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Gina Kincade walked up and down the aisles in the supermarket located a block away from her apartment. Her high-heeled shoes made clacking noises as she walked through the store, causing her body to bounce and move in the most interesting ways. Interesting enough to gain the attention of all males eighteen and over hovering in her general vicinity.

It was obvious that Gina was upset about something. Her blue eyes sizzled with a barely contained furry as she threw various items into her basket and heaved melodramatic sighs, which cause her large breasts to almost pop out of her tight fitting peasant top. These sighs caused reactions of delight to her male audience and a couple of them turned aside as she walked by so Gina couldn’t see the level of their excitement.

Mumbling indiscernible curses, she wiggled her cute little rear end up and down the aisles; completely unaware of the attention the male customers in the store were paying her.

And it was Gina’s innocence, despite her 24 years that enhanced her blatant sexuality. She had no idea that her silky, blond curls, tight curvaceous body and provocative clothing resulted in many catastrophes caused by distracted, hormone driven men at the sight of her lovely body.

She had no idea that sweating in her tight, spandex work out clothes at the gym last week had caused a man to fall off his treadmill. Or, that the sight of her in a tight skirt and four-inch heels had distracted a cab driver who then bashed into a parked car. Men just lost their minds and started thinking with their cocks when Gina walked by.

Needless to say Gina was an incredibly sexy woman who appeared in the wet dreams of every man she had ever came across. She had large, firm breasts and lush mouth, a tiny little waist, and a tight little ass.

Yet astonishing enough Gina just couldn’t get a date, although not for lack of trying. She dressed up in the sexiest and most provocative clothing she could get away with. Yet despite her wardrobe and her naturally sexual nature, no man would come near her. They were just too intimidated by her looks.

Gina swept through the supermarket in a righteous snit, legs pumping, ass swaying, breasts bouncing, and skirt revealing the faintest glimpse of white silk bikini briefs. She headed straight towards the checkout counter and a male clerk who looked a little stunned at the sight of such a hot, little bombshell barreling towards him.

Gina set down her basket and looked at him expectantly. However this man’s eyes were glued to her chest and trying their hardest to look down her shirt for a glimpse of the delicious looking nipples that where fully distended and threatening to poke through her blouse.

Gina waved a hand in front of his eyes and sighed, wondering why these men couldn’t be older and more mature, 19 was just too young for her. Another one of her sighs caused the man’s eyes to bulge out of his head as her tits rose dramatically on her chest.

“Excuse me,” Gina smiled and pouted her full lips, “Is something wrong?”

” No…No,” he stammered and frantically began scanning her purchases, his face bright red. But it wasn’t long before his eyes were drawn to her soft mouth, then to her neck, and finally zoomed in on her necklace, which was nestled between two delicious mounds of firm white flesh that pressed against the neckline of her top.

If he strained his eyes he could see the faint, pink out line of her aureoles and it was impossible to stop staring at her large perfectly shaped nipples.

Gina grabbed her bags, walked enticingly out of the air-conditioned grocery store and into the melting heat. She stood there a moment, getting used to the sun and high temperature, feeling the sweat begin to pool under her breasts and along the nape her neck. She could already feel her top beginning to cling to her chest. She hurried along to her apartment, wishing that she had remembered to put a bra on.

As Gina hurried along she ran smack into the rather hard chest of an approaching pedestrian. The man’s hands came up and cupped her shoulders gently, steadying her from taking a nasty fall. Gina glanced up and was immediately drawn into his light, electric blue eyes.

“Sorry,” Gina murmured dragging her eyes away, which turned out to be a mistake because they started to drift over his hard chest, impressive shoulders and washboard stomach, all impressively encased in a tight black T-shirt.

“No problem, Babe. I was waiting for you.” His voice was deep and sensual and Gina jerked her eyes away from his impressive package encased by faded jeans, giving him an inquisitive glance.

“What do you mean?” Gina’s heart started to thump. This was exactly the kind of man a girl waited her whole life for.

“Name’s Jeff,” He drawled in that velvet voice that seemed to touch all her private places. “Brad sent me over to deal with that little problem you’ve been having.”

Gina inspected the solution to her “little” problem, a problem that had ataköy escort escalated into the equivalent of a lost job.

Jeff’s blond hair was beautifully feathered back from his face and a gold diamond glittered in his ear. His tight T-shirt set off his impressive body.

His playboy image was complete with tight jeans and a gleaming black leather jacket. His shiny, black 1985 Corvette was parked at the curb in front of her apartment.

Gina shook her head, trying to get her brain to stop pursuing nasty thoughts. This was a dangerous man. It wouldn’t be good to start having thoughts about what she couldn’t have. This guy could break her heart if she let him into her life.

“Come on up then. I got some food at the store so you can stay for dinner. I probably scared the crap out of some people down there though. I was just so pissed off.

Although it could have been worse, Gina thought. Brad might have sent Tony instead of this gorgeous specimen of man meat and I would have had to deal with a guy who sure as hell didn’t smell like fresh sunshine.

Gina started up the steps into her building and could feel Jeff’s presence behind her. She licked her lips and prevented her hands from clutching her skirt to her bottom.

It had seemed like a good idea to wear the revealing skirt this morning when it had been so hot outside, but right now Jeff could probably see her skimpy panties. Gina’s face turned red.

It didn’t make much sense to wear hot lingerie when there was no one who was going to see it but that didn’t mean she wanted Jeff looking up her skirt.

It was too late though; damn it and calling attention to the situation by holding down her skirt would only make it worse.

Maybe Jeff was a gentleman and wouldn’t look up her skirt. Yeah right. That man oozed sex appeal from every pore, and wouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to sneak a peak when he could.

Gina’s eyes narrowed. Maybe I can take advantage of this situation, she plotted. I need a man and here’s one right here, right now, ready to come into my apartment. All I have to do is work it. Come on girl you can do it, she urged. Don’t wimp out now! Gina pulled down her top to display her cleavage, licked her lips till they glistened and started to swing her hips up the stairs.

Jeff groaned and tried not to look at Gina’s hot little rear end covered in those silky white panties, but he just couldn’t seem to tear his eyes away from her tight, round ass and their tiny covering.

His hands itched to reach up and fondle those two perfect globes of flesh. But he suppressed his urges; although experiencing the heaven of touching Gina might just be worth losing his job.

Gina shoved her keys into the lock with both shaking hands. Jeff frowned.

“Are you alright, honey?” he murmured in her ear, his breath stirring the curls at her temple and causing a shiver to run through her body and her nipples to contract painfully.

“Ummmm…. I’m ok.” Gina sighed. Only so turned on that I can feel my panties getting damp and it’s not from the heat, she thought. Just move your lips a little closer, pretty please. I need to feel those lips on my neck and everywhere else on my body. Gina’s tongue crept out to moisten her lips and she turned her blue eyes to stare invitingly at Jeff.

Jesus, thought Jeff. If that girl doesn’t keep her tongue in her mouth I’m going to jump her right here in the hall. And what is she thinking looking at me like that! I’m ready to burst and she’s looking at me as if I was an ice cream cone she’s going to gobble right up.

Jeff squinted at Gina and reconsidered the look but don’t touch rule. Maybe this girl was worth a lost job. Brad had warned him that this one would be difficult to handle.

“Why don’t you open the door up, honey and let me in.” Jeff suggested, his eyes hot and his tone implying. Gina’s eyes widened at his sexual overtone, and scrambled to get them into her apartment.

Feeling a little bit out of her league she removed her heels and padded into the kitchen. Then she nervously began to get dinner ready, clanging pots and crashing around plates and glasses.

“Gina, be careful there. I don’t want you dropping something and gettin’ hurt.” Jeff cautioned.

But it was too late. A glass slipped from Gina’s nervous fingers and shattered on the floor. Gina shrieked and tried to get away but she had nowhere to go. The floor was covered in glass shards and her feet were bare.

“Stay right there. Don’t move an inch. I’ll get you.” Jeff crunched over the glass, easily crossing over the dangerous shards that where such a threat to Gina’s vulnerable bare feet.

“Up we go, darling. I’ve got you.” He murmured, as he scoped Gina up into his arms, settling one arm against her back and another under her thighs. He held her tight to his broad chest and her weight was nothing in his strong arms.

Gina looped her arms around his neck and pressed her breasts ataköy eve gelen escort into his chest, willing to take advantage of such close proximity. She freed one of her hands and “accidentally” ran her fingers through his hair, lingering along the sensitive nape of his neck. Her other hand toyed with the diamond stud in his ear and traced a finger down his hard jaw, coming to rest on his lips.

Jeff’s eyes hardened with raw desire. “You don’t know what you’re playing with girl.” He sucked her invading finger into his mouth, caressing it with his tongue. Gina’s eyes got big and she hastily withdrew her finger from his wet mouth.

Stepping a few feet to the side, clear of the glass shards, Jeff slowly slid Gina’s body down his until her feet touched the floor, making sure she felt the length of his rock hard cock.

He slowly encircled her rib cage with both hands, his thumbs brushing the undersides of her breasts, and then they traveled slowly down to her hips then to her ass where he placed a hand on either cheek. Suddenly he pressed her pussy into his hardness, making her feel his erection through his jeans.

“Are you sure you want this?” he growled, “Because when I get started you won’t want me to stop.”

Gina’s eyes were pure sex as she stared into his. She rubbed her sensitive breasts back and forth, hard against his chest, making sure he could feel her nipples through the cotton. Her hands traveled up and down his muscular back and to his tight ass, fondling his buttocks and rubbing the inside of her sensitive thigh against the rough fabric of his jeans, trying to climb his leg.

She positioned her pussy directly over his cock so that it thrust up into her hot pussy through her underwear, and Gina moaned at the liquid sensations that were running through her body and being deposited in her panties.

“What…Ahhh…You think I can’t handle it…ummmm.” She moaned and groaned as she dry humped his body. Then she opened up those blue eyes that screamed “FUCK ME” and took her finger, still wet with his saliva, and ran it in between her breasts.

Jeff’s eyes dilated with lust, until they were almost completely transparent with a thin rim of electric blue.

His fingers stabbed through her hair, cradling her face and he started to kiss that hot mouth of hers. His tongue stroked the seam of her soft lips and prodded them, convincing Gina to open to him and reveal the moist cavern of her hot mouth.

His tongue thrust in and out of her mouth and stroked hers; fucking her mouth just like he wanted to fuck her sexy body, with bold, hard strokes and a fast rhythm.

His palms slid down her shoulders and stroked her arms. One hand moved to the front of her chest and a long finger played at the large nipple poking against her blouse.

Jeff smiled against Gina’s mouth, as her body jerked and then frantically resumed bumping and grinding against his erection at a more furious pace.

Gina opened her mouth wide, letting him into her mouth, trying her best to suck Jeff’s tongue down her throat. Then she backed off a bit as she nibbled at his sexy mouth.

He would have none of her teasing however and pulled her mouth over his, sucking at her lower lip and giving it a tiny love bite.

He pulled himself away from her delicious lips and looked at her. Silky, blond curls tumbled over her shoulders, mussed by his fingers. Her skin was flushed and her heaving chest caused her breasts to quiver. That mouth of hers was swollen and wet, her lips parted in intense desire as her hooded eyes stared into his, misty and dazed. God she was so hot! And her body was crying out for a hard cock to fill up her moist empty space.

Why is he just standing there? Gina fumed silently. Here I am ready to fuck him like crazy and he just stands there, staring at me.

“Jeff, why don’t you stop undressing me with your eyes and do it for real? I am definitely ready for something and it looks as if you’ve got what I want.” Gina gave Jeff a playful look and stared pointedly at the massive bulge that was threatening to bust open his jeans.

Jeff took a slow step forward, and Gina shifted anxiously, the predatory look in his eyes making her pussy gush into her panties. He thrust out his arm out, lightning quick, and pulled her back into his chest.

His hands gripped her wrist then traveled up her arms, stopping at the off the shoulder cuffs of her tight blouse. His thumbs hooked into her sleeves and slowly started to peel the shirt away from her heaving chest and down her arms.

Once Gina’s breasts were free from their fragile covering; he left her top around her waist, trapping her arms to her sides. His hand came up, a long finger extended and hovering a breath away from her nipple.

Gina groaned in frustration, begging him with her eyes to touch her there, to stroke and pinch and pull on her at that spot that so longed for his touch. Most of all she wanted him to ataköy grup yapan escort lower his head and take her into his mouth, yet she stayed still, a little frightened of the sexual beast she saw raging in his eyes.

“What do you want, Gina?” Jeff whispered, “You have to tell me what you want or else I can’t give it to you.”

“Oh God…please…touch my body…touch it…NOW!!” Gina begged him shamelessly, her eyes desperate and pleading.

“Alright, honey…It’s alright.” His voice was soothing; “I’ll give you what you want.”

His finger began to trace around her breast, slowly and tantalizingly close to her nipple, yet never touching her where she most wanted to be caressed. Gina’s head fell back.

“NO, NO, NO! I want you to touch my nipple…oh god please Jeff” her voice tinged with desperation.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Gina’s head snapped up as Jeff ‘s finger traced over her nipple. He then began to pinch and pluck, causing Gina to moan as the sensation sent pulses to her pussy. His fingers tightened, and Gina shivered with part pleasure, part pain as Jeff lifted her breast by its nipple.

Gina’s eyes were closed, her breathing shallow, trying to contain her passion. Her breath hitched as she felt Jeff’s fingers slide over her stomach. She opened her aqua eyes and watched his hand skate up her thigh, pushing up her skirt. While one slid around to grip an ass cheek, the other caressed her belly, causing shivers of intense pleasure.

Gina gripped his muscled forearms, tightening her grip as one of his hands rhythmically squeezed her butt and his thumb traced the top of her panties. She gasped as he tugged the elastic strap down, unable to tear her eyes away from the intensity of his gaze.

His fingers found her silky curls and traveled lower, parting the wet folds of her pussy. Jeff traced her lips, watching her eyes glaze over, knowing that she was so close, yet he tried to prolong her pleasure.

He gently slid an invading finger into her wet pussy and pressed his thumb to her clit, watching and feeling her contract with orgasm.

He held her to him as she melted from pleasure, then taking his hands from beneath her skirt; he gathered a limp limbed Gina into his arms and carried her into the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and watched her curl into a ball, ready for sleep. He smiled.

“I don’t think so baby. It’s my turn now.”

Gina rolled onto her back and stretched like a cat, freeing her arms from her blouse.

Jeff swallowed hard, feeling himself grow even bigger from watching her breasts thrust out and jiggle on her chest. She licked her lips and looked out at him with her sultry eyes.

“I was just going to take a little catnap. What is it you want?” she teased.

Jeff stripped off his shirt and Gina felt her jaw drop. His muscles were hard and sculpted. A spattering of light chest hair covered his chest and arrowed down his stomach.

Immediately she scrambled up to her knees, her legs splayed and her skirt bunched around her thighs.

“Well I feel a whole lot less tired now. Come on over here and take your turn.” She saw Jeff smile like a wolf and stared breathlessly as he stripped out of his jeans.

He strode towards the bed, an intimidating sight but Gina held her ground. He knelt directly in front of her and leaned in close, his mouth hovering near her ear, his body barely touching the tips of her breasts. She felt heat come off him in waves and glanced down to his large, thick arousal.

“Oh I’ll take it all, baby and you’re going to love every minute of it.”

Jeff pulled back and gave her a knowing grin. He pushed her back on to the bed and straddled her thighs.

“Lift your hips for me.” He whispered. Gina complied and gasped when he stripped off her skirt leaving her in the silky, white panties and her blouse crumpled around her waist. She raised her arms above her head, thrusting out her tits and dared him with her eyes.

In retaliation Jeff stripped her shirt over her head, then skimmed her panties over her hips and down her legs. Supporting himself with an arm on either side of her, he loomed over her deliciously naked body.

“You are mine, now. I am going to shove myself deep inside you and watch you squirm as I thrust in and out, as fast and as hard as I want. I want to hear your moans and groans and screams of pleasure and what I want I get.”

“I’m going to feel your tight pussy contract and spasm around my cock when you explode and tomorrow morning you’re going to wake up wrapped around my body. And you can’t get rid of me because you’ll never want to. I’m going to fulfill all of your dreams and fantasies so get ready honey because here I come.”

During all of his sex talk, Gina was slowly melting with desire. She shifted and twisted her body, his words were making her squirm with desire.

Her thighs rubbed together creating delicious friction on her clit. One hand had crept down to finger her nipples and the other was tangled in her hair as she listened to him, slack jawed with lust.

Jeff slid his hard knee between her soft thighs and pressed until they fell open. He settled himself in between her thighs, pressing his cock against her wet pussy. A hand spanned her rib cage as he leaned down, his lips a breath away from her tit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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