Colorado Memories

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Pack warm clothes…destination…Colorado.

That was all she would tell him.

They were in flight, about 30 minutes from landing, and he still had no idea what was going on in that pretty little head of hers. He trusted her though. He knew her well enough to know that anything she planned for the two of them, he would enjoy as long as they were together. They always tried to second guess each other so he had some ideas of what he thought she had planned. “A ski resort” he thought to himself, “That had to be it.” There was several places they liked that was all inclusive. The perfect getaway.

As the captain’s voice piped through the aircraft during the descent, he reached for her seat belt and began to secure it over her lap. He smiled as he playfully rubbed her tummy. She cut her eyes up at him from her magazine. It amazed him how that look still sent a jolt through him. They were both so thankful for what they had prior to meeting. It just seemed as if they realized how they both spent many years going through the motions of everyday living without the basics in so many ways before they started this relationship. They agreed to not allow either to ‘settle’ again. So far there had been only good times. Like two kids at a fair. Always looking for their next thrill. He compared it to “riding the top of the waves.” That was even more the reason for this little getaway. Time to slow it down. Stay connected. Reinforce what they had found.

The shuffle at the airport was quick. They climbed into a van. It was just the two of them and a driver that seemed to know what was going on. He jokingly asked the driver if he would tell him where he was being taken to as he slipped his hand in his pocket reaching for bribe money.

She laughed as she shook her head in a shameful manner and told him, ” Uh uh…I have already bought him.” She then shot the driver a wink in the rear view mirror. He knew he was not going to get any information from that guy.

The two of them cuddled and watched the beautiful scenery was passing by them. Snow covered evergreens. Snow capped peaks. They could feel the stress from work and the hustle leaving them.

Taking her hand, he pulled her close and whispered, “Great idea baby…we needed this. You done good good .”

She leaned to him and quickly kissed his goat.

He was so sure that he was being taken to a ski lodge they had been to a few times. They had a great time there and it was always filled with fun guest.

“I hope you got our usual room. Remember the fun we had in the hot tub when it was snowing on us?” he stated with a confidence in his voice.

She just smiled to herself as the van began to slow down to take the turn off of the main highway. This was the same road that led up to the ski lodge he was referring to. He sat quietly as the van passed up the entrance to the ski lodge. Not wanting to embarrass the driver, he shot a couple of quick glances over to her. As the van began to slow down 10 minutes later, he had decided that the driver realized he had missed the turn and was heading back down after a quick turn around. That is when he realized he was wrong.

There was an older couple getting out of a truck. They both held leather and sheep parkas. They were standing at a Jeep that was equipped with the necessities for mountain travel. They were just barely out of the van when the driver took off, preceding up the mountain with their luggage.

As the older couple stepped to them, the man introduced themselves as “Sam and the Misses.” They were slipping the parkas on the starry eyed couple as they smiled at each other barely noticing that they were being bundled up. They were so in tune to each other. They were both thinking how they wanted to take the other right there.

As Sam gave the keys to the to him, he said, ” The only way is up, the cabin is stocked with all the things requested by your Lady and there is a warm fire waiting on you when you get there.”

The lady pulled a two way hand held radio from her pocket and handed it to Shay. “If you need anything, use this sweetie. When you leave on an outing, just let us know. We will come to freshen the cabin then.” They turned from the couple, got in their truck and started down the mountain.

In a way that always made her tummy jump, he called her name, ” Shay Lyn …I take it we are not registered at the ski lodge.”

She took him by the hand and walked him to the Jeep. As she opened the door for him, he sat behind the steering wheel. Standing inside the opened door, she told him,” Shuggar…I thought it would be nice to bring you to a cabin on this mountain. We will be all alone. No neighbors on the other side of a wall. Just us. If you wanna ski or be in the middle of the lodge fun, we can come down here where everyone else is. Then we can go back up. Just us again.”

He looked at the snowflakes that had stuck to the hood of her parka. She never ceased to amaze him. He reached up and took her by the parka and pulled her to him inside the Jeep. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri He kissed her cold lips quickly then reached up and brushed the snow from her hood letting it fall on him. ” Think I am safe with you up there all alone?” he asked with a grin. He began to pull her up in his lap as they noticed the van passing them, heading back down the mountain.

As she straddled his lap, she grasped his parka, pulled him to her placing her lips to his she asked, ” You afraid of me?”

“You bet I am …” he answered into her mouth as cupped her butt in his big, strong hands.

She began to place kisses all along his neck. He could have sat there for hours feeling her loving him. It had become one of his favorite pass times.

She whispered into his ear, ” take me up this mountain Shuggar. Please.” She began to slip over into the passengers seat.

He adjusted his dick and pushed the clutch in.

It took them about 15 minutes to make the drive. Stopping at times to see the deer at the edge of the winding road. The snowflakes were getting bigger and heavier as they drove upward.

They could smell the smoke from the fireplace before the cabin ever came into view. And there it was. They pulled up in the circular drive. The cabin was a nice size. Porch all across the front. There was also a tall A frame roof at one end. There was a deep ledge behind the cabin that looked out over a breath taking view. Not only of the snow covered pines, but the skiers could be seen weaving in and out in areas from the back deck. The back deck was equipped with a hot tub that was already billowing steam. Inside was so nice. A kitchen fully furnished. There was a breakfast nook with a bay window that looked out into the woods. There was a glass atrium that lead out to the deck, so it was like the outside was inside. She was so impressed with the A frame area….it was a loft. A stairway lead up there. It was filled with pillows and the walls were all glass panels. The fireplace was set with rocks. The living area was so cozy. Plush furniture and all the little extras to accent the huge room. There were two bedrooms on the lower level. King-size beds in both, fully furnished with sitting areas for reading or just having a cup of hot chocolate. Both had nice bathrooms, glass showers and over-sized tubs.

They both got out of the Jeep and started walking up to the cabin when all of a sudden, he picked her up and placed her over his shoulder. Her laughter was echoing through the pines as he massaged her ass while he carried her.

He planted her on the floor after they were inside the warm cabin and closed the door behind them. They removed their parkas and started checking the place out. She was making sure that the cabin was furnished as she had requested.

She told him she was going to unpack as soon as she got a pot of hot chocolate made. He made a noise as a reply. He was interested in the old antique items that were placed all over the cabin as decorator touches. He didn’t even notice as she went through the living area warming her hands on a cup of chocolate going to the bedroom. Or she thought he didn’t.

She slipped into her favorite BIG sweat shirt. It was a 3 X. “TeXaS A&M” original. It hit her knees and the sleeves had to be pushed or they would hit her knees as well. She placed some folded sweats in the drawer and closed it as she stopped and took in the view from the window.

She felt his arms slip around her, resting just under her breast. They were crossed to get a good hold. He hugged her and whispered to her, “I love you.”

Her heart sped up a little. She felt him lifting her from her feet and walked her to the bed as he softly kissed the back of her neck. When he made it to the edge of the bed, he turned and laid down holding her to him. She laid so still as he slowly slid his hands up and down her body. She was putty in his hands and he knew it. Kissing the back of her head and inhaling the sweet smell of her hair, he began to melt her.

“…Ya know Shay Lyn…many years ago… mountain men would come in from hours of hard work in the woods. Their mountain women…as homely as they were…knew their mountain men needed some TLC to keep em’ happy. To keep em’ from jumpin off the edge of the mountain from bein so horny.”

She was drawing on everything in her to keep from laughing and trying so hard to enjoy the tease he was doing to her nipples over her sweat shirt. She felt him push up to her a little as he asked with all sincerity, ” Wouldn’t you just hate that baby? For your mountain man to go over the edge of the mountain.”

She felt him pulling at her sweat shirt as she assured him, ” I just can not imagine that happenin Shuggar. I would just have to make sure my mountain man was taken care of. Who would chop the wood and start the fire? Oh no… he would be taken care of!”

She felt his cock against her butt as his hands slid under her sweat shirt and to her breast. He played her nipples with expertise. He knew that was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri one of her weaknesses. He loved the feel of her tiny beige nipples hard on the palms of his hands. He begin to push them over from side to side with his fingertip. They were so hard. He shifted his body under her just enough to cause them to roll over. He held himself off of her as she laid on her tummy under him. He straddled her as she willingly excepted his touches. Taking her hips in his grip, he pushed her forward until she was on her knees. She felt the sweat shirt being pulled up over her butt and placed on her back. Immediately his mouth was on her tanned ass. Placing soft kisses and teasing her flesh with his goat. Another one of her weaknesses. She then felt his finger lightly trace her slit. Not opening her up, just following the puffiness. She heard as he unbuckled, unsnapped and unzipped his pants within a matter of seconds. They feel to the floor. His mouth begin to water as he seen her sweet pussy exposed and being offered to him. His heavy swollen cock bounced under its on weight as it pointed to her. Placing his hands on her butt he slid his thumbs into her labia. Gently spreading her. He heard her inhale deeply as he inserted his thumbs. He began to press and release, press and release into her. Lowering himself to his knees beside the bed, he pulled his Lady to the edge by her hips. He was still at the right position to eat her pussy. Forming his tongue like a stiff tube, he slipped it between her moist lips and stroked her. Up and down, sucking as he did so.

She grabbed the comforter and moaned as she felt his tongue begin to explore her core. He began to plunge his tongue inside her and touching her clit with it as he withdrew it from her slit. Then he formed a suction around her clit and sucked at it as she begin to beg him to fuck her.

“Please Baby! Please fuck me… …” she shouted loudly begging.

He loved to get her like that. He knew she was just as capable of putting him in that same place.

He stood and got on his knees hovering over her ass and asked in a matter-of-fact way as he began to slide his cock up and down her pussy, ” You just wanting to make sure I have the wood cut and fires made for ya Shay Lyn?’

She giggled and replied, ” I just don’t want my ‘mountain man’ to jump off the edge of the mountain!”

With that, he pushed his engorged cock against her tight opening. That was always such a thrill for him. She was so tight he would always have to try for entry a couple of times and then he could actually feel the tight ring close around his cock, just past the head. From there he could feel her walls conform to his cock. “How much more could a man ask for?” he would think to himself. Each time was like the first time.

He began to take his place inside her. Feeling her body accept his intrusion. Her pussy seemed to suck him in up to his balls. It took a bit to get her to the point of easy fucking but once her body adjusted, he would enjoy every thrust. He began pushing in at a steady pace as he felt her begin to build up to her release. When he felt her place her right hand on his ass and push lightly, her moans could be heard through the cabin.

Her orgasm was so strong she began to move upward with each of his thrust. He knew to hold her or she would get away from him. He placed his arm around her and held her on his thick, rigid cock as he continued to ride her ass. He could hear his balls slapping at her. At once his load quickly traveled through the length of his cock and jetted into her as he held her to him. With an urgency, he thrust his hips to her ass and flood her body with his seed. As he leaned over her, he began to kiss her back trying to catch his breath and caress his Lady.

He laid on top of her as she whispered to him while his cock softened. She was telling him how much she loved him. How much she wanted to please him.

The two of them cuddled a bit after he pulled his semi-hard cock from her satisfied body.

Lovingly Shay combed her fingers through the hair on his chest and told him, ” You owe me big time …. I just saved a mountain man from a horrible fate.”

He smiled and assured her, the mountain man was grateful. Then he added, ” Ya know Shay Lyn, I hear that these urges can hit the mountain man a lot… Many times a day. Imagine that!” he then got up and started to the bathroom.

She showered and dressed.

As she walked through the living area, she smiled when she saw her ‘mountain man’ stretched out on the sofa fast asleep.

In the kitchen she prepared his favorite pasta salad. She was really impressed with the way the kitchen had been stocked per her request. Then she decided to make on of her favorite desserts…”Butterscotch Pudding.” He liked it too so she knew they both would enjoy it.

She heard him stirring around. She was looking through a brochure she had picked up at the airport. He came into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and took out the güvenilir bahis şirketleri orange juice. She felt him touch her neck with the cold bottle of OJ that sent a chill through her. “Hey!”, she squealed as she turned to him to find that he had quickly moved to the cabinet knowing she would be quick to retaliate.

As he poured him a glass of OJ he told her, ” Shay Lyn…ya know…when those mountain men would come in from the cold, after a hard day from choppin wood…their mountain ladies would get a hot shower goin…shower with them.” He placed the glass to his lips and watched her through the glass as he began to drink his juice.

She listened as she thought to herself that it appears he was going to milk this ‘mountain man’ thing for all it’s worth. As she folded the brochure and laid it on the table, she stood and walked over where he was leaning against the cabinet with his glass of juice still at his mouth.

She reached up and took his glass from him. He was smiling that smile of his knowing she was about to take him to the shower. She always made shower time fun. Shay placed the glass to her lips looking up at him over the rim. She took her a long drink of his juice then handed the glass back to him.

She looked him right in the eye and told him, “First of all…there were no hot showers when there were ‘mountain men…”

He managed to reply, ” well ….now Shay….,”

She cut him off with ” UH UH…don’t try it!”

He quickly replied , ” Well maybe it was cold showers, I may have misunderstood.” He took the glass of OJ from her. Taking another drink of his OJ, while looking down at her over the rim of the glass speaking inside the glass, he commented, “Your not buyin this are ya Baby?”

Shay shook her head and told him, ” We are bein picked up in about an hour,” as she glanced down at his semi hard cock she continued, ” want that to get frost bit?”

As she looked back up at him he mouthed quietly … “ouchhh” as he walked out of the kitchen to the shower.

When he came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, he seen her standing at the window looking out. It was dark and the view was awesome. You could see the lighting all over the mountain along the ski lifts. Lights just randomly peeking through the pines.

He loved the look of her in jeans. He scanned his view of her backside and was still so intrigued with her. Her tight Levi’s, a blue flannel shirt with a black turtle neck sweater underneath, her belt accenting her waist, and her sheep lined boots that came up to her knees. Her hair down just below her shoulders and her sweet scent of Jasmine. He broke the silence by asking if they were going hiking in the dark.

She turned to him and smiled at the sight of him standing there rubbing the towel over his cock drying off. “Yes, and if you don’t stop rubbin on THAT… we will hang the lantern there!”

He mocked her with a silly laugh and replied, ” Come help me dry this, I am your ‘mountain man!'”

Shay left the bedroom, closing the door behind her and he shouted, ” is that a NO?”

Within a few minutes he came into the living area completely dressed and asked where they were going. Before Shay could answer there was the sound of bells outside. She flashed him a surprised look and darted over to the door.

Shay turned and grabbed their parka’s and said , ” C’mere Baby…look at this.”

He went to the door and helped her with her parka, she then helped him slip into his.

There was an old sleigh that was being pulled by a team of four huge horses. You could see their breath coming from their nostrils in the cold air. The driver all bundled up sat up high above the passenger seating. There were two bright lanterns hanging on each side putting out a mystical glow.

He pulled at the edge of Shay’s hood and pulled it snug, ” It’s gonna be cold Baby, let me bundle you up good, ” he said through a smile. She had done it again. She seemed to always keep him on a high.

Shay reached into her pockets and pulled out her gloves. Quickly packing her tiny hands into them. She then reached up and unsnapped the top two snaps on her parka and replied, ” Uh uh…you have to keep me warm!” She took his partially gloved hand and out the door they went.

The driver leaned down from his perch introducing himself as Mr. Ray. They shook his hand, then he held her hand as she stepped up in the sleigh. Mr. Ray adjusted the glow from the lanterns so they would not hinder their night vision through the wonderland they were about to pass through.

He grabbed a big heavy blanket as he made himself comfortable next to her. Shay playfully shook her head and pushed the blanket from them. He knew that was her way of letting him know…he was to be her source of warmth. He placed his arm around her and pulled her to him, leaning to her ear he whispered, “You think this ‘ride’ has good shocks just in case I REALLY need to turn the heat up for ya?”

With a slight jerk, the sleigh was on it’s way and Shay snuggled into him.

The path they took was lined with tall pines. The dry snow that was falling at times was from a slight breeze blowing through the trees. A perfect moon was making the ground look as if it was neon. At times the path would widen and there would be cabins along the tree line.

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