the third floor of the fraternity house. There were only about eight rooms up on this level, and the hallway wasn’t nearly as long as the second floor where most of the guys had their rooms. And like my small little room, there wasn’t anything strewn about the floor that could provide me with cover.

The coast seemed clear, however, so I slipped into the well-lit hallway trying to cover myself with my hands as best I could. I had my right forearm and hand covering my breasts as much as they could be covered. My left hand was cupped in between my legs. Ass exposed.

As my mind settled a little bit, I remembered that sometimes the rooms upstairs weren’t occupied full time and served as hook up rooms during events. Ok, it had to have been one of those where I woke up. Anywho, I did know guys lived up here, and I decided to check the other rooms for stuff to wear. There had to be things lying around. And if I opened the door and someone saw me naked…well one person was better than a hundred.

I came upon the first door and tried to turn the knob. Fuck, it was locked. I never knew the doors around türkçe bahis this place to be locked. The second, locked. Third, locked. And so on all the way down the hallway. Hell, even the bathroom that was on this floor at the far side of the corridor was locked.

Each step farther down the hallway enhanced the feeling that something was weird here. Normally, the day after a frat band party the halls were alive with guys telling conquering hero stories, girls getting heckled as they did the walk of shame, and pledges cleaning up the ridiculous amounts of trash that accumulated at one of those events.

Even with my hangover, my senses seemed to be on high alert. I began to smell the remnants of mop cleaning solution, like this place had been mopped not too long ago. The bottoms of my feet registered that the floors were incredibly clean. That couldn’t be right in a frat house? This scene had been staged, and I was on display. But there were no people!


I tiptoed down the stairs to the next level, because I’d exhausted my options on the third floor. What normally was subtle creaking in the wood was now seemed loud in a very quiet house with nothing in the hallway to diminish its echo. Each step brought new fear that every door would open and discover me in this disheveled condition. And like the third floor, I noticed that it was utterly bare like the top floor. Nothing. No trash, cardboard boxes, or empty cans.

This exposure, this fear of being discovered was really beginning to have an effect on me. As I leaned down and around the bannister looking down another flight of stairs to check to see if there were people, I could feel my nipples hardening and beginning to bore into my arm that was trying to mask them from the world. I could immediately notice the other physical effects of that arousal, because my left hand nestled in between my legs supplied some wicked sensations to my already sensitive mound. Even though I should have been more afraid for myself, my body began to betray itself and was getting really aroused. I could feel the heat flowing between my legs and the humidity was certainly rising down there.

As I descended the final step onto the second floor, I realized how many people could be potentially seeing me right now. This hallway was long and had a right-angled turn ahead to the stairs going to the ground floor, and there were about twenty rooms that could each hold two guys. In an instant, a hundred people could emerge from these doors if they wanted to. There were easily that many people at any given moment yesterday.

Slowly, I began checking each one of the doors on the second floor. Also like the third floor, each room was locked.

To check the door knobs to see if they were locked I had to take my arm off my breasts, and those small moments were exhilarating. The open air seemed to caress my naked breasts and provided a wonderful physical stimulus. Internally, the thought of utterly exposing my naked, soiled body became more engaging.

Wait, No! I couldn’t let my mind give in to my body like that. That’s what got me in trouble yesterday. The Hooch I drank had taken all my senses away and now I was in this predicament. Renewing my focus, I sped up my check of the doors on the hall. And each door came back with the same result: locked.

In less than a minute, I checked the twenty doors and made my way down the entire length of the hallway. Even though that meant I’d made physical progress, I realized I had made zero practical progress. I was still completely naked, and the only place to go now was to the main floor!

That option terrified me, because there were huge doors, tons of windows, and a myriad ways anyone could catch me this exposed. Unlike the upper floors that were mostly limited to the frat brothers on non-game days, the main floor was a hotbed of activity. They had study lounges, TV rooms, and the kitchen.

But what choice did I have? I couldn’t escape out the window of my room on the third floor. I couldn’t just hole up in there either. I had to get a ride back home with Ryan. Oh God, Ryan! I caught a ride to Carthage with him two days ago. I didn’t have my cell or any way to contact him. Would he wait for me? How was I going to get home? I had to be at work at 7:30 the next morning, and it was god-knows-what time right now.


As my worry about how I would get home preoccupied my thoughts, I somehow managed to get to the bottom of the stairs. I was crouching very low and still covering my naked body. At the base of the stairs was the main entrance where the large front doors to the fraternity were. Luckily, it seemed empty and the door closed. I thought about just running out the front door to escape this hell, but I knew that probably was a dumb idea. I had to get some kind of covering, and the best chance of that had to be on this floor.

As I snuck up to the front window to take a quick glimpse outside, my eyes registered the most improbably bad güvenilir bahis siteleri sight possible: a TV crew right in the front lawn. There was a sharp-looking female journalist with a microphone, a cameraman pointing the large camera right at the front of the house, and a young guy being interviewed. I couldn’t quite hear what they were talking about, but I wasn’t about to stand there to find out. I was too exposed. Good thing I didn’t blindly run out the front to escape!

I spun my head around and I remembered the door down to the basement. The basement was where the public parties were held. That’s where the bar and band rooms were located. Even if there wasn’t something I could cover myself with, there was at least a corner or cubby where I could hide. My thoughts had diverted from escaping. Now I was terrified of detection. If that camera crew from the local news got a shot of me, my career and life would be over.

I quickly slipped through the door down to the basement. Oh god thank you. I realized this was the first unlocked door I’d encountered this whole morning. I shut it behind me and was standing in the relative darkness at the top of the stairs. For the first time I somehow believed I’d reached a place of safety. I crouched down and sobbed for a few moments.

Wait, Jenna. Get up and keep going. You’re far from safe.

Realizing that I still had to act quickly and get out of there, I made my way down the stairs. I began to hope the camera crew wouldn’t come inside to do some scoop about the inside of the house. But why would they do that? Oh, I don’t know…a teacher snooping around a frat house naked where her ex students were living. Hadn’t I seen that on Lifetime?

I had to purge that kind of paranoia from my mind and just keep going. Slowly, I made my way down the long flight of stairs until I reached the basement.


The first room at the base of the stairs in the frat basement was an entertainment room. There were a lot of couches arranged in stadium seating around a very large TV. This is obviously where the guys hung out to watch games, movies, or shows. After a quick scan and not seeing anything that I could use to cover myself, I began moving to the next room. But at my final glimpse of the room something stood out.

Right in front of the TV was a large red bow with a card. I had pretty good vision but from this distance I couldn’t quite make out what it said. I decided to investigate, and as I got closer I was able to make out what the card said. Right on the front of the card in large, well-written script was my name, “Jenna.”

Obviously, someone had designed me to see this. I quickly opened the card to see what was written inside. The words frightened me beyond measure. It read:

Dear Jenna, All of the brothers of the fraternity would like the thank you for attending our Game Day celebration. In honor of your visit, we made a highlight tape to commemorate a truly memorable day. Please be our guest and be the first to view this titillating movie experience. Once you’ve seen enough for your satisfaction, please let us know and we’ll ensure you make it home safe and sound. Your phone is on the couch. Love, Your intimate friends

I immediately started bawling. There was no other way to take this news. Obviously, this tape was going to contain fifty times more material than it would take to get me fired and never find another teaching position. I mean, I woke up naked covered in cum! What the hell else could be on this video?

As I thought about that, the events of the morning began to become clear. All those rooms weren’t locked for no reason. The guys were steering me in this direction…down to the basement…driving me like a piece of cattle through the gates of a slaughterhouse.


With a defeated attitude, I sat down on the couch and cried some more. I looked down and saw my phone sitting right next to a remote. There was a post-it on the remote. It simply said, “Just press play.”

I thought about ignoring their twisted demand and just taking my phone and getting the hell out of there, but I knew I couldn’t do that. I had to see exactly what was on that tape so I knew the extent of calamity I would have to deal with.

Overcome with a sense of impending doom, I just pushed play. The screen and speakers came to life. On the screen, there was a large shot of the house from across the street with hundreds of people milling around. A narrator began, “Here we are on a beautiful fall day in Carthage about to see our team win the day, but that’s not the whole story. We at the Frat have something else in store for your viewing pleasure. We present to you our first entry in the Frat Sluts series.”

As soon as he said that, it cut to a picture of my face covered in cum. In a clear but obviously drunk voice I said, “I just want to fuck the whole frat!”

Oh. my. god. Just the first twenty seconds was enough to get me fired. What in the world was on the rest of this tape? And how had it come to that yesterday? And shit that was a lot of cum on my face! I know I had flashes of slutty brilliance in college, but it was quite another thing to be covered in cum and talk to a camera!

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