Cop’s Daughter Ch. 02

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(Note: ALL fictional characters are over 18 years of age.)

“Yeah dad!” Casey yelled. “It’s me. I’m sick, so don’t come inside!”

“Alright Casey. Just wanted to make sure you’re OK. I have to work an extra day, so I’ll see you tomorrow night. You won’t be able to reach me.”

I quietly cheered from under the covers…

I slept for another hour. I woke up and observed Casey’s bare back and her blonde hair as it fell on her shoulder and back. The sheen of sweat that covered her shoulder and back made her tanned white skin glow in the light of the full moon.

I ran the tips of my fingers across her shoulder and back. She stirred and grabbed my hand. She kissed my hand and nuzzled it. I looked down the curve of her tanned back and her white hips. Her perfect smooth skin revealed not a single imperfection. No interruptions or abrupt features.

At that moment, I had never felt so close to someone as I had with Casey. I cared for her deeply, and this feeling was balanced by an animal lust that stirred in my loins when she was near me.

She turned and faced me. I was on my back, relaxed and rested and half-asleep. I didn’t notice that my pecker had decided to salute our blue-eyed guest of honor, who happened to be next to me.

Casey kissed me on the bakırköy üniversiteli escort lips tenderly and immediately sloshed her tongue on the sides of my rigid rod. She then engulfed the head of my cock with her warm mouth. Saliva spilled down the sides of her mouth in strings and coated my shiny black penis. She then sloshed her tongue on my scrotum, lightly chewing on each nut.

My body temperature rose a few degrees and my head tingled. I relaxed. No more tenseness. I put both of my hands behind my head and lay on my back as Casey administered her utmost talents on my dark member.

She palyfully bit my head and tipped her head sideways, licking my cock, ever so careful as not to leave my cock unattended by her adept tongue. She made eye contact with me the entire journey from the red sensitive tip of my pole all the way to the base.

She looked at me like she had never looked at me before. We both knew that we had something special. Something that no one could share with us; no one could cast asunder.

I rose from the bed and turned her body so that her ass was in my face. Her mouth kept sloshing my cock as I licked her pussy and puckered anus. I fingered her anus and speedily flicked her clit with my tongue. bakırköy bdsm escort After a few minutes she eventually climaxed and streams of her cum covered my mouth.

She lay on her stomach and moved her ass up, offering her pussy to me like an estrous bitch attracting a hound.

My pole waved in the air for several seconds and then zeroed in on its warm wet target. Her pussy lips hugged the head of my huge cock. I entered Casey with a fluid motion, never breaking the rhythm. We went on for several minutes and my cock grew even more.

Casey got on her back and wrapped her beautiful legs around my waist. I kissed her and kissed the inside of her thighs. She jacked my cock and brought it to attention once again. Her hand guided my member to her pussy. We both witnessed my black penis dock in the pink petals of her flower. I had invaded her.

She looked so helpless, speared on my black cock. Her tan body went slighly pink as I drove my penis into her depths. Her humungous jugs and hips undulated, and her hair shook. My swollen cockhead scraped the sides of her pussy.

She looked like an undressed doll writhing underneath my frame. I faced the mirror at the head of her bed. I could see the effect of my poundings on Casey. bakırköy elit escort Her nipples stood like pencil erasers and her manicured hands were wrapped around my lower back and she rubbed my back from my ass to the top of my broad muscular shoulders. Despite the cold, I could feel the heat like I had several hot coals in my body, running my body like a train-engine, enabling me to plow my hard cock into Casey’s fertile womb.

I quickened the pace of my thrusts.

“Oh…ohhhhh….Kamaaaalll..Oh God….I can feel it….”

I shook my head from side-to-side, and uttered her name…”Casey….oh God Casey…You are so amazing…so goooood…”

“Kamaaal…I don’t care about anything right now. I only want you…only you honey….”

My hips were cramped and my body was beginning to tighten up. My toes curled up. I got dizzy. The sharp pain traveled from the tip of my cock to my arms and back. I grabbed Casey’s body tightly and held on for dear life.

She started convulsing. “Oh God! Give me everything you’ve got!”

Every imaginable thought went through my head—“Fuck MIT! Fuck Casey’s dad, hell with everything!”

Casey’s back arched up and her boobs perked up.

I stared at Casey’s sky blue eyes as my swollen black cock bellowed and shot potent streams of stringy semen into her fertile womb. My nuts had never been emptied as they had been at this moment.

I slowly plopped out my cock from her pussy and laid back as Casey cleaned my cock with her tongue.

Then she kissed me tenderly with her soft lips and her warm tongue, and we slept as soundly as babies.

To be continued…

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