College Preparation , Freshman Year

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College Preparation it was equipped with a small desk, a couple of comfortable chairs and a daybed that appeared to be used. I thought it was someone’s shabby office.

The third floor consisted of dorm rooms that I thought were single but learned later that most were doubles. It seems I had won the room pick lottery. A pretty nice setup for freshmen. The rest of the floor consisted of a large study area and a separate canteen. At the end of each corridor doors led to the fire escape.

At the end of the top floor main corridor I found another door marked no admittance. I glanced around, saw nothing and pulled the door open to reveal steps leading to another door marked roof. Up I went, stepped out on an open empty roof protected by a four foot wall. Nothing to see here but I thought the roof would be a good place to sneak a joint.

The second floor was similar without access to the roof. Here there were a number of other freshmen who all said hi and introduced themselves. I was on a mission and did not remember a single name or face.

On to the first floor. This was different. There was a main door in the middle of the floor and an exit door at each end of the building. There was an office on each side of the entrance marked dorm manager and custodian. Not much to see here.

Opposite the main door was another door marked basement. Without being noticed I slipped in the door and down the stairs. The basement had several large meeting rooms and a kitchen. Each of these rooms had internal windows on the corridor door. Looking in I saw they were all empty. At the end of the corridor there were kick bar doors marked emergency exit.

Enough snooping, time to get back to my room where I found a notice in my door mailbox. The message said there would be a mandatory orientation meeting in room A in the basement at 3:00 pm. That gave me plenty of time to find the main commissary, get lunch and still have time to meet some of my dorm mates.

The other freshmen were a mixed group, all 18 or 19 most from New England. Like me all away from home for the first time. Several seemed more grown up. I would try to get to know them better. A few also looked a little feminine. They would be interesting to meet.

Before I get to the orientation meeting I should tell you a little about me. First, my name is Richard. After graduation from high school I enjoyed a wild summer. I fucked my girl friend and received a blow job from an older man. The fucking was planned. The blow job was a total surprise.

Susan, my girlfriend and I had dated all senior year in high school. It was fun but she only allowed a little petting. She would let me touch her tits while dressed and allow me to run my hand under her skirt stopping me short of her panty covered pussy. That action left me horny and jerking off after every date.

On our first date after graduation we were making out on the couch in her living room while her parents were at the movies. I was as usual excited and erect. Suddenly Susan pulled away and shocked me with an offer. She said, I don’t want to go to college as a virgin. OK I said what are you going to do to remedy that problem. She responded, that easy your going to fuck me and more.

Wow, instantly we shifted from light petting to mutual all out sexual assault. I was ecstatic, I pulled Susan to me and French kissed her like never before. Her hot wet tongue probed my mouth causing my already erect cock to expand further. Susan pulled my hand to her blouse and said get this off now, I want your hands and mouth on my nipples. It took me seconds to strip her blouse and bra revealing full tits and erect nipples. Susan arched her back,thrusting her tits into my face and said come on suck and bite my nipples. I’m tired of working on them by myself every time you leave. I dropped my mouth to her tit and found it erect and hard in my mouth. Feeling reckless I bit down causing Susan to squeak saying you’re killing me but bite harder. How could I resist? I knew her nipples would be sore and bruised the next day.

I was now in danger of cumming in my shorts. I pulled back and said wait I need to get my cock out so I can feel you touch me with your hand. Susan quickly loosened my belt and fly and helped me slip shorts and tighty whities off. Susan immediately wrapped her hand around my cock and shocked me by leaning over and taking my now throbbing cock into her mouth. Amazed I put my hand on the back of her head and jammed my now leaking and pulsing cock into her throat. At the same time Susan moved her hand down to my tight balls squeezed and I immediately filled her mouth with spurt after spurt of my warm cum. Susan looked up, cum dripping from her mouth and said kiss me I want you to taste your cum. I gulped and dove to jam my mouth and tongue into her mouth. My eryaman rus escort cum tasted wonderful.

Taking the initiative Susan said, my turn. But before we begin I need to tell you some things. You know my nipples are sensitive and I almost had an orgasm when you sucked and bit them. You will do that some more before we are finished tonight.

What you don’t know is that when we were dating last year, when you would leave each night, I had a wet swollen dripping pussy. I would go up to my room and first finger my clit and then use a large dildo to fuck myself.

The dildo is a story by itself. I found it when I was visiting my aunt’s house. I was sneaking around and found it in her lingerie drawer. Dummy that I was, I thought she would not miss it. I learned differently when my aunt visited us recently and in a private moment embraced me and asked if I needed batteries. I turned red and she said we will talk more later. I’m looking forward to that conversation.

OK Richard, back to what else you need to know before you suck and fuck me. You know I’m technically not a virgin. What you don’t know is that I have a very large sensitive clit. When I play with it and when you suck it you’re going to find that when it’s excited and erect it is an inch long. So not only can you lick my clit you can suck it like a small cock. I’m sure you’re going to like that.

I sat back amazed. My prissy girl friend who had denied me sex for a year was a raving slut. I looked at her, grinned and said let’s get started, I want to see that big clit and suck it like a mini cock. Susan grinned back, slipped out of her skirt and ripped off her panties. She leaned back on the couch, brought her legs up, reached down, spread her lips

and holy crap a mini cock was staring me in the face. Susan said, get on it Dickie. How could I resist, I leaned in and her hands grasped my head forcing my mouth on her very wet pussy and very erect clit. Like her nipples Susan liked it rough, urging me to suck and nibble on her clit. It took only minutes before she bucked into my face and moaned she was cumming and to bite her clit hard. It was fantastic. I rocked back on my heels and looked at her gaping pussy and still erect clit.

I leaned forward again, my face against her wet pussy and played with her nipples. My cock was still hard and I was thinking about pumping a load of cum into the pussy I had been denied over the past year.

Susan seemed to read my mind. She picked up my head, looked at me and said Dickie it’s time to fuck. Let me tell you how I want it.

First I want you to get naked. Get rid of the shirt and then lay down on your back on the carpet. I want to see your cock standing at attention. If it isn’t I’ll suck it again. I’m sure that will bring it to attention. Susan said you know I’ve fucked myself using my dildo but what I’m missing is the feeling of hot flesh in my pussy. So, when you’re lying there with your cock pointing straight up, I am going to straddle you, raise my pussy over your beautiful cut 7 inch fat cock and then drop down suddenly. Then I’m going to twerk my pussy on your cock as fast as I can.

At that point we will both needed a break.

But I can’t wait for you to use your hard cock to bang against my cervix and feel you pounding me as hard as you can. While you fucking me I want you to work my nipples hard.

When I’m ready to cum I’ll tell you. At that point I want my nipples tortured as you fill my pussy with your second cum tonight. When you finish I’m going to move up on your chest and place my cum filled pussy on your mouth so you can eat your cum and suck on my big clit until I cum again.

That night was the beginning of a sex filled six weeks before we both left for college.

A week after my first fuck with Susan my father approached me and said he had a friend who had graduated from the college I was to attend. He said I should meet him to learn about the school. It would give me an advantage over the other freshmen. I hemmed and hawed but in the end I agreed.

A few days later my father’s friend Charles visited our home to introduce himself. He was a nice guy, about 50. Very good looking, tall and in great shape as compared to my father.

I immediately liked him. We spent an hour talking about the college and my academic interests and when we began to say goodbye Charles said to my dad, Richard should come by my house and I can show him yearbooks and pictures. It would be a good way to become familiar with the school and campus. Dad said it was a good idea. I agreed. I felt attracted to Charles but didn’t know why. I would soon find out.

The next weekend I drove to Charle’s house in a nearby town. He answered the door barefoot wearing tailored tennis shorts and a short sleeve shirt. He was really in great ankara escort bayan shape and I physically reacted to his good looks. I couldn’t help noticing that there was a bulge on one side of his shorts. I thought this guy must have a big cock. I told myself to knock it off. I’m here to learn about my college.

Charles welcomed me in and offered to show me the house. It was a super size bachelor pad and I asked if he was married. He said no, I’ve been divorced for several years.

After the tour we went into a den furnished in red leather, very plush. I grabbed a chair and Charles asked if I wanted a beer. I said sure, happy to be treated as an adult. Charles said great, be right back. He quickly returned with a bucket of ice filled with bottles of beer. Wow, this looked like a promising afternoon, some beer and some education about my college.

We talked more about my interests when Charles said let me grab some year books and a photo album. It took only a moment to pull them down from a shelf in the room. As he brought them over he said let’s sit on the couch so we can both see these. I took the end seat and Charles the middle. We were close, our sides and legs just touching. I immediately felt myself get warm and the feeling of his hairy thigh on my leg was electric. My cock twitched immediately. I thought oh crap, what if I get an erection.

My mind flashed back to the time Susan first made me taste my own cum and wondered what Charles would taste like. This line of thinking made my erection problem worse and I thought I’m becoming a sex addict.

Charles seemed not to notice and began turning the pages of his yearbook pointing out his picture with other guys. While Charles kept rambling about how great the college was I felt his leg move slightly closer to mine. When I looked down I could see that his bulge had grown and I could see the outline of his erection stretched along the tailored leg of his shorts and said jezz, he’s not wearing underwear, I can see the outline of the head of his cock.

Seeing this made my own erection problem worse and I had the urge to adjust my shorts. I waited a moment and casually reached down to the edge of my shorts and tugged it down giving myself a little room to expand. Charles, noticing my action, smiled and said are you comfortable. I grinned back and said, I am now, my shorts are a little tight. Charles said I understand, my shorts are the same. He then reached his hand down to his erection and moved it in such a way that it was now pointing straight up.

I was now getting very nervous and had shakes in my legs. Charles obviously knew it and continued to smile. Only now he put his hand on top of my thigh and said I think we need a break to get rid of some of the beer we’ve been drinking. He got up and said let’s go. I’ll show you where the bathroom is. I followed obediently.

Charles led me into a large bedroom with a private bathroom. He then walked over to a standing urinal and snapped open his shorts. His erection popped out, he grasped it and started to piss. His stream was amazing. I couldn’t look away. He looked at me and said come over there is room for the both of us. I again obediently moved next to him. With his free hand he reached over and helped me open my shorts. Pushing my shorts down he put his hand on my cock and said let it go, it feels great.

We both continued to piss, Charles holding my cock. When we finished Charles turned away from the urinal, looked at me and said there are a few things you need to know about the school you’re going to attend that only a graduate can tell you.

With that he stepped out of his shorts and kneeling helped me get mine off. My full erection had returned and was bobbing right in front of his mouth. Charles looked up and said the first time I met you with your father I suspected you were either gay or bi. You are a very attractive young man and I assume you aren’t a virgin so you can obviously see that I’m going to try to seduce you. I’ll soon find out if I’m right about your sexual orientation. I’ll be honest with you, I’m bisexual and I want the beautiful cock I’m looking at in my mouth but first let’s take a moment to talk.

Taking my arm Charles moved us over to the bed. Before sitting Charles grasped my shirt at the bottom and stripped it over my head. He then stripped off his own shirt and we both, now naked with full erections, sat on the edge of the bed.

Charles leaned back, his hand holding his erection that was sticking straight up and said, Richard the college you have chosen is a great school but you need to know that it is full of sexual perverts. By the time you have been there a week I think you will get propositioned several times. He went on to say, based on what your father recently told me he thinks elvankent escort bayan you are sexually active with your girlfriend. That’s good if it’s true. You’ll find plenty of active girls at the schools near you.

Charles continued to slowly stroke his cock, smiled again and said OK Richard are you sexually active. I hesitated, my gaze on his cock and said quietly yes I have been very active all summer. Charles asked, how active? I told him quickly about what Susan and I had done including her making me eat my own cum and that I enjoyed taking my cum from her mouth.

Charles said good. Charles then leaned forward and said, Richard have you had sex with a man. I shook my head no. Richard continued, does that interest you?” Not sure how to respond I didn’t respond. Richard again placed his hand on my cock and said has what we have done in the past few minutes affected you. I said it has made me very excited.

When I arrived I noticed your tight shorts and bulge and guessed you were big. When you adjusted your erection I wanted to reach out and do it for you. Now that we are naked I was right. I never thought another man’s erection would excite me but it does. When you touch me I tremble and my erection twitches, it’s a fantastic feeling so I think sex with a man does interest me.

Immediately, just as my first time with Susan, I fell into Charles arms and felt his cock press against my stomach. Charles held me, stroked my back and legs causing me to shudder in excitement. Nothing but sex mattered in that moment. He then whispered in my ear, Richard, I’m going to give you your first blowjob from a man and teach you how to blow me. When you get to school you will be ready for the perves.

Charles now took over. He moved me to the middle of the bed and stretched out next to me. Suddenly I felt his kiss and tongue fucking my mouth. My tongue shot back and I wrapped my arms around him, grinding my erection against his bigger cock. This was the most sexually excited I had ever been. Our cock grinding together felt fantastic and I reached down and wrapped my hand around Charles’ erection and began to stroke. Charles rolled on his back and told me to enjoy my first jacking of a man’s cock. It was fantastic, bigger than me, thicker, uncut. Charles had to tell me to slide his foreskin back. I did and a huge cock head appeared that I wanted to suck.

As I moved to take him in my mouth Charles said no, not yet Richard I need to show you how it’s done. I want you to know that I’m freaked out about your taste for cum. I’ll be sure to give back some of yours when you cum.

After that I’m going to let you use my cock for your pleasure and mine. I’m also going to want you to do what Susan did, give my cum back to me. Now lay back on the bed so I can take advantage of your body and your cock.

Charles began by again kissing me while running his hand along my body. Then he moved his hand up and inserted his index finger into my mouth and said suck on it. It’s smaller than my cock but it will feel good and if it feels good you’ll know you will love my cock in your mouth. He was right, I grabbed his wrist and shoved his finger as far into my mouth as possible while I sucked and nibbled. I loved the feeling and found myself bucking my hips and rubbing against Charle’s cock.

Charles knew I wanted more and moving to his knees he began rubbing my body and gently stroking my twitching cock. Then he leaned over, kissed me again before moving his lips down to my nipples. The feeling was a shock. I had experimented with touching my nipples while jerking but this was totally different. I didn’t know if I wanted more nipple sucking or his mouth on my cock.

Charles made the decision, he shifted again and moved his mouth against my cock. Rubbing his cheek against my cock and balls I saw his mouth open and suddenly my cock was in a warm and wet cocoon. It felt so different when compared to Susans rough approach to a blow job. Charles was slow, gentle yet demanding. My 7 inches were totally within his mouth, his lips touching my balls. I knew I loved being sucked by a man and that I would also be a good cocksucker.

Charles pulled back, looked at me and said I know you have been ready to cum for a while so I’m just going to keep sucking you until you are ready to cum. When you’re ready I want you to let me know. I will surprise you with the cum of your life.

It would not take long. As Charles continued giving me an amazing blowjob I kept moving my hips up and down to get as much of my cock into his now dripping mouth as possible. Suddenly I was ready and told Charles. He shifted again, and continued to suck. I could feel my balls tightening, my shaft was pulsing, I was on the brink.

Just as I felt my cum begin to erupt Charles slipped his hand under my clinched cheeks and his finger pushed directly against my asshole slipping in slightly. My body arched, I clinched on his finger and my cum pumped into his mouth once twice and then a third time. I felt Charles swallow and I collapsed on the bed feeling totally drained.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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