Compound 14/02

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Author’s note: this story is set in a UK university science department and uses UK spelling and UK date conventions.

Janice Hill crossed her fingers as she waited for the beep that would indicate the computer had finished processing the test results. This was the second variant of the fourteenth compound her lab was trialling in an attempt to find the first clinically proven aphrodisiac. Compound 14/02, such a portentous label for this batch, especially given that today was Valentine’s Day. That just had to be a good omen, didn’t it?


She forced herself to look at the screen. No! The in vitro tissue samples hadn’t responded at all. Not one hint of the improved response to pheromones that her team had hoped for.

She leaned back on her lab stool, stretching her arms out behind her to relieve the ache in her shoulders then running her hands through her long wavy red hair. Letting out the breath she didn’t even realise she’d been holding, she called out to David, her doctoral student.

“David, take the glassware for test 14/02 and wash it up, please. Then you can take that early lunch you wanted.”

“Yes, Dr Hill,” the younger blond-haired man replied, stacking the Petri dishes onto a tray and carrying them over to the laboratory sink.

“Didn’t it pan out, then?” he ventured. He could tell from her voice that she was disappointed. Disappointed and tired.

“No, David, it didn’t,” Dr Hill answered. “But we’ve still got six more variants we can try.”

* * * * *

Janice was sitting in the staff tea room, reading the newspaper after having had her lunch, when David stomped in.

“You’re back early,” she commented, then paused when she saw his scowl. “What’s up?” she asked.

“Denise’s dumped me,” he replied, bitterly. “I took a bunch of roses round to her office, for Valentine’s Day, and she… she said things weren’t working out. In front of all her colleagues. And on Valentine’s Day too!”

Janice felt a surge of pity for her student, who stood in the middle of the tea room forlornly clutching the bunch of red roses.

“They’re such lovely roses too,” she added. “It would be a shame to let them go to waste. Let’s put them in some water.”

She stood up and went over to David, putting a hand lightly on his shoulder and guiding him to a chair. Then she took the roses from him and set them on the worktop beside the sink.

What to put them in, she wondered. The only thing handy she could think of was the laboratory glassware, so she nipped through to the lab and fetched a clean beaker from where they sat draining.

Back in the tea room, she filled the beaker with cold water and placed the roses in it. The small vessel was far too short to hold the blooms upright, so she leaned them against the edge of the window. Then she stepped back to admire them. Yes, they were lovely, and they brightened the rather plain tea room up no end as well.

She took a deep sniff, the superb, rich, sweet scent filling her nostrils.

“So David,” she said, sitting down beside him, “Denise finally dumped you, eh?”

She eased her arm around David to comfort him. This close, she could see the flush of anger and shame on his cheeks and she felt drawn to brush her finger along his cheek bone. Then she kissed where her finger had touched.

“Dr Hill!” David responded, turning to her. “What’re you…” he started to ask, but she silenced him with a kiss.

His lips were full and strong, and responded almost automatically to her kiss. She slid her hand up to run through his brown hair, holding his face firmly against hers as her tongue sought entry to his mouth.

Then suddenly she realised what she was doing and pulled away, blinking and flushing with embarrassment.

“I… I’m sorry, David, I didn’t mean…”

He seemed startled, but there was also a glimmer of lust in his eyes. Janice’s cheeks flushed deeper and began to prickle. She felt her blush spread down her throat and over the slopes of her breasts in what was, for her, a sure sign of arousal.

What’s happening? she asked herself frantically. I’m behaving like a lust-crazed teenager! Yes, it had been almost a year since she’d last been with a man, and sometimes she did feel very frustrated, but surely that wasn’t any reason to be losing control suddenly like this.

She found herself reaching for the buttons of David’s shirt but snatched her hand back at the last moment, jumping up off the seat to remove herself from temptation. She ended up by the sink and the scent of the roses drew her in. She took a deep sniff and suddenly her flush spread all the way down her belly to her sex as she felt herself moistening.

Could it be? she wondered, and took another sniff. A jolt of lust surged through her sex and her buttocks clenched.

“David,” she began, “did you wash out the beakers and dishes properly? And sterilise them too?”

“Er, no, Dr Hill,” he answered, shamed now. “I was in such a rush. Wanted to get away and buy the roses for Denise…” He trailed ataköy escort off. “Why?”

“I’m not sure,” Janice said. OK, it was a white lie, but she didn’t want to scare him off. “Take a sniff,” she continued, holding out the roses to him.

Confused, but seeing no reason to deny her request, he got up and walked over to her. Without his lab coat on, Janice could see his shirt tighten across his chest as he stood up, and another stab of lust surged through her.

He took a deep sniff of the flowers and suddenly flushed as deeply as her — a strange reddening that was more like a rash than a normal blush. He stood there, looking confused as it spread down his neck. Then he reached out for her.

Janice pushed him back.

“No, David,” she said, the scientist in her vying for control against her lust. “I want to explore how this works.”

Her eyes trailed down his torso, imagining the progression of the flush downwards, and just when she thought it must be reaching his crotch she noticed him harden — and harden impressively, his erection pressing against his trousers.

“It’s the trial compound,” she told him. “14/02. There must be traces in the beaker and somehow the roses have taken that up. Transformed it into something that we can absorb through the nasal membranes.”

“I wonder if it would have the same effect taken more directly,” she added, and licked her finger with an exaggerated sensuality before dipping it into one of the rose blossoms.

“No, Dr Hill!” David shouted. “It might not be safe!”

But it was too late. Janice had painted her finger along her tongue.

And swallowed.

* * * * *

Oh. My. God!

Janice clenched her thighs together as the muscles around her crotch spasmed hard. She felt another wave of moisture spread through her sex, and her clit ached. She almost had an orgasm right there and then!

“Wow!” was all she managed, once the sensations had subsided somewhat.

It was almost ten seconds before she was able to say anything else.

“Mr David Middleton,” she said slowly, “I think we have discovered the world’s first truly potent aphrodisiac. Congratulations.”

A mere two feet separated them, but it felt like a vast chasm, filled with a rushing, crackling sexual electricity. Janice stepped out across that gulf, taking David into her arms.

“And now we should move straight on to clinical trials,” she said with a grin, before kissing him again, pressing her tongue into his mouth and sharing the delicious rose-sweet aphrodisiac with him.

A few seconds later the drug took effect on him too, and his whole body stiffened. His hands clenched, digging into her back, clawing at her buttocks, the hem of her lab coat, the material of her skirt underneath, pulling them upwards…

“Where?” he mumbled into her mouth as they kissed still more passionately.

“My office,” she replied, breaking the kiss and tugging him towards the tea room door, grabbing the roses from the beaker as she went.

There was no-one in the corridor. The afternoon lectures wouldn’t begin until 2pm and most of the staff were either in their own offices or away at lunch. Janice led David across to her office door, just opposite the tea room, feeling as if she was a teenager sneaking a boyfriend into her bedroom without her parents noticing.

She was so thankful that she ranked high enough among the science faculty staff to warrant an office of her own, even if it was rather small, and she quickly unlocked the door, ushering David inside.

* * * * *

Once inside her office, she took a poster of the periodic table and tacked it over the glass panel of the door, blocking all view from the corridor. It was something she often did when she needed peace and quiet to work on research papers, and everyone else knew the unofficial sign that she wasn’t to be disturbed.

And that included David. His eyes widened as the implication sank home.

“Do you really think we should…” he began. But then his face changed as he made a decision, the last vestiges of doubt burning away under the heat of his aphrodisiac-fuelled flush.

“Oh, bugger it!” he exclaimed with a wide grin. “Let’s!”

“Bugger?” Janice replied cheekily. “Well we’ll see. But you are certainly going to get to fuck me.”

David reached for her, but she skipped behind her desk, out of reach. God! She felt so playful, as if she was ten years younger!

She grabbed a notebook and pen, flicking the book open. Then with exaggerated care she started to write, speaking the words aloud as she did so.

“February 14th, 12:48pm. Subject DM ingested compound 14/02 one minute ago and shows clear signs of arousal. Flushing of face and neck. Subject reports feeling…” She paused. “How do you feel, David?”

“Horny as fuck,” he answered, smiling.

“Horny… as… fuck,” she echoed slowly, writing it down.

“Now I want to see how far that reddening extends,” she added. “Take your shirt off.”

David ataköy eve gelen escort slowly unbuttoned his pale blue shirt. It was hard for him not to just rip it off and jump at her, but if she could play the tease then he could damned well manage it too!

Janice’s eyes opened wide as he revealed his muscled chest.

“Oh my, David!” she purred. “The gym sessions are obviously working well for you.”

She took a step closer. David tensed, like an animal ready to pounce. Then she drew the blunt end of her pen down his chest, following the line of crimson skin that continued down over his belly to his waist.

“Trousers,” she told him. “Take ’em off.”

David complied, removing his socks and shoes too, then stood up straight again, his boxers straining under the pressure of his erection.

“Them too,” Janice commanded, and David slid his underwear down and off.

“That’s a healthy looking cock,” she commented, grinning. She took a tape measure from her desk drawer. “Eight inches, eh? Is it normally that big?”

“More like seven,” he replied, a genuine blush darkening his cheeks still further.

Janice took up the notebook again.

“Subject DM reports erection one inch longer than normal,” she wrote, slowly. Then she looked up at him again.

“Let’s see if we can’t improve on that.”

She set the notebook and pen down, and unbuttoned her lab coat. Then, without taking the coat off, she undid the buttons of her pink blouse before opening both garments wide to display her slender torso and white lace bra.

David made a low rumbling sound, his eyes opening wide. But he didn’t move. He knew she was taking the lead in this particular game and although he was more aroused than he’d ever been, he managed to control himself.

Next, Janice undid her skirt and let it fall to the ground, revealing lacy white panties with a bow at the front. She stepped out of her skirt and was pleased to see David’s cock twitch as his eyes took in her legs.

“Do you want to see more, David?” she asked, her eyes twinkling.

He nodded, not trusting himself to say anything lest the words pour out in a jumbled heap, so close to losing control was he.

Janice reached up behind her, under her lab coat and blouse to unclip her bra, glad of the yoga classes that made her supple enough to manage that with ease. She slid her left arm out from her blouse and coat, allowing her to ease her bra from that shoulder, but then slipped it quickly back into the outer garments before freeing her other arm, thus managing to take off her bra without at any time completely removing her lab coat. The garment marked her status as trial director of this faux clinical trial they were engaged in — giving her the authority to command David as the trial subject — and she didn’t want to lose that delicious feeling of sexual power over him by stripping completely.

David gasped as he saw Janice’s breasts. They were average sized, but nicely rounded and firm, and her small nipples were hard as pebbles. She looked down to examine the flush across the upper slopes of her chest and down her cleavage, following the edges of the reddened area with a fingertip. Her flesh tingled where she touched it, and she wondered whether there was residue of the drug still left on her finger and whether it was being absorbed through her sweat glands.

Curious, she ran her finger once more inside the roses which lay on her desk, then touched her left nipple.

Wow! It felt as if a surge of hot liquid stabbed straight down from her nipple direct to her sex. She shuddered and leaned on the desk for support. Then, more cautiously, she touched her other nipple. Now there was a delicious band of fire, of pain almost, joining her breasts. It was somewhat like the one time she and an ex had experimented with nipple clamps and chains, but much, much more intense.

She didn’t want David to be left out, so she stepped up to him once more, holding her coat and blouse open. “Suck my breasts,” she commanded him.

David bent, as if offering homage to her, and closed his mouth delicately around her right nipple. His lips convulsed as they absorbed the aphrodisiac, making Janice cry out as he applied more pressure than he’d intended. Out of concern for her he tried to let go, but she grabbed his head and pressed it harder to her chest, whimpering as she did so.

Hmmmm, he thought. I guess she likes it a bit rough. He clamped his lips around her nipple and tugged, forcing his head back despite her trying to hold him, pulling her breast into a cone. Janice moaned, confirming his suspicion and emboldening him to work her breasts harder and harder.

Janice felt a spasm pass through her sex, a tiny orgasm, and she tore herself away from David, panting, eyes wide.

“Wow!” she exclaimed again.

Then she regained her composure and picked up her notebook.

“Subject JH responds to application of test compound on skin and particularly on nipples. ataköy grup yapan escort Suspect that compound is absorbed through sweat glands and mammary glands.” Again she was speaking aloud as she wrote.

“I wonder where else it can be absorbed,” she asked rhetorically, her eyes running along his jutting cock leaving him with no doubt as to what she meant.

She coated her right index finger once again with the aphrodisiac-laden rose pollen and stepped up to him, grinning evilly. She took his erection in her left hand, lifting it up against his belly so that she could run her yellow-dusted finger slowly along the underside of his cock.

David’s breathing became shallow, fast. “Oh!” he gasped. “Oh fuck. Oh fuuuuck!”

She held his eyes with hers. As her finger reached the slit on the tip of his glans his eyes shot wide open and his pupils suddenly expanded into deep black pools. His buttocks clenched and he grabbed her arms with such strength that had she not been wearing her lab coat she was sure his fingernails would have broken her skin.

“Let go of me,” she requested calmly, her voice flowing like honey.

“Why?” he replied. “I want you so bad it hurts!”

“Let go of me so I can suck you,” she elaborated, starting to bend her knees.

His fingers were still rigid and tense as he eased his grip on her, as if he was making a supreme effort of will just to pry them from her arms. She continued to sink down until her eyes were level with the head of his cock.

She kissed him there, on the very tip, and her lips prickled as the traces of aphrodisiac zinged through her. David was whimpering, now, from the effort of holding back. She decided she had better not tease him much longer as her pussy ached with the need to feel him inside her and she didn’t want him coming before he could fuck her.

But she’d promised him a sucking, and she’d always been a woman of her word. So ever so slowly she sank her lips down onto him, until his cock was half way inside her mouth. Her tongue tingled as the sexually-charged compound she’d painted on his cock was transferred to her taste buds and she closed her eyes as a delicious warmth spread through her chest. She paused, glorying in it for what must have been only ten seconds, but seemed an age, before starting to bob up and down on him, cradling his balls as she did so.

“Oh, Dr Hill,” David moaned.

That, and a twitch of his cock, was all the warning she got. All at once his seed was spurting in her mouth and she was gulping it down without even thinking. It tasted sweeter than any man she’d ever tasted before, hotter, and burned her throat as if it was scalding honey.

Suddenly she felt a delicious prickling rush through her entire body, spreading from her throat and belly as the potent aphrodisiac hurtled through her, right to her very fingers and the tips of her hair. Her belly and buttocks spasmed and her sex clenched as a small orgasm tore through her.

It was all she could manage not to bite him!

She swallowed the last drop of his cum and withdrew her mouth from him, giving the tip of his cock a languorous lick. Then she rocked back on her heels.

“Oh. My. Goodness,” she said, looking up at him. “That has never happened to me before. I’ve never climaxed just from having a man come in my mouth before.”

“How was it for you?” she added, as she stood up gingerly, her legs shaking somewhat.

“Bloody marvellous, Dr Hill,” David grinned. “Bloody marvellous. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so… so alive and so powerful. I feel strong. Virile.”

Janice looked down at his cock, to see it was hardening again. Oh my!

She thought she’d better give him a moment more to recover, though, so she went back behind the desk and picked up her notebook and pen again.

“Subject DM extremely sensitive to oral stimulation,” she wrote, dictating her words aloud. “Climaxes quickly but reports orgasm as ‘bloody marvellous.’ Able to regain full erection in…” — she paused, watching his cock rise to its full height once more — “…in under one minute. Subject’s ejaculate tastes of the rose pollen and induces climax in female test subject.”

She looked back up at him. Her eyes sparkled. “So, Mr Middleton, do you feel able to go again now? To fuck me this time?”

“Oh yes, Dr Hill,” he answered. “Ready, able and willing to give you the shagging of your life!”

Lust warred with cheekiness on his flushed face, his playful demeanour making the corny line sound just perfect.

“So come over here and take me, then,” she replied, leaning forward to rest her hands on her desk, spreading her legs and jutting her backside out invitingly.

David came round behind her and gingerly lifted her lab coat and blouse up onto her back, revealing her buttocks, still covered in the lacy white panties. The strong, rich scent of her arousal wafted up to his nostrils, overlaid by the sweetness of the aphrodisiac pollen which by now seemed to permeate them both and everything about them.

He ran his fingers along the waistband of her panties. Janice gasped, then reached into her handbag which sat on the desk, fumbling inside and pulling out a small box of condoms. Much as she wanted to experience the sensation of his aphrodisiac-laden seed inside her pussy, she retained just enough sense to take precautions.

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