Coming Home

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A misty rain was shrouding the forest as he dismounted from his horse. An excitement filled him as he entered the inn, it was many months since he had last visited, and though he had stayed for some time, he had departed quickly, robbing him of some of the enjoyment he had hoped to experience.

A serving girl hurried up and took his cape and hat, shook them out and bustled off with them and an order for a meal and a pint.

Rubbing his hands together he stood before the blazing fire pulling its heat into himself. Slowly he felt the chill dissipate from his bones. Settling himself at a table, he watched the other patrons in the alehouse. They were the usual assortment one found in these places, though he was glad none of the faces were familiar ones. Brawny, working men drinking their meals before going home to their women smelling of dry sweat and old ale.

She had not seen him enter the inn, but when Alice had run up to her and told her of his arrival she was not surprised. An unusual excitement had been building inside her for days, and she now realised her intuitive sense had known he would arrive soon. She smoothed her hair and straightened her clothes then tightened her bodice before taking his meal to him – a bowl of steaming stew and a measure of house brew. Aware of surreptitious looks from the present clientele toward the newcomer, she endeavoured to keep a pretence of professionalism.

“Your meal, sir,” she said, as she bent forward to place the bowl on the table. Excitement stirred in the pit of her stomach as his eyes fell appreciatively to the presented bosom. He smiled at her and fished several coins from his purse.

“I will be needing a room, wench,” he said, dropping them into her hand, his voice staying steady and neutral. “Can you accommodate me?”

“I’m certain it can be arranged, sir.” Her dark eyes sparkled, and she could hear the slight quiver when she replied. “How long might you be staying?”

“I have not yet decided. Possibly until the next full moon.”

She nodded, slipping the coins into her cleavage. “I shall see what I can arrange for you, sir.”

She turned and walked away, deliberately swaying her hips for him.

The stew was as delicious as the house brew was nasty, but he finished both with a smile on his face, all the while watching the activity in the alehouse as the various customers drank their wages and wrestled the wenches. The commotion served to distract him while he waited for the patrons to disperse. He had spent many lonely months leading his men on the front, and while his immediate goal for being here was physical, the anonymity he was enjoying made the inn a refuge.

With a candelabra in hand she led him up the stairs, still endeavouring to keep a business like demeanour. As they fell into the shadowy niche offered by the above landing, he grabbed her to him, the quick movement causing the lit candles to flicker dangerously before one lost the will to live and faded into the darkness.

She gasped as his mouth devoured hers, his tongue plunging into her with a passion. His hand rubbed over her breast, her nipple immediately hardening against the cotton of her blouse. Her free hand grasped at his hair as she pushed herself against his body.

“We ataköy masöz escort have to stop,” she whispered, “Someone will see us.”

Still kissing, they disentangled their bodies, and slowly withdrew.

“I-if you’ll follow me, sir,” she said, a little loudly.

He nodded, and they continued up the stairwell then along the small passageway.

“This is your room, my lord.” The door opened soundlessly into a cosy room. A large, high bed covered in a thick duvet dominated the room, the only other furnishings were a dresser and a tub. “Would you be wanting a bath drawn for you this evening, sir?” she asked as she walked around the room lighting the lamps.

“A bath,” he murmured, as he sat on the bed and began to remove his boots. “Yes, that would be nice.”

“Very well, sir. I will return shortly.” Her fingers trailed across the back of his hand as she left the room.

While Alice filled the ewers from the hot springs, she took a moment to ready herself for the evening. Discarding her bloomers, she decided to leave her petticoats on. This completed, she followed the young girl up to the room where they filled the wooden tub with the steaming water. Then closing the door quickly behind the serving girl, she fell to him.

“What took you so long?” she asked between kisses.

He trailed kisses up her jaw line, reaching her earlobe before whispering, “I am sorry, my love. It could not be helped.” He grabbed at her dress, trying to slip her sleeve from her shoulder.

“Not yet,” she said, “we have all night.” Then withdrawing a little from him, she began to unlace his doublet. “But first, my lord, you need to relax after your long journey.” Slipping the leather garment from his shoulders she let it fall to the floor as she slid her hands under his blouse. Drawing her breath in she caressed the warm smooth skin with her fingers, playing with the light patch of hair on his chest. Then pushing her hands up she guided the shirt over his head.

As she brought her hands down, he grabbed her wrists firmly, “Yes, wench, we do have all night, but I have a good mind to take you here and now before you drive me insane with your torture.”

“Later,” she said, laughing lightly at him then pulling her hands free from his grasp. Raking her nails down his chest, she loosened his breeches and completed her task of undressing him.

Admiring his nakedness, she walked backwards as she led him the several paces to the tub. As he sank into the steaming water he groaned appreciatively. “This feels so good.”

“Soon it will feel even better,” she whispered into his ear as she knelt behind him. Taking a soft cloth in hand, she lathered it on the soap. Gently pushing him forward, she scrubbed at his back, kneading her fingers through the cloth into his knotted muscles. He lay forward over his knees as she massaged his back, and she could feel his body relaxing. For some time they enjoyed the intimate silence that being together produced, interrupted only occasionally when a small moan of pleasure would escape from him. She continued the massage, even after rinsing off the suds, but slowly the pressure left her hands until her fingers were tracing delicate patterns over ataköy otele gelen escort his back. Then guiding him gently back, she leant over his shoulder to wash the rest of his body. The evidence of her attentions on his body was well manifest and his cock was standing erect, the head of it emerging out of the water. As she rubbed over his chest, she would kiss his neck, and her nails would flick across his hardened nipples. When she leaned forward to wash his leg, he turned and grabbed at her breast with his mouth. The movement startled her and her hand brushed against his erection.

As she twisted slightly toward him, his mouth bit at one nipple and it responded immediately, straining through the moistened blouse. At the same time her other hardened with the stimulation caused by rubbing against his shoulder. In reciprocation her fingers closed around his manhood and began to gently stroke him. Her hand closed along the length of his cock, working in time with the pulsing of his blood. As the first drops of pre cum crowned the head of his dick, she released him, trailing her fingers through the thick juice.

“I’ve waited for this for so long,” she whispered as she brought her fingers to her mouth.

Moving around him, she held his hand and helped him from the tub. Taking a towel that was folded on the dresser, she wiped the water from his chest and arms, then knelt before him and began to dry his legs. As she did this, she deliberately blew across his cock, watching her hot breath stir the hair at its base. Smiling at the response, she flicked her tongue out, relishing the droplets of pre cum that were oozing from him.

“Oh, yes,” he growled, holding her head firmly, encouraging her to continue. Deliberately she took the head of his manhood in her mouth, circling it with her tongue. Dropping the towel she had been holding, she began to knead his ass as her mouth worked on him. She could feel herself getting heated, her pussy was starting to ache, wanting to feel him touch her, enter her. She squeezed her legs tightly together to provide minimal relief to the urge that was building in her. Her fingers worked his hard butt cheeks, sliding down his crack and stroking the tender spot behind his balls. He groaned and staggered back a little, bracing himself against the bed as she continued licking along the length of him. Grasping his shaft, she looked up at him, and slowly enveloped his dick with her hot mouth. Swirling her tongue around the thick shaft, she swallowed, raising his excitement. One hand holding tightly to the base, her other caressed his balls, feeling them tight and heavy with cum. Pushing her breasts against his thighs, she continued working on him, knowing that shortly he would climax. As he approached his orgasm, his hands gripped her head tighter and his cock thrust into her mouth with a steadily gaining rhythm. Feeling the heavy pulsing in his balls, she released him and let his hot liquid spurt over breasts.

He swayed slightly and fell back onto the bed, and she crawled up his body rubbing her breasts and pussy over him. Straddling his body she put her mouth to his, gently sucking on his lower lip, feeling his tongue probe into her. Gently, slowly they ataköy rus escort explored each other’s mouths, their hands interlacing as they relished the intimate closeness they shared. The heat in her belly was growing, the need to have him touch and taste more of her body and she could feel desire returning to him. Sitting herself up she ground her hips into his hardening cock and gasped at the feel of the slightly rough material of her petticoat rubbing across her clit. Cupping her breasts, she pinched her nipples through the damp material, the darkness of the areola showing through the now transparent blouse. He reached up and gently traced the neckline of her top with his finger, spending time at the central point where her breasts kissed each other, forming a substantial cleavage. Slowly he began to unlace the outer-corsetry of her dress, allowing her breasts to spill free from their confinement. Immediately her fingers tweaked again at her now exposed nipples and then she let fingers trace down her body and run patterns across her belly.

With a sudden movement, he grasped both of her shoulders and turned her on her back, pinning her into the thick eiderdown. “Listen, wench,” he growled softly in her ear, “I let you have your way with me and now it’s my turn. I am going to fuck you until you scream. That sweet little pussy of yours is begging for me, isn’t it?”

She nodded slowly, eyes twinkling, “Yes, my lord.”

“Good!” He rose, his naked body muscled and taught in the dim light of the lamps. Once again he turned her over, laying her face down on the bed. Then grasping her ankles, he pulled her to the end of the bed, placing her feet on the floor, he left her prostrate across the mattress.

Pulling her skirts up he exposed her ass and her swollen, dripping pussy.

“Ahh,” he breathed as he dropped to his knees. “This is what I wanted to see.” Then he ran his fingers over her ass cheeks, tracing a heart shape, letting them meet at the lowest point, just above her opening. As he caressed the folds of her pussy she squirmed in delight as electricity coursed fiery trails from her vagina to her nipples. Slowly he began to lick at her exposed flesh, tasting her juices, slurping at her. With his teeth and tongue he nibbled and sucked on her clit while he fucked her with his long fingers. For long minutes he worked at his prize, sending mini orgasms through her. They were rapidly growing stronger and she knew she was going to be past any point of caring if he continued like this. Pulling herself forward slightly, she gasped for breath.

“Fuck me, please! I need to feel you inside me!”

“As you wish, my lady,” he replied. Once more flicking her clit with his tongue. Then standing behind her he slammed his prick inside her hot, wet hole.

“YES!” He pounded inside her welcoming cunt, his balls slapping against her exposed clit and as he felt her pussy tighten around his dick he leaned over her, pressing his chest against her semi-exposed back. Encircling her with his arms, he gave several more thrusts, pushing her to her limit, and as she reached the edge, he pinched hard at her nipples, and nibbled on her neck. The multiple sensations pushed her through that final barrier and she screamed loudly into the thick bed cover.

Her body shuddering with post orgasmic sensation, he let this slowly milk his cock inside her pussy, letting his cum ooze into its new home. Gently he extricated himself from her spasming hole and collapsed on the bed beside her. She turned her face toward him and placed her hand on the side of his face.

“Welcome home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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