Coming Home

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When you get home – when you step through the door … you hear a slight sound behind you and a hand covers your eyes. You are held tight. you know that you cannot escape. You hear a voice in your ear – hot breath and a tight beard tickling the side of your neck. “Don’t scream. Don’t struggle. Don’t resist. Just relax.”

You remain still as a silken scarf replaces the hand over your eyes and it is wrapped tight – not harming you but removing your ability to see who is there with you.

You feel hands caressing your body. Thankfully it is warm inside your house – he must have prepared by putting the heaters on … anticipating what is to come.

The hands slider under your top and peel it upwards, careful not to disturb the scarf over your eyes as it is taken over your head.

You feel the clasp of your bra undone and it is removed. You can tell from the slight sound that it has been tossed aside. You shiver – not with cold but with anticipation.

You try to wrap your arms around your naked top half, but they are taken together and another silken scarf is now wrapped around your wrists. No. Each wrist has a scarf attached. You wonder why.

You feel yourself being led through into the lounge and your waist bumps into the back of a soft chair.

Once again the voice is in your ear “Lean forward.” You lean and remember that on the arms of this chair are wooden knobs, large enough that when a scarf is tied around it will not come loose.

You grip the arms of the chair and your memory has told you what is now happening – as the scarves are tied, one on each side.

You are there. bent over the soft back of the chair. Your hands tied. Your top half naked. And your nipples are getting harder and harder.

You feel a body against you, his pelvis against your bum. You know this is a guy ataköy türbanlı escort .. the guy? … is there only one person here with you? … you know this is a guy because as his pelvis presses against your bum you can feel him there – hard.

His hands begin to caress your back, running up and down your spine, feeling each ripple of your back, caressing each swirl, sliding a hand over your warm smooth skin.

The hands massage your neck, working into your shoulders, rolling the nape of your neck between his fingers. and as he massages you his lower body grinds gently against your bum. He moves your legs a little apart and your bum cheeks in your short skirt separate a little, and you can feel him there – even through the layers of clothing – between your cheeks.

The hands move down your sides and around, and each hand cups one of your naked breasts, and caresses, running fingers around and across and cradling your breast in the palm of his hands. He begins to roll your nipples, your hard nipples, between his fingers. and as he does he begins to plant kisses up and down your spline, kissing you, and letting his tongue loose to lick the skin up and down your back.

His hands slide down towards your waist then out and rest on your hips. He loosens the clasp and slides a zipper down then with one hand on each side he slides your skirt down, down, over your hips and legs. You lift one leg, then the other and then the skirt joins the top and bra on the floor beside you.

He traces the line of your thong, across the back, then draws a line down between the cheeks of your but, pressing lightly so that underneath you can feel the pressure of his finger – touching you through the fabric of the thong.

His hands move around to the front and one hand cups your ataköy ucuz escort pussy, gently squeezing, rhythmically moving and letting his fingers tease across the thin fabric of the thong.

One finger slides across the edge of the fabric, then inside, and his finger is touching your hot wet pussy lips. Oh you are so wet! The finger moves back and forward across your lips inside the thong, teasing and caressing you.

The hands move again to your hips and, grasping the thong, peel it downwards. yo can hardly wait to kick it away and – without any instruction – you spread your legs wide.

you sense that he has knelt behind you. If this were an assailant who you wanted to remove you could easily kick back and disable him now.

Instead you wait.

You feel his hands on the cheeks of your bum. one on each side. The you feel the heat of his breath coming closer to your pussy. He begins to blow across your wet pussy, and the shivers and tingles run through your body.

He comes closer. You feel the tip of a tongue begin to tease into you, gentle licks of your lips, then firmer, licking up and down, u and down, reaching in to run across your clitoris, running up deep between your lips and continuing up between the cheeks of your bum, held a little apart by his hands. How far do you want him to lick? You bend over deeper, and so your bum opens wider, inviting him to lick you everywhere, to let his tongue explore you, to dive and delve inside you.

He licks

up and down, tasting you, drinking you in

on and on and on and on

until you begin to shudder and shake

and the familiar tingling in your pussy, deep within, begins to crash across you in waves

and with his face pressed between your cheeks and his tongue wiggling deep inside ataköy üniversiteli escort your pussy you begin to moan, and cum and cum and cum over his face.


If you were not bent over, supported where you are then your knees would have folded and you would be unable to stand.

You feel him move away and hear the soft clink of a belt being undone, the sound of clothes being removed.

He is there again – behind you. hands on your hips. and what you had felt before, hard against you through the layers of clothing, is there again, harder and with nothing as a barrier.

You feel the head ride up and down between your lips, gathering the moisture of your climax, coating him.Then he is there, His head pressed at the entrance, your most intimate place.

Slowly, luxuriating in each movement, he begins to slide inside you. Holding your hips he rocks back and forward until his hips rest against your bum and he is deep inside you. you are impaled, filled, taken.

He begins to move. His hips rock back and forward, and with each thrust as his body comes towards yours you thrust back to meet him, plunging him deeper into you.



faster he plunges

you can hear the air being forced from his lungs as he thrusts deep inside you, and his moaning is matching your own.

He plunges, throbbing, deep into your body.

On and on

again and again




until you sense that he is close

and you match his fury as he thrusts even faster

your bodies sliding against each other.


until with a cry and a deep moan

he begins to climax inside you

deep inside

you can feel him there

his seed spurting deep inside your body

mingling with the moisture of your climax

filling you

for a moment you both rest there, his body draped over yours, hearts beating.

Then he leans forward and removes the scarves on your hands

stands you up and turns you around. removing the scarf across your eyes.

He kisses you deeply then says, with a smile – “welcome home!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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