Coming Together

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The following story is a work of fiction, only a small part of it is based in reality. The names have been changed for obvious reasons.

* * * * * * *

Mike thought the day was never going to end. He was operating on autopilot. He took care of the bookstore customers in a way that could only be described as robotic. The fake but sincere looking smile on his face was enough to convince the bookstore customers that he was happy to serve them. But in the back of his mind he was waiting to get back home. She’d be back from vacation today, and he could hardly wait to see her.

As the store closed he waited impatiently as the manager locked the doors and he and his co-workers walked to thier cars in the parking lot. It was mall policy that any and all workers that closed their stores headed to the parking lot in groups for safety reasons. After saying his goodbyes he headed home, cursing every red light along the way. He could feel his cock stirring in his pants as he thought about the evenings coming events. He got home and quickly changed out of his work clothes and into a pair of loose fitting comfortable shorts and an old t-shirt, and turned on the computer. He quickly checked his e-mail, a couple of notes from his mother, a few jokes sent to him from his freinds and the usual junk mail for porn sites and credit card companies. He scanned the notes from his mother asking him to call her, and the dirty jokes his friends sent him. After deleting the junk mail he opened up his instant messenger account. Her name flashed on the screen like a spotlight, filling his heart and groin with joy. She was waiting for him, before he could even type in a hello her message flashed across his screen.

Darling1: I’ve been waiting for today

MikeyLikesIt: You’re not the only one


MikeyLikesIt: you want me to fill you up? you want me to cum deep inside this nice wet pussy of yours?

Darling1: ~moans~yes i want to feel you explode inside me~thrusts to you harder making my pussy tighten around your shaft as I thrust~

MikeyLikesIt: *flexing my cock a couple of times* then that’s just what I’m going to do *throwing my head back and a half groan half yell erputs from my throat as I cum exploding deep inside you*

Darling1: ~purrs thrusting to you fast my pussy tight milking every drop from you as I run my hands over your chest ~mm yes fill me with your cum

MikeyLikesIt: *shoots a few more loads into you and then slows down as my orgasam subsides, and despite the fact that I just came, I continue to slowly move in and out of you*

Darling1: ~moans softly looking up in your eyes as I lay against the couch opening my arms for you~

MikeyLikesIt: *leans into you hugging you and kissing you*

Darling1: ~kisses you deeply wrapping my arms around you slowly thrusting with you~mmm that was wonderful

MikeyLikesIts: yes it was, as usual you bring out the animal in me


For the last three months the two had been having a cyberspace affair. Cybersex three times a week. But for the last week Lisa had been on vacation, and Mike had to content himself with looking at the pictures she had sent him and masturbating. But now she was back and they had just had an intense session of cybersex. It had all started innocnetly enough. He’d logged into the adult chat room and saw her screen name Darling1. He had logged on as MikeyLikesIt, and the two had struck up a friendship and then from there into their first cybersex adventure.

They liked to talk dirty to each other while describing what they were doing, Mike talking to her the same way he’d talked to his past lovers as Lisa did. After taking their exploits out of private messages in the chat room and into their online messenger accounts more than just overworked libidos were exchanged. They told each other all about their lives, loves and other small talk that filled one’s everyday life.

Then he asked her for a picture. She seemed shocked at first, but a few minutes later he was looking at her in a tight blue t-shirt. Her face framed by red hair, her brown eyes twinkling with just a hint of mischeif, and a warm smile that lit up her whole face. He sent her back a picture of him with his short cut brown hair, his own brown eyes revealing his own mischevious side and his confident smile that had attracted his share of lovers. This led to both of them buying digital cameras and sending nude photos to each other. He gaped at her when the first nude picture of her came through. She was laying back on the bed, her legs spread showing off her clean shaven pussy, and her 48DDD breasts pushed together as she crossed her arms underneath them. She in turn gasped when she saw his 8 inch cock in the nude he had sent her. This led to the two of them sending more pictures of each other, including pictures of them after they’d both masturbated.

Then one day the inevitable question came up. He wanted to meet her in person and do all the things he described to aksaray escort her over the computer in person. She felt the same way. That was a week ago, she agreed to meet with him as soon as she got back as she had already planned her vacation and her tickets were non-refundable. He knew she was going to see her family and family was more important, and he missed her for that week.

He had already made plans to go see her, taking a weeks vacation from work to spend with her. And she had a two week vacation, meaning that they could spend a week together.

His stomach filled with butterflies as the plane landed. As he scanned the eager faces as he exited the aircraft he finally saw her. That same smile that had been staring out from his computer screen was now there in the flesh, along with the rest of her body. The embraced like lovers and walked off to get his bags.

“How was your flight?” she asked as they finally escaped the din of the airport.

“Too long.” he said, “I’ve been dying to see you.”

Lisa looked down and noticed the bulge in his pants, “I see.” she giggled.

Her voice sounded just like he’d imagined it a million times in all the times they talked.

This was the first time either of them had actually spoken to each other. And even though they’d spoken many times on the internet they still found many things to talk about. She pointed out places she frequented in town, and he named similar places in his hometown that he frequented. Then they finally reached her place. It was a modest one story house with rooms that were just big enough for one person. It was a little cramped but they’d be spending most of the time in her bed anyway. They both knew that. He needed to relax after his trip so he sat down on the edge of the bed while she checked her e-mail. The two of them sat around and made small talk.

“I made reservations for us for dinner at Premiere.” Lisa said, “It’s semi formal so I hope you brought something nice to wear.”

“I’ve got some decent clothes he said. But I’m beat from the trip, I was hoping to rest for a bit.” Mike said.

“Well, we’ve got a couple of hours before we need to go, so you can lay down in bed and get some rest.” Lisa said.

Mike fell into the bed he imagined being in so many times before, and nodded off for a couple of hours, and the two hours were all he needed as he woke up fully rested. Lisa gave him a few minutes to shower, as she had taken one while he was sleeping, and was dressed by the time he emerged from the shower. Again his jaw dropped. For the semi formal dinner she wore a form fitting black dress that showed off her 48DDD chest, and her nice hips and ass. Mike slipped into a short sleeved button down shirt that was black and grey striped, and a pair of khaki pants. They headed out to Premiere and enjoyed a nice dinner. Mike and Lisa were aware that a lot of the men present were looking at her, as were a few of the women.

They headed back to her place after and they both knew what was to come. Their first night together.

They skipped small talk and went straight to the bedroom half running. They embraced for the first time, not doing anything, just standing there hugging. He loved the way her naturally large breasts pressed into his chest, and she in turn liked the way she felt pressed against him. He drank in the smell of her strawberry scented shampoo, and she drank in the smell of his cologne. They finally stood back at arms length from each other and then stared into one another’s eyes. They leaned forwards and their lips touched. Tentativley at first, and then bolder each time. Finally she slipped her tounge into his mouth and his into hers. Their tounges wrestled with each other as their hands started moving over each other’s bodies. Soon the kissing turned passionate, and his hands were on her ass, and her hands were working open the buttons on his shirt.

His cock had already srpung to life in his pants, and it was so hard he thought his zipper would burst. She had already worked his shirt half off and started to lick and kiss his chest and neck. His hands went around back and unzipped her dress, it fell to the floor leaving her in just her black bra and matching thong panties. He started to nibble on her neck as her hands were already working his pants off. His pants fell to his feet and he kicked them off realizing he still had his shoes on. He forced them off with his feet as his tounge worked it’s way down her neck and he started licking her generous clevage.

“You know,” she moaned, “There’s tits in there.”

His hands flew around behind her and worked her bra off. He finally saw her tits in person, the large quarter size areolas sporting nipples as hard as pencil erasers. He moved his mouth down and took her left tit into his mouth as her hands went down into his shorts and located his rock hard dick. While holding her huge tit in one hand his other slipped inside her panties and started to stroke anal yapan escort her already soaking hole. She pushed him back onto the bed breaking his lock on her tit and knelt down before him slipping off his underwear. His cock popped out and pointed at the ceiling. He looked down as she started to stroke his aching member and then with a skill he’d not felt in years easily engulfed all eight inches of dick meat.

He closed his eyes and tossed back his head and moaned in pleasure as she started to give him the best blowjob he’d ever felt in his life. Her talented tounge wrapped around his cock while her mouth provided excellent suction. One hand was stroking him while she inhaled his cock, and the other was fondling his balls. He had trouble keeping his head up as the sensations of her cock sucking skills was driving him crazy. She took his tool out of her mouth and licked the underside making him lift his hips up off the bed with the sensation. She teased the tip with her tounge and then swallowed his man meat yet again.

“Holy shit.” he finally managed to say as he was able to finally put words to the sensation he was feeling. He looked down and saw her look up at him, smile at him while she stroked his shaft and then swallowed all eight inches of his cock yet again. He threw his hands down on the bed. “Oh fuck! Yeah baby. Oh my God, Lisa! I’m gonna cum!”

She said nothing but instead increased her pace on his thick tool. Finally he felt the familiar sensation of sperm building up in his balls and then he grunted and surged his hips upward as he fired jet after jet of hot sperm into her mouth. She started to swallow, but the thick spurts of jisim were blasting out of his cock at machine gun pace and most of it ended up sliding down his shaft and getting matted in his pubic hair. When he was done shooting his load, she licked what she could off of his cock and balls. She climbed up his body and leaned into kiss him. He could still taste a bit of his cum in her mouth but didn’t mind.

“That was the best blowjob I’ve ever had.” he gasped out.

“And that was the nicest cock I ever sucked.” she purred. “But I’ve got this wet, wet pussy down here.”

“Well then, I guess I should return the favor.” he grinned.

He rolled her over onto her back and kissed his way down her body. He slowly peeled her panties off revelaing her bald beaver to him. She had shaved earlier that day, so it was just as clean and hairless as the day she was born. After tossing her panites off to the side, he kissed his way up her legs, and along her inner thighs, licking his way back to the pussy he longed to taste.

“Don’t tease me,” she moaned, “eat me!”

His tounge snaked out and started to lick her already wet lips, slowly at first before he licked his way up to her clit and started to run his tounge over her little love button, and he inserted a finger into her dripping snatch.

“OH!” she cried out as he inserted a second finger, “Holy fuck, that feels good!”

He slowly fingered her and licked her cunt lips and clit. “Jesus, Mike, don’t stop! Ahhh, your fingers feel so good. Your tounge, that wonderful fucking tounge. Tounge fuck me baby, fuck me with your tounge.”

He pulled his fingers out and inserted his tounge into her opening. She started to buck and writhe against his face. “Eat my fucking pussy Mike, Make me cum! Make me fucking cum!” she screamed as her hips lifted up off the bed. He jammed his two fingers back into her and started licking for all he was worth.

“That is…fuck. Just like that!” she screamed, and then a long wordless scream indicated her orgasam as she flooded his mouth with her love juices. He swallowed as much as he could as his fingers and face were saturated wth her pussy juice. He licked one of his fingers clean and as he leaned back up to her let her lick the other one. She then leaned up and licked the juices off his face as he kissed her.

“So,” she purred after they both calmed down and lay in bed, “did it taste as good as you thought it would?”

“Better,” he smiled “that was the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted.”

“Oh, you’re just saying that cause I blew you.” she joked, “I suppose after you fuck me, you’re going to tell me I’m the best fuck you ever had.”

“Well let me fuck you and find out.” he said rolling her over onto her back. His cock had grown back to it’s full eight inches as they lay there, and he positioned himself between her legs and started to rub his cockhead against her still sopping wet cunt. She looked up at him with bedroom eyes as his head rubbed her clit. “Stop teasing me and fuck me.” she moaned.

Mike, being the gentleman that he was, guided his missile into her red hot snatch. They both moaned as he sank balls deep into her. Supporting all his weight on his arms he started a slow and easy rhythym. Lisa moaned as he started to fuck her. She’d had many lovers in the past, some with a cock as long as his, but his was atakent escort thicker than any cock she’d ever felt. He started to talk dirty to her, just the way he did over the internet during their cybersex sessions.

“You like that?”

“Mm-hmm.” she moaned.

He looked into her eyes, “Tell me you like it. Tell me you like my big hard cock slamming in and out of you.”

She looked back up at him, “Oh God, I love that big thick cock fucking my cunt. Mike, fuck me please. Fuck me hard. Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

He started to increase the pace until he was fucking her hard and fast. Her huge tits bobbed up and down on her chest as he slammed his cock into her.

“You’re so fucking wet, Lisa. I’m gonna fuck you until you scream.”

“I’ve waited so long for you to be inside me like this. I love your cock, I love the way it fills me up. Oh, Mike you fuck me so good.” she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into her. She thrust her hips up to meet his downstrokes as he drove his entire length into her.

“Fu-u-u-u-u-u-ck….” she moaned as he started ramming her as fast as he could. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open as she moaned and cried as his shaft slid in and out of her. Her cunt muscles contracted and she was rocked by another orgasam with another wordless scream of pleasure.

Mike continued to fuck her as he had yet to come. Lisa’s eyes opened and she pushed him back and keeping her inside him she rolled them over so she was on top. “You made me fucking cum again! I need to fuck you now.”

She started to bob up and down on his thick tool, and her tits bounced up and down as she rode him. He reached up and grabbed them as he started pushing his hips up to meet her down strokes driving his cock even deeper into her. She went all the way down and ground her pussy into his pubic bone, “AHHHHH!” she screamed, “Your huge fucking cock is filling me up!”

Before she could react, Mike pulled her off. “Get on your hands and knees.” he said, “I’m gonna fuck you doggy style.”

She had told him that was her favorite position, and she eagerly got on her hands and knees. He moved up behind her, rubbed his throbbing member against her steaming hole and slid easily in. Pussy juice was running down her legs from her first orgasam and she squealed as he slid back inisde her.

“This is the way you like it right baby. My hard cock sliding into you from behind?”

“Yes,” she moaned, “Fuck me with that thick fucking dick of yours, oh God, fuck me.”

He rammed himself in and out of her, her cries only adding to his momentum. Each time she cried out, the faster and harder he slammed her cunt. She reached underneath and started rubbing her clit as his hard fuck meat slammed into her. Neither one of them could hold out for much longer, and they both screamed as they came together. He threw his head back as his cum flooded her cunt, and she screamed as her pussy let loose another torrent of juice covering his cock and balls and running down her legs. He thrust a few more times as she milked him dry and then he slipped out of her and lay on his back exhausted.

Neither one of them spoke for several moments. She crawled up beside him and hugged him. “I have never been fucked quite like that in my life.” she moaned.

“I’ve never fucked anyone quite like you before.” he mumbled. They lay there for a few more minutes commenting each other before taking a well deserved shower. They headed back to bed and fell asleep wth her head on his chest. When he woke up the next morning she had spooned herself with him and his morining wood was already in her. He started to slowly fuck her until she woke up realizing that what she was dreaming was really happening. She lifted her leg allowing him better access to her.

He evenutally pulled out and rolled her over on her back and fucked her wordlessley until they both screamed out their orgasams. That day they had a marathon session fucking all over the house. On the kitchen table and floor, on the living room couch, on the living room floor, and in the shower.

Two days later she asked him, “Remember what you told me?”

“About what?’ he asked.

They were both laying in bed, sans clothes and had spent the last two hours just snuggling and kissing lightly.

“About never finiding a girl who’s let you have anal sex with her?” Lisa asked.

Mike’s cock jumped to attention. “Yeah.”

“Well, I’ve never allowed anyone to do that to me…until now.” she purred. “MIke, if I suck your cock will you fuck me in my ass?”

Before he could reply, she tossed back the covers and had his stiffening tool in her warm mouth. She sucked his cock to full hardness for a few minutes before getting on her hands and knees, “Take my ass.”

He reached over onto her nightstand and got a bottle of massage oil that they had used the day before and squirted some into his hands and rubbed it in. Then he put his left hand to work sticking one finger up her ass, and his right hand was slathering his cock with the oil. He jammed another finger in her ass, opening her up and getting her ready, and then, after another application to both her asshole and his rod, he was ready to go.

“Be careful,” she moaned, “You’ll be the first man ever in my ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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