Come In

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I’ve been thinking about you non-stop since the last time. I can still hear you moaning in my ear, can still feel your hand teasing my inner thighs, your tongue inside my mouth and my pussy.

I manage to maintain my composure as I climb onto the bus. I put my headphones on and start listening to music, but that quickly starts to irritate me and I pull them out again. Suddenly and unexpectedly, as though you are right there, I feel you pushing my body against the wall with yours, and I give a small involuntary gasp.

After what seems like an hour, the stop for your house approaches. I ring the bell and stand up, feeling the moistness between my legs growing. Just the thought of you is the biggest turn-on.

When I finally arrive at your door and you let me inside I discover that you are, as usual, watching YouTube videos. I roll my eyes, feeling my wetness begin to subside — but then I remember your incredible libido and am reassured. All will come in good time.

I go over to your chair and sit on your lap, grinding slightly into your leg. I feel your body stiffen in surprise, but you say nothing as yet. I continue to move my ass around, the feeling of cotton on my pussy making me wet again. Your hands move their way to my belly, caressing and massaging their way downwards. Before your hands can get far though, I stand up and give you my most seductive güvenilir bahis look — it’s easy when I’m this turned on. With a hungry look in your eyes, you stand up yourself and come towards me. I fully expect to feel harsh lips on mine, but when we come in contact your lips are surprisingly, wonderfully soft. You use your lips to caress mine, slowly letting your tongue work its way into my mouth. This sensuous kiss is more erotic than any giant cock in front of me, and I feel myself getting so wet I’m trembling. My tongue responds in kind, and I pull you closer to me, pressing against your hard cock.

Suddenly I break away, and with a beckoning look lead you to the bedroom. I pull you into me once again, kissing you forcefully this time, pulling your shirt off as quickly as I can — I want to feel your skin on mine. I hear your breathing deepen as you pull mine off and undo my bra clasp. We press together once more, kissing harder than ever, but it’s still not enough. You take me and forcibly lay me across the bed, kissing your way down my front.

Your lips feel like heaven against my skin and I lay my head back, a little moan escaping my lips. You fumble with my jeans for a moment, and then they’re off and I’m spreading my legs for you, exposing my wet pink pussy. Suddenly I feel your tongue caressing my clit just the way you’d kissed my mouth before. I can practically türkçe bahis feel the juices dripping out of me as I grind my ass against the bed. I feel you slide two fingers inside me and I moan aloud. You begin rocking your hand in and out of me, making me smile to myself with pleasure. You shift your body and now I can feel your cock against my leg — you’re grinding against me and that makes me even hotter than I’d been before.

Then nature calls and I roll my eyes, climbing out of bed and promising to return soon. When I stand up I can barely see straight and I stumble my way to the bathroom.

When I come back, you’re lying there looking disappointed. I give you a wink and kiss your mouth. Then I kiss your cheek and your neck, stopping there to nibble a little. You arch your neck and moan. I kiss my way down your chest and trail, all the way to your still-soft cock. I stop to cross my legs, then I tease your balls and caress your dick. Finally I lower my head and give you a soft lick.

You perk right up at that. I continue licking up the shaft, over and over again, with long slow strokes — enough to make you squirm and grind your hips. Then I take you in my mouth, imagining how my lips on your cock must feel, picturing a grossly enlarged clit. I move my mouth up and down, slowly at first but quickening as I go along. You’re groaning now and I look up to güvenilir bahis siteleri see your head laid back, eyes closed. I am so turned on and all I want to do is suck you all the way into my mouth. You’re watching me now, and I arch my back with passion. I add my hand to your cock, sliding it up and down with my mouth, and your voice becomes deeper. “Oh yeah, that’s good, that’s so good….” You’re turning me on so much I almost start masturbating myself, but I put all my energy instead into pleasuring you. I’m pumpign my head up and down as fast as I can and you’re pushing my head with your hands, encouraging my movement. I’m getting so hot and so wet now — I can feel my pussy positively dripping with my juices, just waiting for you to take me.

Suddenly you push me onto my back and start jacking yourself off while I squirm on the bed. “I want to come all over you,” you moan, and I give a tiny scream. But you can’t do it, it won’t happen, and suddenly you’re pushing yourself into me and I feel so ecstatic at that feeling I can’t help bursting out with a moan of surprise and passion. You’re pumping into me so hard and so fast, but you’re still not coming and I want to make it happen for you. I catch my breath and moan into your ear, “Come in me.” As soon as I say it, you let out a gigantic moan. “Please come in me! I want to feel it! Please!”

And then your body is spasming, you’re clutching at me like I’m your only lifeline, and I’m holding on to you for dear life, groaning as each wave of your pleasure courses through me. Finally we lay still, grinning to ourselves and holding each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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