Cucking My Best Friend Ch. 02

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A week after the threesome with Allan and Brooke, I was hanging out at home on a Friday night. I had no real plans. Vaguely thinking about going to get a drink later but nothing definite. It had been a long week and I was kind of relishing the idea of just staying in and watching a movie.

It was about 8:30 when the doorbell rang. I wondered who it was but wasn’t taken aback by someone coming over unannounced. A lot of my friends will just drop by if they are around. I opened the front door and found Brooke standing there. Alone.

She was wearing nice jeans with a loose fitting low cut top. She wore a short pair of high heeled boots. Her curly dark hair tumbling down around her shoulders. She looked great. Sexy yet not overly so. I must admit, my heart started racing a little. This was unexpected. I was not sure what was up.

“Hey, Brooke. What’s going on?” I asked.

“I thought you might be home given that its early. Aren’t you going to ask me in?” she replied.

A little flustered, I stammered out, “I’m sorry. Of course, come on in.”

A she walked past me, I got a slight hint of her perfume. She smelled amazing. The view I got of her ass as she slid past me, was not bad either. She moved into the living room and sat on the couch, crossing her legs. Obviously, I had a good idea of why she was here, but I still wondered, exactly, what was going on.

Her cool mien quickly dissolved as she said, “Oh crap, I’m so nervous. Can you get me a drink, please?”

I laughed and said sure. She asked what I was having.

“I’ll have a dirty vodka martini. Very dirty.” She said while giving me a sultry look.

It took her about 5-seconds before she cracked up, saying, “I’m sorry that is the dumbest thing I ever heard. I sounded like James Bond. I told you I was nervous.”

I laughed and told her I thought it was a little weird. I mixed the drinks in a shaker and gave them a shake. James Bond, right? I put two martini glasses on the coffee table, poured the drinks and plopped three olives in each. I sat down on the chair next to the couch.

I handed her a glass, raised mine and said, “Cheers. Now will you tell me what’s going on?”

She started, “We had an amazing time last weekend. We fucked all week replaying it and talking about it. I could not keep my hands off Allan. I knew he was curious about sex with guys. That always turned me on. He confessed to me that he had had sex with guys before. That is so hot! Anyway, he knew what a good time I had. He asked if I wanted to fuck you again. I told him I did but didn’t have to if he wasn’t into it.’

She stopped to take a sip of her martini. I could see she was a little flustered. I could see her chest redden a little. Almost as if it does when she is beginning to have an orgasm. Her face was flushed.

“Hey, its ok. Slow down. Whatever you have to tell me doesn’t sound bad.” I chuckled. “I’m kind of excited myself”

She laughed and continued, “Allan said he was turned on by the idea of you fucking me again. Maybe even a regular thing. He told me to come over here and do whatever you wanted.”

I was stunned. I knew they had a good time the weekend before. We all did. I thought maybe we would have the occasional threeway or something. I was not prepared for this. Not that I was not turned on by it, I just needed to process it. I liked the fact that he had ordered her to do whatever I wanted. I wondered how far I could take it.

“Here is where I am,” I said. “I like playing with couples and married women, with their husband’s knowledge. Most of the play is me esenyurt otele gelen escort being dominant over one or both of the pair. Not always but a lot of the time. I really don’t like fooling around with friends because it is full of potential problems. I don’t want to fuck up a good relationship.”

“We talked about that.” She said. “Look, I am totally in love with Allan, he is great in bed, we have a great life together. You’re a great friend but I have no desire to change anything other than having sex with you and him. Besides, he’s funnier than you, a better cook and he’s smarter.”

I laughed and said ok. Time to get serious. I told her to stand up and take her clothes off. She rose up off the couch and stood before me. Slowly she peeled of her top revealing her lean, muscular body. A lacy white bra contained her beautiful firm breasts. She started to take the bra off.

“Stop,” I said, “we’ll get to that later.”

I was slowly establishing dominance. She seemed to relish it. I didn’t want to get too extreme but I wanted her somewhat submissive. Next, I told her to take off her pants. She kicked off her shoes and slowly peeled off her jeans. She is about 5’6″. Not particularly tall but not short either. Her body is nicely proportioned, lean and muscular. In other words, hot.

I directed her to move closer. She stepped directly in front of me. Still sitting, I ran my hands over her body, pausing on her breasts. I lightly tweaked her nipples. She pulled back slightly but let out a small moan. I told her to get on her knees. As she knelt before me, I asked,

“Do you want to suck my cock?”

“Yes” she replied.

“Tell me how much you want it.”

“Oh god! I’ve been dreaming of getting that thing in my mouth all week. I need to suck you. I want you.”

“That’s good but not quite good enough.”

“Please! I’ll do anything you want.”

“Anything? Hmmm…tell me something that you’ve never done with Allan.”

She hesitated; eyes cast down. It was like she was afraid to tell me, afraid to give something up.

Finally, she said, “He has never taken me anally. No one has.”

I was not sure but it sounded like she was offering that to me. The thought of doing her that way, her first time, was a huge turn on. However, that is not something I wanted to do without Alan being ok with it. I decided then that I would not take her anal virginity tonight. I would wait until we were with Allan to see how it played out.

“That’s good. We’ll talk about it. In the meantime, I want your mouth on my cock.”

She crawled over as I stripped down. As I sat back she took my erect penis into her mouth. It felt amazing. She sucked the head, licked up and down the shaft and tried to get my balls into her mouth. All the while looking into my eyes. She was very good. She managed to work more of me into her than she had the last weekend. Maybe I could teach her how to get more down her throat. For now I just enjoyed watching my best friend’s wife work her mouth around my fat cock.

After about 10-minutes I pulled her up and said we should go upstairs. I have a playroom in the sub basement (pardon the pun) but I was not sure that I wanted to introduce her to that. I let her go first. I loved looking at her tight ass swaying as she took to the steps. Had I known she was coming; I would have been more prepared. As it was, I had candles near by as well as a few other things to make for a memorable night.

Candles lit; I had her lie on the bed face down. I poured a little esenyurt rus escort massage oil on my hands and, straddling her back with my large cock resting on her, began to rub her shoulders and work my way slowly down her back. She moaned slightly. She tried to reach for my cock.

I firmly pushed her hand away and said, “I’ll tell you when you can touch me.”

I spent a few minutes on her ass. Gradually I worked my way to her inner thighs. I would massage those muscles while occasionally brushing her cunt. She began writhing slightly at my touch. She was soaking wet now. I had her turn over. Now, making no pretext about massaging her, I started to focus on her pussy. My fingers, slick with oil and her juices, I slowly made light circles around her labia. Gradually I increased the pressure and speed. As her lips began to swell and her clit got hard I knew she was close. I stopped.

“Oh my god! Please don’t stop. That felt amazing. I was about to cum. Please keep going!”

“No.” I said, “we are taking this slowly tonight.”

I lay down with her and began caressing her and kissing her gently. We kissed for quite a while. I find it very hot to take things super slowly and really get into each other. It really builds the tension.

After a while I reached over and opened the bed side table. I pulled out a pair of soft shackles. I sat up, next to her.

“I want to do something with you but only if you are comfortable with it. I am going to take you very slowly. I find that the experience is enhanced for both of us, if my partner is restrained. If you don’t want to that’s ok. I can also make these so that you can get out of them if it’s too intense.”

She took a minute and then, looking me in the eye she said, “make them so I can’t get out.”

I put the shackles on her wrists. They are black nylon with a soft lining for comfort. They can be set so that the sub can undo them quickly if things get to be too much to handle. As noted, they can also be set up in such a way that the sub is helpless. It was hot that that Brooke wanted to be at my mercy. That level of trust is hot in it’s own right.

I reached behind the mattress to the bedframe where I have several different configurations of rope installed. I pulled out one set that give the sub some room to move, yet still offers a nice level of restraint. I clipped them to the shackles. My best friend’s wife now lay before me, naked and helpless. Being in this position was obviously turning her on. She was writhing on the bed, driving her hips off the bed as if to meet the thrusts of an invisible lover.

“Aren’t you tying my legs?” she asked

“No,” I replied. “you will need some freedom to get the most out of this. If we do this again, and you like it, we can restrain you more.”

I pushed her legs apart and held my cock against the opening of her pussy. I gently rubbed the head around her clit. She responded by moaning and thrusting up to meet my cock, as if trying to force it into her. I eased the first inch into her. Very slowly. I lay on top of her supporting myself on my elbows. I began to inch my big cock into her. It might be better described as “by millimeter”.

I learned this technique from an older woman I was with when I was still in high school (I was 18 at the time). She was in an open marriage. She and her husband were very free and open sexually. They were into Tantric sex. They taught me a lot. She and I once went for almost two hours with me inside her the whole time. It was amazing.

It took me over ten minutes esenyurt türbanlı escort to give Brooke my whole cock. We were kissing deeply and slowly the whole time. She kept telling me how amazing it felt. She also kept trying to thrust her pelvis to meet my cock. I wouldn’t let her. She strained against the ropes. I know she wanted to be able to pull me into her.

Once my cock was deep in her pussy, I just lay there, on top of her. I would slowly draw back an inch or so and then slowly thrust back in to the hilt. As I hit “bottom” I would simultaneously pulse my cock and push hard against her so I was putting pressure on her pubic mound and clitoris. This was all done very slowly.

I looked into her eyes and said, “Relax, just feel it. Be still. Slow your breathing”.

Soon she was in almost meditative state. She began to squeeze my cock as I pulsed into her. When it works right, the two lovers are in synch. She began to moan softly, almost a hum. She was really lost in the feeling. She later described it as a low level constant orgasm. We did this for about 45-minutes. At that point I began pulling out just a little further and increased the speed and force of my thrust.

She began moaning louder and rose up to meet me. Still going slowly but gradually quickening the pace we drove ourselves together and then pulled apart. In a few minutes I could feel her tighten up and become more lubricated. Finally we were fucking hard. Long strokes, somewhat faster but still controlled. Her chest was turning a deep red, the veins on her breasts rising to the surface engorged. Her nipples were rock hard. She was grunting and breathing hard. Finally, straining against the ropes, muscles taught, she let out a scream. I felt her let loose. A rush of warm fluid gushed out of her. This put me over the edge. I rammed into her again and again, shooting my load into her. Unable to put her arms around me to pull me in, she wrapped her legs around me tightly. Even as I began to soften she kept fucking me.

She screamed, “Don’t stop, don’t stop. It just keeps going. Oh, god, this is so good.”

Eventually her breath slowed, and she began to relax. As I unclipped her restraints, she threw her arms around me and pulled me close, kissing me hungrily. Gradually I slipped out of her. We lay there, exhausted, not saying a word.

We drifted off, spent. We dozed for about an hour. I awaoke feeling Brooke’s hand on my cock, gently squeezing and stroking. I just lay back and enjoyed the feeling. My arm around her shoulder, I pulled her in and began gently kissing her. She felt great. Soon I was fully erect.

She disentangled herself and began slowly working her way down my body, kissing, licking and nibbling. She got to my cock and began licking up and down the thick shaft. Eventually she began teasing the head. She was able to get a little more into her mouth than she had last weekend.

After a while I began to approach the edge. She sensed it and said,

“I want you to finish on my face and in my mouth. I’m feeling slutty. I want to be your married whore.”

I stood up and put her on her knees. I started stroking. It was so hot watching my best friend’s wife, on her knees, mouth open, waiting for me to shoot my load on her. It did not take long before I was ready. I held her head and told her to open her mouth. I blasted a huge load across her face. I did not count how many shots it was but It was a lot. It was in her hair, all over her face, dripping on her chest and, of course, in her mouth.

I flopped back on the bed. She climbed back on top and kissed me, feeding my own cum back to me. Brooke lay down for a minute. She soon got up, saying she should get back to Allan. I asked if she wanted to shower.

With a sly, sexy, smile she said, “Mmm, no. I want Allan to taste and smell me like this. He’ll know how well fucked I was. I can’t wait for him to fuck me with your cum in me and on me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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