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I take off from work a little early today, bundling up in my pea coat and wool mittens in my cubicle before my boss can see me. We’ve been working on the commissioner’s email problems, and as a group the IT team is pretty busy. No one notices me as I sneak down the aisle and out the back door. I’m only leaving twenty minutes early, but I have a rendezvous with Damien planned that I have to prep for.

As I hurry to my snow covered car in the violent Boston winds, I wonder if Damien has any clue as to what I’ve got planned. I scrape the car windows while the heater defrosts from the inside and I let my thoughts wander to his red black curls and mischievous smile. I grin to myself as I shiver, not sure if I’m remembering his touch or being subtly assaulted by the New England chill.

When I get to my apartment his car is already in the drive way and I curse myself under my breath for not leaving work earlier. I had wanted to light some candles to set the scene; I had hoped to have a few minutes to shower and find all my toys for my naughty Cherokee man.

I get the key into the lock, my fingers numb from the cold and I struggle to turn it. I think about fishing through my oversized purse to find my cell phone to call him and let me in, but before I can do so, the heavy door swings open and I stumble into the warmth of my apartment and straight into the strong arms of my lover.

He catches me effortlessly, his tan skin almost hot on my bare hands. I catch my breath as I notice he is shirtless, his jeans hanging loose on his shapely hips. I breathe in his spicy, almost cinnamon scent and let myself warm up in his grasp for a moment.

He looks down at me. “Kelly, you’re an icicle. Is the heater working in the car?” He starts to unbutton my coat, his fingers moving quickly.

“Yes, Damien,” I say with a smile. I watch his lips as he continues to remove my outerwear. His mouth is chiseled; the pink lips I know are smooth and soft. There is a fullness to his lips that always makes me think of oral sex. I can’t not think about his sweet kisses on my most sensitive parts. I blush slightly and he glances up to my face, a knowing look playing on those lips.

“You didn’t call today; I missed you.” He whispers it and something low in my body clenches.

“Yeah, there was a system crash this morning; things were pretty crazy,” I swallow, my breath starting to get shallower as he peels away my black cardigan while keeping me close to his body. I can feel the heat radiating off of him and I want to press my tongue to his flat stomach and lap at lower things like a mad woman.

“You’re going to have to make it up to me, right?” He meets my eyes then and I know that what I’ve been planning is exactly what he needs. There is something needy in his look; something that I haven’t seen there in months. He is hungry for me to take control and make him into my plaything. Luckily I am a very good slave master.

“Come with me, Damien,” I say, stepping back from him and walking down the hallway to the bedroom. I sway my hips just a little more than is necessary to give him a view to appreciate.

When we get to the bedroom I see that he has already lit the candles for me. His skin looked even more exotic in the flickering orange of the firelight and I kiss him softly before we began. The bedroom is small, but the bed is huge. Its king sized frame takes up innovia escort almost the entire room. The bedspread is a bright, white fluff of a down comforter that makes snuggling feel something akin to sleeping in heavenly clouds. I bend over the bed and yank the comforter off in a quick motion. Underneath are the blood red silk sheets that make Damien’s tan skin shiver in pleasure. I push him down roughly with a grin and he smiles broadly back at me as he falls back unabashedly onto the bed with a sigh, the candle light dancing over his tan skin.

He sprawls out in his whitewashed jeans and it takes every ounce of control I can muster to not just slide out of my pinstripes and fuck him silly right there. I take a deep breath and let myself take him in. His hair is messy, curling around his ears; he needs a haircut if he’s going to keep working in software. His golden brown eyes are beginning to burn with a fire that feels like home and I go to him, pulling off my top and revealing my large breasts, bound only by an especially lacy bra.

His eyes light up as I straddle him and his hands instantly slide up my stomach and slip under the lace to cup both of my breasts. I shudder and feel myself get instantly wet. I grind my hips suggestively against his lap and what I feel there makes my pulse race. I stifle a moan and pull his hands away gently. He looks confused for a moment, but then I tell him to lay back and spread his legs.

I see a flash of delight at my words and he drops his hands to his the side and lays flat on the bed. He starts to open his legs, but I stop him.

“Wait.” I slide off of his body and unbutton his jeans. He never wears underwear—not boxers or briefs, so I am not surprised when he is completely naked as I pull the pants down his legs.

I strip quickly in the low light and sit on the bed between his thighs. I caress my fingertips lightly over his skin, lowering my mouth to kiss and lick up his flat stomach to his broad chest. I trace his tattoo there above his left nipple with my finger and then I do the same with my tongue. He sighs softly, but lets me play however I want because I am in charge. I make the rules tonight.

Soon Damien is tied down to the bedpost, his hands cuffed above his head and his legs restrained and spread wide apart just the way I like. I think about blindfolding him, but decide that I want him to see what I am going to do next. I go to my dresser and find the candle that I have picked out for this. Damien has lit it and the wax has already begun to spill down the sides.

Slowly, I drip the warm, liquid wax onto his body and watch him squirm as I make zig zag swirls over his chest and stomach. He watches my face as I am captivated by his body. I drip the wax around his hardened nipples and he moans softly, shutting his eyes tight as I work my way down his abs and to the sensitive skin of his inner thighs. He groans when the wax trickles down between his legs and coats the thin skin close to his asshole. When the wax hardens, I lick around the wax drips, my tongue soft and wet soothing his hot skin, making him writhe underneath me.

He loves it. His dick is fully erect as I lap at his skin getting lower and lower, teasing the skin around his balls with my wet tongue, his hips trembling as his breath gets more and more shallow. I want to suck him deep into my mouth, istanbul escort to pull the cum from him until he is completely drained, but I have bigger plans. I start to sit up, to get the harness from my bottom drawer, but Damien moans softly and thrusts his hips upward. He isn’t ready for me to stop yet. He tries to spread his legs further apart, but they are as wide as they can go. I know what that means. He wants me to lick his asshole.

“Say it, Damien,” I insist. I want to hear him ask for it; hearing him say it turns me on even more than just doing it. I can feel myself getting wetter and I know I can’t wait much longer.

He closes his eyes and makes a small noise. “Tell me what you want or I won’t do it,” I say, trailing my hand over the hardened wax drips between his thighs.

“Please, Kelly,” He whispers, pushing himself into my hand, “Put your wet tongue in my ass.”

I do what he asks. I lean down and lick the hardened skin under his balls, lapping down so that the flat of my tongue presses up against his puckered ass. He groans and I know he is wishing he had a hand free to jack his cock hard while my tongue works his ass. I like rewarding him when he’s been good. His balls tighten up and I pull back before he can shoot his load.

“You like your ass played with?” I whisper into his ear. He nods and I lick his earlobe, just a flick of my tongue. When he sighs softly, I run the tip of my tongue over the auricle and dip into his ear just slightly, making him squirm. Playfully I bite down and he moans my name loudly. I undo his bonds and tell him to turn over onto his stomach and he does carefully, minding his massive hard-on.

I spank him then with my bare hand. I start slow and soft and work my way up to hard smacks that make dancing red marks on his flesh that glow under the twinkling candle light of the small room. I give him fifteen hard slaps and he is grinding himself into the red, silk sheets, seeking some relief that I will not give him yet. He is breathing hard by the time I finish, moaning my name softly over and over, his ass cheeks warm to the touch. I leave him there, writhing with need while I put on my harness.

I go to the head of the bed and his eyes widen when he sees the strap-on. It has been months and I can see the desire in his brown eyes, the lust I see there makes my stomach clench. I grab his red black hair and pull him toward my huge silicone cock that juts out from my slim hips.

He sits on the edge of the bed and blows me until I come standing, holding onto his broad shoulders for support as the orgasm rushes unexpectedly through me, knocking the breath from my lungs. He keeps sucking, even after the pleasure waves subside and I appreciate his skill while I watch. His tongue laps around the thick head of the dildo and he grips the base while he licks, his head bobbing just like in the porn we watch together sometimes. Just like my head bobs over his dick when I’m blowing him.

By the time I tell him to get on his elbows and knees his cock is rock hard. As I kneel behind him, I reach around to feel him and am pleased to find his erection massive and swollen. I lean into his body and let him feel the hard length of my toy pressed up against his ass. He moans and grinds his hips back into me, searching for some sort of relief, but it isn’t coming to him quite yet.

I kadıköy escort reach for the lube on the bedside table and make him watch while I jack off my cock with it, getting it nice and wet for him. I want him to see what is going in his ass; want him to lust for it.

“I’m going to fuck your tight, little ass so hard you scream,” I tell his innocent looking face as I stroke my cock. He swallows hard and I can tell he is transfixed on my hand sliding up and down the hard plastic. I keep jacking it and it almost feels like a real part of my body. I moan softly and he licks his lips as he watches, still on his elbows and knees, his ass in the air, ready for me.

“I’m going to drive my cock deep inside you while you jack off,” I say, gripping his hips and starting to rub the tip of the toy against his puckering hole. “That’s what you want isn’t, you dirty whore?” I slap his ass hard enough to make him cry out, leaving a red imprint of my right hand on his cheek. “Isn’t it, slut?” I ask again, spreading his ass cheeks apart.

I can see his face turn pink while I stroke his ass hole but I know he is ready. The pre-cum has been leaking out of him like a faucet and I can see it dripping onto the red, silk sheets below us. He wants it bad.

“Tell me, Damien,” I say, pushing the head of the cock against his asshole, waiting. “I want to hear you say you want it.”

“Please, Kelly,” He moans.

“Please, what?” I say dangerously.

“Please fuck me hard with your big cock.” His hands grip the sheet, balling it in his fists as I start to slide the dick inside him in agreement. He relaxes his body as I push inside his tight ass inch by inch, my breath ragged now with desire.

As I begin to fuck him, he asks me to call him names. He craves for me to take him like this, rough and mean, making him vulnerable with my cock buried deep in his ass.

“You little bitch,” I groan, really starting to pummel his tight ass, “You like taking it up the ass, don’t you?” I drive into him hard, the harness bumping my clitoris deliciously and building the pleasure further.

“Oh, yes, Kelly, fuck yes,” He pants, “Fuck my ass hard.” He lowers his upper body and supports himself with just his left hand. With his right he reaches down and starts to stroke his cock in rhythm with my thrusts.

“You’re a dirty cunt, aren’t you?” I ask him, fucking him harder, the sweat dripping down between my pendulous breasts as I drive my cock deep inside him.

“Oh god,” He sighs, jacking his cock harder; I know he is close, “Oh god, Kelly.”

I feel my orgasm start to break and I tell him. “I’m going to come inside you, you little bitch,” I moan loudly. “I’m going to shoot my hot load deep in your asshole!” I cry out and pound into him even harder as I come. I reach around and wrap my hand around his hand on his dick and squeeze him. I slide our hands together, slippery with lube and sweat over his raging dick until he comes hard after me, his thick come coating our hands and the silk sheets below.

I pull out of him and collapse next to him. He turns and cuddles me from behind, helping me slide out of the harness. I drop it to the floor, temporarily forgotten, and pick up the white comforter. I pull it up and over our wet, trembling bodies and we cuddle there together for a few minutes of contented silence.

“That was fucking amazing,” Damien whispers against my neck, tickling me. “Thanks for leaving work early today.” I feel him smile and he reaches his hand around to cup my breast. As I doze off in his arms I am surrounded by his cinnamon smell and the sweet scent of our lovemaking, not caring at all what my boss will say in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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