Coworker Sleepover Ch. 02

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Note: If you haven’t already, read Coworker Sleepover Ch. 01, which is a prequel to this story.

We did get some sleep that night, though the number of hours we were having sex and the number of hours we were sleeping were probably pretty close to equal. When I did sleep, it was solidly and I was still pretty well out when she slipped under the covers early in the morning and wrapped her lips around my cock but it didn’t take much of her skillful cocksucking before I was fully awake. It was still too dark to see her even if I’d thrown back the covers so I just lay there enjoying the pleasure provided by her mouth.

The way she had crawled under the covers, her ass was nearby so I reached over to caress it as her mouth moved up and down my stiff cock. I probably could have caressed her pussy, which I assumed was dripping wet, but decided to just focus on the pleasure I was feeling then she could do the same once she was done with me. Because she was such a talented cocksucker, it wasn’t going to be long before we were switching roles, though I anticipated thoroughly enjoying eating her pussy again. For the moment, though, I just caressed her ass while savoring the feeling of her hot mouth sliding up and down my rigid tool. I didn’t try to hold back my orgasm and it didn’t appear that she was trying to draw things out either; we did still have to get to work that morning, after all.

The closer I got to cumming, the more my cock was swelling but that didn’t impact her cocksucking and she just continued to inhale my tool. She was gently pumping the base while sliding her lips down as far as she could manage, which had my orgasm building with a high level of pleasure. It was silent in that hotel room aside from my occasional moan and a random slurping until I started spewing into her mouth with a prolonged groan. She continued to suck me off while swallowing my load as I repeatedly spurted into her mouth. Only once I was fully spent did she let my cock fall from her mouth and crawl back out from under the covers.

“Whew!” she exclaimed, “It was getting warm under there.”

“Well let me reward your efforts,” I suggested, reaching for her.

“We’re going to be late for work if we don’t get moving,” she replied, getting off of the bed, “so you’ll have to join me in the shower if you want to continue.”

I dragged my ass out of bed and followed her to the bathroom where she got the water going then stepped into the shower and wet herself down first. It was a big, glass-walled shower with no tub so I watched her for a moment through the glass before I stepped in and took my turn while she got the body wash. While I thoroughly washed her tits, she managed to raise my cock from flaccid to half-mast. Since we had to go to work, we actually needed to make sure we were thoroughly clean, not just our favorite of each other’s parts. When I was working on getting her legs clean and her trim, dark blond bush was right there in front of my face, I couldn’t resist cleaning her slit with my tongue. She didn’t try to stop me, instead holding onto my head and pressing her pussy toward my face. I slurped at her slit and her clit but didn’t slip a finger into her since my hands were full of soapy lather. Instead, I was lathering up her ass cheeks while eating her pussy, eventually also lathering up her ass crack.

She was moaning continuously, the sound echoing through the bathroom, so she was obviously building toward another orgasm. When my soapy finger between her ass cheeks passed over her ankara escort asshole, she seemed to moan a little louder but definitely didn’t give any indication that I should stop. I didn’t give it much thought, really, and just ended up slipping my soapy finger into her ass without any difficulty. Just a moment later, she cried out and her body started shaking as she suddenly started cumming. I continued to lick and suck her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her asshole a few times since she didn’t seem to object. It appeared to be another of her typically long and intensely pleasurable orgasms so I kept up what I was doing until she went still and silent. After slipping my finger gently out of her asshole, I stood and she immediately grabbed me and jammed her tongue in my mouth, obviously even more fired up now.

“I want to feel this in my ass now,” she said, gripping my now rigid cock after we’d made out for a moment.

“As you wish,” I replied, genuinely caught by surprise despite the fact that my finger had just been embedded in her ass. She grabbed the body wash and, after she thoroughly lathered up my cock again, she turned so that I could thoroughly lather her ass crack. Once she was ready, she braced herself against the shower wall as I lined up my cockhead with her asshole. With a slight push, I slid easily into her as she let out a moan. Holding her waist, I slowly slid my cock in and out of her ass, relishing the pleasure I was feeling as I did so. I didn’t have to wonder whether it was also pleasurable for her because it probably wasn’t two minutes after my cock slipped into her ass before she cried out and started shaking. She made no indication for me to stop so I continued to fuck her ass while I slipped my hands up to cup her tits. I hadn’t even considered, despite all of the highly satisfying sexual activity that had already occurred, that I might be fucking her ass at some point. I was pretty psyched not only about the opportunity but also that she was so into it. When she had another orgasm not long after the first, it was becoming pretty clear why she was so into it.

While her pussy was quite snug, her asshole had an even tighter grip and, with all of the soapy lather to lubricate it, it wasn’t going to be long before I was blowing a load. Since she’d already cum twice, three times if you included while I was eating her pussy, I wasn’t concerned about cumming too quickly but I was a little nervous about fucking her harder and causing her discomfort. She allayed that fear as she started pushing backwards and set a faster pace herself. The faster pace had my orgasm building faster but I was totally fine with that as I was looking forward to another satisfying climax in a new and different place. I continued to fondle her tits while relishing the tight grip of her ass even as I finally exploded into her. As my throbbing cock began to spasm while I shot my spunk into her ass, she cried out again and started shaking one more time. I didn’t stop fucking her ass until I was fully spent and beginning to soften, then slipped out of her and she turned back to me.

“I didn’t think I could enjoy fucking you any more,” she said, “but that was out of this world!”

She threw her arms around my neck and stuck her tongue in my mouth again. I dropped my hands to her ass and just caressed her smooth cheeks this time as we were making out. When we parted, we finished up our shower because we’d been in there a while and had no idea how much time had passed. Once we had dried escort ankara off, we checked the time and, though we weren’t running behind, we did need to kick it in. While we were each getting done, we were talking about how and when we could get together somewhat regularly given that we lived around 60 miles apart. It seemed to be a given that sex would become a part of my weekly visits to the project office. We couldn’t have sex in the office but we knew it’d be easy enough to pull something off after the meeting. Her house was an option, too, but we were both concerned that, if we went there during the workday, we wouldn’t want to leave to head back to the office. Plus, we figured we could spend a weekend there or at my place so we’d do something a little more exciting during the week.

It took a few weeks to get a system that was pretty failsafe in place. Typically, after the meeting was over, we’d already have determined our rendezvous location for that day, as well as a backup, so we’d leave the project office separately and meet there. Once we were certain that we were alone and unobserved, we’d climb into the back seat of my company’s SUV. The back seat was wide and spacious and we’d quickly have our arms around each other and be making out passionately. I’d cup her breast through her blouse as her hand dropped to my lap and massaged the rigid bulge she found there. We’d stop making out when she put both hands to work on unbuckling my belt and getting my jeans open. She’d reach into my briefs to extract my throbbing tool so I’d push both my jeans and briefs down to my knees. She’d pump my cock in her hand then sometimes lower her head and wrap her lips around my shaft, sliding them up and down a couple of times, but it was rare for her to blow me to completion without us fucking first.

She’d typically wear a skirt on the days we’d be fucking after our meeting but I had asked that she wear panties because I loved to slide them off. Occasionally, I’d slip my hand up under her skirt and into her panties first, bringing her to a quick manual orgasm. When I’d start to push up the hem of her skirt, though, she’d lift her ass up off the seat so that I could slowly slide her panties off while admiring her trim bush. Once her panties had been set aside, I’d lower my head to kiss along her smooth inner thighs before running my tongue along her slit. She’d moan as I slurped up the juices she was producing, repeatedly lapping at her pussy before focusing on her clit. I’d slip a finger into her snug, slippery pussy as I licked and sucked her clit, causing her to moan even louder as she grabbed my head and started humping toward my face. Her pussy would already be incredibly wet and hot when I started eating her but actually somehow would become even more so the longer I devoured it.

When she started tensing up a bit, I knew she was close to cumming. I didn’t try to get her there faster even though I was eager to have her ride my cock; I just kept up what I was doing, trying to make sure that she experienced as much pleasure as possible. Plus, I never got tired of eating her pussy. She’d let out a cry as she started to cum and her body would start shaking. Her pussy was flooded with even more lubrication as she rode out her orgasm which was typically not only long but intensely pleasurable, as well. I’d continue eating her until she’d gone still and let out a sigh, then raise my head and slip my finger from her pussy into my mouth. My cock would be standing straight up from my lap as I sat back in the ankara escort bayan middle of the seat and she moved to straddle me while reaching for it.

We’d both moan as she lowered herself onto my cock, my hands now on her waist to help steady her. As she sat on my cock for a moment, I’d take the opportunity to slip my hands around to her ass. I caressed her soft, smooth cheeks since her skirt was up around her waist, continuing to do so as she started to slowly move up and down on my cock. Her pussy felt outstanding, just as it always did, being so hot and wet. We’d start making out as she gradually increased her pace, riding me harder and faster but not so much that it would become difficult to continue exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. My hands remained on her ass at first but eventually I brought them between us and unbuttoned her blouse. I’d caress her tits and hard nipples through her bra then unfasten it to get my hands on her bare flesh. Her nipples would be hard so my hands were caressing the soft, smooth flesh and brushing over her hard nipples.

Her pussy, incredibly hot and wet to begin with, would become even more so the longer she was riding me. She was continuing to ride me harder and faster and I was glad we were in a fairly large SUV so it wouldn’t be visibly bouncing. She’d eventually pull her mouth from mine and throw her head back, so I’d move my hands down to her lower back to support her. With her blouse and bra open, I was able to watch her tits bouncing as she continued riding me.

I would be pushing up into her each time she dropped onto my lap, continuing to relish the pleasure her pussy was providing. When she dropped down and didn’t rise up again, it was only a moment later that she’d start shaking as she let out a cry. She’d ride out an orgasm that always appeared to me to be as long and as pleasurable as the first had been. When she finally seemed to come back to Earth, she’d sit for a minute catching her breath and blinking away the fog brought on by her orgasm. She’d kiss me again then climb off of my cock, but I never worried even slightly that she was done with me.

She’d kneel beside me on the seat and lower her head into my lap again, engulfing my throbbing cock in her hot mouth. She’d start moving her lips up and down my shaft as she gripped the base with one hand, pumping it gently. She definitely left nothing to be desired when it came to sucking cock and I could feel my orgasm beginning to build up again. I’d cup her breast as she sucked me off, wanting to enjoy the feel of it in my hand while I had the opportunity. Mostly, though, I was savoring the feel of her talented mouth moving up and down my tool. Since she’d already cum twice, I was able to focus completely on my own pleasure and I got the sense that she was doing that, too. It definitely never felt like she was just trying to make sure I came; she was skilled enough that she would be drawing out the pleasure I was feeling without making it feel like she was holding off my orgasm and denying me relief.

My cock would swell even more as I was on the verge of cumming but she’d remain unfazed and on task. Even when I started spurting into her mouth, her rhythm was not thrown off and she’d swallow my load as she continued sucking me off. Once I was completely spent, she’d let my cock fall from her mouth and straighten up. We might take a little longer to admire each other’s exposed parts before pulling our clothes back together again then we’d both hop out of the SUV and give each other the once over to make sure nothing was out of place. After making out just a moment longer, I’d head back to my home office while she headed back to the project office, another successful and surreptitious encounter behind us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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